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Webmedx pays 70% of your regular line rate. nm

Posted By: WebHead on 2009-04-24
In Reply to: Sounds like you work at a great place - Wendy


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Same for Webmedx - 70% of your regular line rate. sm
That's better than some - I hear a few pay a flat rate of 2 or 3 cpl for editing!
Webmedx ASR rate is 70% of your regular line rate. sm
So if you are on a 9 cpl account, you get 6.3 CPL plus any bonus / incentives / shift differential.
Webmedx pays 70% of your line rate. I make more on VR s/m
with them them straight typing, a lot more.
She means Webmedx - which pays VR at 70% of your normal line rate. nm
is the VR line rate 60% of the regular typing line rate?
VR is roughly 60% of your regular line rate at
Webmedx also pays 70% of your current rate. nm
Webmedx pays a flat training rate for 3 days. nm
Transcend only pays 55% of line rate for editing...

I could have dealt with an 80% cut.  I think that is a very fair rate.  That is my whole point.  I do not have a problem with the fact that they are moving to ALL editing.  I have a problem with the cut being too large.  I think 6 cpl would have been fair.  That allows you to make a decent wage, but 4 cents is absolutely ridiculous.  If voice recognition is the way of the future, at least MQ is doing something right, at least trying to be fair.  Transcend is just greedy!!

do you find being paid per the minute pays better than per line pay rate?

Thank you so much for your help!

Does Webmedx radiology still pays everyone at 7.25 per line regardless of experience?
You DO get a line rate increase for passing the CMT at Webmedx. sm
Ask your supervisor.
Yes to old reports! Their ExText has all the regular functions except line counts are done on line
Yes, just regular rate
They have never paid for any OT. When I first started and they asked for OT, I asked them if it was line and a half rate or how they calculated it, and she said what do you mean, you get paid the lines you type. Thinking she didn't understand me, I repeated the question and asked what we got paid extra for the OT pay, and she said nothing, you get paid for what you type. I thought it was illegal too, but obviously they are getting away with it. I know I refuse to work OT...never have and never will. When they cry about being out of TAT, I politely tell them that when I get paid extra for doing extra that I'll be more than happy to help.

I also work 2nd shift, and I'll have to check to see if I've been getting my differential due to what the above poster said. I'm going to be even more mad if I didn't, but it wouldn't surprise me none.

This company is going down hill fast since SPi took over. I think they forgot we are Americans and have a different way of doing things here. They want to pay us like they do over in their neck of the woods, and it's just not happening. It's getting to be quite insulting actually. I know I'm definitely looking for something else!
my regular rate is 10 cpl
Actually your ASR rate drops to 70% of your regular sm
rate, not 35%. If you do not like ASR, ask your STM to be removed. You have a choice whether or not to use it.
We get 1.5 times our regular rate on holidays, so it is the same sm
as the hospital that I worked at previous to working for Keystrokes.

I did not work any holidays last year or this except 4th of July. I am not a big fireworks or too-hot-to-breathe outside kindof person, so I always volunteer for that one!
There are WebmedX accounts still on regular transcription?!?
That's news to me. Have worked on most all in the past 2 years and ALL are on VR. And they don't tell their clients or the clients would not HOLD CONVERSATIONS WITH THE VR, talk about how something sounds funny, give editing information, ask how we are today...etc LOL

No one was bashing, they were telling the TRUTH.
I'd say that would depend on what your regular line
is what I've seen posted on here.  If you read fast you'll do fine, if you type faster than you read, well, it's iffy.  If you have lots of formatting, i.e., ROS/PE flush left margin and ASR doesn't do it, screw it; use macros/shortcuts because you should have ROS/PE in macros/shortcuts for most dictators.  I ignore the company's advice on how to do Keystrokes with it, turned off that hideous hiliter, and never waste time on tab plus whatever the other key combination is, it's too far away from home position and I'm a lefty and it's totally inconvenient for me to use it.  I use the ctl/arrow keys to move forward or backward and ctl/shift/arrow to both navigate and hilite, then all ya gotta do is hit delete.  All that also depends on how the ASR is set up.  I hated it at first and I'm still not fond of it, but it's better than sitting with nothing.
Well, that's you're getting 45% of your regular line
try to work your way around it like I did.  Do what's easiest for you, sometimes their way of doing things is bass-ackwards. 
MQ pays 70% of your MT rate. More than anyone else.

I don't have a second phone line ... cable modem for the internet, regular line for my C-phone.

If anyone wanst to get through to me while I'm working, they have my cell phone number.

And, as I said, some accounts are using wav files -- no doubt soon all of the accounts will convert.  Hope so ... would make it easier (less expensive) to work when traveling.  :-)

Lots of good companies out there -- hope you find one that fits :)



MQ pays 60% of transcription rate for VR.

