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I am hurt

Posted By: sadMT on 2009-09-21
In Reply to: already fired - needwork

I can't believe the STM on this account could not call the people that were let go while she was on vacation upon her return.  Whether she knew this was going to happen or not she should have at least acknowledged us.  It would have made all the emails that praised our work, saying we were awesome and a great team seem like they were true.  I am hurt and sad and did I mention, sad? 

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What would it hurt?
It can't hurt to ask.
You did not get hurt like I did!
They offered me a position and even the CEO of the company called me directly and congratulated me. I then got this nasty e-mail from the recruiter stating for me to reapply in 3 months because they are just overwhelmed with applications, etc. Talk about dishonesty, unprofessional, etc.! I wasted my time testing with this company where they told me I passed with flying colors. I do not like people who not honest and I would not consider this company to anybody!
It can't hurt to try again...
Can't hurt to ask. They can only say no.
I have always received a raise when I've asked. I've received 2 raises in the last 18 months.
i work for 5 -- what they don't know won't hurt em
I didn't sign anything saying I wouldn't ... so what is it to em. As long as I do what I am supposed to for each, no worries.
Yikes. That's going to hurt your ck

doesn't hurt to ask
I like ops too. When my Webmedx account (not a new account) is busy, I get mostly ops. Don't know why - with most accounts I've every worked on (any company)  you tend to get H and Ps and consults before ops.
personally, I think they have hurt THEMselves now.
I think the MTs would not want to work for them for sure. Keep us posted. Their
bad name relations will continue right here out in the open.
I know you are hurt and angry but there is
They can adjust their pay scales any way they want as long as minimum wage is met for your state (if you are an employee). It is not illegal.

It PROBABLY will be illegal for you to contact clients as I am sure there is language somewhere in policy, etc., that states you are not to do so.

Be careful with your anger. It could get you in trouble.

Remember: Webmedx is not the first company to do this and the MT industry is not the first field to have this happen, either.

All she can say is "Are you NUTS?" LOL. I'd ask. Can't hurt. SM
But did you mean 2000 lines/week or 2000 lines/day?
Wouldn't hurt to send it again. nm
it is not going to change or hurt Heartland
In fact, it is not going to make even a drop in the pond if no one joins me or even if some do. But whether or not anyone joins me doesn't matter. I am angry and I am not going to sit back and complain about the issue of offshoring and do nothing about it.
I have written several times to my senators and congresspeople about this issue and will continue to do so.
I chose July 7, 2006 because this is the day American Heartlanders are officially out of a job. However, my personal protest goes beyond just our industry, I also protest all Americans losing their jobs to offshoring.

I think if everyone who has ever been hit by this blight or knows someone who has been laid off simply did not buy a thing on 1 day a year it would make a difference to corporate America. Sort of the the same concept that if everyone voted it would make a difference.
A little compassion wouldn't hurt. You may sm
need some help someday and it would be sad if you were treated the same way, wouldn't it? It's horrible to lose a job and income for any reason.

What goes around, comes around. You'd better duck!
doesn't hurt to ask the recruiter
I was doing radiology for over 5 years, and  I have over 25 years of multispecialty, acute care, everything else. Several times in my job search 2 months ago, I was told I needed more recent experience in AC.  I answered  I was pretty sure that body parts had not changed much, nor had basic formats, and with abundance of reference material online for newer meds or equipment, I didnt think I would have much trouble.  Usually they would consider me at that point.  One company I tested for, I scored 92 and passing was 94, so I asked to recruiter if I could test again - passed and I am now working for them. In my first week, I have been taken off 100% QA  - no regrets on either side I am sure.
I'm gonna give it a try..can't hurt!

On the front page of the Long Beach Press Telegram in Long Beach, Calif. today is the start of a series that is going to run every Sunday for the rest of the year.  They are going to share the experiences, some challengiing, some encouraging, of our friends and neighbors this is regards to the slowing economy, unemployment, etc.  Also today was a letter to the Editor that basically said  If you want to fix the economy in the U.S. then quit outsourcing all the jobs overseas. Jobs here = consumer confidence and spending.

I am going to give it a shot and see if I can get a story about the MT field and how what is happening in MT is NOT related to EMR. The EMR President Obama wants is a MR that is accessible via a computer (EMR) (and HIPPA accountability for privacy) but no where have I seen any reference that the reports that are included in that MR are supposed to be coming from a Third World Country with no HIPPA accountability.  The focus behind the EMR is having access to your medical records if you have a medical incident away from access to that infamous paper chart in your doctor's office or prior paper hopsital records that can not be rapidly accessed.  I am not against the concept of EMR but I am against the concept of trying to get by with lumping it in with other functions end up eliminating jobs in the U.S.  They are our medical records and all components of them should remain in our country.  If I am able to pull it off and get a Sunday dedicated to MT and EMR, I will post the link to the article here.  Anyone who wants to assist in writing an article give me a shout-out.

You're the one who is unhappy and hurt, etc.
Why does it hurt your ears? good grief
Yes, I've heard that. But it doesn't hurt to let
And it sure as hel* doesn't hurt to let the general public know either!
These constant rah rah replies without details hurt TT's
Doesn't hurt to ask...I asked and got a raise...
good luck
I guess it doesn't hurt to ask supe and
Thanks. I think it would hurt even more to be screwed by someone I considered a friend. sm

I had that happen a long time ago.  Fortunately, at the time I didn't need the money. She had called me and was panicked because she was snowed under and wouldn't be able to make TAT.  I worked myself to death all weekend long, but when it came to pay me, there was one excuse after another, and finally she gave me a check ... and it bounced. 

On a happier note, or at least I hope it turns out happy, I wrote to the woman in Virginia again and she finally answered me saying that she had taken care of it and not to bother her again as she had clients to take care of ... whatever.  Maybe this time the old squeaky wheel theory works.

I am sure that not all people without direct deposit are cheats, and I am glad you have found someone you can rely on.  It will just take awhile to get this bad taste out of my mouth and learn to trust again. 

#9 did it for me (Johnny Depp as cabana boy wouldn't hurt.)

it would only hurt those struggling to make their line count
It could endager their job. If they need just 45 minutes extra a day to meet their count, what does it hurt? No one said you have to work more hours. You could always opt out of working longer than 8 hours.
I agree...change can be hard but it doesn't hurt to try...
especially if you are unhappy at your current company...and if you just hate being an MT, time to find a new line of work...Happy New Year everyone!!!
Beats me. It does hurt their valuable employees when they log on to 0 jobs.
I have 4 accounts, a 98.9 quality rating, and I am sure it is hard to plan workflow, but I'm tired of it. It seems cyclic; it has happened a few times a year for the past 3 years. Hopefully, when the new accts start, this will stop. Guess I'll just ask for a 5th account.
They were still interviewing last week--wouldn't hurt to call or E-Mail
As far as I know they are still looking for Acute Care MTs, but I don't know how many they just hired or what kind of hours, FT/PT they still have available.  Could be that they are still looking for a couple more.  Sure wouldn't hurt to go to their website and call or E-Mail.  If they are still hiring, they may be jammed with applications, so if they do not respond right away that is probably a good sign and you should keep trying.  They are worth the effort to talk with them.