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Yes to old reports! Their ExText has all the regular functions except line counts are done on line

Posted By: and not using Ctrl/I. nm on 2005-09-22
In Reply to: TransTech Employees - Need info


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  • TransTech Employees - Need info
    • Yes to old reports! Their ExText has all the regular functions except line counts are done on line - and not using Ctrl/I. nm

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Line Counts and EXText
I work for a company that uses Dictaphone EXText.  They deduct 30% off our total line counts for headers and footers, saying they will not pay for it because we do not type it.  Of course, we do type it and the template is very time consuming (looking up referrals, etc).  Do you think the headers and footers are 30% of the documents?  It does not sound right to me. 
Why Extext line counts are usually less
Most companies set up the line count to deduct a flat percentage which is supposed to guesstimate how much the headers and footers would be. I know - I used to work very closely with a top person for a very popular/unpopular company that is mentioned on here quite a lot. One of the reasons I left that company was because they used Extext to basically rip off their MT's. I have made my rounds with quite a few nationals and I would have to say that Extext is used in this way by most companies. They deduct a flat percentage. And by the way - counting spaces etc? Don't count on that either. The flat percentage that is deducted for headers and footers also is padded even more. It is a sad state of affairs. You can be certain that they charge the MTSO's a pile of money and it does not reflect in the MT's paycheck. I have my own clients now. Too much hassle with these companies ESPECIALLY those that use Extext which is the perfect format to rip off the MT's.
ExText line counts
I have heard so much about the line discrepancy with ExText and how it is cheating MTs on their lines.   Check your lines with Abacas or TextTally.   Very accurate counting systems and are free downloads.   Does anyone question this with the company or hospital?   It is pretty sad to spend 30 minutes on a long note and then see that you are getting paid for about 20 lines.   There are better companies out there who do not take away lines from MTs.   Ask if they use ExText and then RUNNNNNNNN.  Also, many companies will set up the system to give the minimum lines to the MTs but are charging their accounts the maximum.   Ask questions and ask for verification of your lines.  There are some good companies out there who are honest and fair.
As for line counts on ExText, sm....
that depends on the client and/or MTSO and how THEY configure it to count lines on THEIR END....My last job was on ExText with this client out of florida.....the MTSO had it to where that thing did NOT count spaces, headers, etc....it was SO HARD to get line counts on it, but of course, that was because of the dishonest, full of Indian filled, MTSO.
Line counts not great on ExText, IMO.
No idea why but seems to be the case for me.
I work for TT, low line counts on ExText for me. nm
Line counts with Dictaphone EXtext

How long should it take to get up to a decent daily line count with Dictaphone EXtext. I have started with a new company and it is not looking good yet. I am hoping it gets better and I can get up to 150 lph.  I have had my share of ESL doctors also so far, but they have been okay.  Thanks for any help or suggestions. 




Also love ExText even though the line counts can be low. Easy to use! nm
ExText Users: Can we look up line counts per report?
I, too, went from MQ to TT, and line counts are much harder to get at TT with Dictaphone ExText.

I have always been called *firey fingers*, so know it is not me, as I am very fast and accurate on the keyboard.  Line count continually gets harder to achieve.  I know it depends on how the company has Dictaphone set the line count parameters -- whether to pay headers, footers, spaces, demos, normals, expanders, etc.

Also speech recognition using ExSpeech at TT is so cumbersome and awful.  Really made good money and line count with DQS speech editing.  Just must my opinion.  Other comments would be interesting.

ExText line count for individual reports? Is there a way? nm
If Ichart deducts 8% from ExText line counts, you are actually not getting paid for spaces

It is the equivalent of a 70.2 character line with spaces, 65  characters without spaces. 

Line counts - the lower the line count requirements
the harder the account and problems with trying to get production off the platform the company uses.
Keystrokes has very few accts on line using ExText. Most use Cphones/2nd line. Lots of Rad
I don't have a second phone line ... cable modem for the internet, regular line for my C-phone.

If anyone wanst to get through to me while I'm working, they have my cell phone number.

And, as I said, some accounts are using wav files -- no doubt soon all of the accounts will convert.  Hope so ... would make it easier (less expensive) to work when traveling.  :-)

Lots of good companies out there -- hope you find one that fits :)



is the VR line rate 60% of the regular typing line rate?
I'd say that would depend on what your regular line
is what I've seen posted on here.  If you read fast you'll do fine, if you type faster than you read, well, it's iffy.  If you have lots of formatting, i.e., ROS/PE flush left margin and ASR doesn't do it, screw it; use macros/shortcuts because you should have ROS/PE in macros/shortcuts for most dictators.  I ignore the company's advice on how to do Keystrokes with it, turned off that hideous hiliter, and never waste time on tab plus whatever the other key combination is, it's too far away from home position and I'm a lefty and it's totally inconvenient for me to use it.  I use the ctl/arrow keys to move forward or backward and ctl/shift/arrow to both navigate and hilite, then all ya gotta do is hit delete.  All that also depends on how the ASR is set up.  I hated it at first and I'm still not fond of it, but it's better than sitting with nothing.
Well, that's you're getting 45% of your regular line
try to work your way around it like I did.  Do what's easiest for you, sometimes their way of doing things is bass-ackwards. 
VR is roughly 60% of your regular line rate at
Same for Webmedx - 70% of your regular line rate. sm
That's better than some - I hear a few pay a flat rate of 2 or 3 cpl for editing!
Webmedx pays 70% of your regular line rate. nm
Getting line counts up

