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Tons and tons of stuff in the archives. nm

Posted By: mee on 2008-09-09
In Reply to: Soft Script info - Curious MT


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TONS of stuff in the archives.
Love it there.
TONS of stuff in the archives. nm
Tons of stuff in the archives. nm
Tons of stuff in the archives or scroll down a
bit.  They have been discussed extensively here recently.  For the most part it is all good. 
There is tons of stuff in the archives and if you'll
scroll down the current page you'll see lots os posts about them too.  For the most part everyone seems to be very happy with TT. 
Tons of stuff in the archives. Use the MT Stars
Tons of stuff in archives, nothing good. If you
open your post near the bottom in blue is something about related posts.  Click on it and you'll find lots of stuff to start. 
Tons of stuff in the archives. If you will open

your original post and near the bottom click on the blue related posts (or something like that) you'll get the most recent posts.

I worked for them for a few months.  It wasn't a good fit for me, but there are many happy MTs there and I think there have been positives than negatives posted about them. 


Been discussed almost daily lately. Tons of stuff in
the archives.  They overhire, running out of work common. 
Tons of info about them in the archives.
They ran an ad a few weeks ago and supposedly got 500 resumes.  It seems they are constantly hiring, don't know if new accounts or turnover.   Some people seem very loyal and love it, lots of others have had problems. 
Check archives. Tons there.
Scroll down a week or so. Tons of good stuff. Great company
Why don't you just go to MQ? They seem to be having TONS OF FUN 24/7!-nm
I have used it tons
It is a pretty easy system to get used to. A lot of nationals use it.  It is the same testing system that Career Step uses for their final.  I like it better than some of the other tests that I have taken.  Just don't close out of your objective portion or when you log back in you will have a whole new test.  That happened to me before. 
Tons of work

I don't know what account other poster is on but she should probably check with her supervisor about the no work issue--that doesn't sound like Amphion.

The account I'm on is never out of work and it is always available to work on, overtime included.  I love Amphion and have been at several different companies.

Amphion gives me the freedom to do my work and keeps me in work but they don't bug me to death about work.  They go above and beyond to create macros, request software changes that get approved for MTs to use to make our jobs easier.  I get employee benefits including retirement and PTO and I couldn't be happier. I'm also not bombarded with emails all day like I was at TRS a few years ago.  The supervisors and QA are great!  I was not sure when I started because I was skeptical from past jobs, so I started part-time and kept my other full-time MT job, then made the switch to full-time with Amphion after a few months and I am so glad I did.


If anyone remembers Omnimed from a few years back, they are now back as Amphion.  You really have to just give it a shot to see if they're a good fit. 

There are tons of comments
All you have to do is start going back on the company board. On each page of posts go to edit on your menu bar and then select 'find on this page' and type OSI. Or you can search the archives. Most of the posts are not good at all.
If you don't have tons of experience, why not?
I have a decent amount of experience (6 years), but if you want to compete against people with 20+ years' experience, it certainly can't hurt to get your CMT and get everything you can possibly put on your resume.  The test and studying for it did teach me a lot.

So...while it's correct that a lot of places don't care if you have a CMT, some places do.  Seek them out.

While we're on the subject, I still haven't done anything to earn my continuing ed credits...  I bought this book on amazon with a bunch of articles in it that supposedly you can summarize for continuing ed credit.  Bo-ring...that's the last thing I wanna do with my free time.  But it's something, anyway.
Flo, there are tons of info
as recent as yesterday. All you have to do is go to page 2 or 3 or 4. There is probably someting on each of the pages about this company.
Not tons, but there are a number of them who SM
are totally unintelligible.
Tons of lists, etc.
yes, and it seems like a lot of paperwork, wondering if I should go ahead with this company or not! What do you think? amj
I have tons of work.. I can't see how you can say that.
What account are you on?
To Have Tons To Share
Don't see your e-mail - can you send again? Thanks
Tons of work currently
Hmmm, I have not had this problem at Amphion.  We have been doing overtime for a long time now, sometimes mandatory, sometimes optional.  I have by no means ran out of work.  I just wanted to give another opinion.  I'm very happy working there and would recommend them. 
I have always had tons of work..SM
I would e-mail Lee directly if you are running out of work on you account. She is VERY nice and more than willing to help out. She will put you on a new account, or give you a backup in a heartbeat. She has done it for me and many other people.
I have tons of work...
Same here. TONS of work. Never run out
They are always asking for extra help, and I'm always glad to give it! I have never even ever come close to running out of work the year I have been there.
Let's see there are tons of job listings right here.

there's mtjobs.com

I can't do it for you; you need to do your own work and research and applying and testing. 

