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Yes, it's totally word based, but it's also totally slow.

Posted By: LMO on 2007-12-19
In Reply to: Excellent platform - Transform

I haven't had a very good experience using dictaphone EXText. I wouldn't recommend anyone work on this platform. I don't know how anyone can say this is a very productive platform in any way whatsoever. Actually, it is the worst I've ever worked on. I like Bayscribe, DocQscribe, and many others over this setup.

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No, it's not Word based at all, totally different...nm
Glad to see I'm not the only one with a feisty word-expander! I totally.. (nm)
Spheris? Word has it one more account was totally outsourced. Sigh

small to medium company that works in Word or Word-based program - email me. nm
anyone work for Oracle - do they use Word or a Word-based program - e-mail me nm
Does the Emdat platform use Word or is it Word-based? nm
The platform is not Word, but it is Word-based. I
had little Word experience and the recruiter told me to try to find a book to learn the basics of Word as their program is Word-based. 
Their system is incredibly slow based on
where your ISP routes servers.  They have overhired big time and in the last 90 days had only 1 week where I actually got in all my hours, even working off days and different shifts.  Plus that clocking in and out is a pain and you work 10 hours just to get 8.  They dangle the incentives in front of you but with their lack of work and slow system you have to work like heck to get the 150 lph minimum. 
Totally VR?
Do you have any idea when that is supposed to take place and the effect it will have on the staff? They are doing a lot of hiring recently, myself included!
totally aside
I'd like to add that irregardless is not a word.

I had the exact same experience.  After five months, I left.  I guess to each is own.

That is so totally what I'd do too!

....go in and edit the crap out of the thing and provide a phone number to my attorney, the state district attorney, and the department of labor for their calling pleasure. 

I think these bastids count on the fact that this is a female-dominated industry...an industry of what they believe are just mousy housewifes who won't say boo and will just take it.  Think again mister man.  We brought you into this world, we can take you out.


You are totally right!
Every day, people have circumstances that are way beyond their control, i.e. illness, unexpected car repairs, laid off from job, etc. Just because someone's credit isn't the best is no reason not to hire someone. The whole idea of employers checking credit just sickens me. There is no need for it. That is why we have references! Our credit reports are none of their business!
Not totally 100% out but very, very low. :(
wrong for them to keep this information if it is the information that your pay is based on. When they send a check they don't send some kind verification for what they paid you? This is wrong and could possibly be illegal depending on what kind of agreement you signed with them if you are an employee.

If an IC, then not illegal, but still unacceptable.

how is that TOTALLY IC?
1000 lines M-F?
Actually, you just did totally help :)

I will be documenting everything I send to QA from now on (I don't care right now if it does drop my production a bit).

I am also going to be trying to the blank and then go back thing you suggested. I sometimes will spend 20 minutes on each blank the first time I go through the report (half the time only to get the blank filled in later because the dictator repeats it).

Thanks for the help !!!
IC Job? That's totally different
You are getting screeeewd!
It can if it is word based
Any word based Expander can be copied over into Medware.
DVI - MS Word based
Not totally true.
If you can prove an increase in skill, like learning op reports, or getting your CMT, you can also be considered for a raise.

Talk to your manager!
I totally agree with you!
Great bonuses, benefits, flexibility, love my supervisor and co-workers and have great communication! I'm sorry for those that are having a bad experience. I work out of the Dallas office and I love it.
please check this out totally!!!!
I am a former employee of this company. This company does not pay on time, bounces payroll checks, and the owner, Deb Garrison, is very unprofessional. She will hollar on the telephone, refusing to answer questions about payroll at all. At this moment, I am still owed one final paycheck. This paycheck was due to be released on 7/20. Last week I was told it was be mailed this past Monday, 7/25. Deb refused to send FedEx; my cost and as she has done for all other checks in the past, and refused to send via priority mail. I contacted her today and was told the checks were mailed yesterday. I would advise serious consideration about this company. They reason they are hiring 20 MTs is because no one is getting paid and they are refusing to work. I can provide you with a listing of all the MTs who work for this company if you want to verify my story.
Totally crazy
I worked for the Toth's. The are unorganized, not professional, do not pay for the work on time, and basically rude. I know several people who have taken them to court, won, and still have not been paid monies owed to them!
I agree totally.

