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Transcend or Wedmedx? Offers from both -

Posted By: jmm on 2007-02-13
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which one should I chose, if any? Help me, please!

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Okay..HELP.. I have had some job offers, who would you choose, Wedmedx, Medscribe, or MDI-FL.
Each has its good points and bad. I just want to make a good choice and have no desire to job hop. Line rate obviously is important but so are benefits.. So help me out if you have any suggestions at all, even a different company to apply with that you think are better than these. Thanks in advance for your ideas and/or suggestions.
Transcend I believe offers

Diskriter vs. Transcend - offers from both
I have been frantically send out emails and these two companies seem to be the best.  Offers are similar, software sounds similar.  I will be doing both typing and editing - I think they use the same editing thingy the name sounded similar.  Anyway, anybody experienced both of these companies in the last year to be able to give me some decent guidance.  Moving from a small local MTSO that went under and need info on these since they are big, but seem stable.
Transcend no longer offers production incentive. Gone.
Hi NM. Thanks for the info. Have a great weekend.

Hi -- Is anyone familiar with WedMedx Company? Are they good to work for?

Thanks.   LLD                  


I have worked for them for almost three years and have never run out of work even during the holidays and there is OT almost every weekend.  I was given three accounts when I started with them and just recently I was asked if I wanted to add on another account.  They recently have been getting new accounts and just bought a company whose headquarters are in Tennessee.

diskriter, wedmedx
i see there is Diskriter and diskriter, inc - what is the difference and is better than the other?
Can you use your own computer with Wedmedx or
do i have to quit MQ to work for wedmedx
Help!  Do I have to quit my job with MQ to work part-time with Webmedx?
RE: do i have to quit MQ to work for wedmedx
Not unless you want to. Your choice.
MT Productivity of system used by Wedmedx

MTs currently working with Webmedx, please respond on your productivity with the Webmedx system.  I would greatly appreciate your response. 

Also, would like response on sound quality.

Thank you very much.

Recent info on Wedmedx
Does anyone have any recent comments, pros, cons, etc, about this company, I have searched the archives but all I come up with are posts dated either 2005/2006 and would like to know some current info, such as line rate, ESL percentage, steady accounts, how are they to work for?  Any info would be appreciated, either on the board or in an e-mail.  Thanks so much for any information anyone can provide.
Does Wedmedx have a time clock? nm
Can someone tell me how to pronounce the company WedMedX?
Is the *Web* stressed first?  WEB medix?  Or Web MED X? 



How is Wedmedx to work for and pay rate?? Thanks for info

Just curious..

Yeah I was hired by Wedmedx but I screwed up.

They had even sent me the equipment. I was so excited..it was an ortho position and then I have family medical issues and just one thing after another. There was a misunderstanding. I guess I was supposed to get ahold of them with my new start date and I was waiting for them to contact me once I got all of final paperwork in etc. In any event, when I got ahold of them, they said I was supposed to have followed up by now and wouldnt give me a chance. I was so bummed. I havent found a decent place to call home since then. This was like 2-3 months ago. Good luck to you. The insurance was the main reason I was going to go there too.

Has anyone had experience with both eScription and ASR @Wedmedx? I hear a lot of sm
good things about eScription, but I don't have amnything to compare it to (except ASR at Webmedx). Anyone?
Know WedMedx,: Recommend. Good company. SM
Hi, Looking. Yes, you have to log in and out--good structure for people who'd love to earn more money if only they could keep their hands clicking. Very nice incentive scale for those who do. Good medical. Rest of benefit package slim, made up for by good earnings IMO.

Platform getting genuinely good now and continually improving; the old slowness people complains about seems to be gone.

Lots of ESL but simply not a problem for pros once familiar with dictators. Assigned accounts so you can get fast. Need more than one as they can empty out during those hours when a lot of people want to work.

Genuinely nice company to work for. Excellent support in a variety of areas. Very helpful education programs and groups to help develop skill levels, both medical knowledge and production. Study groups and monetary assistance getting certification, and more.

BTW, if you sign on, you now get to be called a Medical Content Specialist. Not sure what that means yet, but I'm newly impressed with myself anyway.

