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The very short list I have so far includes...sm...

Posted By: wanderer on 2007-02-21
In Reply to: What companies pay by the gross line? - Adia

Lee Perfect - but you need to know Emdat software. Lextel - in California. They were paying 7.5 for MT and 4.5 for QA positions. Mediscript Transcription - need your own LD and C-phone. QT - don't think they're hiring, though. Last ad was from 2005. Old posts say trouble making lines there. West Tran Group - you need Word 2003 and they use IntraScript software. ....This is all the info I have. I have no contact info and no emails or website info. This is just a list I've compiled as I've come across them on a search. NM

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Very short list here & don't have any

Some companies that USED to pay by gross line: Lee Perfect - need Emdat experience; Lextel? - Calif. company, don't know if still around; Mediscript Transcription - work LD over a C-phone, don't know what state; QT - but they seem to be in trouble now; and West Tran Group - don't know the state, were using Word 2003 and IntraScript software. ...the end...

Here is my short list...
My first job was with HealthScribe as a newbie. They flew us to Virginia for training which meant you actually knew some of the people you worked with. It was a great experience for a new MT. The platform was very nice as you could view other reports, and any edits made to your reports were in a different color so there was no confusion as to who typed what. Benefits were good but pay was pretty low, which is probably standard for a newbie job. I left when my account went to India and my team was left with really bad accounts. Sold to Spheris now.

I then went to MedScribe. I had some concerns about reports in MT Stars archives of checks going missing, so I asked about it up front. I was told it never happens, but my first paycheck went missing. The checks do come eventually but you learn patience in that regard. I loved my ER account but always being pushed to do acute care with heavy ESL or overflow with horrible sound. My supervisor was very nice but had to contact the upper management for most decisions/issues, and hence nothing really ever got addressed. I did stay over 4 years because my next 2 job attempts didn't work out.

I applied and was hired by Transcend but left the job before training for sudden personal reasons. The recruiter was exceptionally understanding of my circumstances. The benefits and pay seemed pretty good for my experience, but I never did transcribe any accounts.

When I decided to go job hunting again, I was hired by Medquist in early December for holiday push. The equipment finally came middle of January, and I went through the training and started working on the platform. Work at that point was low, and I bounced around in 3 different accounts. My supervisor had lost her assistant and was nearly impossible to reach. Two weeks after I was hired, my supervisor left for a week for a company event. With no other contact in the company and no clue, I left too. The pay and benefits were okay but it seemed like I would have had a very, very long learning curve.

I am now with TransTech. I actually like the VR work better than traditional typing. I struggled with the platform in the beginning because there were a lot of issues being disconnected from the server which locked the program up, but that is 100% better now. The pay is good with the incentive, insurance is BCBS which is perfect for my state - no indemnity plan, and benefits are good. Management & QA are very nice and don't talk down to you. The downside is that I am struggling now with low work even working second shift.

Here's mine ... short list

TL (Transcriptions Limited).  Wonderful, wonderful company to work for.  Very personable staff, good work, okay platform.  Got bought out by Medquist.

Medquist.  Started out great, got to keep most of my accounts from TL.  Good company for many years.  Then, all downhill from there.  I will say my pay was always on time, but it kept getting less and less (more ASR, less incentive).  Had the same great supervisor for 12 years.  Cesspool (many, many new accounts daily).  Practically nonexistent QA.  Rigid schedule.  Very good PTO.  Last 2 years were nothing but one big headache.  Extreme amounts of very poor ESL, mostly ASR work.  Was refused pay raises for years, always had 99% plus QA, back when they did QA.  So, quit and went to ...

Webmedx.  Have had nothing but a good experience with this company.  Good account, good platform, good and fair pay, great incentive program, and the people are nothing less than wonderful.  Easy schedule, flexible.  They expect 98% and above QA, that you work your lines/hours, and they will go very far out of their way to help you achieve your goals.  Took a cut in PTO, but have more than made that up with much bigger checks.  Direct deposit, always on time.  Good medical and dental, pretty average deductible and cost.  Six paid holidays (they pay your your lines for the day, plus 8 hours, if you work that day, pay the 8 hours if you don't work). 

