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Turned it down after getting contract...sm

Posted By: sickofit on 2008-01-27
In Reply to: Why? what's in the contract? - IC

There were 2 objectionable sections to me. One indicated pay for QA but on further questioning, there were no specifics given on what would be considered necessary for pay or how much it would be. The other was a charge for tech support. On further questioning, they indicated why and under what circumstances, but wouldn't put it in the contract. I wouldn't sign it since those 2 items were so vague.

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I was turned down

by TRX because I am not a member of the AKC. Disappointed.


I turned them down too
Took a job that paid more. 7.75 cpl was just way too much of a pay cut for me.
I know someone who turned them down
recently because of the low pay. I guess they sent her a contract anyway and didn't even acknowledge that she very clearly stated that she will not work for anyone for that line rate. Then they sent her an email wanting to know why she hadn't filled it out and returned it. Not the brightest bulb in the bunch??
I was turned off of them because..
I applied, immediately heard back and asked to test immediately because they were in a big hurry to fill the positions and liked my resume. I did this and then...NOTHING.. not the courtesy of even telling me I passed or didn't pass (honestly this test was so easy that I would have been shocked if I didnt pass). I even did a follow email to see what was going on and they never even acknowledged me in any shape or form. In my eyes, this is total unprofessionalism and gives me a bird's eye view how they handle their business. No thanks. I moved on.
Turned another one down...
I received another offer today of 8 cpl (from a popular MTSO), no matter the level of experience. Seriously??? So, I would be paid the same rate as a newbie, and I have 22 years of HARD-EARNED experience? I think not. I am going to keep sending in my resume and I'll keep turning them down if they remain low. I may be but a single voice, but it will be heard. They should be ashamed. I made more than 8 cpl when I first started. There's no way I'd go back to lower than that at this point in my career. I'm too good for that.
They tried but KS turned them down. sm
They were not happy when the owners turned them down, but from what I understand, they do socialize together.

The owners of KS are very open about being aggressive with growth and want to be at $50 million. With the way they grow every year, I bet it will happen sooner than later.

I am glad to work for a company that is growing. The MQ and Spheris annual reports are very scary. How can they stay in business with losing millions every year?
be glad you turned it down (sm)
The Baltimore office's "big" oncology account is MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas. To be cleared to work on the account you have to train for weeks with this PA person (not MT, no background in English, etc.) who is comma crazy and keeps changing her mind. Reminds me of OmegaWorst's QA -- people who have never properly learned grammar and syntax, provide no printed style guide, and nit-pick to death. Think the docs care whether there is or is not a comma after the last item in the series?
That's interesting! I just turned SS
The thread turned and

and drifted to another company.  It's not your fault, and it's easy to see how you could have taken it the way you did.  (As an aside, I totally understand and empathize with the late nights!!!)  

And I agree with what you said.  It is very helpful to express good experiences with a company.  However, I'm not going to do that unless I've been with a company for a minimum of 1-1/2 years.

I don't know how long you've been with FN.  I can only speak from my own experience, and I came here before as a newbie, bragging about how great a company was, only to discover months later that the negative comments I responded to were completely accurate and warranted, and now I have egg on my face.  ~LOL~

I won't ever post a positive post about a company until well after the honeymoon period, when I'm certain they're for real, even though I know how tempting it is when you think you've struck gold and found the right company, getting good line counts, making lots of money, etc., to want to share that positive experience with the world!

Sometimes I think that's part of the company's reason for the honeymoon period:  So the employees will think the company is so great, they happily and unwittingly become a PR person for the company.

I've recently been burned pretty badly by the company the above poster was referring to, so that's why I responded.  Even though she didn't mention any specific names, those of us who are employed by that company know exactly who she was talking about.

Again, I apologize for confusing the issue.  I totally believe everything you said about FN, and I'm glad you found a company that makes you want to defend it.  There's nothing better than being able to respect and trust your employer.  I hope someday I can find that kind of company, and I just might check FN, based on your comments.

I turned them down for same reason.

As they should have turned you down. Medware has
some hard accounts so even 96% is low. Most companies require 98% accuracy on testing.
I turned them down after seeing the pay scale

I did send them an email and explain that my expectations for transcribing all work types in acute care would be 10 cpl.  They start out at 6.  That's a canyon of difference!

It also bothered me that pay is based on which shift you work.  It seems to me that goes into the gray area of IRS guidelines of control for employee versus IC status.  I need to work split shifts.  Also, I am more inclined to work when there is work and if there is no work during my shift, how can I make money?  I asked if they could negotiate some of these issues with me and they stopped communicating with me.  I'm glad I went with my instinct and did find someone else who gives me the flexibility, line rate and work types I wanted.

