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You don't have to "sit and wait" for work if

Posted By: you are not being paid to wait. sm on 2008-12-26
In Reply to: Payroll Question - Jen

No company can make you sit and wait for free. They cannot FORCE you to do this.

You will have to make up your mind how to handle this type of situation.

I work for 2 companies (one FT and one PT) and here's how I what I do for both:
1. One company has a policy on what to do if work runs out so I keep a printed copy of it. The other company doesn't so I asked my supervisor in an e-mail what the company expects if we run out of work. I printed off her reply (date/time-stamped e-mail).

2. I keep day-by-day calendar for the days I work. If I run out of work, literally run out - no more work - not where I don't have work I like or normally get - if it is for the company with a policy, follow it. Then I am released from work and I either offer to make it up or take PTO but I try to make it up if I can fit it in my schedule. If it is the other company with no policy about no work, I simply send an e-mail to my supervisor and copy her manager and a copy to the HR department and a blindcopy to myself with NO WORK AVAILABLE in the subject line. In the e-mail, I list the day/time and that I have no work available. I state what my plan is (make it up on xx day) unless I am contacted by management by X time (I list the time 30 minutes from when I ran out of work and am sending the e-mail).

3. Print off a copy of the e-mail I sent (from my sent box).

4. If management calls me with more work, I get the e-mail I sent to everyone and send it back to everyone thanking them for their contact at XX time and confirming what was arranged. Again, print off a copy of what I sent out of the sent box. If no one ever contacts me, I note that on my printed copy.

This way, I have:
1. Followed any policy.
2. Clearly notified management and HR of the situation.
3. Made my backup plan clearly known.
4. Given them opportunity to respond to resolve.
5. Keep legally recognized and accepted notes (calendar notes what happened; copies of e-mails sent) of how I handled the situation.

If your management requires you to call and leave a voice message, that's fine but ALWAYS follow up in e-mail for proof. It is especially important to print off these types of e-mails, especially if you have a company e-mail address that can be terminated.

Hope this helps.

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I cannot see why anyone particularly IC would sit and wait on work. That is almost
too hard to believe.  It is absolutely allowing someone else to make a total fool out of you.  I refuse to do that.  There are enough PT jobs around that you can run 2 at the same time.  It is inevitable that eventually people will just get out of this business unless you have other income and could care less about the overhiring.  I would think that most people are in this to make money for necessities but maybe I am wrong.  I have far better things to do with my life than sit and stare at an empty computer waiting on work.  I let them know it and I would hope other MTs do the same. 
While I wait to win the lottery, I need to continue to work....
Does anybody have any information on this company out of NJ? I've done a thorough search and absolutely no information is available. HelP?? TIA
Wait .. that came out wrong. I'm not glad you don't have work .. just relieved I'm not alo
I have work, just had to wait about 20 minutes after I signed in..no biggie. nm
You will need 15 hours out of your day to reach your line count because you have to wait on work..sm

to trickle in.  The pay is good, always on time, Q/A is not good, platform is good.  In my opionion, they have over hired on many accounts and this causes a lot of down time therefore causing you to work all day and night long to get in your counts in...if you don't care about hearing requested dictation completed....good company!   

You will be hired fast and then wait weeks or months for work...SM
You may be asked to invest in expensive equipment, likely to run out of work regularly and not have your calls returned when you try to contact them. They do pay well but the work is NOT there more than it is, so great pay doesn't mean much. They sell it to you great but they don't deliver.
I dont know what that means. I am an SE. I dont sit and wait for work I come back in when it is
there so I never had to deal with Amherst when there was no work because I just stopped working and did other things. My feeling is if this doesnt work there are other jobs out there.
Oh, well, then please don't wait around for it. I
wouldn't want you to be disappointed.

But wait and see. :)

I had work the first 2 full weeks I was there.. afterwards I was bombarded with hours and lines to make up.  i.e., 11-15 hours every single week with a paycheck that never topped $200 except for my first one because they pay $200 to train. They always wanted everyone available every hour of every day. At least my TM is.  You need to come back after you are there for a while and let me know how it is REALLY going for you. 

