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Anyone else thinking of quitting?

Posted By: MDI-MD MT on 2006-01-01
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I have other offers but I love the platform and the account.  I have not had work for almost a week straight and before that about 2 months of little work.  I am just wondering if everyone else out there is ready to move on.  We get SOS messages when there are 5 jobs on the system, on a holiday, stating everyone wanted work....well here it is.  Hardly.  I have 4 accounts and they are all dry.  Is this everyone's experience???????

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If you're thinking of quitting

I rarely ever post but I just wanted to let people know what happened to me so they can avoid the same experience I had. i'm not gonna mention the name of the company here,but anyone who works for this company knows the problems they've had with their payroll and getting their direct deposits on time.. and how the owner is uncaring about how many bounce fees she causes everyone to have to pay, or how people can't pay their bills when their DD doesnt show up until Monday. She just turns off her IMs and doesnt answer emails. Really great person to work for..   Well.. aside from those problems, i just wanted to warn people that when you do decide to finally leave the company, just be sure she doesnt owe you anything before you leave. Do a slow down, so that she owes you as little as possible by the time you quit, unless you don't have any equipment, like a foot pedal or anything, that she sent you that she can use to justify holding your final check(s). She has done this to a few people I know of..and I'm sure there's lots more I don't know. I can't say if she pays right away if you don't have equipment,.she probably does ...but I know what happens if you do!!

I had a foot pedal that belonged to her, and she held my final TWO CHECKS on me. She owed me one full check and for two or three days into a new pay period and held them both. When my next to last check didn't show up as expected and I called to ask her about it, she said its "company policy" to roll all money owed into one final check. She happened to be on vacation, so I returned the equipment,but still had to wait from the 4th of April until the 26th when she returned from vacation.. I waited and still didn't receive any money from her, so I emailed her multiple times with no response.. Then i happened to check my bank balance and found out she had deposited the check for the 2-3 days in my account..but the full check she owed me wasn't there.  I had expected a paper check from her, so I didnt check my balance for a while..I just happened to check it. When i emailed her about the money, she didnt even bother to answer me to say she had deposited it, so its a good thing I checked or I'd still be waiting.  I finally called her. since she refuses to answer emails, and she said she would look into what happened with the other check first thing Monday morning...This was last Friday.. today I FINALLY got my money from her.  only more than a full month and 266.00 in bounce fees later!!   So, the good news is she will probably pay you..eventually...but who wants to wait over a month with no check?  I know I had extenuating circumstances because she happened to go on vacation, but she also did payroll early, and there was no way I could have gotten the pedal back to her before she did payroll. She knew she was going to hold both checks and didn't bother to tell me that when I emailed her to tell her I had mailed the pedal back and would be expecting my check as usual on April 14th.. so I got a nice little shock when my DD just didnt show up on the 14th.  Maybe others get their money a little sooner, but still ..who wants to wait for their checks for that long.  Well anyway, I decided to let people know what happened to me, just so they can avoid it happening to them.

see post below "if you're thinking of quitting"
that's the one.
At first I was thinking that you were being unrealistic, not thinking about taxes, benefits, etc. bu
surprised to find that you are not asking the moon. Let me clarify a few things: Rates charged are not as high as 0.25 per line, but no one that has U.S. employees goes as low as 0.115 or they would not be able to pay their bills. A more realistic range is 0.125-0.165, and that top end is hard to find, most falling at 0.14-0.15 per line.

The rates of pay you propose are very reasonable IF the following is true: These are seasoned MTs who do not need a lot of hand-holding, QA or blanks filled in, unless a very difficult/impossible doctor.

How about a scale based on experience and accuracy of 0.09 - 0.105 per line (acute care), and $1.15-$1.30 per report (radiology)?

The VR one is tough as everyone, MTs and MTSOs and facilities are still feeling their way on this. As an MTSO who was an MT, I feel that VR editing is as difficult to do as regular transcription. I don't think that it should be substantially less pay or charged less as the end product is still the same.