Glad you turned them down!! More of us need to do that. NM
I turned down a job with them about 6 months ago
They only offered me a little under 8 cpl. I went with another company that paid more.
Is this the same one that turned out to be Transcend?
It's still 8 cpl. I turned down a position with
Too evasive in their answers to my questions and not willing to take the time to talk with me.
Please come back soon to let us know how it turned out..
I contemplated applying several months ago but had received two separate NON-encouraging reviews. I believe they were honest and straightforward because they both still worked there and were not your typical disgruntled workers. One noted that QA was brutal and it most days it was just not worth it and another noted that she struggled every day to meet her line count but she felt too old to start over anywhere so she intended on staying. If I were at a different point in my life, I would have just gone for it, but after having been through too many similiar depressing situations, it was enough to deter me from applying. So, I am interested to see what new people are having to say and get more perspectives. Thanks.
If just one MT turned an MTSO in and it was....sm
found out by other MTSOs I would hope/think this type of thing would decrease. If we ALL sit back and nobody does anything, yes it will continue. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I know of a couple of MTSOs who should be turned in - and I WILL!
Yeh. It turned out to be statistically different than
just headers and footers. Could not ever get a straight answer on the calculations. It was a shame, though. Maybe if communication were better, I would have known not to accept the position to begin with. Hindsight and all that.
SmartMed- what turned me off was
for blanks you have to document 3 sources where you looked, then send to the QA person, and when they find it they will send it back for you to fill in. Too time consuming, especially when they assign you to a tough teaching hospital with a lot of ESL and fast talkers. Other than that 10 cpl with spaces identified as 1 space between words and 2 spaces at colon or period, which I guess means no pay for space if you hit the space bar to double space or whatever.
turned them down a few weeks ago
Glad I did from what I have read here. I am much happier at QMedET
I turned them down about a month ago
Once that whole thing came out about having to go to New Jersey, I said no thanks.

I live in Kansas. I have been to NJ twice in my younger years, and have found nothing that interesting worth going back!
yes they should be turned in. Years sm
ago MQ/TL was IC status. They did the same thing and they had to go to SE status because the IRS made them do it. Best thing that ever happened. Things were great until they started off-shoring and it went down the tubes. I bet when the folks who are ripping me apart have their jobs sold down the river, they will be complaining and screaming. Personally I say if you want to be a slave and pimp yourself out to a company go for it! Personally MDI is on my list of turn ins.
another nurse turned MT already sm
complaining about the hours, job, etc. If you liked the hours as a nurse, go back to being a nurse.

Geeze I get so tired of everybody in every profession wanting to switch to MTing just to work at home!
Well, they have turned into a game...
It's like survival of the fittest, pitting us against each other to get to the work first so we can make our lines, and it's ridiculous. Of course, they're shining like a new penny at the nonexistent TAT because we all dive as soon as a report pops up, but it's NO WAY for a person to have to make a living.

This is why I left on September 1st. First, I do not care to work for Transcend (mini-Q, IMO) and, second, I do not care for their tactics the past few months that have turned us all into blood-thirsty scavengers desperately trying to make ends meet.

And turning it into a battle royale for all MTs cross-trained on all accounts fighting for whatever scraps they deem fit to feed us?

Nope, life's too short and my skills far too valuable for THAT, the ultimate MTSO game-playing orchestration.

I left, now have a great gig FT with a great MTSO who has ample work.

I am a human being, not a catfish, and I refuse to bottom feed like some subhuman entity.

We ALL dserve better than that, IMO.
I turned down a job with Amphion a few months ago
I see they advertise jobs here, and many people have positive things to say about them.  Now I wonder if I should have taken that job.  Can anyone tell me for sure whether they outsource or not?  I'd like to go back and give them a try if they don't since I was offered the job at the time, but I don't know if they would offer me a job again.  Thanks. 
They offered me 8.5 cpl recently, turned them down
because of the offshoring part.  They recently got an account that I had worked on for about 10 years prior to it being lost to MQ and then MQ lost it due to quality issues.  I thought at 8.5 cpl I could make good money (not great pay but few ESL and familiar dictators), but just couldn't do it. 
They offered me a position, but I turned it down.
What the recruiter said and what the team leader said was in direct conflict.  Then there is the question of offshoring.  
Actually I tested well and she offered me a job which I turned down because
she was so hateful and condescending. I wonder if her employer is aware of this. What a nut job!
That is one of the main reasons I turned down
a position with them.  I'm not willing to punch a time clock.  
I have to agree. I had previously turned down 8 cpl but now...
I see where I went wrong. I passed on 8 cpl on an account with NO ESL because I thought 9.5 cpl sounded better. What I did not realize was that 70% of my account would be ESL so I now see that I could have made a lot more taking the 8 cpl. You are slowed down so much with ESL so I agree that you should factor all of that in before you turn down a job.
I'm glad I turned 'em down...
I'm sorry to hear that...last summer, I was in contact with them, they offered me a job and I purchased a pedal from them...something about them just struck me as oogy, though, and I ended up changing my mind and turning them down. So, whew, guess I dodged a bullet.
I was offered a job there, but turned it down just for the pay scale.
The company itself seemed like a great fit and the accounts looked promising, but the starting pay scale, even though you tiered up fairly quickly, was just too low for me. That just seemed like slave wages and I can't feed my family on that for the next 2 months. If it wasn't for the pay scale, I would have jumped right on board though.

