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They are by no means flexible

Posted By: if you look further down on 2006-05-13
In Reply to: They have to be flexibility because of the erratic work flow. No sense in a schedule if no work.. - Anon 2

or on the next page you will see comments .... You are scheduled certain hours whether there is work or not. Which work is VERY Low.

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It just means you have a flexible schedule,
as long as all accounts are covered when they need to be, you can change your schedule around. Where I work we have that also, we just submit each week when we will be working.
How flexible is flexible? A window of time? nm
George says what he means or is it he means what he
but he sure does apologize in a way I've never heard a person whose company is valued at $8m a year apologize before and I've worked for companies who played who is the president of the week game! All I can say is that his personal interview about his high school reunion has a distinctly different style than his late January postings in which he degrenates the poster he tries to engage. Just remember George's quote we are misinformed.
How flexible are they? sm

How flexible are they with scheduling.  If something comes up in the middle of a shift or you need to make an appointment during that time, can you come on before or stay after your shift if you let them know ahead of time?  What if you are 15 minutes late, do you have to call in or just work an extra 15 minutes over? TIA


I know they require a schedule but is there any flexibility in that schedule, such as a window of time within your scheduled hours?
Not any more, but they are flexible.
They are very flexible
I have been there for 5 months, and they have been more than flexible with me. If I ever need time off, I can just make it up on another day so as not to lose any lines, and they have absolutely no problems with that. There is life insurance and supplemental insurance through Aflac.
They have always been VERY flexible with me
Yes, you do have to wait a year to get your paid vacation time, which I have finally just reached, but if I have ever needed time off in the past, they have never had a problem with me switching my schedule around or just plain taking days off. I do well over the required line count, so this has never been a problem for me. Good luck in whatever you decide!
How Flexible? sm

I think it's totall cool that y'all are doing this.  Our industry doesn't ever go out of its way to help us when docs dictate horribly (the low-talkers, the noisy room, the one who spells simple words the entire report, etc., etc.), but it sure isn't that way in most every other occupation (even nursing, for example).  So while we need to collectively stand up for ourselves and stop accepting such ridiculousness, it's survival, sanity, and everything else to work PT jobs.

From what I've read over time, it sounds like many/most of these PT jobs are where the MT clearly makes her own hours.  Am I terribly off-base here?  Just curious.

I, too, have my ins. covered by my hubby, so am interested in these posts.  Of course, I'm also really tired of the line counts and all at the Q.

Thanks for all this input.

she is NOT all that flexible...maybe for you she is..sm
Pay is low....on those Editscript accounts you will get about 80% VR and she deals with MANY companies, many of them who deal with India.  What reallly got to me was her wanting a schedule from the MT as an IC....a STRICT schedule.
Flexible hours
you can pretty much set up your own hours (after training) with Spheris.  I work  a split shift through the week which accommodates my home life and I enjoy the time I have with my husband and children.  I still get in my 40 hours per week, OT from time to time, but if you exceed your line count per day, OT not really necessary.  Sometimes OT is mandatory, but this is very rare.  I have a super who is A1 and have never had a problem when asking for a bit of time off (of course, I make sure to schedule additional time if I am able to).
Flexible Hours?

Can anyone give me an idea of what companies offer the most flexible hours?  I can work fulltime, but my hours must vary slightly week to week.  I will always get my time in, but I am not able to commit to 9-5 or any "set" schedule.  I have 3 children and their schedules tend to change often.  Thanks.  I have 3 years of experience.



Flexible schedules
Amphion Medical Solutions: You can say you will work 5 hours a day, or 20 hours a week, but that is about as vague as they can tolerate. Contact HR@amphionmedical.com
pretty flexible
I've found them to be pretty flexible, so long as you put in at least 35 hours a week.  I was just saying in some other thread that I can knock off two hours early if I want so long as the hours all balance out at the end of the week.

If you're wondering about clocking in and out for breaks, it's really to your benefit to do that, as you'll get a better line count.
They also seem fairly flexible. sm
I was quite impressed with what they had to say and they are the best offer I've had since I started looking around 3 months ago.

Thanks again.
Maybe for a particular account but some are very flexible. I do not
work weekends ever. I won't and am not forced to but I know that some accounts require weekend work.
No...they are really flexible with schedules..nm
Flexible companies
I know of three that will allow you a window for your work: Meridian, MDI-MD, and Futurenet. I have not worked for Meridian or Futurenet, but I can say that I think MDI-MD is a super place to work.
Sorry.. I mean FLEXIBLE.. not flexibility
Are they very flexible about hours?
Flexible schedule
This comes up a lot, but you have to look at it from their point of view. You are an employee and therefore expected to work a scheduled shift. They can't have their MTs signing on and working whenever they please they have to know the accounts are covered. Hey, if that's the worst thing we can say about them, then that's a really good thing. They really are worth giving up a weekend and 3 holidays a year for all the benefits of being a Transtech MT. I've worked for several companies, including some of the big boys, none can compare to TransTech. I'll be with them until I retire.
flexible schedule
MDI of Maryland allows a 24-hour window to do whatever lines you commit to.  I work for them and have a flexible schedule.  Phone 301-921-2006.  Tell them you want to get in touch with Carlotta.
How flexible is their scheduling? sm
Don't they have a 12 hour window to get work done in?
Flexible Scheduling
Are there other companies that offer flexible scheduling, or rather line commitments, instead of a fixed shift - like MDI-MD? 
if they have the flexible schedule you want, then
you sound like you're just out here to pitch MDI-MD.
Keystrokes very flexible
I have found that with them also, life does happen.
Ahh, flexible . . . . 24-hour TAT nm
Try Phoenix-they are very flexible sm

and have a 24 hour window for completion of your work. Very nice people.

flexible hours
Are there any companies that let you work flexible hours, i.e. 24 TAT but not a strict schedule?  I already have a full time job but looking to supplement nights and weekends.  Thanks.
I thought about flexible IC too
Please email me and let me know a good company to try for flexible IC.
Be flexible and you will get your lines and then some. nm

I do.