Funny thing here? My company already follows that scale. We should work together, not at odds, to reinforce this industry and bring it back to where it should be, right here in the U.S.A. with a decent paycheck.
I work for MDI-FL and we've been out of work for a week too...I have three accounts and no work right after the holidays-I am starting to panic as I supply 50% of the family income.  i have talked to friends who work for local hospitals and they are swamped.  I owned by own service for 8 years and never had a slow movement, any time of the year.  I just can't figure this business out anymore.
quitting MQ
Thanks for the info.
I wouldn't quit the old one until you find out how the new one is. 
Had enough BS and I'm quitting
I left a company that had an exit interview. I honestly told them what I thought. I think they needed to know a few things. Maybe it will effect a change to make life easier on other MTs.
quitting after first day
Oh, oh, sounds like you got hired for the same account as me............6 passwords to get into the program, 1/2 hour to boot everything up, system down 7 out of 10 days and only 3 hours work yesterday and 4 today - but I'm required to be here checking for work every 15 minutes....So, after waiting 3 weeks for my computer to be specially built by the hospital itself, I have finally worked a whole month now with 1 week of training in which the system was down 3 days out of 5, so I learned very little. Then the system was down 2 out of 5 days the second week. oh yes, and 3 of my 4 QA trainers have disappeared. Needless to say, I'm looking for another job, since I do like to eat and so does my cat and dog. This is not where I thought I'd be after going to school for a full year and transcribing now for 15 years.... what a shameful direction things have gone these last 5 or 6 years. Even janitors, and clerks have more benefits, respect, security and likely make more money than we do these days in this field. No one in the medical profession really has a clue how much knowledge we are required to possess or the skills necessary to do what we do. We get no respect from the doctors, staff, or medical profession at all. Part of the problem is that we're too fragmented within the industry, especially working at home. We are scattered all over the county. We are so isolated from one another that we have no sense of being part of anything, which is benficial to management, as it keeps us from organizing. Another contributing factor to lousy working conditions for all of us is that 3/4 of the employees in this field are women, most of whom do not truly NEED this job, so those of us who have no husband/boyfriend/roommate/etc.to help with finances are screwed. I love the medical transcription field, but I really hate being a 3rd class worker bee. I would challenge any nurse or doctor or health professional to do my job for a day - correctly. I can guarantee they would absolutely not be able to do it. I thought I was a professional... but now I realize I'm just a worker, so I need to find one more job that will last me at least one more year, and hopefully provide more than $15,000 annually, which is all I made last year as a full-time employee with 2 other companies who kept running out of work or had continuous problems implementing their new and improved dictation systems. I have more system down, system issue messages than Carter's has liver pills from these companies. I'll bet management got paid though. Maybe if I can find another job in the next week or so, I can hang in there until I can retire in 2010, and then just do this part-time to supplement my $900.00 a month social security check. I am not a happy camper anymore. I'm just really disappointed in the direction this profession has gone in over the last 6 years or so. I'm fed up with listening to these educated idiots, slurp, chomp, snort, guzzle, and burp through their meals, tell jokes while the minutes tick away that I don't paid to listen to and rattle, scrape, bump, ding and click through the report because they're not prepared to dictate when they sit down to do the report. Then I get to listen to them hem and haw as they click through the computer screen reading the patient's history while they're trying to dictate the current report. Taking phone calls and leaving me hanging, with the minutes ticking away that I'm not getting paid for, coming back after 5 minutes and hanging up on me. I'm tired of my feet swelling from sitting here for hours on end, dry itchy eyes, and my brain on overload with new drugs, mispronounced drugs, procedures, and failure to provide even the basics, like who the hell they are, the patient's name, ID, or date. It's clear that they feel dictating patient reports is beneath them. It's pretty clear that most of them just don't want to do it, so very few bother to do it right. So much for patient care. Maybe I'm burning out. Just can't quit yet. Have to earn a living, and I still care about quality, and I still care about doing it right. I just wish more of the other people I have to deal with cared too.
Many are quitting
Many MTs are quitting, have quit, or are in the process of quitting.  I believe it is really what they want.  They have a heavy offshore workforce and it seems that more and more work is going to the offshore service.  There is barely enough work to go around unless you devote 24 hours a day to them to adjust your schedule as needed to make any lines.  A recent post a few weeks ago stated that there would be a 39% paycut across the board in May, but I can't verify that.  The post sounded like it was someone who was in management at one time.  I do know for a fact that our manager told us that a lot of work was being sent to the offshore now.  I'm not a disgruntled employee, but I do know that every single person on my account is looking for another job outside of the transcription field. 
quitting with grace...
how about "I appreciate the opportunity you have given me, but due to circumstances beyond my control (such as the fact they are a national), the position just is not working out right for me at this time. Hopefully if circumstances change, you might consider me for re-hire at that time."
More advices on quitting
I think this site might help. It's a full article on the do's and don't or quitting
Anybody quitting Medquist before Oct 1?
Wondering if anyone was leaving before the pay cut.
Precyse....I am quitting
I had a team manager that was manipulative. Lots of people are quitting right now because of things like that. She can be real nice too and give gravy work, depending on what side you end up on. Also OT..Thats a joke. Don't work any OT because you make less for OT than your regular day the way the figure it. The last time I worked OT I made less than 6 bucks (not plus 13.00 bucks an hour or anything like that, just less than 6.00 bucks an hour!) an hour for OT. I had trouble making my line count and used to be a very good producer before I got there. I'm not sure if it's because you spend so much time with the stuff that you don't get paid for, like searching for or changing the ADTs, searching for addresses, sending copies, etc. and not getting paid for headers or what. Maybe I just couldn't concentrate, I don't know, but I've decided I stayed there too long.
On the verge of quitting MDI-MD
Quitting without notice
Well, if someone hadn't told me I would not have believed it. First I am the relative that couldn't keep her thoughts about such things as hiring newbies with a contract that states they must agree to work for 30 days for free to determine if they are good enough to get paid or running off in the middle of a HUGE hurricane forecasted for Mexico and leave 4 kids with a babysitter and no emergency funds left for the sitter. I am also one of those that have NOT been paid for work done. First I would like to say that XXXXX is a great mentor, I learned a great deal from her, including that there are MTs out there that do not apply the ethics of medical transcription into their own life or the lives of their employees. As for upsetting her clients, I just informed them of the violations going on like file sharing after signing a confidentiality contract, some were quite shocked and I am sure she lost work because of it, but after the smear campaign she launched, I don't know what she expected. As for pay, you get paid as long as you work for her, you can ask just about anyone who has quit, and they have not received their last checks. Her famous excuse that I know that at least 4 MTs have heard is It must be lost in the mail. Funny how the only checks to get lost are those due to past employees and not current ones.
Quitting in droves
Well people are quitting in droves because they're sending all the best accounts to India, then forcing US MTs to train as guinea pigs on new platforms, such as Clarity.  As we help them get the bugs worked out, we go broke in the process.  Overstaffing is a problem on some platforms (radiology was mine), I worked 6-7 days a week for the last 7 weeks and couldn't even make production, fighting for every line.  Supe lied to me and promised me a new platform, only to schedule me for training on Clarity.  Glad to be gone!
For OSI employees that are quitting

