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Thanks.....that is what I was thinking too.

Posted By: NCMT on 2007-03-25
In Reply to: In Pennsylvania... - anon

This is for a hospital

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At first I was thinking that you were being unrealistic, not thinking about taxes, benefits, etc. bu
surprised to find that you are not asking the moon. Let me clarify a few things: Rates charged are not as high as 0.25 per line, but no one that has U.S. employees goes as low as 0.115 or they would not be able to pay their bills. A more realistic range is 0.125-0.165, and that top end is hard to find, most falling at 0.14-0.15 per line.

The rates of pay you propose are very reasonable IF the following is true: These are seasoned MTs who do not need a lot of hand-holding, QA or blanks filled in, unless a very difficult/impossible doctor.

How about a scale based on experience and accuracy of 0.09 - 0.105 per line (acute care), and $1.15-$1.30 per report (radiology)?

The VR one is tough as everyone, MTs and MTSOs and facilities are still feeling their way on this. As an MTSO who was an MT, I feel that VR editing is as difficult to do as regular transcription. I don't think that it should be substantially less pay or charged less as the end product is still the same.

Funny thing here? My company already follows that scale. We should work together, not at odds, to reinforce this industry and bring it back to where it should be, right here in the U.S.A. with a decent paycheck.
That's exactly what I was thinking
I didn't see anything about 10 cpl for ESL accounts.  Thought I was losing it.
Could you tell me why you think this. I was also thinking of looking into them.
What I was thinking!
Exactly what I was thinking.
I am thinking that..........
I am thinking this is a former disgruntled employee who acts like they are still employed.  According to other posts in the past it seems some on here post info as such.  Possibly they are trying to stir something up.  Search it out on your own to find out fiction or fact and make own judgement.
i was thinking...
if it was a total of 150 reports and they paid the $3 for only the first page of those 150 and the $1.50 the other 149 pages, that would still equal almost $230/day. Did I do that math right?! Sounds good to me!

that's what I was thinking
That's what I'm thinking and


Thinking of doing ASR

I've been an MT for about 20 years - 7 years with MQ.  I used to do on average about 300+ lines per hour on my primary and made a pretty decent living.  With ASR, I've gone down to an average of about 239 lines per hour.  Plus, they pay us about a penny a line less on ASR after you do a 60-day trial.  I tried quitting the ASR, but if you do that, all you get is the really crappy dictation, so the ASR becomes the lesser of two evils. 

My theory is that, since the ASR system apparently learns as we make corrections, that MQ is going to keeping sending it to us while we teach the system.  Then, when the ASR system has learned all it can and is doing perfect work, they'll ship all the work to India and pay them (the Indian ME's) 2 cents a line to edit it. 

If I were you and I were making a decent living doing regular transcription with a high line rate, I would not consider ASR.  I think the only ones who make any money at the MT's who did not produce huge amounts to begin with!! 

I would NEVER recommend MQ.  They're all about the bottom line and I guarantee, MQ ASR will be going to India -- just give the machine enough time to learn. 


That's what I was just thinking
They sent me an attachment that had a bunch of questions like what version of MS Word do I have, version of windows, etc. They even asked me if I would buy a foot pedal from them for $60! On the top of the attachment, it had my full name and state that I live in. Hopefully I don't hear from them again!
I'm thinking....sm
I have been an MT for 10 yrs.  Been on a 5-month break and just recently started hitting the job search more seriously.  I've already been off for five months so what's another few weeks (hopefully no longer) when I could just avoid the exasperation of the last couple days and not embark with them at all.  Just received an e-mail that they once again cannot locate an attachment I sent them, which I have sent TWICE.  This is just too screwed up to even dabble in while I keep looking.  They drained me.
that's what I was thinking, too.
Not yet. Thinking about it though
I'm just afraid of change, whether it will be better somewhere else. Things have been okay for me at OSi up until now, but things are changing. Things have gone on the last several months that have really started to take away my enthusiasm for my job there, and now this. There are people there that I really like, and then there's one that has made things not so nice anymore. I've gone places there, so leaving would be a step back in a way, but with what's going on now with the new partners, and with what I know is going on with certain accounts, I just am not comfortable staying here anymore. I think more changes are coming, so I probably should just go now. I just don't know.
Thinking about what I want

I heard back from a position I applied for.  The person is asking me about what I want in an MTSO & I thought I'd share: 

No micromanagement.  I will work the hours I say I will work and if Iím doing so, leave me alone.