Where did the post go about the short list of
the best companies to apply? I was curious to see the answers. Where is something like that supposed to be posted around here if not on the company board?
Agree on the dream world. Here's a short list of places that have

A Better Type - new company? Out of Washington, has an ad on the other jobs board.  Alphabest - up to 11, must use Bytescribe or a specific foot pedal.  Ascend - on whatever account used MediTech Direct.  B-I-G Enterprises - possible 9 to 11. Digital Transcription - Arkansas, Olympus software only. (People are testing here now and saying the test is atrocious.)  First Choice - 10 to 11 on weekends, use FTP and Word, no software.  Get Back Jack - need own LD and Cphone.  Paladin Retrieval - 10 to 11 on weekends, need own LD and Lanier. Superior Global (not Global out of Texas) - 9 to 11 cpl on weekends. WebMedX - possible 10 to 11 on weekends or nights or maybe a combination? Don't know if this is situational based on experience or across the board.............NM

This includes anyone in a desperate, disabling situation, such as a widow returning to the job market, living in a rural area where there is great DSL service, but not too many local jobs around..  So DISABILITY is probably the key word here.  Also, while there may be PARTS of the job that are exploitative, not all parts ARE, and no one has been forced to accept any home MT position.  It is all choice.  We may choose to allow others to treat us badly because there are some positive aspects to the job.  To some degree, every time you work for someone else, you are being exploited.
I'm not sure if their insurance includes
preexisting or not but it is United Healthcare if that helps at all. Work load was slow over the holidays but right now work it is out of control. We've been on OT since last week due to every account just exploding with work. This work is on the Merit accounts, not sure of EXtext. PTO is pretty good. All the major holidays, plus a floating holiday which you can use for your birthday, and sick days accumulate with hours worked. Been a while since I asked how they figured sick day hours but for every so many hours worked, you get 1 hour of sick day. Hope this helps.
Webmedx is abt the same - PTO includes sm
sick days or vacation time; holidays are separate.
Pay is based on 65 characters and includes

spaces.  Line rate is based on experience, if you have CMT, and shift.  There may be some other things too.  I don't know 100%, but I'm pretty sure they offshore.   Get conflicting stories about accounts depending on who you talk to.  I think pay is average, PTO is accrued based on lines and is available immediately.  You can take in $$ or time off I believe.  Not sure of other benefits because I had already decided after talking to them that I wasn't going to take a position with them, so didn't pay attention to benefits. 

I did 42 last year but that includes incentive pay.

Acute care includes OPs.
I don't work there but info that I have received includes ... SM

I don't know if they have clinic work.  However, if you are an experienced MT, I would think that they would hire you even if you don't do ops.  They use Doc-Q-Scribe (sp?) for at least one of their big hospital accounts out of Atlanta.  They offer benefits, but I have heard that the health insurance is very expensive.  I would imagine that they are hiring. 

I used to work for the owner years ago when she had another service, and she had the same right-hand man (er, lady LOL) as she does now.  They were always very good to me, and I really wish I still worked for her though I have a good job now somewhere else. 

Good luck, and I hope this helps somewhat. Post back and let us know how it goes. 

My schedule includes a weekend day by choice. I'm

not 100% sure, but I think you had a choice of Sun-Th or Tu-Sat schedule.   We haven't run out of work, but things are staying very caught up, so I would say they aren't hiring.  I do know a new account is coming, but don't know time frame for that.  You can apply through their website and you should get a response within a couple of days at most if they are hiring. 

She includes ER in acute care, so I guess that would make it Basic Five :) nm
monitor, please see this message that includes a personal email addy.
How do you know list is true? I can make a list,
That is what I just said. !0 days PTO, period. That includes vacation, sick days and personal days
They should have paid holidays so that you are paid if you take off. Also should inculde extra hours for sick days and personal days.

That annual raise of .002 is kind of a joke especially when at the same time they upped the minimum line requirement from 10,000 lines to 12,000 lines.

OSi just does not have the qualified people in management positions that I wish to work for.

I am glad that you are happy at OSi and all is working out for you. Their dishonesty and the way they treat people just does not work for me.

Of course they can get by cheaply by hiring unqualified people so that is very good for the owners.
how short were you?
1000 lines or something? That would just be wrong. Call your supervisor and find out for sure.
TT pay short
Anybody check on direct deposit yet?  Mine is nearly $100 less than expected, as if my bonus lines didn't get counted.  We have a new in-house payroll team.  Gee, I hate breaking in new pay people!  Maybe I overlooked something, though.  Will talk with them Monday.
short and sweet is the way to go (sm)
I would not offer a lot of details.  People leave jobs all the time, they are used to it.  Be professional and polite.  Keep it simple is my advice.
there is a short cut program in DQS which
I think is perfectly adequate. I guess others supplement it, but I don't see the need personally.
no short timer here

I've been with the company going on two years.  The problems that were mentioned do come up.  I see those nice American names but sure don't ever get their dictations.  I've heard that if QA likes you, you will get the cream of the crop and never hear a word.  But if you're not in the clique that QA approves of you spend your days knee deep in ESL!

