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Really?? I wouldn't let them touch my system

Posted By: X-teletrak on 2008-01-26
In Reply to: there's nothing wrong with the contract - Happy at Teletrak

When you are sitting and typing and all of the sudden something is being typed in your computer while you watch, you wouldn't either! 

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Enough for me wouldn't touch it with
I wouldn't touch this post with a 10 foot pole. nm
I wish people wouldn't be so encouraging. Then maybe we wouldn't constantly run
How do I get in touch with CIT?
Does anybody know how to get in touch with CIT
I have heard nothing but good about Charts in Time, but they don't have a website.  I would like more information about CIT.
How do you get in touch with them?
What is their web address?
At my company I'd ask for $18; probably wouldn't get it, but I wouldn't go lower. nm
Moretti-How do I get in touch-sm

with them? I would like to apply there. Do they have a website where I can fill out an application?

Thanks, Dorothy

Jester's Touch
Hmmm, well, I'm still not sure what the root of their problem is, but I was assured up front by the owner that they are very organized -- apparently not! I've been involved with companies that had a lot of turnover too, and if this is their case as well, I'm just not interested in playing that game again so I suppose it's just as well...
how can I get in touch with MDI Maryland. thx
I believe 10-key touch means
You can enter MR# and account numbers fast using the number buttons on the side of your keyboard.  Just put your middle finger on the 5 and look at the account number and enter it in without having to look at the keyboard, kind of like what you do with words. You are not actually calculating anything. 
What's the best way to get in touch with Transtech?

Apparently they are growing beyond their office staff and don't want people calling them unless it is an emergency and they aren't quick to answer emails.  I am not trying to start anything but seriously want to know the best way to get in touch with them where I can get a response in a timely manner.  I am interested in going to work for them after hearing all the good things.

I got in touch with Alphastaff...
since they do the payroll and they sent me my w2 electronically today. The emails stating they were ready apparently came out weeks ago, even before the ones that were mailed last week, but for whatever reason I never received one.
Thank you so much! I will get in touch with you:) You are generous.
The managers are so out of touch!
They are so counting their money and bonuses they make by overhiring and having great TAT, they completely forget that we are making zero dollars because each of us are battling for each job. How self-centered and ignorant is that? Like a table which shoots its legs out from under itself, the table will soon be unable to stand!
W2 -- Anyone know who I can get in touch with to obtain my W2 from SPi? Here it is almost ...sm
the end of February and I have yet to receive one. I have all I need to file taxes except this one and the on from Focus. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. TIA.
It is interesting that some of us here are actually in touch
Networking can truly work between MTs, even on an anon board, and this is an example of it! I am glad MTs share experiences... even though it sometimes gets rough here, I think that LTMT is an example of a poster who always gives honest answers...
The ACLU won't touch this....sm
Why you ask? Well, first off, she works, and secondly I am sure she is in this country legally.

The ACLU doesn't take on the causes of native-born Americans unless, somehow, religion or politics is involved. THEN they will come after you with all their heavy-handed tactics. Like the atheist who wanted the pledge of allegiance rewritten because the phrase under God was an affront to his daughter. And the people who want the cross in the Mojave Desert taken down. I could go on and on.

Gourdpainter...I truly am rooting for you. Make an example of the really frivolous lawsuit this is. And a parting thought (tongue firmly in cheek of course), I don't think your company is in too dire financial straits if they can afford to sue you. I would ask for a raise.

Good luck.
Yes, a couple years ago when looking I know I was in touch with them regarding....sm
a position and talked to the recruiter, I forget who it was, I will try to look in my records that I faithfully keep, but they were a recruiting company that works for many companies on contract as a middle man to help get prospective MTs, do some leg work, some phone calls, etc., weed things out, and send good prospects along, at least in my case with the lady I was speaking to.....have you spoken/communicated with them?
That's ridiculous. They must be completely out of touch.
I am desperate for work, but I won't even touch that. nm
I'd love to stay in touch via email...sm
just click on my user name. Look forward to hearing from you!
I gotta ya.. It really did sound like one certain company whom I will not name here as it will touch
off the debate and that gets old. Thanks for explaining.
Some companies prefer that - more of a personal touch. nm
It has a light touch though. I have had carpal tunnel

surgery and am very picky about keyboards.  I was pleasantly surprised that the one they went (Dell) had such a light touch. 

