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I know there are some part-timers working there.

Posted By: Webber on 2007-09-05
In Reply to: Does Webmedx hire part time? - TIA NM

There aren't any benefits available to PT though.

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Part-timers cost as much to have on the books as full timers with only
a fraction of the revenue. It costs the same to run a check, mail things, send equipment, set up with IS, etc with PT as FT.
can any part-timers tell me...

If you have requested time off without pay in the past and if it was at all a problem?

do they take part timers?.....nm

any part-timers for JLG
Just wondering if there are any part-timers for JLG- wondering if you went from full-time to part-time? What are the requirements?
Why don't they want part timers? sm
What is the quota for full time? I think they're missing out on some good MTs who for many reasons can only work part time.
Will never understand why part timers get
same or better pay than full time people. I know they do not get paid benefits, but it is still the full time people who are the backbone and need to be appreciated.
do they hire part-timers?
I'm not sure I'd want 1200 lines a day. Is that a requirement?
It is tough on part timers.
I think that's probably the point. Webmedx benefits by having more full time employees. I don't personally like it because I'm part time and it's a pay cut for me, but I do understand.
I believe it was just the part-timers that got the e-mail. sm
Work volumes are extremely low, however.
No longer paying any PTO for part-timers

With the push of a button and an email going out, they informed their MT's today NO MORE PTO for PT.

How do part-timers "kill rates?" nm
Part timers often do not carry their weight.
forcing the full timers to pick up the slack and resent them.
Does Keystrokes hire part timers? Thx. nm
There are no part-timers being hired anymore.
They are FT only.
Are the part-timers quitting DeVenture?
It's been about a month now with very little if any work for part-timers.  Anyone else quitting?
Does anyone know if Webmedx hires part-timers? TIA (nm)
I think part timers will be giving up their benefits?! sm
I got an uneasy feeling in one of the conference calls when they were saying how excited they were about this whole thing and how things would not change.  I e-mailed someone at DeVenture asking if us part times would lose our benefits and the response was that she did not know and would have to get a hold of someone at Transcend.  I really need the health insurance that I now pay the whole amount on.  It doesn't sound good or look good to me, but will wait and see.
Doesn't seem to be a lot of others hiring part timers though
Do they use part-timers? Is their software friendly and accurate? Thx. nm
Transtech part-timers schedule question

I know TT requires their FT employees to either rotate full weekends or work a schedule that includes either a Saturday or Sunday.  Does anyone know if they require this of the PT people?


Webmedx- Do they offer bennies for part timers?
Also, what does the phone interview consists of.  I was told it would be a 30 minute interview.
I wanna think that OSI has an ad up stating that now have benefits for part-timers..Other than that,
I do not think many do. Everyone was saying how Wedmedx did, but when I checked into it, their idea of PT was like 35 hours or something, but I could be wrong and I do believe they are also fairly rigid about those 35 hours. I think anyone that offers health insurance is going to ask for a fairly strict schedule and probably FT but you never know. You might also check into your local hospitals. I know they do have insurance and usually pretty good for PT.
Any companies letting part-timers buy in on the health insurance? sm
Just wondering if there are any transcription companies where you can work 20 or 25 hours a week and get in on the health insurance plan even if you have to pay the whole premium yourself? Thanks
looking for transcription co that needs at-home part-timers and provides equip/software

Does anyone know of a transcription company that needs part-time at-home transcriptionists and provides equipment and/or software?  Thanks!



Webmedx offers incentive scale to part timers. NM
Does Transtech require one weekend day to be worked for part-timers? Thanks!
Don't part-timers with Chronicle have to work the entire weekend? Saw in a recent ad. nm
Any companies offer part-timers chance to buy into group insurance? need coverage ....

I've been looking at prices for solo medical insurance and while I can probably afford some coverage, I'm feeling rather paranoid about having insurance canceled if I actually get sick -- I'm fairly ignorant about what protections may have been passed and may just be responding to other people's horror stories.


Anyway, I'm not entirely sure I want to work full time for any of the nationals ... they seem to have gotten awfully rigid wrt daily line counts within certain fixed hours ... some days I'm simply creaky and hate feeling pressured ... so part time to start seems more reasonable than jumping in with both feet.  Any infor or recommendations appreciated ... 


I tried working for them part-time
I bought the foot pedal and software, but it took me over a month to make back the money I put out on the equipment because I never had any radiology work.  Granted, my availablility was limited because I worked a regular full-time job and typed for SS after work, but I found it impossible to get the minimum 20 hours they required for part-time employment.  I was sad to leave the 10 cpl though.  Now I am working for Medquist full time and running out of work there too
Thanks - Yes, I'm working with them as a part-time IC - NM
because I love working part-time
and filling the remainder of my day with extra-curricular but I do not want to live extra-curricular
They don't like you working for another co. They will "accidentally" delete part of your f
Doing VR, working part time and making
at least $500 per week. That is for 4 day week.
...old timers. Very sad situation for many of us. nm
Old timers are thrilled to be promoted too sm
and especially thrilled when they get offered more for their experience coming in than sombody training for goodness sakes.  I just can't get behind that rationale.
They got rid of all their long timers and hired in newbies
but talk about office politics! If the OM doesn't like you one day (and her moods change daily), you may find you have no work until her mood changes or if another MT is having a crisis and needs more work, yours may be sent to that MT out of pity.
But most of us are unhappy there now...especialy those of us who are long-timers.
Any "long-timers" with Focus Infomatic?

I am thinking about applying to FI and I was wondering if there is anybody out there who has worked for them at least a little while.  I checked some of the archives about Focus but is there anyone who likes working for them? 

TransHealth has paid holidays for full timers. nm

Absolutely not. In my recruting experience many were old-timers having worked
It is frightening.
They've been around for years. Some of us old-timers applied long
OH - I thought part transcription, part escription, but don't know for sure
Do they have enough work to keep you busy? Do full timers have any flexibility in their hours?
Competitive line rates?
They no longer hire part-time and may be eliminating part-time employees within the next 6 months.
They are going to have those that are PT go FT if possible. Some accounts require 1 weekend day, but not all. Most transcriptionists have 1 account with 1 back-up account. I know that they are hiring for hospital accounts in medical records and radiology right now.
Ditto.. Over 13 years experience working in hospitals doing all types of reports, currently working
for a national etc.. and Spheris told me I didnt have the qualifications. What cracked me up was the hospital I was working at at the time contracted some of our work out to them.. What a joke..I was good enough to work for a hospital and gave them work, yet not qualified enough for them. What is wrong with this picture.
MQ same situation. No pay for working holidays, no pay for working weekends nothing. Now noone works
much anymore and so they jerk the work out of the accounts to some place that throws it back with a lot of bad bad quality. This is the NE region. I dont know what the others are doing.
No PTO for part-time. Not sure if you can work part-time or not since recent rule change. sm
You do pay a deposit for their equipment.
There is a part-time and a flexible part-time, just left there and they offered
me both. Flexible, however, is more or less when they need you (I.e. weekends), part-time is fixed hours.
working from home is awesome but working for DSG is not...
horrible dictators, sound quality is bad, no answers to emails and they run out of work consistently...that is just my experience though...
Yes I know they hire part time because I referred someone there for part time.
They are internet based.
From what I understand, the part-time positions will be only be for those that are already part-time
It is not a restructuring of the company, just of some of the existing part-time positions.

I know that there are a few employees who have been with Keystrokes for many, many years who are part-time and they will not displaced.

Other than that, there have been many discussions why there will not be any new part-time employees hired, and I really don't think they will back down on that.