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The way to find out might be to - sm

Posted By: The 'Invisible' MT on 2007-10-29
In Reply to: This is what I believe about MTSOs - CMT

either have some investigative type get a job at that company's management level.

Sometimes even some hospital medical records management folks actually know where their records are REALLY being typed.

Where I used to work inhouse, that institution has a strict 'No offshoring' policy. They contract only with MTSOs who supposedly do not offshore. Yet some of it IS going offshore, and that hospital MR manager knows it, but the rest of the hospital doesn't. She & the MTSO have some sort of a sweetheart deal going, and she thinks she'll never be found out. Attempts to 'out' her secret by MTs have failed because (1) MTs are never taken seriously there, (2) she's such an adept liar that she always twists things around to come out in her favor, and (c) most of the whistle-blowers in the MT department there have either been fired or driven out.

There's such a wall between MTs & management that it's hard for the truth to be known. I think that's another reason why unionization could help us, because they've got the wherewithall to investigate issues such as cheating MTs on line counts, sending work offshore through the 'back door', etc.

If ever MTs needed someone to unite them and stand up for their cause, it's now.

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Did find a Wright Watson Sten-Tel in Austin if their site isn't old. Find 'em with Google. nm
Trying to find info on Encompass on this board, can't find any recent. sm
Anyone have any current info. Any employees out there? Give me the low-down if you can! Thanks a million.
If you find
someone who is hiring for psychiatry and/or psychology, please come back to this message and email me.  I have made this post a couple of times before and have not gotten a response. 
How to find JUST Ops, not H&P, DS, etc?
Any ideas?
you will probably have to find sm
a company in your country.  The companies I know of don't hire MTs out of the country.  I don't want to be rude, but just for some information, I wouldn't describe what I wanted as wanting to do reports in my spare time.  Very unprofessional.
How do I find it
How do I find it?
Please tell me if you can find a
I would like to know too, but I am not holding my breath either.
I cant find anything on them. nm
find a new MT job or get a second job
I definitely know where you are coming from!
If you find out, let ME know - sm
Tried to find this out myself a while back and got no good answer. Seems like no one wanted to speak up. I was scared off because not one person could say one way or the other.
It COULD get better, if we could find a way to get -nm
How could we find out? nm

Cant find it either...nm
If you find out anything please let me know also...
as I was hired by them
Please find somewhere else
Please, they will not tell you anything, ever. Management changes on a daily basis, the MTs are told nothing. They will ship the work off one day, take it back, then ship it off again at their discretion. There are many GOOD companies out there, don't waste your time and talent on this place. It is apparent that their goal is to replace all American MT's with offshore, it is just a matter of time. They will treat you miserably if you decide to go there.
Where is their ad - I can't find it? nm
How to find?
I have called both the tax and the labor departments in my state and they know of no such regulations. 
So how do we find it if you do?
Did you REALLY think you could find a job sm
in this field and NOT do any ESLs? Who are you joking? No such thing these days. Learn to do them all.
Can't find them
in the Yellow Pages and tried to Google that name but nothing comes up for them. I sent them a resume last night. I will let you know if anything happens. Why is it that answers to peoples' questions about companies are not showing up??? Are they being removed? I thought this board was to help people find the company that is right for them. I am not getting any replies to questions I have posed. What are they hiding? Makes me feel like this has become a shady business to be in after 20 years.
For sure. Anyway, I bet they will find something else.
Another way is let them find you. sm

Post your resume on this site, they'll contact you if they're interested.  I got quite a few replies but nobody wants dialup. 

IMO...you won't find one with the best of everything.
Choose what's important and then look for ones that'll be a good fit. There is no specific answer. There aren't even a specific number of answers. Different for everyone.
go find another job
stop wasting your time on forums and go look for another job

I believe your not a slacker, but do stop complaining
let us know what you find because
I will help in any way I can. I live in Nebraska and there are only 2 or 3 MT companies in this state. It is time to see people lined up outside MQ and all the other places that outsource. It is time for American MTs to have a union. It is time for us to get together and do something about this. I know it feel like we are all alone in this and we are all suffering alone.......but that isn't true. I have read many posts on these boards as well and there are many many intelligent people here. I am sure we can come up with a game plan. We can't lie down and let them stomp on us.
No, but let me/us know if you find one!

Perhaps if you find your own account you could ask that line rate, but offhand, I don't know of any nationals that would start you off at that rate.  I can tell you that I was shocked and disappointed when I realized I wouldn't be paid for my experience as I was when I worked in-house.  Good luck in your search.

You can probably find better
I started out at Spheris (then Edix) 5 years ago and it's been fine. However, they are moving to voice rec which I believe pays 5.5 cents an hour, something like that. I haven't noticed my productivity increase much so hence my salary has decreased. I will probably look for something else soon. Other than the recently lowered salary I have been satisfied with the company.
From what I can find, they are not the same
company at all. One is called DTS America and the other is Digital Transcription Systems, Inc. in Oklahoma.
If you find don't like it

within3 months, that would be long enough.  I couldn't make any real money with it, even with putting in extra hours.  The stress is what did me in.

