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Thanks guys...

Posted By: Patience on 2007-10-15
In Reply to: MDI - GF

your help is sooo appreciated. From the frying pan into the fire is not a good thing.

Thanks again!!!


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Hey, guys!
I'm glad you're here, I find that guys can sometimes tend to be a little less emotional and more objective than girls (please no flames, just MHO!). And specialties...I love path, too, but have only ever been able to do it in-house. I've been doing Onc for many, many years and love it absolutely, but it's not that easy to find at-home. I have a fabulous account now, but I work for the apparently doomed MQ, so now what? RadGuy, was it only money that motivated your stay? Do you think your account will stay with MQ? PathGuy, have you thought about tapping into more vet stuff? Will they pay better or the same?

Glad you guys are here...

Thanks guys
I took my time and used my reference materials that I have and thought I did pretty well. Guess not. There were a few questions I did not know the answer to so I guessed, but would never do that on a report. It was very disappointing.

I wish I knew what questions I got wrong. Almost like QA'ing the test would have been helpful to learn from that.

I will keep trying because I am still looking for job. Not happy where I am right now.
Hi Guys!
Well, I think I am still in shock, but the panic has been hitting hard today. I just found out this morning that one of my kids looks like he will be facing surgery on both of his eyes in July! Great timing, huh! I am just worn out! Last week took its toll both physically and emotionally.

I hope everyone finds jobs (the right one for you!) quickly!

Take care of yourselves!
How about these guys?
Any info on Aero Transcription in Maryland or U.S. Transcription in Iowa?  TIA
If I were you guys (sm)

I would start looking.  I know you reach a comfort level where you are, but TRUST ME, there are reputable companies out there (I work for one) and believe me, you are better off leaving now, before things crash down on you just when you start feeling comfortable again.  Good MT's can still find work in this country, and they are paid in dollars, not rupees.

thanks guys -- could

you e-mail the account name or some specific hint so I if apply I can be forewarned?  Thanks.


Hey thanks guys

As good as it feels tho to be able to feel hopeful about the future, I guess the pessimist in me wont feel truly elated until I've started my new job and quit my old one. But hell I'm happy regardless LOL It's just such a huge load off my worried mind !

Thanks again and I hope to be in close correspondence with any present and future Transcenders, maybe we can help each other out at times :D
Thanks to both you guys.

Thanks guys
for all the great info.  I will let you know how I test.
Can you guys believe this!!!

I am sick and tired of taking these so-called top notch transcription tests with the most difficult grammar questions, BOS-style like questions, abbreviations, what is a plural,etc, and only having an hour to complete the test.  I just recently jumped through hoops for a compnay I shall not name.   The VP told me I had exactly one hour to complete the all most impossible task.   Well, I passed her fricking test.  Then, she told me to gear up I had exactly until the end of the day to complete her 4 wave files.  I completed them.  After all this, she had the nerve to offer me a full-time IC position at 7 cpl.  The wave files I heard require more than 7 cpl and why on god's green earth would I take an IC job doing acute care for 7cpl, I would be losing money.  Then, she had the nerve to set a schedule for me Monday-Friday starting from 9 am to 5 pm.  No thank you.  I will keep right on looking.  I do not need this stress.  I am going in-house.  I simply outdone. 

Thanks for letting me vent.

Thanks guys
I appreciate the straight dope about this place. We all probably know what to expect with any national company, so we gotta look after ourselves ultimately. Medquist and Transcend have failed me pretty bad so I'm gonna try and do whatever I can (within reason) to make this work.

I'm hopeful.

Thanks again and thanks for the All Caps trick !
Wow! You guys, I'm so sorry! To have to go through this after...

all the drama you had to deal with at Focus.  I had a bad feeling things were going south at JLG right before I quit back in July.  I can't believe they didn't even offer you MT positions!  Well, my opinion is they are going under and they probably didn't have anything to offer you.  When I quit, I sent out an resignation email and never got a response.  So I just quit working and started my new job earlier and nobody said a word.  I thought that was a bad sign.

I was having trouble getting my pay checks when I quit and then right after I quit they sent out the email about not using direct deposit anymore and then I kept reading about all these poor people who were late getting their checks.  It just didn't look, sound or smell good at all.

Man, it just goes to show you there isn't a reliable company out there anymore.  Used to be when I first started working from home JLG was one of the most reliable companies around with a good reputation.

Well, good luck gals!  Drop me an email sometime.  It's still the same and use me as a personal reference if you need to.  I have nothing but good things to say about all y'all!


Hey, guys.....

Hey, lighten up!

In the old days -- 20 or so years ago, or maybe as recently as 10 years ago -- those terms were possessive with the apostrophe and the s.  It wasn't until recently that the definitive references like Stedman's (or should that be Stedman?) decided to drop it. If you read medical literature, you will see that in most instances the apostrophe s is still used.  So it has changed, and a lot of oldtimers (and M.D.s too) still put the apostrophe s at the end.

I prefer the apostrophe s as most docs dictate it that way and that was the way that I was trained to do it many, many moons ago.

