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archives brings up nothing pertinent and....

Posted By: original poster on 2009-05-15
In Reply to: I'm so sorry. I worked for them..sm - exMTS

and what you are saying is turning out to be true...is it possible to find a company now days that is everything they say they are? UGGHH! I just want to work! I do it well and I like to do it a lot and dammit the way these companies are is making me NUTS! Anyhow...better get to not making any money now...thanks for your reply ;)

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A fax machine is not pertinent to being a trascriptionist
How often do you use your fax machine in relation to your job as an MT? Please tell me. Who has money to spend to go out purchase a fax machine just so they can fax new hire paperwork and likely never use it again?
Yep. And it brings down the pay.
No, it just means that it brings all the
sour grapes people, 2, maybe 3, out of the woodwork and they post like crazy until the whole thread is deleted. Usually those of us with good to say just don't bother anymore. Most people believe the negative first anyway, so what's the point? You can either decide to try them and see if it's a fit for you or don't.
They may offer more to an MT they feel brings
If you put a ? there it brings up a list of IDs & names
Medscribe, Inc - Internet brings
up several places for Medscribe, Inc.  Which one is the looking for MTs to transcribe op reports on the MTStars careers right now?  Anyone work for them and have an opinion?  Saw below about Medscribe in New Jersey.  Same one?  I got an opinion about the place I work now, and the place is not match for me.   
MH? That brings back bad memories...
You're right. Sorry. Divorce brings out the worst in me. nm
brings back old memories . . .I certainly don't miss it!!!! nm
Brings to mind famous saying by Liberace
People made fun of him for his costumes, etc. and he coined the phrase laughing all the way to the bank. That be me now. Laugh on.
Ther e is a IT company in California who brings workers
puts them on board, sails out past the 12-mile rule into international waters, they work a few weeks, then brings them back to shore for leave, rinse and repeat.

This is not a rumor.
Cover letters! Brings back memories!

I remember preparing my very first resume...fancy stock paper with watermark, with the obligatory short-n-sweet cover letter included, even a reference sheet if I was feeling ballsy, all mailed in a manilla envelope the same size as the paper so there were no creases!  Now everything is done electronic and it's SO impersonal!

I'm such an old fart.    

It brings up 10 pages of info on TTS including the most recent stuff
When I click on self service it brings up "HEAT" and asks me for a logn and password
my Q-net login doesn't work here. Is this something you had to get preapproved or sign up for separately somehow?
A net search brings up a defunct website with a 2003 date on it. Maybe not out there anymore? nm
go through Archives
Yes they have paid MTs with bounced checks with every worthless excuse under the sun on several occasions among a multitude of other unacceptable business practices.  Please do a search in the archives. 
Archives so old
Does anyone know why all the posts are so old whenever I want to research a company in the archives?  Almost all of them are from 2004 and very few from 2005.  If they were posted in 2005, then they are usually many months old.  Also why aren't they posted in chronological order with newest ones first?  Please help me understand this.  Thanks.
There is a lot in the archives about them.
All of them are still there in the archives. I even went back to reference some myself before even posting my questions.

how exactly do i get to the archives?  tks

How do I find out about a company from the archives?
Can someone tell me why I cannot access the archives any more? Why can I not research companies that are hiring through the archives? Is anyone else having this problem? Also is someone removing the responses to questions posed by people looking for information on certain companies? Just wondering if this is something I am doing wrong or if something new is going on or what. Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me.
MD-IT on archives?
I tried the archives and get nothing. I know there is another company with a similar name...?
Look in the archives. (nm)
Archives sm
Well I looked in archives and only saw one where the person was happy working for them. Somehow I don't think that's your point,so have you worked for them????
Archives are old

Maybe she wanted RECENT information.  The stuff in the archives tends to be fairly old.  I read it too when I was considering them last year. 

I don't know where the info comes from that they only have overflow accounts.  That is not the type of account that I am on with them.  The only regular time there is no work is Sunday.  The only other time there has been no work in the middle of the week was around the holidays when the clinic was closed at Christmas and New Years and most clinics had slow work then.