I donít want to hear about everyone elseís mistakes in a nasty e-mail where you threaten to dock everyoneís pay.  Address the issue with the individual.


No demanding I work overtime & then being unwilling to pay extra.  If you ask me in a civilized manner I will see what I can do to help.


No new and creative ways to rip the MT off.  I donít care about your VBCs.  I want to be paid for my time and typing Ė including templates and spaces.


A company which pays on time.


Low ESL, while I can do ESL it doesnít mean I should have to do so continuously because everyone else has cherry-picked or they just canít do it Ė they need the practice, I donít.  While itís true I can make money on ESLs because they tend to say the same thing over and over, when they donít, they are a royal pain in the @ss.


Pay equal to my experience level.


State of the art equipment Ė No DOS!  No cumbersome software wasting MY time looking up patient demographics.


I think I might prefer ER or clinic, I can make more money with those than with op notes, even though they pay less per line.


A company that DOES send positive e-mails and keeps its MTs up-to-date with feedback from the accounts and abreast of latest terms.


Anyone thinking about going IC?
Just wondering if anyone is thinking about it, or is doing so soon?
Exactly what I was thinking....sm
I am so hurt over it and I keep thinking....what am I going to do if this credit check becomes the norm? I will never be able to pay the bills then. Also, I used to be employed by them many years ago and did a fantastic job for them and was sought out by them, tested very well, and then offered a job, did the paperwork, and then apparently kicked to the curb without even letting me know why or the fact that I didn't get the job afterall. It's not the correct way to deal with anybody, good or bad credit! Merry Christmas.
What are they thinking?
Glancing at the job board just irks me.  This Denise Workman with SW Transcription offering a whole .06-.08 per line for exp acute ESL work.  Pulled up their website out of morbid curiosity to see no where on their site is a physical location, which normally means they not US based.  Of course they want US employees for acute work because their .02 per line employees can't hack it yet.  Shows on their site they charge .10 to .12 per line to their customers.  My feeling is this company is an Indian company disguising itself as an American company.  It's either that or these two women running the company are disgraces to the American transcription society.  That's my feeling. 
Yes, that's what I was thinking too
This is a relative of mine who has told me this story. I knew it didn't sound right. I also had a feeling she wasn't working her schedule, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was it. She seems pretty devastated today about the whole thing, but I'm not sure she should be surprised.

I've been accused of never believing what she tells me, so just wanted other opinions on this. Thanks to all.
That's what I'm thinking
I'm thinking I have the ability to do more work on my own schedule rather than just 8 hours with one.  I appreciate your perspective into this as I needed to hear from others that are doing it already that it is the right thing to do or at least plausible. 
I was thinking that also...sm
I'm trying not to worry so much like I did at first. I've only been doing radiology for 6 years and it's my favorite so I hope I can do this. Right now, I'm just glad I got the position. Thank you for the assurance.
I was just thinking that before. An old saying my mom
would tell me, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Funny how as we get older these cliches seem to make more sense to us!
I was just thinking that... a lot of it has to do with me
because as I have aged, I have had a lot on my mind, and also having a family with more responsibility took some part of my brain power. When I was single and up to about middle age the sky and energy and time I had to work was the limit. So was spending money on me, me, me. But now that I have gotten older, I have slowed not only because of age, but because of other things taking up my brain waves. On the plus side, my quality is much better so I provide better service to the patient. It is hard to come to the conclusion that sometimes we make less if we are slowing, but at least I still earn a decent living and know that I am providing good quality care to the patient. That must account for something, but does not necessarily pay the bills.
Thats exactly what I was thinking
what is in store for us now....I hate the unknown.

It's really difficult to move from one platform to another at this company.  It's almost impossible, actually.  There must be a lot more to it than we know.  Maybe their profit is somehow connected to all MTs on one platform staying on that platform regardless of whether or not they have work?  I know it sounds really stupid, though.

Since everyone is an employee, and US Labor laws should still apply, I wonder if any of the MTs who lost work on EditScript, who they won't move to Dictaphone, have bothered to file with unemployment for reduction of work.  I think the unemployment office calls this partial unemployment or something like that.

Anyone thinking of going to QA, this is for you SM

Just don't.  If you think you are bored out of your gourd, treated like a factory worker and unappreciated now while you're doing MT, becoming a QA person is worse.