Congrats on the job - I think you'll be very happy. 

current info on jester's touch? i searched
archives and the only posts are from 2004 and 2003. thx!
That's exactly what makes them special. They haven't lost touch with the MTs. (sm)
That's why I believe they are such a success.  Seems like a lot of people are saying the same thing.  I believe this will be my last MT job - they are great.
WHAT is Touch Type? All I find is a typing test...nm
After getting in touch with ILHIMA and getting a copy, it was proven that the poster was wrong. sm
There are no spelling errors in the ad.

This person was trying to stir the pot for no reason and had people upset, thinking that an ad was run without sending it to KS for proofing.

MDI's new system.. Can anyone tell me
if they like it, love it, hate it? I HATE IT! It has cut my lines in half and I'm ready to throw in the towel. It's a second job for me and I only do it part time. I love the account I'm on and everything but their new system stinks. I didn't mind AIM but their new system can join my hated docs on the long cruise to nowhere that I wish they take every time I get them..
Is it the AIM system still? nm
new MDI system
Hi, I have been working on the new system, yes there are some issues with quality - I have been putting my headset in the back of my computer and the sound is much better. I love the new system though, it just needs some time
Except for a couple of accounts, they are still using the OLD DOS program. 
I mean system - DUH! nm
I was 300-350+ at Q, can't get above 270 at Wx. It's their system. nm
Donít know what VR system you use
but this is why I said, it has to be trained correctly. If you have scads on and 1 does something 1 way, the next another way, the third some other way, that is where the problem comes in. By the end of the day my total was $153 so that was ok for me and it is so much easier than straight.
System was down for a while. It is frustrating.
I know they are working on it. Overall, I like this system better than most.
No structure/system at MDI-MD...sm
I feel like they have too many MTs typing amuck anywhere and everywhere whenever they want 24/7 causing everyone to have to work 24 hours a day to get their lines in.  I have been chained to this computer for over 5 months now.
If you do not already have an abbreviation system
you will not succeed. I don't mean to say this in a mean spirited way. I'm saying it after working for several companies where I needed ShortHand and had to build it from scratch. It is counterproductive to learn new accounts, a new platform, and a new abbreviation system all at the same time. It takes literally weeks of refining the entries that would allow greater productivity...weeks that you won't have time to invest when you are expected to be up at full production by your third paycheck. Consider everything.
I should have specified that Allscripts is EMR system.
Oh and learn this new system..
Be an IC at 7 cpl, and do your assigned work and be our slave!  What a joke...
Not sure, but I think it's a call-in system...
and probably most of the docs are using phones in the hospital. Just the other day I had a doc call from home and dictate from his kitchen. Sounded like he was washing dishes, and he stopped often to talk to his small children. There was a dog barking, and I could hear him let the dog out as he was dictating.
Now and then, some of the docs dictate on speaker settings because they want their hands free to type into computers for patient records, or to go through papers.
I've had this sort of thing on every account I've ever done at every company.
Whenever it's really bad, I send an email to support and/or my account supervisor. I always get good response from them. No one can check a dictation station or tell a dictator to get off his cell phone if we don't let the office know that there's a problem. :)
Was the system ExText?

They told me I would be working on ExText. Is this the platform you used?  And thank you for your response! I really appreciate it.

What kind of a system is it?
Don't know what kind of system they
are using, but they just put in a new VPN server to handle it. I was just wondering if there was anything I could do at home to help staying connected, or if other people had experienced this while running Extext.
Ahh their GREAT system!!!!
and clocking in and out
It IS the system. I got an e-mail from my STM
this week stating so. 
Transolution DOS system
Would anyone be willing to email me about Transolutions DOS system?  It is hard to make any money on this platform?  It seems there have been negative posts regarding this but I would like to apply.  It is so hard to make a decision about company with so little info to go on - it would be nice to get a heads up both good and bad.....  Thanks....
See message above regarding system.
Unless you work for Webmedx, you really should not comment about the system.
And if that system is Meditech, well let's just say

platform is at MQ.  A hospital system could care less if the MT is happy.  They are focused more on how wide of a range they can reach for each department and make it friendly for the ones who seek the information.  Meditech is horrible.

Just be careful hopping from a huge conglomerate to a company that claims growth, but then overhire.  JMO.

Obviously so TT's system of being nice
has backfired.  With no checks in place quality goes down the drain.  That is true for any industry.  Transtech is nice and all but one of the reasons I'm not there today is the quality of the work is sorely lacking.  Somebody else said they fear a lawsuit, well I wouldn't be surprised either.