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all depends on which company you work for

Posted By: sm on 2005-12-14
In Reply to: what is a 65 character-defined line? - cmt

to define the line they first determine what is and is not a character. Some companies believe that a space is not a character so it is not counted as one. So, once the term character is defined, then every 65 characters would count as 1 line. This is different from a gross line that just counts the lines you see on the page.

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Like I said - it depends who you work for. I work for a hospital at home - not a company. nm
But I think it depends on which company you work for.
It depends on who is offering it, and what kind of work is available. If you posted the company sm
name, we could give more helpful advice.
depends on work type, experience, spaces, company, area
I've easily done 600, but it depends on the way a company counts lines and it depends on the
dictators. Obviously, if you have a good share of ESL, there is no way you could ever do 600 or 700. On really difficult ones, I usually run around 400 lines an hour and I have been working on this platform for 3 years.
depends on company but...

would guess most have a number of lines that they call full time and another number they call part time. Probably lines more than minutes.

Do you have the flexibility to fit them in whatever hours you wish? Depends. Usually as an employee you would work whatever shift they told you, i.e. S-Th 7-3. IC's are not supposed to be scheduled though I would not be surprised to find some companies fudging on that. After all, what are you going to do, quit or report them? Most of the criteria to determine IC vs. emp. come from the IRS. They are the ones that it matters most if you are IC or employee. You can search on some government sites to find tax publications regarding this issue.

It depends on what company you
they overhire, sometimes send to India, depending on your company.
Depends on the company. Did they tell you that you would be doing ER?

Some places treat ER as acute care, not clinic, but it is really up to the individual company.  Best to ask your supervisor if you were not told anything when you were hired. 

Really depends on the company.
I think it depends on the company...sm
I have worked for a company as an IC under a 24-hour TAT, which was still a little stressful. I love the company I work for now because I can work whenever I want without the stress and still get a good line count in. I would never go back to employee status, which I've done in the past, as well. Way too restrictive and so much stress. No thanks! Finally, after 10 years of doing this, I am happy.
Depends on the company
I had that job at a northeastern-based company and it was awful!  It was trying to deal with account managers fighting each other and me. I was told to go in and monitor the accounts and get work assigned, etc., and then would hear from the account manager never to touch the account.  It takes a LOT of experience and a lot of responsibility.  If you take this job, don't do it for less than 16-17 an hour.
Depends on the company but overall
Your line counts very much depend on the company with ExText. I worked with one company and was easily able to get 400+ lines an hour..easy account, easy dictators, etc, but then I worked for another company and was on an even easier account and struggled to make 200 lines. With the average pay per line for VR editing running at around .04, that's just not gonna cut it.
Depends on the company.
I have 2 IC contracts and neither of them require me to have a certain number of hours or lines. I work when and how often I want. A lot of companies require a certain line count per week. and then there are other companies that treat their ICs like employees and require a set schedule. I personally love being an IC and having complete flexibility over my schedule as I have a little one at home and can't always work at the same time each day.
I think it depends on company.
I know mine does pay for spaces.  I get good lines on Escript averaging higher than my straight transcription and higher than with my previous platform (ancient word perfect).  I've heard complaints of low averages but I don't understand how this is. 
Depends on company. Some just the
lines over base, some pay for all lines if over base.
That depends on the company
. Normally a lead is the main MT on the account who supervises the other MTs. But structure varies from company to company
It depends on the company/msg
You probably will not make as much as you would MTing, but $800 every 2 weeks sounds low to me.  Probably will not have to type, but again, it depends on the company. 
Like anything, it depends on the company. Some good, some bad. nm
I have worked for both. It just depends on the company..sm
the smaller one treated me better, but pay was less, benefits were less, however, more flexible in scheduling and treated more like a person than a number. The bigger companies I have worked for pay better, better benefits, but you are treated like a number, not too much personal chit-chat with other employees or with your supervisor and not as much flexibility in scheduling. Depends on what you are looking for.
not necessarily so - I think it depends on the company and how they set it up(sm)
I worked on a hospital using Cquence and the lines produced on it were paid with spaces (the way my company was paying us.)
Depends on the company, but with Axolotl
there is no freedom in the schedule.  If you are scheduled to work 9 to 5, you work 9 to 5.  Can fudge 15 minutes either way without an issue, as long as you are getting your lines. 
I think it depends on the company and what position you hold. sm
If you are a Team Lead or manager, I think it would be a conflict of interest. If you are an IC, you should have more than one place that you do work for to be considered as an IC, otherwise you are an employee.
Overall it is a good company. Your paycheck, however, depends on the account SM
you have, and your level. I am currently a level 8 with a high number of ESLs. I like Spheris the company though, but dislike my account.
Depends upon how your company counts things, I suppose. sm