The QA jobs are production-based in some form also, even the hourly jobs.  You are expected to do XX amount of jobs per hour or per day and be on the system at XX:XX and off at XX:XX.  Believe me.  You'll see the same people sending their work to you to fix or do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  It's really a thankless job and at least with MT, you are the master of your own ship, you are responsible for your own work, lines and jobs.  It's just something to think about.

I have also been thinking about them --

Do they hire only employees or are there IC/SE possibilities as well?

What platform do they use?  Did you get to set your own hours/days?

You said they started you at a decent line rate, was it more than 9 cpl and are you an employee or IC/SE?  I know that the line rate is affected by this.


That's what I'm thinking.
Too much Fox news coming from that posting.
That's exactly what I was thinking...
It seems that they want someone with a certain level of quality, someone who can jump right in and get started. Is it fair to want someone to adapt so quickly? Maybe not. But they have the right to assess an employee's skills and decide whether it is a good fit or not. What might be difficult for some, may be easy for another.
seriously thinking about
I think I can make it work if I stay but I don't know if I want to - employee status and all. I think I will probably send out some resumes and see what happens to help me make a better decision on whether or not it is worth staying.
I could and I would but thinking about sm
it, I don't know you and I better not right now. I will tell you they are in Atlanta GA
That is what I was thinking! sm
I'm glad I didn't type all 21 charts! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me this. I'm getting very frazzled with the testing, resumes, emails, cover letters. I haven't really had any definite possibilities, either. This is so frustrating! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.
That's what I was thinking...nm
That is exactly where I am at with my NO life. Thinking about what to do now.
If you are thinking of working for OSI
Unprofessional and unqualified is right.
Ummm, thinking twice already (sm)
Not going to take my 10 years experience anywhere and be paid less than a trainee new grad from high school because her mom knows some guy.  No offense to you but I'm offended honestly.  Call me old fashioned but I want to be hired and paid based on what I know and not who I know.  Where are the honest companies that will pay for experience ??????????????????????  I mean obviously you caught a break but this is distasteful to me and frankly turns me off towards this company.  Just dropped an account I loved because the managers and owner have no MT background, can hardly spell, but are all chummy friends who allow cherrypicking and all sorts of crap based on favortism...not signing up for that again. 
Oh no, I'm thinking about accepting a job with them.
A lot of people here are thinking I am


I keep informed about all the companies, who does what, IC versus employee.  I am a well-informed potential employee.  I am very good at what I do and I will only work for the best.  In my thinking the KS post wasn't the best of the best.  Perhaps I spoke out of turn by believing others should think more highly of themselves and their value as employees.  I've been in every position one could work in the transcription and health care industry and this seemed somewhat demeaning not just to my own value but the value of MTs as a whole. 

As it turns out now, they offer more than they orginally posted but would you have gotten that information if teeth weren't pulled?  If you want it, you CAN have it.  Why do MTs have to settle for crumbs when the crumbs keep getting smaller?  There ARE companies with better benefits out there.  How KS treats their people, well, I certainly cannot speak to that but in the last few days the company I take pride in working for has taken quite a beating on this web site and they treat me extremely well. 

And the point is...I reciprocate.  I want to be considered one of the best MTs where I work and I often go above and beyond.  It is mutually reciprocative and it sure ain't for crumbs.

Anyone else thinking of quitting?

I have other offers but I love the platform and the account.  I have not had work for almost a week straight and before that about 2 months of little work.  I am just wondering if everyone else out there is ready to move on.  We get SOS messages when there are 5 jobs on the system, on a holiday, stating everyone wanted work....well here it is.  Hardly.  I have 4 accounts and they are all dry.  Is this everyone's experience???????

Back to thinking on this...
I'm on too many accounts, and woe is to me if I forget a little account specific rule. The QA peep will spank you hard. Yes, you pay for your computer. Platform's okay, but not generous. They are a company experiencing growing pains, I suspect.

I was loyal to one company for many years and rose through management. I changed horses and decided to do something on a related career track and do MT part time with with Amphion.

At first, it seemed great. They were good people, very responsive. As they've added staff and accounts, the good times have definitely gone away. I hope they get through their growing pains, consult with some people who really know how to run things smoothly, hire and fire appropriately (QA and middle management) and get on the ball. Then, they will be a company to stay with, hopefully. Unfortunately, I will probably be gone by then. Line counts are more generous, and QA is better managed elsewhere. (I find myself thinking who thought this QA method WORKS, anyway? Clearly no one who knows how to mentor MTs or run a QA department.
My thinking on your post:
Dear Poster/MTSP: I read your post with great interest. You are right: Owning a company is a huge responsibility and requires sacrifices and many long hours, risks, and aggravations.

