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TransHealth has paid holidays for full timers. nm

Posted By: THMT on 2006-02-08
In Reply to: holiday pay - newtothis

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TransHealth has paid holidays. nm
P.S. I am full-time too and they have paid holidays. (nm)
TransHealth has great benefits, PTO, paid holidays for fulltimers. nm
TransHealth has 6 paid holidays in addition to PTO and sick pay for fulltimers. nm
Webmedx has 6 paid holidays a year, separate from PTO, for full time employees.
Part-timers cost as much to have on the books as full timers with only
a fraction of the revenue. It costs the same to run a check, mail things, send equipment, set up with IS, etc with PT as FT.
What I mean is, to be paid for holidays, even if you dont work. Major holidays.

Sorry.  What I mean is, to be paid for holidays, even if you dont work. Major holidays.

Do they have enough work to keep you busy? Do full timers have any flexibility in their hours?
Competitive line rates?
Are your holidays paid or do you have to use PTO?

Because that makes a big difference in how many days off are paid for.

Holidays at WMX are paid...
You don't need to use your PTO.  I started at WMX one year ago and the PTO for the first  year is actually 3 days (24 hours); at least that is what it was when I started.  Don't know if they changed that.  After first year, it becomes 10 days (80 hours). 
Looking for paid holidays with a company. n/m
Where holidays were not paid, so I did not know to question that when

it states 6 holidays.  Then you have to choose 2 or 3 of those 6 that you will work.  Sorry, but there are things that we just don't think to question. 

In regards to the paycheck deduction for health, life, dental and vision from each paycheck, my totals $100.00 per pay period for employee only -- then the computer rental fee of 9.23 per pay period.

Then the shift differential is what is not really worth it for working nights, and then no differential for working weekends at all!   Oh, well, gotta keep on  Large.  being thank for my job.

You do not get paid for holidays unless you work them. sm
You do have to work 3 of the 6 recognized holidays. One of those has to be either Christmas or Thanksgiving. If you work Christmas one year, the next you have to work Thanksgiving. If you do not work on the holiday, you have to use PTO if you want to be paid.
Also 6 paid holidays, good ...
incentive pay, great supervisors.  As a single, i pay $83 per pay period for the BC/BS, dental, vision.  I haven't had a problem with not enough work.  There are a lot of ESL dictators though.
Just found out we at TransTech do not get paid for holidays.

That is the first company I have worked for that did not pay for holidays that they offered as a holiday.  Surprise to me! 

Do any of you work for a company that pays for the holidays they offer.  I believe the BIG ones MQ and Spheris pay for holidays.  Are there other companies out there that pay for holidays?  Thanks.

They give ,more paid holidays to India though
That's right - they give more paid holidays (going by whatever the Indian culture considers holy/holidays), company parties and better equipment to their ever-growing Indian staff.  So if you moved to India you might get a better deal from them.
Does Medscribe FL offer paid holidays?
I am just curious as I am considering leaving another national due to lack of work
Who gets paid holidays & maternity leave? I'm an IC nm
was Easter one of the paid holidays with Webmedx? nm
PTO, sick pay, paid holidays, benefits include...sm
Medical, dental, vision, drug coverage.  Great company.  I like my accounts.  Plenty of work.
You only get 3 holidays OFF per year. PTO is paid at a very low rate. There is 401k...sm

But the company match is only up to 2%. Employees are required to work at least 1 weekend day every week.

All of the hospitals/clinics have a lot of ESLs, that's just the way it is. But a lot of them also use canned normals, which we love.

There's a lot more to consider than how much the medical plan costs.

Basically what it means is OSI is eliminating paid holidays
OSI has no sick pay at all. You have to use your measly PTO for any time off, and it is the worst PTO I have ever seen. My teenage daughter has more PTO from a pizza joint... yep its the truth. So now basically no paid holidays for the majority of the employees. This sux big time.
I'd rather have my 6 paid holidays and nice PTO package at Webmedx sm
than any gift, anyway.
yeah, but wouldn't you really like your holidays paid in addition to PTO? sheeeesh
NO paid holidays for us all year round. If there is any work on the holiday, you get

lines and a half, but usually there is no work.  They usually clear out the work before the holiday so there is no 1-1/2 line pay remaining.  Transtech names 6 holidays each year, but the MT takes those holidays off WITHOUT pay.    I am sure the office staff and all other non-MT staff take off WITHOUT pay, too, aren't you????   LOL

Which MT companies DO pay an MT for holidays.  I don't consider a day a HOLIDAY unless it is PAID.  They can call it 6 holdays, but have to take off without pay . . . . just another day, i.e, get sick -- NO PAY.

Transhealth rad-paid by report or by line? sm
Anyone know?  Thinking about applying. 
I believe they mean that you have to make $900 per PP to be full time, still paid by line
Sounds like a company I worked for. I did get paid in full but I sure know how you feel!

Can you post or email me just the initials of company and I'll let you know if this is the same one.  It has happended to me by more than one company in my time as an MT

I agree, if you went to work knowing full well that the company paid 7 cpl no spaces
why on Earth did you accept the job?
Very few MTSOs pay for holidays. Some give you 6 days you can use for holidays or regular PTO, but
You have to work 3 of the big 6 holidays. For those that you work, you are paid
time and a half. For those that you do not work, you can either get paid by using PTO or they are treated like normal days off (for which you are not paid). Sometimes, they will even pay double time for the big holidays if there is a lot of work on the system. I've found them to be exceedingly fair.
Holidays - Is there any company who pays holidays?

Are there companies (like in the old days) who pay you for Christmas, NY, Thanksgiving, etc., MAJOR HOLIDAYS?



can any part-timers tell me...

If you have requested time off without pay in the past and if it was at all a problem?

...old timers. Very sad situation for many of us. nm
do they take part timers?.....nm

any part-timers for JLG
Just wondering if there are any part-timers for JLG- wondering if you went from full-time to part-time? What are the requirements?
Why don't they want part timers? sm
What is the quota for full time? I think they're missing out on some good MTs who for many reasons can only work part time.
Old timers are thrilled to be promoted too sm
and especially thrilled when they get offered more for their experience coming in than sombody training for goodness sakes.  I just can't get behind that rationale.
Will never understand why part timers get
same or better pay than full time people. I know they do not get paid benefits, but it is still the full time people who are the backbone and need to be appreciated.
I know there are some part-timers working there.
There aren't any benefits available to PT though.
do they hire part-timers?
I'm not sure I'd want 1200 lines a day. Is that a requirement?
It is tough on part timers.
I think that's probably the point. Webmedx benefits by having more full time employees. I don't personally like it because I'm part time and it's a pay cut for me, but I do understand.
I believe it was just the part-timers that got the e-mail. sm
Work volumes are extremely low, however.
No longer paying any PTO for part-timers

With the push of a button and an email going out, they informed their MT's today NO MORE PTO for PT.

How do part-timers "kill rates?" nm
Part timers often do not carry their weight.
forcing the full timers to pick up the slack and resent them.
Does Keystrokes hire part timers? Thx. nm
They got rid of all their long timers and hired in newbies
but talk about office politics! If the OM doesn't like you one day (and her moods change daily), you may find you have no work until her mood changes or if another MT is having a crisis and needs more work, yours may be sent to that MT out of pity.
There are no part-timers being hired anymore.
They are FT only.
Are the part-timers quitting DeVenture?
It's been about a month now with very little if any work for part-timers.  Anyone else quitting?
Does anyone know if Webmedx hires part-timers? TIA (nm)