QA is nice when you first start, they give you feed back and are helpful.  But they have recently said that we need to do our own jobs and not depend on them ... I always thought figuring out the tough blanks was what they get paid for?

As far as the the managers they don't seem all that knowledgeable or accessible.  They put up a great front of we're a team and pat you on the your back while they assign you more crap.  I'm not sure most of them aren't anything more than clerks.

They do over-hire regularly and they don't hide that their work is overflow.  I think that these are reasons they have big turnaround in their MTs.  If you want their good benefits .... put up with the low line counts and learn a second language and join our team

Have been with them a short time
I have been with them for about 3 weeks.  QA is very nice.  My account is very decent.  I can work whenever I feel like it as long as I put in my lines.  Bayscribe is a very easy and simple software to get used to.  Pay is excellent.  Overall, I'm pretty happy so far. 
No, and if it goes down, it is for very short time.
I worked for them for a short while.

Their method of transferring files was very frustrating, slow, archaic and clumsy.  Their record keeping is also pretty sloppy.  They are nice and absolutely pay on time.  There was never enough work in the account I was hired for and she kept putting me on other accounts on training wages.  I was up front about the lines I needed weekly and in which fields and she was in total agreement but it was rarely available and almost never in the field I was hired for.  I do not like sitting all day wondering if any work would be coming in so I had to move on....good luck! 

I worked for them for a short while also
and never got docked for quality but I found the system very combursum (sp) and struggled to get lines in.
Short answers for you
Precyse - ok!

MD-IT - don't know!

OSI - no way!

DDT Arizona - no way!

TTS - no way!

Zylomed - don't know!
I sent you an email; but the short of it is - sm
They pay on time (checks, no DD); twice a month a week after invoice is submitted. Invoice dates are the 1st and 16th. Yes they are a good company/people; no spaces is true but they do not charge their clients either so it is not the case of the MTSO getting richer while you get poorer.
Training is very short
It really only takes a few minutes to learn the platforms. Once you are set up, your account lead will walk you through how to use the software. It is really very easy. You will be paid your regular rate the minute you start typing.
short but sweek

I did for short period of time a few months ago and it takes forever to get your first check and then the way you bill and they pay takes an extra couple of weeks for you to receive your check.  

I worked for them for only 1 week a couple of months back and it took me over 2 months to finally get my lousy check from them.   I had to keep asking for it and kept getting the run around for days and days.   Totally ridiculous, IMO.  I would keep looking. 

My short experience

I have only worked for national companies for 4 years.  

Softscript:  Extremely rigid schedule and not very willing to bend even for family issues.  They only allowed 2 flexes per month.

Currently, I work for a company under Spheris with very low work load right now.  I am seriously wondering about the future of the MT??     

Short on support
Questions/concerns often answered with one word or not at all. Three different supervisors/leads in a very short time.

The pleasant and friendly recruiter turned snarky as soon as she was asked *any* questions after the initial contacts. That should have been my warning :)

My QA contact was good - the best part of the company.

Pay didn't match invoice sometimes, but discrepancy was not significant - and pay was on time.

Fortunately I had another opportunity - this was definitely not a match for me. Perhaps you'll have better luck!

Note to person above: Not all experiences are the same; yours was/is good, mine was not.

The dictators were terrible.  The owner constantly called me.  I quit after 2 week, I could not handle the constant phone calls and never got paid for what I did do...

here's the short version

I've been using it fairly steadily since November 2004. I've got DNS Medical version 9.5 with a really good microphone. Plus, I've put the time and effort into training the program. My typing speed has dropped over the years (maybe 70 wpm now) and I don't have the a particularly good memory as far as abbreviations go, so DNS is ideal for me. --- I lucked out 'cause I was able to upgrade to version 7 for about $99, and then the subsequent upgrades were not much more. The program works just fine for me, so I have no need to upgrade further.

If you want to want more in-depth information, email me and we'll chat. I just don't want to floor the board with things.  

My short story

I have been applying for a new position (yes, work for the Q) and was offered IC at 7 cpl to start and 8 off QA.

I have over 13 years experience, but make quit a bit more than that now.  How can that be possible for IC?  I always thought IC paid more because they do not take care of taxes. 

I was shocked at that offer and declined as well. At 7 cpl, 1200 lines per day, after taxes I would take home just a hair under 300 bucks. 

