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Follow BOS guidelines.

Posted By: nm on 2008-08-17
In Reply to: question about testing and dangerous abbreviations - not sure


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Prior posts say you need a C-phone & 2nd line, and that they follow BOS II guidelines very
Do you follow along with the mouse? I follow allow with my right arrow, the cursor going over the
words...I mean what do you do with the mouse exactly? I know that is a weird question, but I am still not getting it...haha! It could be a difference in platforms for sure,because my mouse is completely worthless to me in VR. I used EXText.
New QA guidelines for Transolutions?

Does anyone work for Transolutions who has had their pay affected by the new tougher QA guidelines and on-hold percentage??  Wondering if anybody else is having a really hard time with this.

Some links on IRS guidelines for ICs

copy/paste into your internet address bar


Appendix D below


Has anyone noticed that AAMT guidelines are not
being utilized so much by some accounts. In the beginning the big national I worked for insisted we use all the AAMT guidelines to the letter. Then it seemed that slowly the accounts I had made changes to this and actually went back to the traditional ways. Now, I am with a new company and my accounts are more traditional than ever in the sense that none of them want only one space after a period, they do want numerals typed out, etc. It was rumored that 2 women got together and came up with these ideas as a money making scheme and turned the MT grammar wisdom upside down. Perhaps, some of the ridiculous ideas they called guidelines are not going to fly in the long run. As for me, I prefer the way I was trained years ago.
Yep I have been using the guidelines also and lost a lot of lines and now ME loss and what next.

Who knows but it will be less for sure or something that we will all be fighting for that line incentive every day and everyone will be running out of work. Yes, I am looking also and upgrading all my equipment to go part time with someone else if this looks really bad with THE PACKAGE.

Amherst so we make less money and they get more money for MQ and bigger bonuses. Our guidelines came
from Amherst.
I believe AAMT guidelines is 65 chars. with spaces. Maybe go to aamt.org and see if you can
I think they do, but must follow
Follow up
There were many reasons why it took longer than 8 hours to do 1150 lines.  One reason was because of the difficult dictators.  The US MTs get the majority of the bad dictators.  India gets many of the good accounts.  This is a fact!!  The other reason is because they have this little thing called OLC.  You see, they do not like anything to go to QA.  So they have you ask other MTs to pull the job # in to listen to your blanks for you to see if they can get it.  Not only is this extremely time consuming for the MT, but it is very time consuming for other MTs, thus making it difficult for everyone to get their line count in in 8 hours.  There was hardly anyone there that could do it consistently in 8 hours on a day to day basis.  There was also much referencing for doctors names and addresses that was very time consuming, and that you don't get paid for, but you could not leave it blank without searching like in three different places for it.  How time consuming is that....One would think a large company like that could come up with a better solution than that for their MTs. Maybe a better datatbase, do ya think??!!  There are very many reasons this company goes through MTs like they do.  Their turnover rate is VERY high.  I personally met my goals everyday.  Somedays it took longer than others, but the pay was not worth it.  Give yourself a raise!!!  My all time favorite.  Excuse me, but even MacDonald's gives raises to their employees for doing a good job, that little thing called RECOGNITION, and they don't expect them to sell more burgers to get it....Most companies base their raise on hard work, dependability, quality of work being done, and when a company has top notch employees that know their work and are doing a great job, and pays another person whom just started the same wage (whom quality or quantity is not there yet) that is just not fair.  Where is the incentive to be dependable, and to go out of your way to go that extra mile to make sure that job is done just precise.  Another thing about this company is that they expect you jump around on different accounts just about every day.  Emails that come through saying this account is out of turn and you need to pull so many jobs from this other account in.  Well, again, it is hard to get your line count in in 8 hours when you are jumping all over having to other accounts and having to read pages of account specifics before you can even get started.  They expect way too much for giving way toooo little.  Compensate fairly and one does not mind going that exta mile for a company who shows you they appreciate it.  If one does not mind working a ton of a hours for a low wage, then this company if for you.  I think it is just degrading for all MTs out there to have any one MT sacrifice their hard earned skills and work for a company who treats their workers in this way!!  We are skilled individuals and many work for less than what kids make at their part time jobs because they are willing to do it to stay at home and work.  We need to demand a wage that we are worth.  Afterall, most MTS either have schooling behind them or lots of years of experience.   Isn't that worth getting paid what you are worth??  Just because we stay at home should not mean we have to get paid peanuts.  What are you saving the employer, office space, equipment, electricity, and all the other things they must provide to have employees work in their office.  We save them that money.  So why should we get paid less!!  Quite the opposite, I think.  I certainly am not trying to keep anyone from getting a job.  The only thing I wish to gain is to see this industry take a turn and have us very skilled individuals who are important enough to come up with a document that could play a part in a person's life, be compensated fairly!!  Aren't we all worth that much!!??
Follow up - sm