Bottom line, to the OP, you have to make your own decision.  If you get an offer and have a good feel about it, go for it.  If you don't have a good feel about it, then you need to listen to your instinct.  Good luck with whatever you decide.

Archives help!
Is there something I am doing wrong?  Whenever I do a company search, the only info I get is extremely old, like 5, 6, 7 years.  How do I get more up-to-date info? 
JLG not in archives
Is that a good thing or not. I thought she sounded good and I'll be making just as much per line as I did at MQ. The only difference is instead of Monday thru Friday days, I'll be working Sunday thru Thursday days. Pay dates are the same.
If it's the one in Wisconsin, all bad - see archives nm

Try searching archives.
I have posts in the archives, none of which SM

are favorable toward Diskriter, but not for the supposed reasons stated above.  This person is seriously misinformed about Diskriter offshoring at this time.  It is my understanding that a long time ago they offshored to the Caribbean islands but that is not happening any more and all the work is kept here in the U.S. now.

Whoever wrote the "Beware" post is not telling the truth.


check out archives
I did check archives but - sm

most over over 1-year-old posts.  Anything current?

Search archives.
Searchj the archives on this
A while ago there were some posts of people not getting paid and checks bouncing.  I would be careful and investigate.  I don't know much about them but it would be nice if they were a good company.
check the archives
Medware archives

I just posted something a couple days ago asking about them, if you go almost all the way down to the bottom of this page it should still be there. I got 3 or 4 responses and it was mostly favorable info. So I think that might be the latest on them.  My name on here AvaMQ is behind the posts so it's in that general area. Good Luck!

Check the archives. nm
You need to check the archives.

A lot in the archives about Transend.

Have you checked the archives lately?? sm
All those negative posts, and there must have been hundreds, have been deleted. It ain't what you know ....
oops, archives LOL sorry nm
Yes, I am. And simply look at the archives. nm
Read the archives. Hardly a day goes by that

someone asks info on a company that was just discussed the day before.  There are other forums besides this one too where you can get info on companies.  Post your resume on the various job boards.  There are companies that do not post ads but hire from the resumes.   My current position I was hired from my resume and I have been offered a couple of other positions from companies who contacted me from my resume who did not post ads. 

I work for a good company and honestly they are not hiring.  Other MTs do seem to get upset when people will not tell them what company they work for.  I don't believe they are afraid of losing their job to someone else (at least for the most part I don't), but they don't want the company to overhire.  There are many posts on the boards about people not having work for days on end because companies are overhiring. 

Check the archives. Nothing has
varying rates. You have to wait 120 days to get it.  Don't know about the other company.  We are always having system problems at Transcend, even now is down again.  Beyond TXT goes down on a daily basis so be sure to be flexible and work around it. Poor sound quality.  You have to email tech for problems and they take usually a full day to get back to you, so that can cost money due to lost production.  Also, all accounts going to VR in the next several months, and Transcend will only pay you half your line count, usually 4 CPL, for VR.  On the positive side, pay is always on time and they have direct deposit.  You will learn a lot more about Transcend if you check the archives.  I have found all of it to be true.
I tried to look up MDI-MD in archives and evidently
you can't put initials in because it brought up nothing. But I was in a discussion last week about MDI-MD and I know they are IC. I thought there was also a post that said how much you get paid during training but I can't find it. If any MDI-MDers could answer this I would appreciate it. Is there a set amount they pay for training? Couldn't find it on website either. Thanks. 
Check the archives - sm
There are those who are extremely happy and others who have had bad experiences.
Check the archives. There is a lot
company.  Nothing has changed.
do a search in archives
there have been a lot of questions like this lately. It would be nice if everyone would remember this option first before cluttering up the board with blahblah and same old babble.
All you have to do is read the archives.
Overall it seems that most MTs are very happy.   BTW I am not a TT MT. 
I can't seem to find archives

listed like I used to.  have there been changes??

Yes. No. Search the archives. nm