Bottom line: Good place for good workers.
Read here Wedmedx was hiring new grads. What are they paying?
would love to know.
If you had a choice..Diskriter, Medscribe, or Wedmedx, as far as benefits, pay etc..
Just trying to sort out some options. Thanks
I'm with you on the Wedmedx time clock. Not sure it would work out for me...too many distruptions
my day to clock in and clock out for every little thing. Thanks..
Does anyone know if Wedmedx insurance covers bariatric surgery? nm
Any Wedmedx'ers out there. How anyone made decent money with them and how is their platform?
Thinking of applying but would like the skinny on if you can make any money with them.
True story..Over 14 yrs.exp. and offered 8 cpl by Diskriter, 7.75 cpl Medscribe and 7.75 Wedmedx.
Those were the best paying.. Let's not forgot the MTSO that want to pay 6-7 cpl for an experienced transcriptionst. No newbies!! That makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time..Only profession where you get a pay DEcrease every year.
True story..Over 14 yrs.exp. and offered 8 cpl by Diskriter, 7.75 cpl Medscribe and 7.75 Wedmedx.
Those were the best paying.. Let's not forgot the MTSO that want to pay 6-7 cpl for an experienced transcriptionst. No newbies!! That makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time..Only profession where you get a pay DEcrease every year.
Two offers
I jumped at the first offer because I was on a long dry spell. The next day I got another offer.  Same pay but excellent samples, directions, you name it. Better than the first company.  First company is like typing in an old DOS program, second company uses Word.  First company requires a different type pedal, second company  (I USE MY OWN). Can I do them both?
I got many offers off of here
and two other places I can't mention or my posts get deleted.
MDI -MD offers 24 hrs, I think. nm
HELP, 2 offers

on the table. 

One offer is Med-Scribe, FL.  I did get offered the split shift that I prefer also. 

Other offer is Medquist for more cpl.  I was offered a split shift that I am not too fond of but need split shift.

I am weighing pros and cons of each and am stuck.  Any info to help me weigh these two companies would be great......like what flexibility each has, anybody working for either, anybody happy with either?


low offers
I agree that there will always be someone willing to accept a low offer just to gain some experience. But, you get what you pay for. If a company expects quality work, we can expect quality pay for said work! The turnover rates would be a lot lower and the MTs (and MTSOs) would be a lot happier. It's a win-win situation.
Two job offers - very undecided -

One offer from Diskriter, part time (30 hours) PTO.  They pay $12/hour for down time, including when no work is available.  The other is Landmark, a fairly new business, but the owners seem really wonderful.  Has anyone had any personal experience with either of these companies? Both are paying in the range of what I wanted. 





IC, SE or employee? I have 3 job offers and
am not sure which way to go.  I have little if any write-offs, so I'm thinking employee.  The per line amount is the same.  The SE offer counts spaces but no headers & footers and the employee offer does not count spaces but does count headers and footers and offers W/E and night differentials.   The only real advantage I'm seeing is the greater flexibility with IC.  Any advice?  Thank you.
MDI-MD offers what you're looking for
They're awesome to work for. I'm on a super easy account, that I don't mind sharing the info on - it's for a hospital in eastern Maryland. The docs are easy, the platform is easy. I've even typed radiology for the account and couldn't believe how easy that was as well!! I have a 12 hour window, but I like getting up early and knocking out my lines in less than 6 hours! $$
I need some advice. Two job offers. sm
Job #1 is employee status/benefits, 0.07 per line, average ESL, plenty of work, great hours. Will have to buy computer and spellcheck software.

Job #2 is IC status/no benefits, 0.09 per line, no ESL,plenty of work, great hours. Will have to buy computer.

I have never been an IC.

I need some advice by those in the know. I really don't know what to do here. I do not have insurance through DH's job so it would have to be through my employer or private insurance, depending on which way I go.

Any advice by cooler heads than mine? Thank you.

Who offers BCBS?

What MT employers offer BCBS?

How is someone supposed to know who offers the best

medical benefits?  Unless you have worked for every company you don't know how one compares to the other.   If you have no pre-existing conditions and are in good health you are better off to get a private policy.  Deductible might be higher, but your premium is less and with the money you save on premium you could put money away for deductible.  

