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Wow .. sounds like you are busy, but in this profession, that's a good thing, sm

Posted By: LTMT on 2008-12-18
In Reply to: Hey LTMT! It's me the MT who was offered the - HolidayMT

especially this time of year.  I am still at CardioScribes and probably will never leave entirely -- easy work, good pay, and great people -- but I need the benefits of being an employee, so I am hoping Keystrokes (2nd shift) will be as wonderful as I have been told it is (and of course, hope they think I am wonderul too *smile*).  I am working weekends for DTS America, and they are terrific!  I feel very blessed.

I'm glad you have found not only 1, but TWO great jobs --  congrats!   And yes, I hope 2009 is a banner year for both of us ... ALL of us, for that matter.  


Good to hear from you.  Happy Holidays! 

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Awesome news. Too busy to post - it's a good thing :)
Thanks for taking the time to let me know.
I just started with eTransPlus! Maybe that is a good thing....too busy typing to be here, sm
I will be working second shift, so I am here now. I tried to e-mail you, but for some reason would not go through.  So far so good! Keeping my fingers crossed.
Wow, you are scary. It sounds like a good thing for
TransTech that you moved on. Good riddance.
Hands-On Transcription does the same thing but unsure if they are good or bad...sounds bad though
I was inquring about a job with Hands-On Transcription company.  They did not have any website or physical address.  They had just posted on here.  I had emailed the lady several times.  She told me I could purchase a C-phone from her for 399.00, which I do not have any familiarity with a C-phone (never had to use them in my career as of yet).  Plus before she sent me the paperwork she wanted my name, phone, address, and SS#..I sent that, out of hesitation, and she has never sent paperwork back.  Though she did email me about something else.  I am scared now that maybe I should not have given her the information since I could not find anything on the company.  So, please be careful.  I should have went with my gut instincts....
Yo-Busy Buddy-Sounds like a personal problem..*l*
Not necessarily - they might just be busy with the changeover. Good luck nm
Yes. Pay on time, good communication, stay busy.nm
Busy does not mean disorganized. I would rather work for a busy company sm
than one with no work. I started with Keystrokes 3 months ago and it is the best thing I ever did. I have a steady paycheck and plenty of work.
good thing it is a temporary thing sm
because people with your attitude don't stay in anything very long anyway. Nobody has to listen to that crap to keep their job.

You don't know me either. you can say old fart all you want (when did 53 get to be old fart....too funny) but at least I am a valuable employee who can get a decent job!
Had the same happen here, heard the same thing, good references and good ....sm
job record will get you better $$$ if you are willing to promote yourself, search like crazy, talk to everyone, etc., but I have never been paid a cent more for CMT, what a waste, and all the years I paid my dues to AAMT, what a joke, they did NOTHING to better our field, just took the money for better conventions, as far as I can see.
Sounds good. Thanks:)
Sounds good
What software do you transcribe in?  How do you send work back and forth? 
Sounds good.
for taking the time to help me.

Sounds good to me
If they can't keep up with the updated info I sent in May, how will they keep up with the latest info?  Is somebody shredding all the files?  I think I'll apply at the hospital 5 miles from home for almost any position they have!
sounds good to me...
I saw their ad also. TNX for the heads up!
Thanks, sounds good. NM
Sounds good
That is how I am going to be paid. Thanks for the info. Peace :)
No, but I saw the ad - 12 cpl for weekends. Sounds good.
That sounds good, but I have one question.
If you have the software on your computer from one company (working as an employee) and become an IC or employee for another company, will there be a conflict technically with two different types of software???  I've been thinking of doing this also to cover those gaps! 
Sounds good, but are there any downsides I need to know? nm
What sounds too good to be true - REALLY IS!!!
Gads! Three phone lines? What in the world could you possibly do with THREE phone lines?

What freaks me out about that posting is


At the end of the day, babe you will have earned every penny of that money. My head hurts just thinking of working that dictation puzzle.

Those dictators are the worst of the worst and they can't find anyone who wants to do it. ECK!

Sounds good to me, too! Where do I apply?!?
I'm an optimistic person - no company could be worse than the one I've been with forever. Sounds like a nice starting salary with hope for the future.
If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. (sm)
Nothing is as it appears to be there. I would look elsewhere.
Sure sounds too good to be true.
If anyone has any info I would sure be interested. TIA.
Well, it sounds good pay wise, but (sm)

if you are not used to working the night shift, you may have difficulty.  It always sounds good, like, I'll go to bed when I get home, but in reality, do you go to bed now when you're done working?  Probably not.  It may take you several hours to unwind, if you are like me, and by that time, you would have to be up with your daughter.  I have seen several people over the course of my MT career try to do nights when they are not night people and it always ended up badly.  Not to say it won't work for you, but just keep this in mind. 

