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Teletrak nm

Posted By: Mimi on 2006-11-05
In Reply to: small to medium company that works in Word or Word-based program - email me. nm - Louisiana MT


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Teletrak MT
Very good company. Never worry about running out of work. Good pay, on time.

Can anyone tell me what that know about Teletrak; the system, sound quality, how many docs, line rates, etc ?  I would appreciate any information that you may have.  Thanks,

oops, meant what they know
Anyone out there working for Teletrak ?  I am wanting to know more about the company; platform and/or software, pay, work load or anything.  Thanks in advance. 
Does anybody know anything about Teletrak?

I was wondering if it is employee status, pay rates for ER and radiology, work flow, good or bad company, etc.  I've done a search and have only found similar questions with no answers. 


how are they to work for.  I can't find too many posts on here.  Any info greatly appreciated!
I was wondering if anyone know about this company out of california.  I can't seem to find any info on them.  thanks in advance.
Yes, I know the link.  Just wanting info on the company itself, i.e., pay on time, how they are to work for, what platform they use.  Thanks for the link though.  Any other info would be greatly appreciated!
Hi all.  I know teletrak does not have direct deposit.  anyone know anything about them.  Can you expect pay to be on time?  ease of platform.  Are you able to check your line count?  Thanks so much!  I could not find a whole lot on them here.
Teletrak is a good company. We get paid every 15th and last day of the month. Competitive pay on 65 character lines. Flexible schedules. Nice people.
Just hired, dont know much either. Programmers are extremely savvy, alot going on with installation, takes a while to get set up, so far, will see.

I'm supposed to test with them next week, can you tell me what is in their contract that is so objectionable?  really don't have time to waste?



Teletrak MT, Inc.
Ok, I checked out the ad on the job board, went to the website, do they require you to transcribe 13 TEST FILES????? I listened briefly to each and only ONE is horrible...but that is just too much.  Anyone else think that 13 is too many??
The offshore big time.
Teletrak MT

I, for one, believe that we should do everything we can to keep our jobs in the good old USA so when I look for employment the first 2 things that I do are to see where the company is actually located and to ask them if they offshore.  With that being said, I saw the ad for Teletrak MT, how the ad clearly states no offshore please and I thought that this might be a company to look into.  However, I went to their website, went to the link contact us and wayyyyyy down at the bottom of the page I see this ...


Creative Director: Kavita Wadhwani

Program Manager: V.Chethan Kumar
Contents Manager: Rose Guerber

Developed By: Starsoft, India

Of course I believe that these are who developed their website but does it not stand to reason that if they are using a website developer out of India then most likely they are from India? 

Teletrak does not use VR. nm
Anyone heard of Teletrak, Inc.
Would you mind sharing some insight!
Any info on Teletrak? nm
Teletrak just posted for IC
on the job board and I have not seen anything negative about them yet. 
Teletrak? did anyone listen to the
tapes on their site? They have voice files right there to listen or download.
Teletrak testing
Am wading through their 9 dictations, that is their test. Has anyone had any experience with this company or their test? I saw the post about them using Office Word as their platform and that is what I am looking for. Just wondering. (Hope I did not post this twice.)
info on Teletrak?

does anyone have any info on teletrak they can share with me.  i can't seem to find anything other than testing was kind of a pain.  Info on how they are to work for, ease of platform, is pay on time?  Thank you so much in advance.

Teletrak. Anyone heard of this one?

Any info on this company would be great.  Thanks

TELETRAK in Bangalore s/m

If you are thinking of applying at TELETRAK please look at


I see the post below about Teletrak....
but does anyone know anything else about the company?  Their website shows they have a base in CA and TX.  Any information would be great!  Thanks
My experience so far with Teletrak

I work for Teletrak.  They do use Go To Meeting  to install the software and for fixing technical problems.  They send you a link to join the meeting and you  grant them permission to get into your computer while they look for and fix the problem.  You can see on your screen everything they do.  You can see exactly what files they open, etc. 

They use VPN to connect to their web site and transcribe.  I like working for them so far.  The pay has been right on time and the line counts are good.  

You do need a fast computer with lots of RAM and also the highest-speed internet to be the most productive.   You download the voice files and the templates  one at a time from their site.  Any questions I can help with, I will answer as best as I can with only a few weeks with them.

Any info on Teletrak? sm

I know pay and line requirements but was wondering about their platform. Any info, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated!! TIA

Anyone work for Teletrak out of CA
Does anyone work for or know anything about the company called Teletrak out of CA?  I am thinking of testing for them and just wanted any type of feedback.  Thanks
Anyone work for Teletrak out of CA -
I work for Teletrak-MT in California. I am an IC and have been with them for two years. I really like the people. Always very kind and very helpful. Also the IT situation must have changed because they are great. If they cannot talk you through it, the get on and fix it immediately. They are great!

Pay is always on time.
The account I am on was difficult at first but now that I know these docs, it's much better. They are very flexible and work to keep you happy.
I noticed in Teletrak's ad on the Job Seeker's Board that they have lowered their starting rate to 8 cents a line.  They were at 10.  I used to work for them and am wondering why they reduced their rate.  Anyone with them who would care to guess, or knows?
Another happy one at Teletrak

I'm the elevalady poster above from last year.  Just was re-reading this thread.  My answer to what specialty..I do the basic four and ER's.  I have had no problems with Teletrak.  PRO's:  They pay on time, .10/line, lots of accounts, excellent QA, friendly and courteous staff, and you pick your hours although they do prefer you stick to that schedule as much as possible.  CONS:  Must work at least one weekend day (Sat. or Sun.), and they want five days a week but do offer short shifts,  lots of ESL dictators (at least on two of the accounts that I work on, but QA is patient and gives great feedback).  You do need five years experience to apply.  I like working with them and am glad to have the job. 

I think it was Teletrak - still on the Job Seeker's Board.

Anyone heard of or work for Teletrak?
Any info is appreciated.
Anyone who recently started w/ Teletrak?
Wondering if that VNC program is still being installed.  I read something about it that was kind of upsetting and I do not want to apply without knowing one way or the other.  TIA
Anyone here currently/recently work for Teletrak....sm
I had been in contact with them several months ago, did my research, they offered me a great IC position, great pay and flexible, very nice manager, but I had issues with their computer/tech set-ups, so went with another company.  I am now losing my primary account and there is no back-up in sight, this would be in Feb., so I am looking over all my old contacts and offers.  ANY newer information would be so very appreciated!  Thanks!
updated info on Teletrak? sm
Are they still using Go To Meeting and VNC?  They had an ad earlier this month stating hourly pay, but looking at website, it looks like they hire IC also.  Any other info appreciated much
Hi, Any new info on Teletrak in California? Just spoke....
with the recruiter and she is super-nice, everything seems great for an IC, just wonder if anyone has worked for them and what it is like....doing a balancing act here, any info would be sooooo appreciated!
Teletrak medical transcription in Porterville, California

If anyone has worked here or is familiar with this company, I would appreciate your impression of them of their management, accounts and QA. 

Happy MT week comrades.  I know you are hardworking individuals (like me) and I pat you on the back in the name of medicine for a job well done.