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already fired

Posted By: needwork on 2009-09-04
In Reply to: She's hoping to come back to a - pile of resignations - flabbergasted

Hey Flabbergasted...just got an email from another Webmedx ex-employee...it's all over and her boss is calling everyone to tell them...expecting my phone to ring as soon as they get to my last name in the alphabet....the account is gone and so are our jobs.  Our beloved manager hand picked a few of her favorites to switch to the new account coming online...the rest of us have been kicked to the curb!

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They probably fired your sorry self!
Oh? Fired again? nm
I do believe that if you are fired
but if you leave willingly, you cannot collect. Good luck.
I have NEVER EVER EVER been fired from a job
But maybe you have. I was just stating something and you felt the need to jump down my throat and on my back and stomp all over it. Who are you? Diskriter management maybe?
How about the AC that was just fired

because she would not be a rat?  Your AC, other ACs and those in management will be there as long as there is an OSi.  They cannot get positions any place else.  One AC left, tried for months to get work, could not, so went back. Also, after reading your many goofy posts here, you should count your blessings and make OSi your home.  Who knows, one day you may be a director.  

Probably been fired from all - LOL
What AC got fired at OSI?

Yep. I got fired too. sm
The guy was a real jerk.
Yes. I was one of them fired. sm
The guy who did it was a pompous sounding ass while the HR lady cried while she was on with us.
I can see why you got fired - MT

Very unprofessional


Usually when someone is fired SM

from any job, there's the story they tell everybody about why and then there is the truth.  I know for a fact there is some step-by-step procedure they go by for quality problems and they give lots of chances to attain the 98%, including the full review of work with full feedback, just like when you started.

If she didn't go through all that, then it's likely she didn't work her schedule correctly and they really are not putting up with people who abuse the schedules.

Anyone can be fired for anything at any
time. Being an IC you have less protection from that than a FT employee. All she has to say is that she has enough FT'ers or coverage or whatever and doesn't need you any more.

You have my support.  It is very frustrating to have deal with difficult employers.  As much as I like being an MT, I feel 90% of the time in this business, it is a very THANKLESS job.  You never get appreciation for what you do, only criticized from anything from your boss having a bad day, doing too much work, not doing enough, or even silly, petty things.  Not only do we have to know a lot to do this job, but make ourselves available for our employers at a moment's notice, be willing to pick up the slack of other MTs not doing their jobs, and be thick skinned to put up with negative comments, ignorant, nasty bosses, etc.  It's just unfair for people to be so cold-hearted in this business.  You know, what goes around comes around.

Good luck to you!

If she fired you

in a tantrum and then reHIRED you within an hour, you most probably meet employee criteria, and she, most likely, is bipolar.

let go vs fired
If you are fired, at least in the past, you were not eligible for unemployment. I was told they were not firing me, just letting me go. So you decide.
you are sure fired up
or are just a plain ol hothead. Either way, there is no need to get so rude and snotty with everyone. Yes, I worked for MQ and, contrary to what you think, I did listen, and when it was the right time for me, I also left. I too have been at this 34 years, but I've lived in 6 different states, so I have had legitimate reasons for changing jobs. One thing I know, I've always conducted myself professionally, even when I had to tell a doctor or two off, and even here on these boards. I listen and I watch, not stick my head in the sand. I gave my current opinion of MDI and CB and stand by it, until my experience shows me differently. Hope you have defused now before your BP goes off the chart, and are happy in your new job. Remember, we're all in this together, even with our different opinions.
Yup, been fired before.
About six years ago, I was let go due to 'QA issues'. I never really got the full story on why I was let go, but at the time, I didn't really care much - I was so bummed.

Try to get in touch with your ex-supervisor and simply ask what the issues were that got you fired - explain that it's so you can learn from your mistakes. Then take some time, have a few beers (if you drink), bum around in your PJs for a day or two, and then get right back on and find something else. It may have just been that the speciality didn't suit you - try something else, like cardiology or psych.

Don't give up if this is really what you want to do. Keep at it and you'll find a place that suits you. Keep smiling!!! =)
Yup, been fired before.
About six years ago, I was let go due to 'QA issues'. I never really got the full story on why I was let go, but at the time, I didn't really care much - I was so bummed.

Try to get in touch with your ex-supervisor and simply ask what the issues were that got you fired - explain that it's so you can learn from your mistakes. Then take some time, have a few beers (if you drink), bum around in your PJs for a day or two, and then get right back on and find something else. It may have just been that the speciality didn't suit you - try something else, like cardiology or psych.