If they were really on the up and up why not just state exactly what the rate is and SHOWING it instead of taking a regular rate and a blended rate, figuring a percentage, making 60% actually equal 67%, adding, subtracting, multiplying by your 3rd kid's birthday, and dividing by the company phone number and then putting it on your paycheck as regular lines, 13-15K lines, 15-17K lines, 17-20K lines, B lines, C lines, special 1 lines, OT lines, B OT lines, C OT lines, holiday lines??  It's ridiculous. 

If they actually hire you at 8 cpl wouldn't it be much easier and up-front to say you'll make 8 cpl for typing and 4.8 cpl for editing with 0.0025 cpl for each incentive level reached?  I mean if they're really going to pay the incentive on the whole amount like they say they are, why do they need all these complicated, misleading terms like "blended rates" anyway?  If you get other incentives on top of that, it's only included on those separate lines anyway, not the whole thing, so why try to make it look like you're actually making more on everything??

I totally agree..
It is really hard to get a take on a company from here. I have had my share of bad experiences with "nationals" but I choose not to smear their names all over the place. I just see it this way. They were not a good fit for me but maybe they are good for someone else. I have also proofed work for some "MTs" and I use the term loosely.  Honestly, I wonder how some of them even got the job, yet they are so angry when they are fired for doing a horrible job.  I live in Idaho as far as where I am located.
I am totally excited!
I can't wait to get my packet to see what this is all about. I will not be leaving MQ.
I totally disagree with you....sm
I've worked on other VR platforms and this one is far superior. 
You are certainly welcome & I totally agree with you
There is always something new to learn. Nobody is born just knowing how to run their own business and being an MT doesn't just inherently provide you with the knowledge...the MT end yes, but the business end no.  I have always heard that if you want to be successful at something then look for somebody who is doing what you want to do and doing it successfully, find out how they are doing it, and do it!  Makes sense to me!  I think its a great thing that somebody who did it wrote a book to help others so you don't have to learn the hard way by making mistakes and fumbling around until you get it all figured out.  Best of luck to you and come back and let us know about your success!
I totally agree.
I get a check every 25 days from 1 company I work for (starts with a B, small to mid-size national). Another smaller company I work for takes 2 weeks to mail me a check, told me they would mail it in 8, and I get it 3 days after it is mailed. The third I will name because they get a total thumb's up - Medtrans Unlimited. Invoice processed and in my mailbox within a week.
I totally beg to differ......
I've worked in many pathology departments, referral labls, and the like.  And I'm here to tell you that there isn't a single pathologist that I have met that is willing to go with VR let alone outsource their dictation.  NOTHING will convince me otherwise.  As for radiology, I am seeing too much of it being outsourced to ever believe it will go totally VR.  Besides, VR is an absolute joke!  Y'know that old phrase?  Garbage in/Garbage out?  Well, there are many docs who have already found out that's just VR works.  Just TRY, and I mean just TRY and take out the human element out of the picture (meaning the transcriptionist) and you will have reports coming back that are even worse than what is coming back from India!!!!!  A question here....a very serious one......don't you think that if VR was more effective in transcribing reports that all the companies outsourcing overseas would go with VR before they did that?  Something to think about.  I've been around since 1990 in this field and they have been saying that VR was going to replace transcriptionists back then.  Well, here we are 15 years later and quite frankly, VR hasn't even made it past first base yet.  The doctors, the naysayers if you will, the big companies, etc.  will be trying to find anyway they can to save money, cut costs and so on and the bottom line it, it will NEVER HAPPEN.  The Transcriptionist is here to stay.  There is absolutely no way you can take the human element out of this picture and have the absolute best quality reports/charts/medical information system on the planet....PERIOD.
Totally can be self-taught
Yes you can teach yourself easily with the theory books, did it myself years ago, but didn't follow through unfortunately, regret that. What is hard is getting the speed up, but definitely give it a try, all you need is the machine and the books take you through it step by step lesson by lesson, anyone can learn it. Good luck.
off track totally....
And we have a Chevy with 300,000 miles been going strong for years plowing snow, blah, blah, blah....but all this is off track and is very unfortunate that it appears that many just simply do not care if the MT industry gets off-shored or not.  But again, that is every individuals perogative to care or not to care and only someday when it affects you or someone you love personally will you ever truly understand!!  
I totally agree...
I'm always amazed when I come to this board and see posts like hers. Is there some unwritten rule amongst MTs that when you have a concern about your work load, you don't ask the people who would know (supervisors at the company) you come to MTStars instead to gripe and moan?