i turned in tests, last year. nothing
All I know is that they pay horrible, something like 2 cpl or 2.5 cpl for editing VR. I turned them
down. That is slave labor wages. I think they need to try India for that ..LOL No thanks I'm worth more than that.
Now I know why other's don't post. I was trying to help. You turned nasty. sm
Not everyone is cut out to manage accounts, and not everyone knows how to deal with others effectively. This person I was talking about wants to make everyone happy on her own; there is nothing wrong with that. She is going back to straight typing by choice as she does not want to have to deal with scheduling and details. It is not for everyone. It was not meant as bad for her, I was just trying to help you.

same here....was told one thing; turned out to be another.
ExSpeech gets **turned up** and getting better jobs
Also, QA and Transcription Manager can do the same skipping as the MT's can.  I think TM is an MT, also, so she could be transcribing some during high volume times.
Oh, yes, it turned out I didn't need the 1099 after all
Just as said above, when I didn't receive it my accountant just told me to get my own information together and then send the employer a letter telling them that this is how much I earned, this is how much I'm going to claim. I guess I was just letting the OP know that I knew the feeling of not getting a 1099.

To the other poster above, I did get out of there as soon as I could. It was a local MTSO and at that point I was new and even now I didn't want to work for the Nationals so I stayed. The pay was good and as an IC I made my own hours. The only problem basically was the 1099 situation.
I was offered per line, turned them down
Turned out to be Worse than other MTSOs.
Lots of falsehoods and promises made upon sign on which were never kept. Lots.
M.L. is the reason I turned down the job. Rude & did not
Ditto. I passed but turned it down. Pay too low and
I was going to go work for them at one point, but it turned out their sm

software platform was incompatible with another software platform I was using, so I ultimately had to turn down the position.  They had a good benefit package, it seemed, and they were upfront about their ties to India or the Phillippines (I cannot remember).  Everyone I dealt with was kind and professional.  Good luck!

I passed but turned them down. The recruiter
guy seemed like a used car salesman, and I just didn't trust him & was too scared to chance it.
She is very rude & nasty. That's why I turned
them down. One of my friends later ended up working for them & said that lady is always like that & she ended up not staying there long. I don't know how she ever gets or keeps employees with her attitude.
SoftScript interview turned down

Interviewed today, Disappointed and turned it down. I could hear her shock, said, I will make a note of it, Base pay 8 cents a line.  Like my extensive experience and good testing skill, wellll then pay accordingly.  I kinda figured, when I sent an email asking the lowest to highest line rate offered for position and got no reply.  This is after testing and setting up interview time

Nope not for all my expertise and what is EXPECTED in terms of knowledge, accuracy and speed and the   par is generally unintelligble (sp) dictators) to deal with. 

 I'm never concerned about the terms, it is what dictators get away with without batting an eye from the top staff.  They think HEY, let the MTs       mess with it, make em get 98% accuracy, 150 lines an hour.

Dictators should dictate the same as though speaking to a fellow M.D. or patient, so they can be understood.  There are others paying more, I found 9-10, they listed their rates.

i just turned down 4-cent offer, too

Of course, someone else will do it.  They always will.  But it won't be ME. 

Stick to your guns, Gals. 

It's in their contract, which they sent me. NM
Anyone know who has contract for...
Community of Ventura in CA...used to be M/Q but they lost it a while back and I loved that account, even the ESLs..worked on it for 5 years and I put out tons of work for them day after day....wish I could get it back....anyone working there?
If it's in your contract, yes... sm
I checked with my attorney a few weeks ago as I am going to soon be going to IC status. They can have you contract for a certain volume per day, completely legal. It has to be in writing. As an IC, you also are not guaranteed work, however, so if there is none, you're out of luck and $$ for the day. Unless of course you are lucky enough to have a clause in your contract that says you still get paid for being available.

They cannot tell you when you have to do those lines, but can tell you when the deadline for them to be done is. Most ICs I know specify that they can work Xday and approximately x hours or x lines or they contract to a volume per week, but hours are up to them as to how they plan to get those lines done.