I however think that is the norm for a small business owner.

1. You have chosen all of the activities and issues and duties of an MTSO, and so the list of things that you must endure are part of the business and your choice.

2. We ICs/EEs/SEs recognize the difficulties of any small business owner.

3. I was wondering about your statement, We have to put up with crap from MTs who have every excuse in the book from mysterious illnesses to mysterious DSL/phone/electric outages.

From your use of the terms crap, every excuse in the book, and mysterious illnesses and outages, it seems that this is somewhat disrespectful of the MT. Your terminology is crude which is not appropriate here. As for the mysterious outages, do you not seem to recognize or respect or believe the truth that people experience DSL outages, phone outages, or electrical outages?

For example, the other day, I was working along contentedly, and then bam, all of a sudden, no internet connection. It seems that the local town phone service was out all day and all evening due to some repairs.

There is nothing mysterious about this. There is nothing untruthful about this. This is truthful and a great frustration to the MT as well as to the MTSO, but again, part of LIFE.

Your tone seems very resentful of your most precious commodity which are the MTs. I would like to hear good positive feelings going back and forth between you the MTSO and your MTs. You are in essence a family unit.

You concluded your post stating, We need to stop bashing each other. You are right in that we should work together as a team.

But I do note that you succeeded in bashing your MTs in your post on many levels, for example, with reference to the mysterious illnesses, the mysterious outages, MTs spending time with their families, etc.

It really is not a matter, I think, of stopping bashing one another. We all have the right to express concerns and issues. That is how positive change occurs. Free speech and all that, I think.

So, in conclusion, those were my immediate thoughts and impressions after reading your post. The whole business is tuff, from your standpoint and from the IC/SE/EE standpoint as well. We all recognize that. My best thoughts are with you in your business venture. Thank you for your post.

I was thinking about applying

I work every sunday now, and I would really like my weekends free.  I also don't like the software too much, and I have to pay LD.

Thanks for all the info you gave me. 

This is more along the lines that I was thinking except that ... SM

I am just really concerned that they are offshoring some of our work.  This is not a really huge company but is high suspicion among those who work there that this is happening -- although no one knows for sure.  My first thought was that the toll-free number had rung overseas, but I really didn't get the feeling that that was the case.  It just seems more than a coinkidink that, with all the talk of Indian transcription nowaways, they have hired an Indian person to answer the phone.  It makes me feel sick to my stomach to think about it but maybe I shouldn't worry as long as I have work.....

No but was thinking about it. If you only had one blank
Pass on the job. I am thinking it is a co I used
to work for and they never paid on time even with that long wait and did not get it right either. No excuse for a wait like that except for mismanagement by the company. Pass on that job. You will have headaches you don't need.
Can anyone tell me anything about TTS? I am thinking about applying

Can anyone tell me anything about TTS? I am thinking about applying?
Thank you.  I appreciate your reply. 
Thinking about IC status

I've been thinking about finding a company that offers IC status. My current situation is this  - I'm currently an employee for a service and have asked to be moved to a part time schedule soon as I'm expecting another baby and have realized there just aren't enough hours in the day to work full time and take care of my family (this will be my third child, fourth if you count hubby :-) ). So far my supervisor has barely acknowledged my request. I have also read here that people who once worked for my current company had asked for a schedule change and were refused. This is not an option for me, I need to go part time and I need flexibility in the schedule (something I know my current company does not offer).

A couple of years ago I interviewed with Oracle Transcription and the lady who talked to me seemed very nice. I was a little put off by the IC status (I don't need bennies - hubby's are fine) mostly because it's not familiar territory. The tax thing makes me a little nervous and I wouldn't know where to begin as far as transcription software. This company seemed to be very flexible in schedules. I also liked that this company was very anti sending work overseas. But, this was 2 years ago and I doubt that position would still be available.

So, how do you go about making an easy transition from employee status to IC status and which companies offer IC positions without treating you like an employee?


I think you are thinking of MT Word
Thinking about Medware
I am thinking of going with Medware. Are you still happy there and is their pay fairly good?
thinking about switching too...sm
but do you have to work specific hours and days? I am used to downloading my work, m-f, and sending it back by ftp. do you have to work online through their platform? they sound great, but I am worried about having to work a weekend day. do you work until you meet your lines or set hours? just some questions. you can email me if you want to. thanks for your help. tough decision.