Don't give up if this is really what you want to do. Keep at it and you'll find a place that suits you. Keep smiling!!! =)
Don't you think everyone would already be *fired* sm
by now if this was valid? Maybe only the lower producers were let go, to provide more work for everybody else? That's the way it usually works when an account is lost at ANY company.
Resign vs. Fired
If they fire you and you have enough weeks worked, you will get unemployment unless there are other circumstances. If you know you do not qualify for unemployment, then you might as well resign. If you use them as a reference, they can't say anything bad about you anyway, it's illegal.
All the MTs may be fired 05/10/2006
or soon thereafter--what about the call-in meeting they are said to be having this Wednesday for all the MTs? Does NOT sound good. (Glad I left when I did.) Looks like the offices in India will be getting more jobs as the American offices will be closing, I've heard, at the end of May.
If someone was fired in 2002,
how would they know what's going on in 2006?
Somebody asked who got fired
You know we can't give names on this forum but a person in tech support and her both got fired because she did not report him for something. I wish I could say more but can't.  I don't know if you know her or not, she was not my AC and I know her only by name, all I know is what I heard through the grape vine.
Who is it? Was she fired or did she quit?
Thanks! I was starting to think I'd been fired!
I got fired from Amphion..........
because I was not making their line count at the end of my probation but I feel like a lot of that had to do with the DI screen. I would not recommend Amphion to my worst enema errrr enemy.
DRC Fired Emails?
Okay, so has anyone heard anything at all about their jobs at DRC (if you want to share)?  Yesterday was the day, I think.  Will it ever be the company it was before?
Did she get fired or did she quit?
Fired you too, I suppose?
Believe everything you read, huh chickenneck? We got you again, and proved our point again. She starts this week, and a nice healthy rate as well. Jealous, I know...stop wasting your valuable work time spread rumors and gossiping and you too may be one of the lucky ones! HAHAHA!
He was also fired for mistreating ME!! sm

Not only me, but I was the straw that broke the camels back so they say.  He was a total A** hole and did some really bad stuff to people, but about 3 months ago was FIRED!!!.  I really liked them in the beginning, was with them about 7 months, but if you need to change your schedule or want to change your account you are in trouble.  You must wait 6 months to change schedule and if you are on a crappy account you can plan on being stuck there!!! Also no pay raises from EVERYONE I have spoken to from management down!!!.  Now that I am with a different company, I can see the mistreatment that I got and just did not realize that was not the way it was supposed to be, but I have to say I did love my mentor and we became really good friends and my supervisors were great!! It was really the management that needed an overhaul.  So this is long and there is my 2 cents.

Did you just get fired by email??????
Was this a rhetorical question, or were you fired by email today?
There is the threat of being fired if you

talk about your payrate.  They make you sign a form stating that.

The insurance though, for single, is a little less than 100 per month if you go for the higher premium.  The vision and dental are extra.

I'm sorry you are frustrated with the lack of answers.  It really is the responsibility of Transcend to that supply you with that information. 

We feel too threatened. 

Everyone who has been fired, whether employee,

If you are unable to find another job quickly, and if you can afford to wait 4 to 6 weeks for your first Unemployment Compensation check, I would definitely fight it and request an Appeal and Hearing.   


Here is MY story:


Please keep in mind this occurred several years ago and that every State has different standards and requirements, so what I went through with Medquist may not help you at all, but it may give you and others who have been blindsided and terminated without the slightly warning some insight and encouragement to keep up the fight. 


Years ago, I was fired from MQ while I was a Statutory Employee, and was told No way, No how, would I qualify for Unemployment Compensation Benefits.  Well, at that time, I had a few bucks put away and did not need to find a job immediately, so I went ahead and applied for UC just out of spite knowing that they would fight me every step of the way. 


Here is my chronology (again, your State may do things somewhat differently)

1.  I filed my UC Claim in my State.

2.  My State notified MQ that I had applied for UC.

3.  MQ immediately sent an Objection Notice stating I was terminated because of MISCONDUCT.  (Here is what my State says about Misconduct firings:  “Since the employer caused the separation the burden will be on them to establish to our satisfaction that you were fired for misconduct.  If we conclude so, you will be disqualified.  Misconduct may include chronic tardiness, theft, falsification of employer documents, insubordination, or various other actions.”)


