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Yep. And it brings down the pay.

Posted By: *sigh* - nm on 2006-04-29
In Reply to: the thing is, SOMEONE will work for that much, which is an insult to us all! - shaking my head here


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No, it just means that it brings all the
sour grapes people, 2, maybe 3, out of the woodwork and they post like crazy until the whole thread is deleted. Usually those of us with good to say just don't bother anymore. Most people believe the negative first anyway, so what's the point? You can either decide to try them and see if it's a fit for you or don't.
They may offer more to an MT they feel brings
If you put a ? there it brings up a list of IDs & names
Medscribe, Inc - Internet brings
up several places for Medscribe, Inc.  Which one is the looking for MTs to transcribe op reports on the MTStars careers right now?  Anyone work for them and have an opinion?  Saw below about Medscribe in New Jersey.  Same one?  I got an opinion about the place I work now, and the place is not match for me.   
MH? That brings back bad memories...
archives brings up nothing pertinent and....
and what you are saying is turning out to be true...is it possible to find a company now days that is everything they say they are? UGGHH! I just want to work! I do it well and I like to do it a lot and dammit the way these companies are is making me NUTS! Anyhow...better get to not making any money now...thanks for your reply ;)
You're right. Sorry. Divorce brings out the worst in me. nm
brings back old memories . . .I certainly don't miss it!!!! nm
Brings to mind famous saying by Liberace
People made fun of him for his costumes, etc. and he coined the phrase laughing all the way to the bank. That be me now. Laugh on.
Ther e is a IT company in California who brings workers
puts them on board, sails out past the 12-mile rule into international waters, they work a few weeks, then brings them back to shore for leave, rinse and repeat.

This is not a rumor.
Cover letters! Brings back memories!

I remember preparing my very first resume...fancy stock paper with watermark, with the obligatory short-n-sweet cover letter included, even a reference sheet if I was feeling ballsy, all mailed in a manilla envelope the same size as the paper so there were no creases!  Now everything is done electronic and it's SO impersonal!

I'm such an old fart.    

It brings up 10 pages of info on TTS including the most recent stuff
When I click on self service it brings up "HEAT" and asks me for a logn and password
my Q-net login doesn't work here. Is this something you had to get preapproved or sign up for separately somehow?
A net search brings up a defunct website with a 2003 date on it. Maybe not out there anymore? nm