I like both platforms.  Bayscribe is easy to use, and the Expander emulates PRD+, which I was used to.  The spellchecker is kind of clumsy -- that could definitely use some tweaking.  The thing I liked the most about Bayscribe was at the end of each report, you saw the line count for that report and how much you made, plus a total of lines for all reports and the total number of lines you had made for the day.

I am currently using ExText, and it is also easy to use.  I have to go to ichart to view my line count, though, and you cannot get it on a report-to-report basis.   The CTRL+I feature is useless to me since my employer does not count headers or footers.  I quit using it because I hated to see what a big difference there was at the end of the day.  I could do 300 lines per hour on Bayscribe.  With the current setup, maybe 250.  I can do 300 if I just sit and type as fast as I can with no breaks, but that cannot last for 8 hours solid.

Either platform is okay.  I still kinda miss WP51 -- think DOS-based programs were faster -- but you can't hold on to a dinosaur.  And, obviously that is just my opinion.  Hope it helps. 

Paid for spaces depends on the account. Good company. nm
It depends how fast they are growing. I worked for a company in New York that sm
had 5 new accounts start, 1 a month for 5 months, that were all very large and needed 20+ MTs. They are now a larger company and do not constantly need new MTs, but I think it is unfair to judge a company by how many people it is hiring. I think it would be interested to find out how many are new positions and how many are due to MTs leaving and why they left.
Depends who you work for (sm)

I worked for an owner that was very controlling and I suppose if you lived on a farm you would be happy with the pay.  I might get flamed for this, but there is a big difference in what you pay for rent.

Maybe you should try finding your own doctors?  Just a suggestion.


depends on who you work for
With one company I am with you see how many jobs are in the queue at any time. Normally it should be over 150 at the beginning of the day but some days it just isn't. We can only take a set number at a time but I see people take them out of order so they can get the easier dictators, etc., so they get more of the jobs. If I see there are few jobs I do only a certain number and then quit. You get to know the patterns of how people work. We have some people who work later than I do so I would want something left for those people. I guess looking at this board I am old fashioned that way, but I still believe in caring about other people.
Depends who you work for - sm
my boss just canned someone (domestic) because she just would not learn anything. We would tell her time and time again the mistakes she was making, and she'd do it right for a few days then go right back to doing it wrong. Very frustrating. She was finally canned when the hospital personally requested she be removed from the account, and after numerous complaints from the two of us checking her work. She repeatedly said she did not understand why she was fired, though it was spelled out to her quite clearly. So between her lack of ability to do her work right, and on time (was out of TAT a lot) she dug her own hole eventually. I think MTSOs don't want to fire someone because it is such an ordeal to hire, train, etc, and hope they get a good MT who can just jump in and do good work without a lot of hand-holding.
Really depends on who you work for

My company was wonderful.  Then they were bought by a big offshoring company.  For the last two years, I hated my job but I stayed for the PTO of 32 days per year.  I was layed off when my account was sent overseas.  With the EMR and other changes that have occurred, I seriously wanted out of the business because I no longer considered this secure work.  However, I live in a very small town and jobs are very limited.  We have a college, hospital, and of course the state offices.  You may have to wait 6 months for an opening. 

I was hired by a smaller company who does not offshore, doing a specialty I love, and the pay was more than I have made in the last 9 years.  No weekends, nights, or holidays!!  I could not believe it.  This is very hard to come by and it just fell in my lap.  I absolutely love this.  However, I do have to keep in mind this is still not a secure business.  This client could leave tomorrow for a cheaper rate, to offshore, or heavy EMR.  So if you want to get back into the MT business, I would say do not take a job just to be an MT again.  There are a lot of negative things going on in the business right now.  If you can, wait until something comes along that is perfect for you and that will make you happy.  Most importantly - have money saved in case you do lose your account/job.  They do not give you notice.  I am happy for now.