Hey - You guys that are IC's
Forgive my total ignorance, but why do you guys choose to be IC's?  I have been an MT for very many years, but all I really know about IC it is that you have to pay your own taxes and you do not receive benefit.  I am not currently using my medical benefits (hubby's), but are there other perks?  Do you make more $$.  More flexible scheduling?  Do you just like to have your own clients, and more than 1 or 2?  I would think having your own client would be more profitable than to do IC work for a company, cutting out the middle profit.  I see so many IC positions now but I thought that was to the company's benefit.
Exactly. You guys need to get over it -
lots of companies operate this way - they just tell their workers about it. It's nothing new or earth shaking. Get a grip.
How do you guys know so much info?....sm
I have been working at OSi for almost 2 years and never get any information about anything...other than from this board. I got the email this weekend about the coordinator job and have been wondering since who left...and hoping that it is not mine, who is awesome. I like working there and have had zero problems since the day I started, other than being made to switch to SE from IC, but all this nastiness is starting to worry me too. When I started up with them I could not find a single bad thing about them...now it is all that I see.
Do you guys know of anyone hiring for
If I could find a psych account I would be in heaven.
Thanks guys. Seems as if it is the same thing everywhere.

Thanks to you guys who answered...

on Oracle. Guess I don't know about the platform since I saw some not so favorable reviews on using it and being productive, am trying to figure out what exactly I really need to get started purchasing and I don't think at this point a C-phone would be one I would be willing to purchase. Thanks for the info!!

Anyone out there on JLG and their platform? Thanks!

I declined it. Thanks guys. sm
I just can't survive on $10 less an hour.
Thanks for the info guys :)
TT. You guys like working for them?
I am currently in the testing phase.
As an outsider to MQ, isn't anything better than what U guys
How do you guys make that much?
How many years exp do you have? I have a little less than one and am struggling with money. How long did it take you to start making that much money a year?
Hey guys, got a question for you!

I work for this company part-time, ExText platform, pays for spaces, headers, footers, etc. at 9 cpl, easy to get lines, M-F.  I am considering going full time, but there are a couple drawbacks.  They don't have PTO.  They pay only for 5 holidays, provide health and dental insurance.  What do you think?  Should I take the dive anyway.  I really would like some 401K with match since I'm in 50s, and would love to be able to take a week's vacation.  However, it is easy to whack up 250 lines per hour on the system  with the spaces, headers and footers.  Any opinions appreciated.  Thanx

Well guys, you convince me --
from now on I'm going to demand that I have work.  I don't care if it takes it from someone else.  That's too bad for them.  I'm just going to worry about me and my pocketbook.  The rest of you don't matter.  Thanks for the push!
how do you guys know your on the same account?
maybe you BOTH are speaking to quickly eh?
Hey Guys, tell me if I got "dooped."
I just recently started a new job and was offered 8.5 cpl and and accepted it, now I am feeling I should have at least held out for 9 cpl.  This is going on the second week and I am only up  to 7000 lines on my 8th day.  Is this about the norm.  I have worked for some companies where my production is up after about the 2nd day.  The company offers BC/BS with low premium, dental ins, 401K no match, life insurance, short term disability, holiday pay, personal day pay, sick pay, vacation pay, incentive of 1.5 cpl for any lines over 12,000 lines per pay period, every 2 weeks.  The account is a huge one with all kinds of work types, but not a lot of ESL, and I also have an excellent backup account that is not as large with a few ESLs.  Do you think it would be wise to ask for a raise in 6 months or maybe 9 or 12.  Thanks for the input.
MT - CNN says hot job 12/27/08 Did you guys here CNN -jobs to go into
This morning 12/27/08 CNN had some economic expert on there telling people about the HOT JOBS that will be secure.  First one he said Medical Transcription.  He said 18,000 MTs will be hired a year.  Where is he getting this info?  Just thought you guys might be interested.  I find that questionable.  What do you guys think?
Thanks guys for your suggestions.
this problem with.  Yesterday I was even beginning to question if she has the correct MLS when she directs these corrections to me.  The work does not look familiar.  I'm making a good attempt at the suck up game :-) and saving all the emails.  I guess I'll give it a few more days and see how that works out.  I've just never been in this situation before so it's kind of an eye opener I guess.
Thanks for replying, guys...
At least you asked more more questions than I did. Maybe if I knew somebody in Jersey, ha-ha. I would not have minded driving to the next town if that was required; did that back in the day. Oh well. Maybe if I was 20 and up for an adventure, but guess I'm getting too old for this stuff.
I tried to tell you guys, but NO... everyone wanted to sm
paint me as only a cheerleader. I'm just glad things are going SO well for one of the better companies out there. No, it isn't perfect but it is a darn good place to work.
Well, at least the PR guys will be kept busy... SM
Rewriting the Acusis flyer: *Acusis is an average MTSO, and so if you're an average hospital with no big expectations for your medical records, give Acusis a try.*