This makes no sense at all to me. If my work is low for more than a day, I email my supervisor and try to find out what's going on. Sometimes, they are not aware that there is a problem. Why is it that most of you have ABSOLUTELY NO loyalty to the company that you work for? Why come to this board to fuel rumors and/or start new ones. You work for Spheris. At least TRY to resolve the issue with them before coming to this board.

Management can only resolve issues that they are aware of. Always let your supervisor know what your problems or concerns are. They are the people who can DO something about it....not us.
I agree totally. While I usually appreciate
warnings about bad companies (though some have been made in anger, which I thoroughly understand), the owners coming to defend the company so hotly (especially with all the spelling errors-lol) make me think more than twice about working for such a place/person!!
I think that's what they mean, no? Otherwise, I totally agree. nm
Totally different company
Totally agree
That's what you get when the corporate mentality takes over...

I'm praying I can get out within the next 2years.

I totally agree
DSG pays me good, pay is always on time, management staff is AWESOME, work with me when I need off, etc., answers my emails, and I don't run out of work except maybe on the weekend, which is fine with me. I'm sorry some of you have had a bad experience with them, but some of us have a very good relationship with them.

And no, before I'm accused, I am not management.
I totally agree with you....
I love my job. I, too, have been doing this for 20+ years and have done everything from speech therapy to neurosurgery. I think that the more varied your skills, the better chance you have of liking what you do... that and the fact that no 2 days are ever the same....
I totally agree.
I hired on with Precyse a couple of months ago and have had an excellent experience so far. The company is overall great. The communication is above and beyond what I had expected.
I'm with you all; totally understand,
am in the same situation myself, but I know there were many times when we were backlogged that I could have worked to help out, but didn't. I can understand why they may have over-staffed, if that is what is happening. I, too, am trying to hang in and if it does not get better, then will have to accept another to supplement my income. I just believe that the FN staff is not indifferent to our needs and frustrations; they probably are frustrated for us, and I think they deserve whatever chance we can give them to get things straightened out.
I totally agree
Each time I tell someone I do MT at home, all they hear is at home and they say I am so lucky to be able to stay home. Then they ask me if they could get a job like mine. It really irritates me that those not in the know think being a MT, whether at home or in-house, is easy. I usually tell them that yes it is nice to work at home, but in most cases your hours are not regular, the work fluctuates, and you may or may not have benefits. I also tell them that if all they see to this profession is being at home, then stay where they are because it is just those kinds of people who bring this profession to its knees--or to India.
I'm sorry, you are totally incorrect - sm
There are many more than 2 accounts being done in India AND editors are not reviewing those, reviewers are. (they are different from editors) They get paid very little and have to quickly scan the chart, they are not 100% reviewing them. This is not an assumption. This is the truth.
I'm glad you are happy there.
HA! Totally! That is exactly how she treated me!
I totally agree.
totally agree
I lasted 2 weeks too.
I totally sympathize with you......
I had a horrible experience with a company in Las Vegas. I worked for them for almost one year with no problems except occasional late pay and then one issue after another in a one week time frame. I love what I do and keep going along, but that whole experience still stings and makes me angry. You will find something better and be the happier for it. I did. Best of luck to you.
My kids are 10, 9, and 7 and they have NOOOOO ZIP ZERO concept of money and what it means. I keep trying to teach them and I am having NO LUCK. The schools are not teaching them. They open school stores without making sure the children FULLY understand. Myself and other parents have had money stolen out of our wallets by our kids who do not seem to know the difference between a 50 and a 5. Now do you think these adults running the store even think twice when a 1st grader hands them a 50?? NOPE they think oooh good money and tell these kids how much QUARTER MACHINE JUNK they can get for a 50. OMG sorry SOAP BOX LOL!!
I totally agree with you.