My very first job as an MT I made 7 cpl. That is fresh out of school.  I know I am doing my part!  No way will I work for that rate.  I will leave this field first.  I can find a reception job that pays better than that!  Plus my brain wont hurt so much at the end of an 8 hour shift!

I worked for them for a VERY short while....

So, the work was easy enough.  The first paycheck was very small, I believe I started mid pay period, still trying to get used to the work and such as that.  I got a check mailed to me, it was right, it was on time, no problem. 

Okay, the second check, another story.  So, 2 days after I should have received the check, I received an email from him instead saying how he needed to delay paying me because the funds weren't there yet.  He basically told me that I should go along with this because I should understand that he is building this company.  I told him this did NOT work for me and that I had nothing to do with building his company, I am not a share holder of his business, I only need a paycheck and I need it on time for my bills.  Well, he acted like I was just the most selfish person in the world to assume I would be paid on time for work done and made it like basically I should be doing it for free to help HIS company out.  We bickered back and forth by e-mail, he never returned my phone calls, I quit working for him, but I did finally get my check.

short and sweet

They stink.  They send a ton to offshore.  They rip off the MT.  They buy up small companies and then change all the rules eventually to be uniform with Transcend policies.  Just my opinion.

It will be short lived, believe me. nm
Stopping short of saying the name
It's a maybe medium size company with a small name, not one of the evil triumvirate, although this company does use the platform designed or licensed out by one of the members of the axis of evil.
Short answer. No.
All we get is the short end of the stick. - nm

I had a few days where work was short sm
Other than that the whole time I have worked for them they usually have more work than not. They did recently get a new large account and hired in advance of that coming up which made work short for a few days until they transitioned MTs over to the new account.  I asked for another account those few slow days and was given one immediately, so it really was not a shortage for me. The accounts are like anywhere else, a good mix of dictators, not all bad ESL, but there are some, which is why they ask for 3 years of acute care experience.  I think they pay above average, have lots of work in general.  If you are a good MT, willing to learn new things, I think they are great to work for.  Like all companies, none of them are perfect and none the perfect fit for everyone. 
90 is short, even in other fields. Some are one year.
My husband is an engineer and had to wait one year for benefits.
So far, so good! I've been with them only a short while, but
I'm very pleased so far.  Steady work, low to average DSL's, paid right on time, fantastic platform.  Negatives are that the do offshore to Phillipines (but haven't seen any impact on work load or type of work that I get) and paid only for characters and headers - no spaces.  Even with the no spaces, the wonderful platform makes up for it.  So far, it's great but I worked for a company in the past that yanked the rug out after a few months.  So far, no indication of that at Cymed though.  Good luck in whatever choice you make though.
I worked for them for a few short months
and could barely make 1000 lines a day.  Dunno if I just needed to put the pedal to the metal or if it was their system...
I worked for them a short while and found them to be.. sm
very nice and they were very accommodating. They treated me fairly and offered a fair line rate. I left for reasons of my own. It had nothing to do with the company and would recommend you give them a try. I was not out of work while I was there.
I worked for them for a short stint
They were not bad at all.  Paid more than most.  Paid on time.  Direct deposit.  It was a mix of VR and straight typing on a platform called Beyond Text.  Training was okay.  I left before I had the chance to really get a hold of it, but if you like VR and using shortcut keys, I didn't think it was too bad of a place.  I agreed to never disclosed pay, but it was higher than most you see on here.  I really liked the recruiter that posts on here.  She was very forthcoming.  Unless things have changed since the merge with MDI, then I would probably give them another shot if I were in the position to take on a full-time job.  Good luck to you! 
Short Cut for Windows and Webmedx
Does anyone know if Short Cut for Windows is compatible with Webmedx's Enterprise program?  Hoping to take it with me when I leave the Q............
I worked for them a short time ago.. sm
I found them to be a very good company, very fair and very honest. I had no problems with getting my check at all. I did not stay with them long, however it had nothing to do with the company, it was for personal reasons. I would work for them again. Good luck.
Yes. Quite a while ago and for a very short period of time.

Just wasn't a good fit and didn't feel good to me.  The pay was on time.  Platform was shoe-string transfers via e-mail but that could be different now.

I worked there a short time
and EVERYBODY I ever dealt with was pleasant & professional.  Very, very nice company. I ended up leaving because I had trouble with my DSL and kept losing jobs, but it was a great company. I loved being able to review other chart notes on the patients, very helpful. Good luck to you there!