If you get a private policy you aren't tied to a company because you need the insurance. 

Trying to decide between offers
Morning all -  I have a dilema and would like some opinions on what you would do.  I have been offered 2 positions.  One is with a company that provides equipment pays higher, but I would be doing reports that I am not that great with and they are ESLs.  The second offer I have to provide my own equipment and will have to spend about $80 to get what I need and they pay about 2 cents per line less, but they are easier work types and not as many ESLs.  Which would you choose?  I'm sure I'll get a lot of those nasty posts I have seen lately because you think it is simple , but I do know there are a few of you out there who will not be nasty and give me your honest opinion.
I'd wait and see who offers you the job

In this economy, a lot of companies are not hiring.  While you may have applied with all of these companies, I wouldn't get my heart set on 1 until you've actually been offered the position. 

With all the low pay offers - How's the PTO? see message
New job.  Earning 3-1/2 hours PTO per pay period (2 weeks), which should equate to about 2 weeks per year until the 4th year.  Only 2 sick days - period.  How does this compare?
Who offers direct deposit for IC?

Curious to get opinions on these offers (sm)

Have an offer for 8 cpl statutory but a mix of clinics...have an offer for 9 cpl but acute care IC.  Finally have an offer for the clinic work type I'm looking for but only 8 cpl IC.  Isn't that low for an IC?  Actually, since I don't want acute care and prefer clinics the 8 cpl stat looks better but it is with a company with a bad reputation but the other company that pays 8 cpl IC has no reputation so it is entirely unknown.  I know nobody can tell me what to do but geez I'm using to making much more than this and have an account that pays well above it actually but I want to divide my time between 2 jobs and have an easier side account to supplement my high-pay harder one.  Does 8 cpl IC sound reasonable or is this below par?  Maybe it is worth it to take less to get the work type I want?  TIA

I'm off today, all the time the day offers
Boy are you bitter. I actually feel bad for you. You sound like someone who isn't being paid enuf and has too many bills. and NO PETS - LOL. Pets will do wonders for a negative state of mind - how can you resist that little cutey pie!!!!

Just the way you say maybe that great job isn't... says so much about how unhappy you are with your life. Sorry. I got lucky and was offered a new job with what looks like a fab co. & I'm very happy.
I have job offers from MedScribe and TechScript.


I just got 5 offers of work after spending (sm)
2 hours combing the archives of the company boards. I then visited the sites of the services that were spoken of the most highly and which seemed to best fit my needs. Most of the service sites had testing/inquiry pages set up; those that didn't, I wrote a brief email, noting how well the service's ICs spoke of it, enclosed my resume (in the letter, not as an attachment), and asked if they needed help. Most responded. The companies that advertise, on the other hand, get between 200 to 500 resumes; unless one is one of the first responders or in some other way manages to stand out, the chances of even receiving a response are slim. Check the ads on For the Record and Advance; Google for lists of MT companies. There is still lots of good work out there.
DKMWRU is posting job offers. Does anyone know anything about it? sm
I'm reluctant to send my resume to companies which do not readily identify themselves.  I wish there were rules for job posters to follow.
QT medical I think still offers the choice
of WP51 or Word use.
It is only insurance Spheris offers. SM
It is managed by Aetna.

There is high deductible of $2000.00 for single/ $6000.00 for family. They will not pay until deductible is met. You must pay for everything out of pocket. Medications are not covered.

I never heard of it either until the end of last year, when they announced that will be our new insurance. No options were given.
Well, first of all, it's not TTS that offers it but rather TransTech (TT). They will reimburse
their employees $1000 on the purchase of a new hybrid automobile or $500 on the purchase of a used automobile. It's their way of encouraging their employees to be environmentally conscious. Hope that helps.
Left MQ at 8.75 cpl and had 2 offers - one for 9.5 and the other for 10, FT with benefits. (nm)
I need to make a decision from 3 offers
SPI, Transtech, and Medquist.  Please, I know they are all over this board but please give me some advice that is helpful to me.  I have 8 years' experience.  Thank you.