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I know they never replied to me when I E-mailed them..nm

Posted By: worthless? on 2007-11-16
In Reply to: MT RECRUITERS, INC. - Miss Willy


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  • MT RECRUITERS, INC. - Miss Willy
    • I know they never replied to me when I E-mailed them..nm - worthless?

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I replied, too
What difference would it make if it was an MTSO checking things out?  I mean, if they have jobs, what the hey?  Or am I missing something here? 
Yep, I got it and replied.
I was just looking at their website when you replied to this, trying to (sm)
decide if I should call them about an ad they had online!   Do they have employee status or is it all IC?  Were they flexible with schedules?  If you don't want to answer on here, feel free to e-mail me.  I have about 6 companies I'm juggling and don't know which to choose.  Thanks! 
I replied to you via email nm
Loved The Way You Replied!
I know this is days after your discussion but just saw your post. Laughed out loud at the way you replied to the previous comment about better rate. Guess it was just one of those moments that I needed a good laugh.
TY, replied back. nm
Thanks to all who replied to my post. nm
I read it below and replied...
The link worked fine for me.
Got it and replied back. Thanks! nm

I replied to you once, sweetheart. You've got a
really bad attitude. My response wasn't a big huge long drawn out one-sided conversation either. It was plain and simple. If you can't find the email that they send to everyone, CALL THEM or email them. Who is supposed to help you here? Not that I CARE anyway. Just trying to help the helpless become more proactive in finding their own answers. How much time did you waste on the board being snotty and calling everyone else snotty when a simple little five minute phone call would have fixed all of your complaints? Try to help someone and get your nose bit off.
Did you read the post you replied to at all?
Because they can even manipulate their count program not to count certain letters, data tags, etc. Of course it will not jive with a word count in Word that will count it all and fairly. Make sense?
Ditto....I replied about them below too but just had to say I agree again! (nm)


I posted the one you replied to, and I didn't
say anything about Obama...?
A post was made asking for opinions. I replied. sm

Part of the reason I replied was because I did go to management, several times in fact, and either there were no replies whatsoever or the replies were in disagreement with others in management, leaving me wondering which one was correct, or they were replies to simply pacify with no intention of correcting.  I'm not trying to flame the company. If my experience seems like a flame, it is because there is a problem and exposing it is like exposing dirty laundry, I guess.  It isn't meant to dissuade anyone or persuade any else for that matter.  It is simply MY experience.  Like I said before, I am not a disgruntled employee.  I am merely experiencing some things in the company that differ from what others are going through and I am simply expressing my experiences on this forum because of what I stated before about intimidation coming from management on the internal forum. 

You are absolutely right that there are many, many employees of Transcend that are extremely happy.  I'm not among the ones who have flamed anyone for posting postive experiences. I have/had been one of those happy employees for years.  There are also many that have been so fed up they have quit. There are also current employees who are in my situation as well, but are afraid to talk about it.  At this point in time, I fall in the middle grouping.  I'm not saying it's a bad company to work for.  Again, I am merely expressing my experience, and has been said many, many times before, I'm quite confident that people on this board have the ability to know what is best for them in a company and aren't going to let the posting of a few happy cheerleaders or a few disgruntled ex-employees be the basis for the decision what company to choose or not to choose. 

All I am saying is that if you are the poster who feels that he/she can work whenever simply because it is inconvenient to work the shift you had committed to, please don't assume that I hadn't talked to management about MY issues and try to point the finger and make accusations about MY motives.  This board is about the pros and the cons.  Unfortunately for me, my circumstance falls in the latter grouping and I shouldn't be lumped into a group of people flaming or bashing and told it is unfair for me to speak about my experience when I have tried all other internal avenues to no avail.  If my experience seems like flaming the company, there would be no flame if there was no ember to fan, so I should have that accusation pointed at me simply because I discuss it?? That is what's not fair, and since I did say I didn't want to argue, I'm not going to keep the discussion going with banter that gets heated or flamed to the point the whole string gets deleted.  Thanks for your input and have a nice day.


Applied twice recently to Med-Tech and they never replied. They pay 6-9 cpl and want 150 lph. nm
I see. You replied to a post asking about their pay scale. Nevermind. nm
I replied and was hired for one of those positions. It is internet. Not sure about all sm
but at least the one I am on is ExText.

Same thing here, got the email and replied, and now NO contact from them
I appreciate the input, but they haven't replied to my resume...sm
even though I have 9 years of MT experience, 4 of that with hem/onc.  I just don't get why they can't send even a blanket email out...that's better than being totally ignored.
Med-Tech Resource from one of the banners here is in Marietta, 770. They never replied to me, but
Thanks, I e-mailed you!
I just e-mailed you as well...sm

I am the one asking for info with 25 plus years of experience. 

Thank you! I e-mailed you. :) (NM)


They don't have to be mailed until 1/31, not be
received by 1/31. 
I e-mailed it to you. nm
Thanks..I just e-mailed you....nm
I e-mailed you. (NM)
I just e-mailed you my MSN ID....I just
started September 6 with them.
They don't have to be mailed until 1/31.

You've only got a few more days before it should be there. 

I e-mailed you!
KS Rad MT - I just e-mailed you..(nm)

I e-mailed you!

I e-mailed you. I think we are at the
I e-mailed you.
I e-mailed you!
I e-mailed you too...nm


If they e-mailed you from here, they
didn't know your e-mail address, just sent it blindly.  By you responding to them they now have your e-mail address and you can expect more of the same. 
They just e-mailed me
Is their test the usual or is it one of those two hours tests or verbal over the phone?

Thanks in advance.
e-mailed you
They just e-mailed me!
She said that they have many openings currently for many different internet-based accounts! I'm so excited! I'm sending her my resume right now!
I e-mailed you
I e-mailed you. nm
They were to have been mailed on 01/31. nm
I just e-mailed you :)
I e-mailed you (nm)
Just e-mailed you (nm)
I just e-mailed you
in regards to Gulf Coast.
I e-mailed you. nm

Yes...I e-mailed you. nm
Don't have to be mailed until 1/31.
I e-mailed you but...sm
I can tell you that I've worked for her and she's great - professional as well as a genuinely sweet & caring lady. Pay always on time; no problems whatsoever.