 (This was years ago and I am not sure if this is still the case, but I learned that, at that time, since MQ was so large and they fired people constantly, MQ did not handle their Unemployment Claims at their HR headquarters.   They outsourced their UC Program to an outside Unemployment Consulting Firm that did nothing but take in UC Claims and probably AUTOMATICALLY sent out Objection Notices.  I am sure they anticipated that 99% of the MTs would give up because they could not wait a month or more for their first check and would take the first job they could, giving up their UC claim.)


4.  I filed an Appeal.

5.  MQ had to send all their paperwork documenting their claim of  MISCONDUCT to my State.

6.  My State sent me copies of everything MQ had sent to them.  (So, I was able to look at what they based their claim on and I was able to print out copies of  E-Mails, etc. that refuted their claim, which showed that there was no misconduct on my part, and I could give my opinion as to why I was fired.)  I then sent MY paperwork to my State. 

7.  My State sent my rebuttal paperwork to MQ.  (This was all done through their Unemployment Consulting Firm).

8.  After my State had looked at the paperwork from MQ and from me, my State determined that a Hearing was in fact warranted and scheduled a phone conference-call Hearing between MQ and myself where the Hearing Officer (which in my State is an Administrative Law Judge) would ask questions and each side could state their case, ON THE RECORD and under Oath, as this is a legal proceeding.  (I called my UC Office to find out if they would allow me to appear in person as opposed to on the phone.  If you can, definitely appear in person.  It gives you more credibility and you can sometimes get cues from the Hearing Officer that you cannot get over the telephone.) 

9.  On the day of the Hearing, I arrived in person.  The Hearing Officer placed a conference call to both the Unemployment Consulting Firm representative and the MQ representative whose phone numbers had been provided to him.  The Consulting Firm rep answered right away, but the Hearing Officer kept getting a busy signal for the MQ rep.  After a few tries, the Hearing Officer got impatient waiting for MQ to answer, so he began asking the Consulting Firm rep the series of questions he had for MQ.  The Consulting Firm rep just kept saying “I don’t have that information” or “I believe the MQ rep could answer that” or “my records do not include that information.”  After about 10 minutes of that, the Hearing Officer finally got through to the MQ rep.  When he asked the MQ rep the same questions, she couldn’t answer them either, saying stuff like “I do not personally know” or “my records do not indicate anything about that” or “I would have to look into that.”  After about five or six questions, the Hearing Officer stopped asking MQ questions, turned to me and asked “ Do you believe you are guilty of Misconduct?”  I answered “No.”  The Hearing Officer then said “Thank you.  This Hearing is now concluded.”  (By the way, the above are not direct quotes, but what I recall as being close to what was said.)

10.  Within two days, I received the Determination Letter from the Hearing Officer stating that my claim had been Approved.  I received all my back checks (back to the day I had first applied) within the following week. 


The whole thing did take six weeks, so you do have to have some income to keep you going until it is all finished, but you do get all the back checks, so even if you have to borrow money for six weeks, it might be worth it if you can definitely prove there was no Misconduct  on your part as they claimed. 


So, I would say to anyone who is terminated, whether you are an employee, statutory employee, or even independent contractor, at least file a UC Claim if you cannot find another job within a week or two.   Even if you are lucky and do get a new job quickly, if it is on a totally new platform and you know for sure you will be making considerably less at your new job than you made at your old job, you can still qualify for partial Unemployment Compensation Benefits for the weeks that you make less than you did before.   I think you can probably do the initial claim on the phone or on-line in just about every state, so there is no reason for you not to do it.  Maybe if they suddenly get dozens of UC Claims every week, these MTSOs will think twice about terminating people without due diligence and proper warnings.  


Plus, in a round-about way, it may actually give Medical Transcriptionists more exposure.  I am sure that every year there are thousands of MTs who were fired, laid off, or who are making less than half of what they used to who do nothing to bring light to their fate.  If all of us show up on the Unemployment stats that the White House and Congress get every week, they might realize that the MT ranks are dwindling and maybe someone will finally look into it and maybe realize that off-shoring is cutting into jobs and wages in the United States.  How can the economy rebound from the recession when more and more MT jobs are being off-shored?  You never know, stranger things have happened.  LOL


That was me and Edix fired me due to chemo
Curious. Was he fired from either place? nm
Fired from Spheris or Resign. HELP

I was told to resign or be fired.  I do not know which to do.  If I resign, I have no job.  If I am fired, then I cannot use Spheris as a reference as my last employer.  Also, if I am fired, I do not think I can collect unemployment.  Can someone let me know if I resign, can I still get my unemployment.  If I am fired, can I get my unemployment. 