I decided against Webmedx.  I passed the test and was offered a position but declined.  After studying the incentive program, I don't think I would be making any more than I do for Medquist.  The starting line rate was too low.  They try to push the incentive program, but it just doesn't seem that good.

So, I guess I'm sticking with MQ for now. 

I'm planning to get out of transcription.  I have tested and gotten offers from a few companies, but none of them seem vastly different than Medquist, unfortunately.  

I already have a few online businesses and hopefully will be able to work on them full time some time in the next year or 2. 


Follow up
My husband called the company in Oregon (there really is a legitimate company with that name). They said it is a scam, someone is using their identity to get people to open checking accounts. This scam is using the employee names and e-mail addresses but somehow it is routed to the scam artists. The legit company gave my husband the FBI information so he could report it.
follow up
today (saturday)I have had 106 lines ALL day and I'm 5 hours into my shift. that help any? seriously, you will NOT make ANY money here...keep looking! your best bet is steer clear of any service, get on directly with a dr.'s office or hospital, that's where any decent income is...
Anyone know any follow up...
on what happened to that transcription company or on the Pakistani girl doing the transcription?
Follow up with them....(sm)
I'd send a follow-up email or call. TT is definitely worth pursuing. They've been swamped lately with resumes and there's always the possibility they didn't receive yours for some reason.

IMHO, TT is right up there with the cream of the crop, so by all means follow-up on your resume.

I am going to follow through on TTS. sm
I think I emailed you, and if you don't respond, I completely understand. I am going to follow through with the labor board on this one. I saved every email and correspondence from them, so on that end I should be good. I'm sure the current TTS'er will go yelling up the ladder, but it really doesn't matter because I don't think this is something they can backtrack on. I'll keep y'all posted. If anyone wants to join in, feel free to contact me.
No follow-ups? Now I'm worried. How about this,
forget about the DEP question.  What is a good company to apply for SE/IC status, preferrably one who will supply the equipment needed - or not.
Did you call them and follow up? sm

I would just give them a quick call and double check - make sure that your test materials were received etc.  I know that they reply to everyone who has tested with them. 

Follow up to your post
That is 14,000 lines a pay period  -- and MOST, if not all services have some degree of ESL's.  Not trying to sound snotty here, but if you are so concerned about ESLs, why are you in medical transcription in the first place?
So call them. Follow up. nm
Just to follow up. Some dear one,
another MT, posted on the Main Board, I believe, about our job as MTs; how hard it really is, how much knowledge we need to do this job, and may I add, cannot do this job just fresh off the street.  Why are we not valued by the people who hire us!?  Doesn't make sense. Then during the interview, you're asked, *Do you have any questions?*  Well, yeah, but am I going to get the truth, or just what you think I want to hear?  So I just don't ask anymore.  Just had an interview the other day, was kind of excited at the time, sounded good, but now I have that nagging feeling that maybe I'm better off where I am working now.  To my thinking, it's a roll of the dice....as someone once told me *You pays your money and yous take a chance.*  LOL  But really, I wish you well in this dog eat dog mentality of the MT business.
Follow up to MedWare
I believe in order to be eligible for 401K you must be there a year. If Christmas and Thanksgiving fall on your regular scheduled workdays, you are required to work them!! I personally will not work for Medware or any other National company ever again...they only abuse the experienced MT with indecent pay for years of experience, not enough workflow for someone needing to do 2000 lines a day, and too many accounts to switch back and forth between. That is only my opinion, and possibly I had a bad experience...but I gave it 3 months and I feel that is more than enough time to get a good feel for a company. Good luck to you!
cannot follow directions