find something else
I worked for them for a long time, even before the name changed.  They outsource all they can and a recent memo said they were shooting for having all offshore because of the cost savings.  They got rid of most of the QA people, just all of a sudden said sorry, no job.  The people kept in charge would aggravate you to death, you'd be in one working and one would call you to work on another, and yet another would call about something different. You spend more time fielding calls and IMs than working.  The only thing I miss is their insurance, it was expensive but paid nearly everything.
You probably will not find what you are sm
looking for until probably almost February.  All companies are very slow from now through January.
If I were you, I would find out about getting some
people together to picket the hospital, with signs stating they are going to be outsourcing patient's medical records to other countries. How would the patient's like to find this out. We can't do this with a service, but a hospital would be totally different. You would have to check with your local regulatory agency to find out what your rights are to do this, but it might be worth a try.
If you don't like being an MT, find something else...
plain and simple...I know it is not for everyone and some people get into this field with unrealistic expectations but I agree 100% with the above poster...
You really need to find yourself another job
You sound absolutely miserable with TT, so it's probably time to move on. Stop trashing a great company, and move on.
If you don't like being an MT find something else
Just to inform you all - It is a federal law - Maternity Leave is treated as a disability. That means if you get paid for maternity leave, they must pay for someone that has a disability that prevents them from working. It is not vacation!! It is not age discrimination. I have worked as an MT for many-many years, but my husband owns (owned) a construction co. with over 50 employees. So, I am familiar with human resources laws, etc.
Right now, it's all I can find sm
I'm actively searching for another job, but as I'm sure everyone is aware, the good ones are few and far between. As soon as the right one comes along, I'm out of QA for good!!
Only one sure way to find out,
Call them!
you can find these
if you Google 'chat abbreviations' or try:

Trying to find the PLUS

Offshoring might not be so awful if it weren't for the fact that they take good accounts away from their USA MTs to send to India.  Plus, it appears that they purposely pitch the option of offshoring these accounts to the customers.  Therefore, it seems that the purpose of the USA MTs is solely to train the software for the account until it goes to India?? 

The good news is that pay is on time.  If not accurate, they will work with you to make it right.  It seems that they never raise the pay rate, no one has admitted to receiving a raise in at least 3 years.  The best pay is on third shift, but their third shift keeps getting shorter and shorter.  Plus, they seem to save the worst dictations for third shift.  At least, that was my experience.  So, if you love difficult dictators and love working third shift, this would be an ideal opportunity for you.

Comparatively, there are likely worse companies out there, which I guess is a big PLUS, depending on your point of view.


If you find that let me know. That would be my
It was an old ad. I was just going through the ads, trying to find something sm
besides the usual big companies that I know don't pay anything, use VR, and don't care if the MT has work or not. 
I find that I do better with VR and

actually like it more than straight typing. 

Exactly. You can't find something if sm
nobody tells you it's there.  The people without work were clearly under the impression that there was no work to be had in the whole company when they were running out.
What they mean to say is they cant find MTs who
Why do you find that odd?

A number of MTs have worked in Saudi over the years.  There are no Saudi MTs.  King Khaled and King Faisal both recruit nurses, lab techs, x-ray techs, and MTs for 1 year contracts.  It's tax free status and your apartment is provided.  I was the manager of the transcription department at King Faisal at one time back in the 90s.  It was an adventure.....but not one I would really care to repeat.  It's rough to be a single Western woman in the most fundamentalist Islamic country in the world. 

I don't find
cutting MTs' wages, endangering patients, sending jobs overseas, etc., 'AMUSING' at all.
Can't find anything on Google, but

Did they post somewhere? Can you glean a potential site address off of their email, if they did post something?

Hopefully it's a tiny company that pays wonderfully, has clear docs, and turns out to be the perfect job.

Good luck!

Please go find your new job and leave it be
I figured there would be a post on here after the forum.  But let's not  make it out to be more than it was.  There was 1 post.  That is because people's names are shown on the company forum.  And on MT Stars, who knows how many posts are from the same few people.  If Transcend was so bad, you would think that it would not be prospering as it is.  I work there, I love it.  I have had NO problems, NADA.  I am not the only one either.  I am sick of hearing the bashing.  I am sure that there are problems there, as anywhere, but they are a good place to work and compared to some companies, a great place to work.  If you want the "perfect" job, I guess you will never be happy.  Sometimes you just need to be realistic and a little less spoiled.
I did and no one got back with me. Come to find out
that is how it works with them. At least in my case. Did you just start with them? I am curious because things always seem great the first few weeks/months with a company. I loved them more than anything the first few months. It never does take long for them to start, well, you know...
You'd think they'd find a new line
That's the same line they gave us when they took away the headers/footers.  Yet at the same time they were offering $1000 bonuses to new people signing on to certain accounts and had enough money to buy out MDI-FL. It was like a slap in the face to tell us they were taking away headers/footers and then send an email with a link to a press release showing 4th straight quarterly increase in profits.  After months of complaining they gave back a portion of the headers and footers, but just in time to announce that they were taking 40% of the pay with editing.  All in the name of "staying competitive".   BS.  It's all in the name of making the company bigger and richer.  They're going the Medquist route, but they need to pay attention what is happening with MedQuist.
Find another company
I agree with these posters. I am there NOW and will not be soon. They do NOT provide equipment, you have to buy your own pedal, you get these bitchy E-mails, being talken down to REGULARLY. Not only is their management a piece of crap, but their tech support sucks..if you happen to work when there is no tech coverage, too bad for you, you have to wait until they come in the morning. PLUS I am using my own computer. Arrogant QA people, ignorant "managers"...and it all crashes down on the poor MT's head who is just trying, FIGHTING to make their lines. Please, please do yourself a favor and apply elsewhere.