If I had been fired for poor quality...sm
I certainly would have never gotten on the board and blamed the MTSO.   I'm not sure what this person expected.  We all make mistakes, but when we are called down for them (again and again) we should own them and fix them.  Until an MT can do that, she will never reach her  full potential. And... while we ALL go through some awful times in our lives, we must remember that the medical records we are typing also represent others who are experiencing misfortunes as well.   
Finishing the above, Never been told no and you are fired. nm
get a grip!! they did not ALL get fired - some left
and they left around the same time a bunch of transcriptionists left.
Fired via conference call? A new low, to be sure.
The problem is the threat of getting fired for now getting ESL now
Anyone been fired or quit Precyse?

Would like to know the reasons! 

DITTO They used to hide it & fired former QA mgr
If they had NOTHING to hide she should have NEVER BEEN FIRED!! She was a super QA manager. When she got fired a mass exit of MT followed.

Be glad you did not go to work for OSI. You are much better off anywhere else.
I just fired them before I ever started my first shift sm
TERRIBLE!  Not understanding their speech is the easy part!  They have a storefront payroll/HR person in Mass. (that's how they can legally claim they are a U.S. company) but all other operations (acct. managers, I.T., supervisors, QA) is in India.  Those are the people that oversee your work. I tested, they hired me and I went thru a 1/2-hr training session.  I couldn't get anyone to contact me, I had to constantly call them to find out why they weren't sending me my materials to start.  I was supposed to start on a Sunday but they had no one available to get me ready on Sunday.  On Monday they didn't have anything ready and couldn't assign me an acct. mgr. til they received my paperwork. Next day they said my acct. mgr. hadn't received the paperwork from me so I couldn't start.  What?  Next day all acct. mgrs. went home when I called so they said by noon the next day they'd have me ready. Next day they said they hadn't received something from me, which I had already sent twice.  I sent it a 3rd time and sat back and waited.  NINE days went by and they had the nerve to e-mail and ask when I'd be sending my attachment back...they were still waiting and it took them that long to bother to contact me? I just laughed and politely sent a decline e-mail and suggested they get their communication and organization skills together.  I JUST got an e-mail from the SAME guy today, ten days later, asking again when I'm going to send my attachment so I can get my User ID and start my first shift, which was supposed to have been June 3.  BAD set-up, not to mention that they are all in India but have been trained to say 'Yes WE are in Mass' to give you the impression that they themselves are sitting in the U.S. They're not. 
It's pretty bad when a TT employee gets fired
IC cannot be fired, If you are bullied, called name,
The Apprentice (TT: You're Fired!)
I just got fired from FutureNet --- yippeee!!

Okay, here goes:  They only want 1099 employees, will never let you be a W2.  They will not offer health insurance.  You will always run out of work.  When I realized these qualities in them I found a new, better employer and gave them only part-time loyalty. 

They wanted me to switch back to full time to help with it, thus leaving my other full-time job with benefits.  I told them not to count on me for any additional help, only weekends.  They said that was fine, and then immediately proceeded to remove me from their system, thus terminating my employment with then unbeknownst to me until I tried to work the weekend --- nice.

So, anybody, good luck with that.  I hope they crash and burn.  They feel quality transcriptionists are disposable and easily replaced.  They want to treat you with no integrity or respect.  They want you to fight to type the average of 100 jobs per day they have in their system.

Edited by Moderator for language.

Fired from position for NO reason.

I was fired as an IC today because the owner of the company has hormonal issues.  Really, I'm not kidding.  I have been an MT for 14 years and with this company for 4 years.  I have always met or exceeded my line count and ALWAYS met TAT.  I have listened to her complain about other employees and their personal lives, etc.  (Which I think is unprofessional of her).  The owner was in a crabby mood today and we had a disagreement about her professionalism and she fired me.  An hour later she Emailed me to do some work, like nothing happened.  She can talk to the butt!

Wonder if it's legal to fire people because you're in a bad mood.  This is going to look good when I file for unemployment........and YES....you IC's you CAN get unemployment.  This is going to be interesting.

You can sing CS praises until you are fired
out of the blue for no reason like so many other leads there.
i think if someone were fired over cherry picking
at hand. Considering the time and energy it takes to fire and rehire someone, I don't know why anyone would actually get fired when they were filling their quota.