This is the kind of scatter-brained MT I would definitely NOT hire.  The original message was regarding the inadvisability of alerting a potential employer about one's previous complaints regarding other companies by exchanging E-mails from the same site as the derogatory posts.  This second individual gets up on her hind legs and gets all righteously indignant about behaviors that are obviously not acceptable in ANY profession.  This reveals a lack of concentration and unsuitability for my professional group of employees. 


Wish more companies would follow. sm.
Since cherry picking is lying, stealing and cheating. 
More so than an IC position. And they have to follow
their own policies in order to let you go if you're not a new hire...otherwise, you could have recourse against the company.

ICs have utterly zero protection.

Futurenet does not follow through on anything
Although not all companies follow BOS (sm)
guidelines due to client specifics, etc.  It is usually safe to transcribe as BOS compliant for testing purposes.  Even though the company may not follow it when hired, you would be expected to know it and it just eliminates the whole confusion of how to transcribe on a test.
I took a test for a company on 1 week ago, Sept 24.  I know I nailed it.  Still haven't heard anything.  How do I write a follow-up email to see if I can get any info on my status?  Any help is appreciated!  Thanks.
Simply trying to follow along here.
So what is the real concern in security here? I work with Escription and nothing is stored in my computer, download and upload each report to the company.  Most infringements are most likely occurring only by an MT who does not understand and practice confidentiality or HIPAA guidelines in this case mentioned originally.  We have been warned for years an MT can lose a job by any infraction, but this is a perfect example of that happening after the damage is done. 
Yes, I have. She is very busy but I would follow up. sm
If you were contacted for an interview, I would definitely follow up on it. You could have slipped through the cracks with the holidays. They have a large account coming up that they are trying to staff and I could only imagine how many responses those job postings receive to weed through. Your resume obviouly stood out to get contacted for an interview. Definitely follow up on your original contact for an interview. I am extremely pleased thus far.
I say follow your instincts.

I'm a big believer in following my instincts about stuff like that.  I have had a couple of jobs both in and out of this industry where I pretty much knew after the first week that I had made a mistake and this was not going to be a good situation.

There are companies out there that give you QA feedback and help you and want to make you better.  There are also companies that don't allow cherry picking and have mechanisms in place to avoid scenarios such as the one you described.

If that were me and I felt the way that you do, I'd be looking elsewhere.

Do follow up, they will love it if you
Follow-up questions
To the poster who eats chocolate-covered cherries whilst editing ESL dictators... Are you serious? Is your VR program really so good that you can sit there without your hands on the keyboard constantly?

To the poster who asked if I was serious. Yes, I'm dead serious. The reason I'm even asking is because I can't fathom any other way that the VR fan club people are making money doing VR. I can't bring myself to do that (edit carelessly or incompletely in order to increase my speed), and I AM very well aware that MY initials are at the bottom of every report I edit. But I can't figure out how VR editors are able to claim they make just as much money per hour doing VR as they did doing transcription, then they go on to claim that they were transcriptionists for 30+ years and quite fast, too. It doesn't add up for me that way at all. I have been a Transcriptionist for 20+ years and spent a year doing QA also. I'm not a slouch at either transcription or proofreading, but at 200 LPH, I am well aware that I'm also not the fastest one out there either. So, partly, I'm wondering if perhaps the QA standards are laxer for VR reports than they are for MT reports, similar to how QA standards themselves evolve over time.