Since you have a lot of time on your hands, why not give some of these other companies a chance.

No, instead, you'd rather moan and groan and blame others for your family not eating. 

Sometimes we need to be accountable for own actions.

If it's a pity party you want!  You've got it from these other posters!  Is anyone here participating in the pity party going to give you what you want other than pity?  Probably not, but I guess that makes you feel better to know others are out of work.  Well misery loves company. 

If you don't like your situation, search, search, and search.  You have no work, so you've got plenty of time to search. 


Tons of jobs?
Alas, no. You are about ten years too late, I fear.
We have tons of work!
The account that I am lead on has tons of work. I personally don't use the insurance since I have it through my husband's job, but we did recently get a new policy that I heard was great.
If you want tons of work at MDI
ask for a Lanier account. There is always a ton of work and I have never run out. Plus of which, I love the account!
Still around and tons of work
I have been with Meridian for 4-1/2 years. I haven't had a slow period or run out of work in the last year and a half. Love it there. contact me if you want more info.

You are right. I have tons of work..and no VR
Low no work? There are tons of ads

Silly - they'd rather whine - we have tons.


If you like typing tons of demographics...
Then Amphion is for you!!! Yes, their platform is horrible. Too much searching for doctors, account numbers, etc. Not enough work on one account so you have to learn up to 6 (which I did). All 6 will have vastly different rules/regs and you better know the difference because they hit you on QA. Sometimes in a week mandatory overtime and 2 days later no work. You will be asked to flex your time, meaning stuck to the computer to make up the time to get your line count.

I do have to say, the people are great. Also, they do not offshore!! And, like the person above stated, their pay is more because of all the extra DI screen info you have to put in. Wasn't worth my time and moved on to somewhere better.
They have tons of ESL-lots of overflow junk. nm
GOOD MTs aren't ... but there are tons of crappy ones
Finding one that is actually GOOD in this business? nearly impossible. I do editing and QA (and have been an MT for 22 years) and I see nothing but horrid work day in and day out.
I make 10 with FutureNet, tons of work...NM
have tons to share - send me email
acute care or radiology?
C-phone accounts have tons of work
but you have to have unlimited long distance
Googling turns up tons of information.
That's all I know.
check the dates and look again, count tons from one
company as well....no better just different and those companies are here too!! what the hay, eh????

I have no problem with the main job board mtjobs.com

North region here and tons of work....nm
Axolotl has tons of work, pay for down time,
great benefits, very affordable insurance, they provide all equipment, paid training.  E-mail me if you have any specific questions. 
I like Sylcount Gold. Has tons of counting options.
I left them to go with another company using the same platform and I made tons more..
It has to be in their line counting and they must not pay for spaces, headers, or footers even though they claim to. I did not know the difference until I switched company. I was shocked that I made in 2-3 hours what I struggled to make in 8-10 at Focus.. As far as I am concerned, they are a huge rip-off and on top of that, they have their Indian QA people checking your work, and if it does not meet their standards, you pay is docked. It was quite disturbing to say the least.
What do they pay per line for acute care with tons of experience?
Ascend owner is Indian and there are TONS of ESLs
Go to the Seeker's page from start of Jan. On 1/4, about 1/2 way down, ad for Tons of Work is
Try TransTech instead. FABULOUS company and TONS of work!
I have tons of experience and I sent a resume to them and I filled out the application, took the
test, did fine, got a huge questionnaire to fill out that took about 1/2 hour or more then got a call and they wanted me to take an oral test and do another editing test.  I thought what is this.  This all took hours of my time.  I do think you have to clock in and out like at MQ and I am not interested in the least in doing that again.  Been there and done that.