I recently was hired for a national company, after having worked in-house for about 5 years in a physical therapy clinic.  I'm still in the training status.  Every day when I check my line count, I cannot believe it!  It's in the 200-250 area.  I know I'm slow, having to look up almost all drugs, many procedures, etc., and I'm adding to the expander program every day, but I don't see how I can get a lot faster.  We don't get credit for header information and oftentimes this takes several minutes to look up, add to, correct.

Any suggestions/comments are welcome!


Line counts

Does anyone out there or has anyone out there worked for Transtech Medical Solutions and if so could you provide some input on their line counts and why there are 3 different platforms to figure your lines that give you 3 different figures and final line count is lower than those 3 platforms.  Any info would be appreciated.


Be that as it may but have you have problems with your line count W?
line counts
I was given $10 guaranteed hourly for the first pay period, unless I did more than the 12,000 lines. That was a joke because I, like you, was, and still am, getting awful dictators. I did not make the 12,000 line requirement until 5 pay periods later. You will get there.....eventually. I can only dream what my line count would be if I had some decent dictators!
Line Counts
Line counts are pretty easy to get.  I don't have any problem, but of course, the longer you are with any company/account, the easier line counts get.  They require 150 lph, but they aren't sticklers about it, if you don't.  (It took me a few months to get to 150, but then after that, 175-180 is about the norm).  They let you pick your schedule.  They are pretty flexible with that.  I work a split shift and it works out great.  They have excellent shift differentials.  They use Shorthand as their Expander and if you're already using it, you can transfer it in.  They have quality equipment.  You don't spend a lot of time waiting.  As far as demographics go, for the most part, it all pre-fills.  Occasionally, you will get a patient you have to look up the name for, but it's easy and doesn't take long.  It's an easy system to get used to, as well.  You don't have to have 6 different windows open to do one thing.  They have normals and examples easily available for different dictators, etc.  Overall, it's definitely worth applying and taking the test.  (The tests have caused problems for some folks - there's a written one and then 3 or 4 dictation samples).
Line counts

I sure did not have trouble getting between 250-350 lines per hour when I was with MDI at 11 cpl.  I quit to take a radiology position that pays gross.  The Bayscribe platform is very user friendly and I never had trouble with any of my accounts (2). 

Line Counts
I average 250-300+ lph on my acute care account at MDI.
line counts
I most certainly did read it.  I was stating that when I paste report into Word it does agree with the DQS line count, not that it does not agree. 
Line counts

It really depends on how many characters you do in a day.  For instance, if your total chars are 50,000 - then divide that by 65 csl and you get 769 lines total.  And the same for a 72 csl - divided by 72 would be 694 lines total.

So the more chars you type the more lines it turns out to be.  Figure 85,000 chars would get you 1,307 lines!


Line counts

Again, I want to ask what can be done bout something... The way are lines are calculated by the MTs is to take 24 x the number of reports we have done in a day and that is just a guesstimate I am told.  The owner has a line-counting program called Docu-Count and we do not have have access to that program.  Again, when we get our paychecks.. it just shows the line count but we have no way of knowing exactly what our line count is compared to the what the owner comes up with.  I have asked a person there at the office who helps with payroll and explained that my line counting program comes up a lot more than the one they use at the office and the response to me was I have to go.  Does anyone besides me find this odd and know what I can do about it.. Im afraid to ask him for fear that I will lose my job and I need this job right now.  TIA.   

line counts

Well, that's good to know.  Do you know if we are paid for the headings in the report? I think that might make the difference.  I literally go from one IC job in the morning, making right at 300 lph, to struggling for 200 to 225 at Precyse.  If we are paid for the headings (which we should be, because they don't appear out of thin air and they all take at least 3 keystrokes), then maybe I'm just too tired to pull off 300 lph at a second job. 

TT Line counts

Since the Ichart line counting program for TT has been having problems, I have noticed that my line counts have gone down.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  I am starting to get worried about it.




line counts
anyone working for TTS having trouble with their line counts?
TTS line counts
An email was sent out to all about that earlier. It appears to be an ongoing issue with Dictaphone, and probably something they have no control over. I am sure they will get it straightened out soon, they can't afford not to.
Line counts
Let me ask you this then, to whose benefit is this equipment geared to - not to increase an MTs productivity, give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ichart service, Dictaphone can help you assess the true cost of your current transcription infrastructure.

Past audits have revealed some of the following billing discrepancies:

Inadequate Billing Detail.
No true MT line counting standards for billing.
Challenging Audit Trail and Process.
Special Characters Can Inflate Line Counts By 15%.
Invisible Characters Can Inflate Line Counts Up To 20-40%!
Poorly Designed Templates can lead to Excessive Line Counts.
Multi-page Reports can Drive Excessive Characters and/or hidden words.
Line Counts

Not too long ago there were numerous posts regarding Transtech and the line count situation.  I was just wondering if any TransTech employees are still experiencing discrepancies with their line counts.