If you work for OSi and have found another job because of their decision to stop paying holiday pay -

Which companies are you switching to?

Please email me if you like.

I want to make a move ASAP and don't know where to turn. TIA

Is everybody quitting Amphion, hopefully?

Just gave my notice.  The substandard pay for the amount of work I do is not doing it for me anymore.  There is a better way and I found it.  From what I understand there are quite a few more leaving this very strange company too.  The least they could do is add a minimum wage stipend for all the unpaid busy work.  Not my problem anymore.

I'm planning on quitting too. sm

I liked the idea of working for a smaller company and one that didn't offshore.  I worked for a BIG company that offshored, and I didn't like it.  Actually it started out as Edix, then Spheris came in and took over, and it all went down hill after that.  Once I found out they sent to India, I quit.  I'll be doing the same with MDI, probably after September, since I already submitted my September work schedule.  Good luck to all the MDI transcriptionists.

OSI ALWAYS hiring, good MTs ALWAYS quitting
don't think I will get paid for transcription I did before quitting
I worked for several weeks for a transcription company and things did not go very well. I worked VERY hard trying trying to do my best work and just was not making very much money and things did not look like they would improve. I up and quit and now they are not answering my e-mails nor have I received pay for the work I did do. The quality of my work was great.  The platform was hard and I spent too much time trying to find patient accounts I believe.  Does anyone know what recourse I have? It is not a lot of money at all, yet I worked so hard to make it work.  Or do I chalk it up to another bad experience?  Thanks in advance. 
Re: Zmed and quitting without notice
I doubt that it is legal for them to keep half your pay if you quit without notice. I am willing to bet that any Labor Board would uphold the worker on this one. I have never worked for them, interviewed with them once, found them creepy and said no.
Quitting, more work and other melodrama
And you know I police everyone else because? Quite the assumption to make, eh? And spoken like a true cherry picker. Do my own work? Nah, I'm too busy doing the work everybody else has decided they're too good to do and they throw it back. Yes, please explain exactly how I get to do MY OWN work. Either you are a cherry picker yourself or you don't have people cancelling jobs and throwing them back for you to do, which results in a pretty crappy line count at times. You don't know me, don't make assumptions about who I'm policing. And, betcha the non-cherry pickers aren't afraid of us police!
Quitting MDI short notice
I quit with only three days' notice. (I have always given 30 days notice for leaving MT jobs because I am a high producer and I want people to have an opportunity to get an adequate replacement. However, there were extenuating circumstances of offshoring involved here.) I e-mailed D. and told her that if I had been given two weeks notice of the merger, I would surely have given her two weeks notice that I was quitting, but that, in all conscience, I simply could not work for any company that offshored, that it violates my principles as an American, so I hoped she would understand why my last day was going to be August 31. She wrote me a very kind and gracious e-mail back saying she understood. I started my new job the very next day and have never looked back. My unasked for advice would be for each person to follow her (or his) own conscience. You know how Jiminy Cricket used to say Let your conscience be your guide? Or as they said on Star Wars, Follow your instincts..... Do what is right for you, for whatever reasons your own circumstances dictate. Good luck!
I see a lot of people posting on here about quitting MQ and I was just wondering where they all went
and is it better. I guess we wont know what we are up against yet for about a week then we will see what happens.
Sorry to hear of any quitting. I am on the "busy" account..
I do like it a lot, but I also worry about overhiring.. and forcing me out of a job that I love..
I don't recall saying I was quitting, just gonna wait and see. nm
Are the part-timers quitting DeVenture?
It's been about a month now with very little if any work for part-timers.  Anyone else quitting?
Yep, hiring again. Are people quitting or what? There never seems to be a lot of work to me. nm
WELL SAID - OSi people are quitting in droves including management
that's what forums are for.
Dont bother. Not enough work to go around. People are quitting.
I guess at this rate, they may be hiring if everyone ends up quitting due to lack of work. They will come on here and state that we should just call the office and you will get put on another account. That is a joke. We have all tried that and you get ignored.  
"People are quitting" -- who? I work in the home office
and no one has quit in the last month.
well, she asked; I just thought quitting extreme advice.NM
Forget my check is 2 weeks late, I am quitting my