MQ pays hourly. Their starting rate
was the highest of all the top nationals who are still paying hourly, plus they provide all your equipment, pay for your internet and the benefits are great.  
Their line rate was less than my current nat'l rate, even with mucho experience. nm
no msg
VR rate is 1/2 rate of traditional typing,I believe it is 4 cents line.

Medquist no longer pays hourly rate for QA - that

It is MME.  You do QA for 3 cents a line.  Then when that runs out, which it does, you do Editing at 5 cents a line.  And you also get straight transcription which is 8 cents a line.

Was in the pilot program and got more Editing and straight Transcription than QA. 

No more QA department for MQ. 

When MDI-FL pays vacation time, is it hourly rate or an average

You have to go to NJ to train and pick up their computer & she pays a low per-page rate. nm
Is the ASR line rate 1/2 of transcription line rate? sm
Reason I ask is that I assume if they have ASR now that eventually all will be ASR except of course for the awful dictators as this seems to be the norm.
As long as Webmedx pays well for VR
accounts, I won't mind, but if they do like Transcend, I will have a real problem. I can't afford to make half the line rate I make transcribing doing VR. We'll see and hope for the best.
Pays per page, top rate less than what I made 10 yeasr ago, benefits high
Who in the heck pays you that insulting rate. As Dr. Phil says, "Are you kidding me" LOL
There is no way. I cant get over it, 2 cpl a line???? just pennies a line what an insult for your time. I dont care if you are an old MT or newbie that is ridiculous and when people accept that kind of pay it just drives down the cpl for all of us. I mean heck if they can get people to do it for 2 cpl, why pay 5 cpl so they can pay their bills. That just blows my mind. You'd be better off working an 8-hour shift at McDonalds.
Oh, they make money off us. Line rate is 17 cents a gross line.nm
I know Webmedx pays $11/hour for 1 week.
I have seen in the past week other companies that pay, but I didn't pay attention to who they were.  I found the info browsing the job boards. 
Webmedx pays $11/hour for one week and then
pay 25% above line rate for 3 days to give you some time to build-up production. 
Webmedx pays for half of the testing fee...sm

if you pass, which I think is very generous. 

They also raise your line rate a quarter cpl when you become a CMT, which is not fantastic, but we all know any addition to your cpl can add up.

It's more than most companies offer.

Webmedx pays 8 hrs holiday pay (based on your LPH sm
production rate), plus whatever you transcribe for the day. Effectively, this is like double-time.
Webmedx pays very well for VR - probably the highest or close to it. nm
Webmedx pays fairly well, not flexible, though.
They used to hire with a 12-hour window, but I have heard they don't do that anymore, just a straight 8 schedule. Good luck.
I left MQ for TT. The base line rate was less at TT, but overall I make more per line with the
shift differential (I work second shift) and the incentive plan (I have never once failed to make at least an extra half cent per line on incentives - most of the time a penny). I was scared to death to make that move, as I had been with MQ since back in the Transcriptions Limited days. I have to say, though, that it was the best career move I have ever made and I have never, not once, regretted it.

I hope that was of some help.
Webmedx pays weekend and shift differential. nm

A lot of times, if they need extra help, they will over 1-1/2 times our regular rate. sm
This is the equivalent of OT but you get it even if you have not done 40 hours already. I have also received AmerExp gift cards a few times for incentives offered. I think it depends on the account.

I do know for sure that they are working on an incentive program but I have no details and not even sure if they are still looking at it.

I do know for sure that I make more $$ with Keystrokes than I have ever made anywhere else.
Who pays by the gross line? Anyone?
AllType pays by the line
Rad pays by line and by report, depending on the account
I have had rad accounts at Keystrokes pay both ways.  I haven't heard of one that pays for reports over 2 minutes, but it all depends on the client.  Your starting rate typically depends on your experience.  Everyone at Keystrokes is super-nice, you will like working with them.  Agree with poster who said get a backup account from day 1.  Getting IDs for your account can take quite a bit of time, so be prepared to wait.  Good luck.
TransHealth pays for spaces & headers on a 65 character line. sm
I recommend them highly.  Stable company, good platform, great benefits.  I'm happy there.
Not sure if you need bennies or not, but QT hires IC and has plenty of work and pays gross line! sm
You can apply at www.qtmedical.com It's a great place to work. Pay is always on time, always correct, recognized for holidays. They pretty much leave you alone and let you work. Very, very rarely run out of work. Depending on experience, pay usually starts around 7 to 8 cpl (gross lines) :)
Mine pays both ways, hourly plus line incentive over certain amount.
Webmedx and other companies. What pay rate for VR? (sm)
I work for MQ now and they pay 70% of your regular transcription line rate for voice recognition/editing.  Just wondering about Webmedx and any other companies.  Thanks in advance. 
Transcend pays 3 cents per line on holidays, plus sends a handwritten card to all
employees. I have worked for many companies and I have never seen a company that cares as much as Transcend.

E-mail me if you'd like more information.