I believe it depends on what platform u work on. I work on
Extext and I love it!!!!! I have not transcribed even part time in years. First night in less than 2 hours hit 300+ lines. Second night a little over 2 hours hit 350+ lines. This is all learning a new system so I find it interesting and fun.
I have plenty of work and always have. Depends on the
account, the type of transcription (clinic, HIM or radiology), etc. Keystrokes does not do is overhire. My manager told me the other day that there have been 15 new accounts since November that have started and that they have increased the number of transcriptionists accordingly.

I think everyone with Keystrokes will agree. We work for one of the few companies that has had work when this board is full of companies running out of work.
It depends who you work for - I get 8 cpl to edit VR. nm
depends on work type
If you can do mostly ops you can fly and make a tremendous amt. If you do HP con and DS it slows you down and makes typing more lucrative.  VR makes money for the company by causing huge decrease in payroll costs but does not benefit the majority of MTs.
I've never said there isn't work, it just depends on your
account.  But I'm willing to put in the time, adjust my schedule to when there may be work, etc. and have multiple accounts and still can't get lines in (and I wasn't the only one) then it doesn't matter now much OT is available on another account. 
I guess it just depends on where you work
I get a yearly raise automatically after a short evaluation in the office.
Well, it all depends on the division you work for too. nm

It all depends on which division you work for...
I worked for several during my time there, and there were all different.
Depends on the type of work
In my own experience, if it were psych I'd jump on it in a heartbeat. Anything else, it may not be cost efficient, but it may end up being better than what a lot having been getting lately with the MT/VR combos.
I think it depends on the account. I always work Thanksgiving sm
Mem Day, Labor Day and New Year's Day and have 4th of July, Easter, Christmas Eve and Christmas off. This is what I volunteer to work, so that might be how all the accounts work. I do radiology so that is why we work holidays.
It depends on the account. I do not work weekends. nm
Work flow depends on the shift
Less work available during the day because that is when most people want to work.
Depends on your shift, work days,
I think the base pay was 8.5 but you have in addition to that shift and weekend differentials as well as you get another differential for keeping QA submissions below a certain percentage, and this line rate goes back to line 1, so you could make around 9.5 to 9.75 I believe depending on your shift.

What I liked best about TT is that you are not limited to 10 reports a day for an eternity and having to jump through hoops to get off QA. You can type as much as you like from the start because it will go to QA anyway until you are released from QA. I have not found another company like that.

Hope this helps.
Just depends on the account. I work for MDI, don't use a c-phone but also don't have Bayscrib
No it isn't. I think it depends on what work you do and your shift, but I make 9 cpl plus incent
It depends on if this is editing other MT's work or VR. If VR, that is a good rate. nm
that was union and they STILL made us work overtime, etc. Depends on where you
are.  Personally, count me OUT!  My experience is HORRIBLE and getting worse.  I am now union free and tell everyone I know about my BAD experiences with the union!  Companys do what they want anyway!  When you start starving and no one will hire you because you are on strike you will get the picture
how do we work it? Easy answer - work for another company. That happened with the company
I was working for. I would wake up at 4 a.m. AND ON THE WEEKENDS TOO because they needed "coverage" supposedly and I would sit until 9:30 or noon without any work. Sorry, but my rent of $1450/month could not be paid with only $57/day. So I got another job and when I got the equipment and everything, then I quit for the other employer.
It depends on your account, employee status, amount of work agreed, etc. NM
Too many variables to count. A lot depends on shift, accounts, what types of work you do. (sm)

I can be totally out of work on my 2 accounts and pull up backlog report and see some accounts have OT offered. 

Every company has some employees totally satisfied with amount of work and some who run out totally. 

Like I said, many, many variables to be figured in.

No - it is not always slow! Depends on the company and hospital. I have never been slow this time
Slow time is usually in September when everyone is back to work/school from the summer months.

Been doing this 24 years and never slow this time of year. Actually, I am drowning in work - can't keep up.