Only excuse I ever got was the doctors are on vacation thats why no one has work... umm I had like over 50 when I stopped counting in my work pool.. so I highly doubt it.

I really do hope everything works out for you.  


I was told we can never use our own computer.  Everyone has to use theirs.

wait, there's more
(from the same board)

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 10:17 am Post subject: re: Telerecruiting Admin Services Reply with quote
OH MY GOSH - thank you so much for posting this information.

I got an email from them telling me about a job and that I was preselected. Everything about the email was so professional, even the mention of sending them $11.95 to keep active with their staffing service, taking a typing test and sending the results, etc.

I got the email the evening before Thanksgiving and they needed a reply by the Friday after Thanksgiving because the job was supposed to start the next week. I got the feeling of [quote] hurry so you don't miss this opportunity.[/quote]

IT SOUNDED AND LOOKED SO GOOD - and I didn't have a lot of time to research this company - so I started with these forums and lo and behold here was my answer.

I sure appreciate that you took the time to input this information.
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Joined: 10 Oct 2005
Posts: 8

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 12:56 pm Post subject: re: Telerecruiting Admin Services Reply with quote
I fell for it the first time that they sent me something. I think it had to do with data entry but then they said that the positions have been filled. I find out that there was only like 2-4 positions that they had opened.

Now wait. Don't tell me there are

what you type in, no matter what your Expander plays out.  For instance, if you type copdx and that comes out as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, you should get paid for all the characters/spaces in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, right?  Not just five letters for copdx.  I'm asking because of the post below.

Heck, if I worked for a company that wasn't paying me for stuff the I took the time to put in MY expander to make transcription faster and more profitable for ME, then I'd just throw my expander out and type everything the hard way.

Please tell me there is no company that cheats MTs like that!

If you are an IC, you get paid when the hospital pays the client = stop complaining and deal with it!
Is this the one where you wait (sm)
forever for the first pay?
Wait? What?
Wait... Medware was bought out by another company or they are merging with another company?

What shall happen to all of us MedWare employees? I love MedWare!!! It's the best one I've worked for yet. :)
wait until you have been there a while
to say you love them. I worked for them for a few years and got so tired of the bad platform and the fact they were always promising this and promising that...and it would be real soon...but after waiting 3 years none of this ever happened...so went to greener pastures. A lot of their platforms are not transcription friendly at all.

My 2 cents worth...I know a lot of people do like them and that is fine...for them anyway!
No, I don't have to wait. First job comes sm
in about 30 seconds and I start typing after it is done. The others download in the background.
You should only have to wait (sm)
for the first one.  After that, they download while you are transcribing.  Not slow at all.  (?)
Wait a while and see then
Oh, just wait

Anytime now there will be a psychotic posting from a member of the management team telling us how YOU didn't pass their test and meet their high standards, and how THEY didn't want to hire you.  Anytime now, probably within the hour or two.

Just wait
If you work on a busy account you will be called on your days off to work if they are behind in work.
Wait a sec...do you mean CTS or TRX?
Your post doesn't indicate to which company you're referring.

Thanks for clarifying :-)
Can't wait-what will we get? Maybe sm
a card that we can print out ourselves? 
Wait a sec -
Are you the OP or another MT who was burned by LM? If you're not the OP, when did this happen to you?

That would make 3 of you in this thread that weren't paid, and that's pretty scary.
Why would you wait to see what others SM
are doing?  Get out now!  If you wait, you will be a latecomer to whatever company you end up with.  Why don't you be one of the first?  I have never understood staying even a minute with a company that had me sitting around waiting for work.  Move on.  I have not worked at TT, but I know how this goes. 
Hey wait a minute....
This all originally started way down below with a positive post about Transcend in answer to a question about the company.  Then, the naysayers hop on and start blah blah blahing all over the place.  So, I believe the trouble started at your door.
Do you have to wait 90 days (sm)
to be eligible for the health insurance, and do you really not have to work any holidays. How is the platform? Thanks for replying.
Yes, wait 90 days. sm
Yes, you wait 90 days for health insurance. You can request holidays off. The platform is a piece of cake.