Line Counts
Nope...no problems now or ever. The Dictaphone system might lag from time to time, but it's not TransTech's fault. It's no big deal at all. All we have to do is just wait a couple of hours and the lines count program calculates out. There's just a short lag. I've never lost so much as a character.
line counts
Do you use your own line counter and if so what kind do you use?
line counts are off
If you dont use you own counter to compare then of course you would not notice a discrepancy but if you use your own line counter and your counts are close to what I-Chart then what line counter are you using.
line counts
Yes I have talked with management repeatedly to no avail which is why I posted the question here. It just might be that I am not using the right kind of line counter or have not set my variables correctly. The reason I asked the question is that if others are using their own line counters and their counts are relatively close to I-Chart then I wanted to find out what they were using so that I too could try that and see what happens from there. So, if you are using your own counter if you could tell me what you use that would be very much appreciated.
line counts
True and true,and if it was that I would forget about it but if something is wrong now and it goes on who is to say it won't escalate. But, like I said I just wanted basically to find out what, if any, line counters other transcribers might be using so that I could at least try that.
TT and line counts
How can they expect you to meet their requirements when they consistently run out of work?
Line Counts

Does anyone else work for a company where you can't check your line counts?  Its driving me NUTS!  I've worked for them for 3 weeks and my keeping track through the Lanier is always way more than they say I have done.  I really like the account but might leave if it keeps up.  Any advice appreciated!

Line counts
For the life of me, I cannot find my offer letter with the required lines. Why don't you just go through their website and e mail them, or call. I am sure they will respond. Besides, the requirement may have changed in a year. Good luck!
MDI line counts
Does anyone else have a difficult time making lines with MDI-MD. Doing multispeciality clinic and some discharge.  It just seems like an awful lot of typing for little lines. Major struggle.  Also it seems as if you are not getting credit for demographics, addresses for letters etc. Do they not pay for headers, footers. What about headings? Something definitely seems odd. There is no real way to get exact lines on Bayscribe. They give you an estimate of line and amount you made but the paystub doesn't even tell you the total lines you did a pay period. Just seems odd
Line counts are low
My line count is down by at least 200 lines per day even though I produce the same amount of documents as I did on the old platform. So, things do not add up.
line counts
I worked for MQ for almost 10 years before going to TT. I make a lot more money with TT than I did with MQ. I was actually being paid 1.5 cpl more at MQ than I am at TT. I work my 40 hours with a heck of a lot less stress and aggravation, and actually feel appreciated. That may not be important to some people, but for some reason it is to me. However, the bottom line is my paycheck. I had dropped about 250.00 a pay period by the time I left MQ with all the changes they had made with work pools and ASR. I now make more money for the same 40 hours, so do I think I am being ripped off, heck no! I have no doubt I am being paid for what I type.
QA and line counts

As has been stated in many of the posts on this board, quality is the top priority at Axolotl.  We type what is dictated unless account specifics say otherwise or there is a gross medical error.  We do not get docked for sending a report to QA with blanks unless the blanks are excessive on an ongoing period of time. We do not get docked for punctuation.  If you type a wrong word, then you get docked.  If you do not follow account specifics, then you get docked.  If you add or miss a word, you get docked.  I have not fallen below 99.2% in 2 years on my monthly audits.  The system also allows you to see every edited report.  The MTs are also allowed to challenge an error that has been assessed.  I have had errors overturned, as well as some that were not overturned. 

As far as reaching my line count, I haven't had any problems.  I think their platform is the easiest I have ever worked on.  MTs are given every tool possible by the company so that they are productive.  

I think if an MT has a problem maintaining the QA score and/or reaching 1200 lines, it is that particular person's bad habits. 

Line counts
Mine usually post immediately, but I think some accounts are slower than others to post for some reason.
Line counts

I'm disheartened lately by the inability to make my line counts.  I'm not a beginner.  I have 15 years' experience but have changed companies recently.  I didn't want to make another change, but I would like to know if there is a company where you can actually say you know for a fact that you are being paid for each character and each space.  When I highlight the lines I have typed I get one figure in Word.  Then when I look at my statistics - this is ExText - I'm 75 to 200 lines below that.  I can't get a clear answer from anyone on this, and obviously everyone else is satisfied.  I think I would start looking around again, but I don't want to get into the same situation at another company. 

I hear good things about some of the companies here.  If I were going to make a change to be my absolute last one,  can anyone recommend the company they work for.  I have 15 years' experience, excellent quality.  I NEVER send to QA and maybe have 4 blanks a day and take pride in having a perfect report.  I don't mind a fair amount of ESLs.  I think the thing I'm looking for is honesty.  I can't stand feeling taken advantage of.  I would like a company that appreciates the fact that I work my schedule and do my work in a timely manner and shows this appreciation by giving me credit for what I type.

I guess I just need to rant, but I'm getting ready to apply to work at Hobby Lobby and get some enjoyment from my minimum wage.