Wal-Mart Sounds Good

Wal-Mart is starting to look better and better to me.  I have been an excellent Transcriptionist for over 25 years and had planned to retire as same.  The past couple of years has caused me to re-think the rest of my life.  I have gone from an average of $23.00 per hour to $16.00 per hour and it makes me nauseous.  The suits are getting the money that I am having to work even harder to get (for them). 


So, I'm thinking about going to Wal-Mart.  My mother will retire from them soon and she, believe it or not, has had a lot less stress than I have had in the past few years.  I think she makes about $14.00 per hour at this point.  I'm sure that starting out, you probably do not make that much, but I think that if I have to work for less money, I would rather it be for someone who didn't TAKE MY MONEY.   Anybody agree????

Hey Thanks a lot for your helpfulness! Sounds good to me! NM
Sounds like a good offer.
If it is high hourly with good benefits, but don't know the company.  Don't know of anywhere else offering such a good thing. Might be worth a try. Good luck!
Sounds like good ol' Axolotl
Very rude and no compassion for anybody. I used to work there. Miserable supervisor, just miserable. Felt like I was in Russia.
Hard to believe, but sounds good. nm
Sounds too good to be true? It is.
Ok, so you are a provider and you want to eliminate your MT costs. So you either go with VR or EMR (template point and click). So you think if I just buy this program I can eliminate my costs of creating a record. So you fire your MT (s) and buy into this electronic thing. But then you find that you need to hire IT staff to make it keep chugging along. So you are replacing someone who does piece work by working by the line with someone who needs salary, PTO, sick pay, benefits, etc to keep that electronic thing going. So in the long run you aren't saving any money. In fact you are creating another boondoggle by having to install a body on your precious real estate and in the bargain you must take them to raise. This won't last long once these idiot providers realize the costs outweigh the benefits of going electronic.
Thanks. That sounds like good advice.

Sounds like a win-win situation! Good Luck!
Sounds like you can make a good living, just can't
There's quite a difference.

Sounds good to me! Wouldn't it be wonderful to (sm)
type something every once in a while that is a little more interesting! Might help me keep my eyes open during the day.

I feel if it sounds too good to be true,
there usually is a catch..susan
Wow...sounds like a good place to work.
Sounds like they made it worthwhile.
Thank you so very much. Need to leave Mq and this sounds like a good place to go, thank you again!
This sounds like a pretty good deal, especially if....sm
you are making $$. You can always contribute to an IRA that will be tax deductible at end of year. Sometimes going to a company for the benefits doesn't pay off - ask me: I tried it twice in the past month, only to quit both jobs after about 1 payroll period as it became obvious that they either didn't know how to do payroll correctly, or that the lines weren't correct (even though they claimed to pay for hdrs/footers/spaces etc!).

I would sure like to know where you work - I'm an EXText-er myself and want just PT. Care to share???? Thanks!!
Sounds good to me. I agree 100%. Am 50 years
30 years and have a LOT to say and share.  Its late, and I just happened to stop here for a second before bed while my other computer is defragging. I will follow up on this definitely within the next day or two, holidays or not.  We have no time - less than no time, right?  Can't wait to communicate with others who have some hope for us as a profession, a UNITED profession.   Laurie
It sounds like a good place to work..
which is why they are at the top of my very short list.  I also am a long-time MQer and the thought of leaving is a little depressing, but it has gotten to the point where I have no choice.  p.s.  Glad to hear you were treated well, and that everyone is doing okay.  : )
25% sounds good to me too. I put it in my regular account, but I write it somewhere else so I don&#
I've always heard if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. n/m
I saw they were hiring but there is no way I'd work for them. Their ad sure sounds good with shif
differential and good pay etc.. but it means nothing if they dont pay their people and you had to fight to get it. No thanks.
Sounds just like Davis Transcription...good informatoin to use. TX!
The only good thing I can say about SS is if you

go to work for them you'll not have the experience to know how horrible they are and when you leave you'll realize how horrible they were.

The sound quality is horrific.  Some accounts have ESL dictators that are horrendous and I have 20 years' experience and do 85% ESL.   Management is a joke.  They don't know how to treat MTs.   The only reason they offer the mentoring program is they can't get good, experienced MTs to work for them. 




Good thing you did!!!!!!!
I did - not a good thing..
I did radiology. Lots of demographics to populate and training sucked.  Not a money maker.
That was really the only good thing going for them. nm
Sounds good to me, but lots of variables. Employer stability, for one. nm
TT has paid maternity leave? Sounds too good to be true..
Just wondering if anyone has used this paid maternity benefit?  Is there a catch? This is such a rare benefit now days it just seems too good to be true.