No problem at all. Feel free to ask other questions or email me at timetotype@hotmailnospam.com (take out nospam)
Okay, wait a minute
Well, you know, now that I check out my first apology, I see I didnt apologize before to you, just JMO.  I thought I had apologized to both of you.  So, I am also sorry if I said anything that hurt your feelings.  And thank you for  your apology also. 
Just you wait and see if you dare go there !
You will absolutely hate the job at TH. Try it if you MUST, tho.
Now wait a minute...
I am management remember?   not an MT!
rewards given to those who wait!
These rewards seem to come in benefit those who wait until the absolute last minute because then the work has piled up and the company offers bonuses for meeting X number of lines over the weekend? Who loses? The MTs who typed all week already and are reliable and TIRED at this point and cannot type over the weekend, so no bonus for them for being dependable the other 12 days of the pay period!
I don't think I can wait that long!
I haven't talked to anyone from Amphion, but their web site info looks great, especially the make your own schedule and holidays being completely up to the MT.
Just wait. Like a lot of other romances, .....
Don't do it. She asked all MTs to wait for their
checks in January and told us that it would happen again in July. I had bounced checks, late checks and the owner is a snake. Not the same as Keystrokes. LeePerfect's owner's first name is not Lee.
Isn't this where the pay is almost zip and you wait 6 wks for that first check? Or was it another
I always wait about 2-3 days before
contacting a company I am really interested in. Sometimes they get so bogged down with resumes it is hard to keep up. Good luck!
You might have to wait in line (LOL). nm
Wait til they make it to the
You have to wait one YEAR for PTO? Is that right??
Right, you have to wait a year to get PTO.
I think anyone anywhere can take vacation without pay.  Talk about dumb!  Trust me, getting vacation pay but not being able to use it for a year, is not a good thing.  I love it!! 
Cant's wait to leave
Started January 2006. Pay was fair, benefits excellent. Work flow was adequate on 2nd shift but that has changed. My (2)accounts were riddled with ESL I have 31 years of experience and feel like they are punishing me for that. On the other hand, the people were really nice, communication was excellent, feedback from QA good, QA reviews fair, etc. They acquired many new accounts during that time and their projected growth for 2007 will move them from a medium size MTSO to the big leagues. By the way, we had at least 6 or 7 TMs in my 1.5 year stretch (clue #1).

I cruised through the first 8 months, constantly struggling to raise my line count to 1200 lines per day. I was beginning to get there by November (5 extra months after the expected 6-month timeframe specified in the good faith estimate). They never really said anything to me about lagging behind on that (clue #2), I thought because I worked on 2nd shift on heavy, heavy ESL accounts with good QA.

I was typing a good balanced load of 50/50 between the 2 accounts, nice variety of work types which was good for me because it kept me challenged. On a positive note, I can say that the physician samples and access to the patient and MD archives were excellent resources and helped me along the way. I had made countless macros and felt really good about it all....and then WHAM! ASR reared its ugly head!

I was not directly involved with that at first, but around that time my work pool began to take a HUGE turn south. I rarely got any jobs from my secondary account so the 50/50 disappeared. They priortized by work type whereas before I would simply get the oldest dictation next (or short TAT jobs) regardless of work type. This was the beginning of the end (clue #3). I was inundated with every kind of diagnostic test known to man (echo, TTT, EEG, EKG etc) as a first priority, followed by cardiac caths, dictated by the absolute bottom of the barrel in terms of ESLs, one American mumbler who was actually worse than the ESLs, and 2 or 3 special MDs from the God squad...you know the type...every word uttered from their mouths was STAT, no blanks allowed, 100% QA. That was the only time my secondary account would show up, delivering me the exact same scenario without exception. Inevitably, both facilities would dictate tons of caths on the same day, and it was not uncommon for me to get nothing but caths and nothing but ESLs. The macros I had worked so hard to create are now in the macro graveyard. Samples, patient and physician archives are useless with this pool. The same applied to echoes (days when I would type nothing else).

