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When unsure.... sm

Posted By: VVC on 2008-08-16
In Reply to: question about testing and dangerous abbreviations - not sure

Whenever I test and am not sure about something like that I put a few asterisks at the end of the report and write a note explaining what I have done and the rationale. That way at least they know, if it's not the way they want it, that I gave it thought and did not just blatantly make a mistake. It always seems to work because I get positive responses back, that they appreciated my pointing this out to them -- never penalized for this.

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Unsure this is about VTS or not..
Maybe someone else will speak up. I just wasn't aware of any companies starting witha a V until I saw these posts. http://forum.mtstars.com/company/v/1/76323.html
Nothing snitty or helium-ish, just saying that's what I do and unsure why others don't do it
that way. I mean, you DO see the words on your screen. So why look at them again? If I were typing from copy, I could see where you would have to proof. But when they are rolling off your fingertips as you are typing, why not proof then? Added my stats to show it can be done.
I concur. If the MR is not provided, and you are unsure you are
transcribing on the correct patient because patient's name/and or DOB were not given or prounced as you have searched, just bypass it. 
I have been contacted by a trainer in the US already. Still unsure about this.
They said they would overnight the pedal. Still unsure if I should change jobs. Yikes! If anybody could suggest a safer bet that would be appreciated too. Thanks for your feedback!
Unsure, need reality check

I don't know how I feel, I guess numb.  So, looking for feedback on how this job is going for me.  In the biz a long time:

1.  Got cleared from training quickly. 2.  Immediately got all the most difficult jobs, did not complain.  3.  Decided to stick it out day after day.  Though never ran out of work. No feedback.  No nothing.  Figured no news is good news.  4.  Still got the worst work. Noticed reports out of order during early shift. Obvious cherry picking going on by other team-members.  5.  Decided I must be wrong, my bad... later in day came on early, got good reports, did a few.  6.  Came back for shift was actually flagged to type all the worst dictators, as they are marked with red that they were assigned.  Started to get a bit paranoid.  7.  Came on today cherry picker gone, all bad work out of TAT, this MT the only one on, typed many reports.  Lots without dr. giving demos, etc. Did the best I could.  Flagged for QA the ones without demos (although taking a chance as a newbie, because QA blanks are counted against our progress).  Decided to still hang in there.Finally got feedback after several weeks from big boss stating this goes to the whole team: bad demos, bad quality, etc. We need to do better (written in stronger words).

Have strong feeling I want to quit after this bad e mail, and after all the bad reports and cherry picking going on. Still have other job.  Stomach is in a knot.  Is all this worth it? Feedback happily appreciated. 


Medware or MDI-FI. Considering applying. Unsure of best choice.
Can anyone give me insight about these companies.. pay, benefits, accounts etc..
Hands-On Transcription does the same thing but unsure if they are good or bad...sounds bad though
I was inquring about a job with Hands-On Transcription company.  They did not have any website or physical address.  They had just posted on here.  I had emailed the lady several times.  She told me I could purchase a C-phone from her for 399.00, which I do not have any familiarity with a C-phone (never had to use them in my career as of yet).  Plus before she sent me the paperwork she wanted my name, phone, address, and SS#..I sent that, out of hesitation, and she has never sent paperwork back.  Though she did email me about something else.  I am scared now that maybe I should not have given her the information since I could not find anything on the company.  So, please be careful.  I should have went with my gut instincts....
The Warminster office is now part of the NE Region. Unsure if Warminster will be
staying open. All the accounts have been switched to Amherst, NY. Hard to know who to deal with since the office manager has not been replaced so not the best.