job because I have to use some of my ink to print out paperwork.  If that is an honest-to-goodness complaint, you need a dose of reality.

A printer with ink will cost about $30 to $40.  My company owes me $900 in back wages and $900 in current wages.  Yes, I refuse to work any more until I am paid, but I am still out almost $2000.  All they say is check is in the mail. 

If you can put your MT-princess resume out there and get a better job that doesn't require you to spend thousands of cents on ink, you should go for it.

honestly, no I didn't read. Pretty sure I'm quitting NM
remember, (I'm sure you don't remember :) just saying, I went through this with Spheris, stuck it, ended up leaving anyway
You aer required to work 3 holidays each year ... not sure about the quitting early thing. nm
That's exactly what I was thinking
I didn't see anything about 10 cpl for ESL accounts.  Thought I was losing it.
Could you tell me why you think this. I was also thinking of looking into them.
What I was thinking!
Exactly what I was thinking.
I am thinking that..........
I am thinking this is a former disgruntled employee who acts like they are still employed.  According to other posts in the past it seems some on here post info as such.  Possibly they are trying to stir something up.  Search it out on your own to find out fiction or fact and make own judgement.
i was thinking...
if it was a total of 150 reports and they paid the $3 for only the first page of those 150 and the $1.50 the other 149 pages, that would still equal almost $230/day. Did I do that math right?! Sounds good to me!

that's what I was thinking
Thanks.....that is what I was thinking too.
This is for a hospital
That's what I'm thinking and


Thinking of doing ASR

I've been an MT for about 20 years - 7 years with MQ.  I used to do on average about 300+ lines per hour on my primary and made a pretty decent living.  With ASR, I've gone down to an average of about 239 lines per hour.  Plus, they pay us about a penny a line less on ASR after you do a 60-day trial.  I tried quitting the ASR, but if you do that, all you get is the really crappy dictation, so the ASR becomes the lesser of two evils. 

My theory is that, since the ASR system apparently learns as we make corrections, that MQ is going to keeping sending it to us while we teach the system.  Then, when the ASR system has learned all it can and is doing perfect work, they'll ship all the work to India and pay them (the Indian ME's) 2 cents a line to edit it. 

If I were you and I were making a decent living doing regular transcription with a high line rate, I would not consider ASR.  I think the only ones who make any money at the MT's who did not produce huge amounts to begin with!! 

I would NEVER recommend MQ.  They're all about the bottom line and I guarantee, MQ ASR will be going to India -- just give the machine enough time to learn. 


That's what I was just thinking
They sent me an attachment that had a bunch of questions like what version of MS Word do I have, version of windows, etc. They even asked me if I would buy a foot pedal from them for $60! On the top of the attachment, it had my full name and state that I live in. Hopefully I don't hear from them again!
I'm thinking....sm
I have been an MT for 10 yrs.  Been on a 5-month break and just recently started hitting the job search more seriously.  I've already been off for five months so what's another few weeks (hopefully no longer) when I could just avoid the exasperation of the last couple days and not embark with them at all.  Just received an e-mail that they once again cannot locate an attachment I sent them, which I have sent TWICE.  This is just too screwed up to even dabble in while I keep looking.  They drained me.
that's what I was thinking, too.
Not yet. Thinking about it though
I'm just afraid of change, whether it will be better somewhere else. Things have been okay for me at OSi up until now, but things are changing. Things have gone on the last several months that have really started to take away my enthusiasm for my job there, and now this. There are people there that I really like, and then there's one that has made things not so nice anymore. I've gone places there, so leaving would be a step back in a way, but with what's going on now with the new partners, and with what I know is going on with certain accounts, I just am not comfortable staying here anymore. I think more changes are coming, so I probably should just go now. I just don't know.