Did I mention that on 2nd shift, there was no backup for these types of reports? The whole situation was a count-killer for me. I started in January 2007 trying to get the rotating TMs to address this with me. Ignored, ignored, ignored is what I got. The last response I had could be characterized as a bald-faced lie. I was told I would get 2 additional accounts. I took the time to set up printed-out master file, staff lists, etcetera and familiarized myself with the accuonts (on my off time, I might add). That was about 5 weeks ago. So far, I have not gotten a single report from the new accounts.

In the meantime, ASR was steadily eating up all the VR-friendly dictators and the work pool kept getting seedier and seedier. When it came my turn to train for ASR, I was stunned at the micromanagement of it all. Pause time is a good example of this....you know, the time you spend doing ADT, copies, word searches and the like...suddenly was not considered realtime work. The platform kicks you off the system after a 15-minute pause, which sounds like it is fair but the reality is anything but. I received high praises for how well I was doing in training but no amount of adoration can make up for the 50+% cut in pay. Goody, goody. Type twice the amount for half the rate. I am so sure. The first couple of weeks the much-hyped training bonus ($10 a day for the first 2 pay periods, then $5 a day for the last pay period) barely raised my pay to $70/day. This is about what I was paid as a hospital employee IN 1976!!

The ad you see up there is really impressive, never mind that it will spread the work paper-thin for those already there. They have it all laid out...but beware. There are sharks in those waters.

That's why I am on the MT Daily, MT stars site, frantically sending out resumes, researching companies, setting up interviews and such. There is something OBSCENE about 0.0465 cpl for ASR. We all have to draw the line somewhere. I am drawing mine here. Taking insults like that is not in my job description. If I am not paid a living wage for ASR I will not do it. If I am not paid for spaces, I will leave them out of my reports. Rock bottom hourly wage should at the VERY LEAST net $100+ a day with good benefits that are comprehensive with affordable premiums. If I am not worth that after 31 years of experience, at age 59 I will find myself looking for a position far, far away from transcription.

I hope this will help you make a good decision. I am so outta here.
How long to wait?
Recently I tested and passed with a national company that has had quite a few advertisements on this site recently.  I immediately received an e-mail saying I had passed the test and when would be a good time for a telephone interview, which I answered...that was last Tuesday and I haven't heard anything.  I'm sure their HR department is very busy, but how long should I wait to e-mail them again, or try to call?  I really need this job and it's a good fit for my experience (PT).  Don't want to be a pest, but don't want to fall through the cracks, either.  Thanks!
Why wait? You can esearch any changes
to state regulations yourself.
Wait...she's NOT really a recruiter???
I guess I missed that thread. I thought that she was. If she really is not a recruiter, I agree that she really should change your name on here. It's making the company look bad, when in fact it really is a great place to work.
I think you have to wait 3 to 6 months.
Yes, you have to wait a month
Current KS'r
You can look, but wouldn't you want to wait until the
Agree 100%. I'm so glad I got hired on with them. That was a blessed day. I applied a long time ago, but since I live in a rural area at first I didn't have DSL, then I couldn't get unlimited long distance, now, I've been blessed!!! I have it all and FINALLY got on with Keystrokes!!!! Been there about 3 months now and loving every minute of it! I've been working hard, earing GOOD paychecks, making good relationships with Becky, Lee, Ginny, etc! I LOVE this place and hands down for me it is the BEST company I have EVER worked for and I've been doing transcription for 20 years!!!
Which companies only have a 30 day wait (or less)

Wait a minute
I did not jump down anyone's throat at all. I merely stated that giving erroneous information was not only not helpful, it was actually harmful. That is all I said, that is all I meant. BTW, I did not find your caveman analogy to be exactly kind, so why don't you start your quest for kindness with your own posts?
wait 45 days
She wants you to type NOW to bail her out but wants you to wait 45 days to pay you?  yeah right.  who is flaked out?