To all who have responded: Thank you. And can you really EDIT at a LPH rate that ends up with you making as much $$ per hour as your TRANSCRIPTION LPH rate? Like I said, I would have to EDIT 335 LPH just to break even with my typing rate, and I have yet to figure out how to do that effectively without compromising the quality of the final reports.

VR has been one big giant PAYCUT to me, and I'm frustrated. Thank you all for allowing me to vent without calling me a whiner!
Yes please - WMX follow suit!
We need more work.
I'm not sure I exactly follow the logic
To me it's much easier to remember that I get paid every other Friday, and if I didn't get paid last Friday, I will this week. Perhaps it's my advancing age, but I have an easier time remembering that if I watched Project Runway last night, it might be payday today than remembering the current date and calculating when the 15th or 30th is unless it's a 31 day month (it takes time to run through 30 days has November, April, June and September...) As far as consistency in pay, assuming the work has been there and I've fulfilled my obligation, it's easier for me to figure 10 (or whatever) days in a pay period than it is to look at a calender and figure how many actual work days there are between the 16th and 30th (or 31st or 28th). Plus, a lot of us have specific days off that we take care of things. Some of us really do live paycheck to paycheck, so shopping by necessity has to wait until the eagle flies. If you paycheck comes on a Tuesday, conceivably it might be rough being able to get away to do that shopping with the hours we're forced to spend in front of the computer these days.

Of course, everybody is different and I think it's also a lot in what you get used to. If you're used to getting a paycheck every 2 weeks, it's tough to suddenly have to extend that out over anywhere from a 1 to several days.

NOTE: I wish they'd stop calling that button QUICK reply because I sure as heck can't do that.
according to the letter, news to follow
by personal phone call in the future.

Happy Friday!!
Actually, if someone cannot follow the directions applying, how are we to believe
that they would follow directions at any time?
They follow the BOS, work the holidays, and they use several
follow up to my original post

I see certain people on this board, who post under the same names and I can take a 1 hour break, a 2 hour break or a 3 hour break and they seem to be whining and complaining about life  -- yet they can get new puppies, new kitties, new other animals but BOTTOM line  -- oh gee no work  guess what people  -- I have to swtich back and forth between 2 accounts on my MAIN account and 2 accounts on my secondary  -- I literally work till I dropand thank heavens, I am in a relationship where my significant other understands  -- yes, we ALL have to deal with being on hold with India, but that is where you take a day, to pay the bills, vent with customer service reps, etc and move forward  -- and like I told my other half  -- bill dosent get  paid its YOUR responsibility  - a relationship, whether it be marriage or othewise takes 2 people.

And as I mentioned before, TAKE THE time to learn online resources as well  -- for example, if you hear Kem-7 THINK Chemistry-7  -- learn punctuation, grammar and most of all spelling and --sorry been working from 7 am to 11 pm -- with VERY few breaks  -- might help in the long run


Do you have a copy of the BOS to follow for format, etc.? nm
Does anyone else find it near impossible to follow

I'd getting dizzy.  I can't seem to be able to follow who is replying to which comment.  I think I am in the right place, but then the comment below doesn't make sense with the comment above it. And I think people are getting upset because the response does not match the comment and someone thinks they are being dissed.  Sometimes it looks like they are agreeing with something but then when you read the rest they are actually disagreeing.  Sometimes when I post I think it will end up below one post and it ends up below someone elses. Is it just me?  Or maybe when there are this many replies people should just stand back, let it drop, and not provoke anyone else by accidently having a reply end up in the wrong place. 

How can I find out if account is gone and try to follow it
Follow the AAMT BOS 3rd edition. sm
Most companies want you to test following the AAMT guidelines. If you do it that way, you should be safe and score well.