*If you're not expecting very much from your MTSO, Acusis and their barely average MTs will not disappoint you.*
Why don't you guys get new jobs?
How long have you been with your company?  Are you sure things are not going to change?  If not, then why are you still there?  I worked for a big MTSO and found myself with no work, no work, clocking in, clocking out, having to use PTO, and checks shrinking until I was finally laid off.  I live in a very rural area, I am over 50, and was scared to death but you know what, I spent 2 weeks responding to job posts on MT Stars and was hired by a small U.S. Company at a higher line rate than I have ever made, doing a specialty I love.  I have yet to run out of work since.  I did believe that my age was going to be a negative factor in my job searach, but it was actually a plus.  These companies are looking for very experienced MT's and they know that only comes with the years.  I feel for all of you.  I have walked in your shoes - but you do have options.
You guys are scaring me!

It looks like I'm still in the honeymoon phase.  Hope I don't experience the same things I'm reading here.  I know that they offshore but in all honesty, there are not very many companies who don't anymore.  Even the ones that SAY they don't...DO!  Believe me.  I've come to realize that this is something I can't change and if I want to continue having a roof over my head and food in my fridge, that I just need to keep doing doing my job the best I can or...get out of the MT business.  Not a bad alternative at some point but for now...I just type away. 

Art Toth has this to say about you guys (and me)
This is from an email exchange I had with Toth himself, after I read some of the posts and talked with a few who have been victims of his scam.

He was dying to know where I'd read about the company and seemed to assume I was one of his MTs. Kind of telling that he has cheesed off so many people that he still had no idea who it could be.

Here's what he says about people who post about Toth:

Of course you are afraid to tell me exactly who you are and what site/board this is on. You people stick together because you have nothing else better to do but to console each other when they cannot comprehend what they sign, and NEED for others to feel for them. I am sure you are good... and why your employer is not keeping you busy so you have so much time to waste researching and posting about companies you could not work for! The laugh is on you and all those posters that do not comprehend your postings will cause you more monetary harm. Ask a lawyer, before you lose what you worked so hard to have. Keep working for others seeing you do not have the capability to work for yourself!

We have GOT to stick together. AHDI has nothing on their site about scams like this, not in the visitor section or in the Advocacy section. We're on our own if we don't back each other up.
You guys are saying what I'm thinking
These days it's a struggle to get through the day. And yes, it does seem to explode on the weekends, on my days off. I find this all very strange and I think whatever answers we're getting are BS. I too am waiting to do the HR thing and see how they stick it to us. Been through this before, it's almost never good.
You guys are a trip--I never said management...

posts ALL of the positive posts.  What I said was that they do post at times.  My God--why does people have to be so confrontational.  I posted what I know and believe happens SOMETIMES, not every time.  Get it??  There is a difference.  Everyone needs to stop judging people for their experiences.  Like I said before, I enjoy my job at Transcend for the most part, but I do believe that management screens this board very carefully, which (like I said before) is a good thing.  At least they know where we are coming from.

Yeah, youse guys!
Fa-get about it!
How long did you guys below work there?
LMAO - this is really childish, you guys
Have you nothing better to do? Obviously not.
You guys are REALLY making me nerrrrrvous!

guys below have really good advice... c msg
i work from home and receive hourly pay as a remote employee; i would never give up my set pay (not in this field, too scary).

you can supplement with an mtso, and there are many MTSO companies you can test for with better test dictators, and who pay for spaces. dont let this first experience take you down.
Man, you guys are impatient and spoiled. nm
I'm so sorry, guys. I hope you all get better positions soon.
Yeah, you guys sure got quite suddenly. nm
This whole thread and you guys n eed to be erased. nm
no text inside post
Can you guys say what companies use this software? Thx. nm
Ohhh...be careful guys...The rug can come from under you.
Same situation happened to me, and I stuck it out. Ended up getting me laid off.
How are the DRC'ers doing? Any changes for you guys? Things okay? nm
You guys are a riot, ya really are. Yes, I worked
for Transcend, for quite a while, was considered a top MT, and the place was horrible. Yes, other friends of mine worked there, before and after, and all left. There was a huge turnover a while back, when Transcend was still praising the American MTs, and swearing they would never offshore, and then did a complete about face and started offshoring. VR was most definitely paid at 3 to 4 cpl, and everyone had a fit. I quit over it, so please don't tell me it didn't happen. Team leads or whatever they were called were all quitting, and it was a disaster very similar to the MQ situation now. I could care less if someone works for MQ or Spheris or a poodle. Transcenders were all over this board giving honest appraisals of how bad the company had become - MDI MTs were having a horrible time as well. So maybe its all roses and wonder now, but it sure wasn't not all that long ago, and nothing would make me believe it could change that quickly. So if anybody smells like management from Transcend to me, its YOU! Go back to your own board, why don't ya? I love it when people ask for honest experiences with a company, good or bad, and then either way, the respondents get bashed. Positive posts are management spies, and negative posts are disgruntled losers. Be grown ups and make the decisions on your own rather than ask for help.