I think they're flexible about that

I've been there for a year; agreed to work a set shift, but then was reminded by supe the window is there, and I can always flex my time - if there's down time due to IT issues, they certainly believe in it, if there's OT available, I work it during my window, etc.  They're not going to micromanage your time clock, if something occasionally comes up on their end or mine, and I punch out for a while and come back and finish my time during the window, nobody notices or comments.  I officially work 3pm - 11pm, my window is 3pm-3am.  As long as I punch in promptly at 3pm, they don't seem very worried at what point I punch out. 

I think its merely a matter of wanting a guarantee that most of the time you'll be present and accounted for during the set shift.  As someone else mentioned, I think some people were abusing it, so they're not trying to give people the idea that they can just work whenever each day.  If I started consistently showing up a couple hours late, when the work is lighter, it might become a problem, so I wouldn't do that unless I cleared it with my supe. 

If you truly want IC/flexible hours...
those companies are few and far between. Most companies want you to pick a schedule and stick to it, even as an IC. If you want to e-mail me, I can give you a couple companies that are truly IC, you can e-mail me.
Used to be flexible. Not any more. Straight 8. (nm)
No, but they have flexible schedules, so ask about
awesome, are they flexible?
I have no problem sticking to my schedule, but since I won't have any vacation for awhile are they flexible? Say I want to take off a Wednesday, can I make it up on Friday or Saturday, or am I just out of luck?

My DH is off during the summer, so we try to take a weekday to go do something with the kids once in awhile and avoid the crowds!

Most flexible companies?
Just wondering what companies have the most flexible schedules? I am working full-time now but also looking for a second, part-time job. So far no luck looking through the old posts. Any info would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks in advance :)
Seems pretty flexible sm
Pretty much M-F 8-5 give or take, as long as you do 1200 lines per day. Pay every other Friday. No time sheets, no invoices. IC. Platform is good. Clicks along really nicely (I have satellite - so that's a biggie for me). Not a lot of demographics - mainly just checking that the name, MR#, and DOS are all there and correct. It's like Word but not really Word-based. They told me you can load your Expander program into the system (I use autocorrect so didn't) - but there is an expander program there you can add to. Has it's own spellcheck which seems pretty complete. Seem like pretty nice folks.
and if your schedules are flexible? nm
and if your schedules are flexible? nm
Looking for flexible companies?
Hi :) Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. I have finally found the energy to apply for a second part-time job to help me get back on my feet after leaving MQ :)

I have applied to a bunch already, but I was just wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions on flexible companies. For my second job, I'm looking for a company where I could give a general time I would like to work or one that sends me the work and needs it back within a 12-24 hour time period? That would work out best for me. Thanks in advance for any help! :)
ProType in PA and flexible hours
I have worked for ProType for 1 year.  They have flexible hours for the MT that is looking for it to work around her 3 children's schedule, and with regards to the MT looking for their address or phone number.  They are ProType, Inc. 8794 West Chester Pike, Upper Darby, PA 19082 or you can contact Maureen with your contact information and any questions at office@protype.us or fax her at 1-610-853-9600, and she will get in touch with you as soon as she is available.  See my other posting under ProType for specifics about company and my feelings about working for them.  I think they are great!  You do not have to live in PA to work for them. 
Can you give me the name of companies who are flexible in regards to
once you are done with your required lines or your own personal goal, but is less than 8 hours, allow you to stop at that point.  Hope that makes sense.  Say I can do 1500 lines in 6 hours, are there any companies who will allow me to quit once I get my 1500 lines?  If so, would you share the names please?
the info given so far is that scheduling will be MORE FLEXIBLE
so not sure exactly what you are asking, re: firm.
Jobs with flexible hours?

I have a 2 year old and want to find a job that I can work around her schedule, not have her play around my work schedule. Currently I work for a hospital full-time, at home, from 5:30 am until 2 pm. I'm trying to find a job that will pay decent (make almost $800 biweekly) but let me set my own hours or let me split my shift.

Can anyone help lead me to a flexible company? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



P.S. I have 5 years experience and am willing to purchase whatever equipment is required, I just need the flexibility.

Working PT - they are real flexible with it
I will be working Tues-Sat, picked my hours, and if I'd like, can work extra on weekends. So far, no complaints - we'll see after tomorrow! I'm doing 5 hours a day for 5 days, but don't recall any line stipulations for PT. Employee status - no IC.
They seem pretty flexible from their website..

are the accounts pretty solid without running out of work?

TransTech is in Texas -yes they are flexible, as far as (sm)
choosing your hours, but they would like you to be on when you say you are going to be unless you notify them.  I have not had any problems at all.  I've had to leave several times and I just let them know.  They have an ad on the job board with their email address.  They need a lot of people.
Thanks! One more question...are they flexible with regards to schedules?sm
 I mean do they have a strict Su-Th or Tu-Sa schedule?  Thanks again..
IC status - flexible schedules

Any companies that permit a flexible schedule for IC status.  Any info would be appreciated.

PT - less than 24 hours and flexible? Such a thing? nm