BTW: q.day is a forbidden abbreviation, expand out to daily or every day.

They follow HR rules to the letter now SM
because I am one of the people they had to pay back overtime wages to when they were turned in to the Dept. of Labor.  I am talking thousands of dollars.
I never follow up, I figure it's on them once I've done
my part.  If they don't reply, then they weren't interested in the first place. 
To follow that logic one step further,

then why is Transcend trying so hard on this board to convince everyone they are not the anti-Christ?  If they were that good, everyone would be beating a path to their door and they wouldn't have to be defending themselves to the degree we are seeing...

but correct me if I'm wrong...

Follow up to my original post
I worked for a company where it was a combination of VR and straight typing -- I never knew what the next report was going to bring and at the same time, started working for a company that does straight transcription. I am not adverse to VR, if that is all that is done; however, these companies have started the thing of paying one rate for straight typing and another for VR -- that's where it is very frustrating as I am sure it is to many of you. I know the goals that I have to set for myself in order to keep a roof over my head, pay my utilities and keep food on the table and if it means putting 12-15 hours a day in, then I do it, knowing what my priorities are. For those of you that are fortunate enough to have a spouse who also brings in an income, that is all well and good, but many of us are single and have to do what we can to survive. My rent alone is close to $800 a month, then I have cable and electric on top of it to pay, and right now, I have very little food in the fridge but I am managing to get by.
I guess the question is will the other divisions do this also or is it just the NE. If all follow
this I guess there are no offices of MQ to go to.
FOLLOW-UP - Made a decision about best company
Thanks for everyone's answers. I have chosen Company 4 in the QA or Editing area, as the problem nitpickers are being weeded out. I don't want a lot of baggage or to work with a company that frequently runs out of work. Here's my original post, and I hope it is helpful to others. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

I have 15 years inhouse, but we are being outsourced. Several coworkers have gone to work for different nationals, and I am weighing working as an MT vs. QA or editor. I would like advice on what would be best to do or to expect. I have learned the following about several companies, none of which is consistent:

Company 1: QA manager has a BA in Political Science. She runs the department as a manager only. The QA people who are chosen have at least 10 years of experience and appear to be very knowledgeable. Most of them are very helpful and are available around the clock. Most accounts have plenty of work, but a lot of ESL.

Company 2: QA manager has many years in the field and supervises QA people with also many years of experience. They have a separate Document Completion department that does nothing but fill in blanks, but it is managed by a nurse with a Bachelor's degree. They have virtual round-the-clock coverage, and you can call them for an answer or to listen to the job you are working on. They are very helpful and friendly. I hear that MTs frequently run out of work.

Company 3: Not impressed because of favoritism here. A highly qualified QA manager with years of experience, including teaching, was moved to a lateral position after a few days by a power seeker with only 2 years' experience as an MT. After that, most of the QA department either quit or was fired. The new QA director does actual QA herself but does not get along well with everyone. Some of the QA department is helpful and some are not. They also promote some after only a few months with the company regardless of experience, which creates hard feelings among those with more longevity and experience. Very poor coverage at night and on the weekend. Plenty of work on most accounts.

Company 4: Editing and QA is separate. They require 10 years' experience as an Editor and 15 years' experience in QA. The QA and editing managers distribute the work and work as managers only but they are very approachable. The QA people are knowledgeable but most of them feel superior to the MTs. Most of the editors are fine but get frustrated if easy blanks are left and also seem to be too glad to report it, almost like tattling beyond necessity. Plenty of work.

As you can see, these are all very different, and I wonder if I would be better off to just remain an MT. However, I don't want my work screened by someone who is "just starting out" as an MT. I cannot figure out why the standards are so different. If you work for these companies, you know who they are. I just don't know where to turn. Help!

Post QUICK reply

You guys dont follow well - BELOW not in the message
Call the office and hopefully they will follow up with more work. nm