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go back to my message "In the Know" and click on the

Posted By: blue words "In the Know" next to Posted by - on 2006-06-06
In Reply to: To Have Tons To Share - Summertime


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Click on your own message and
There is an explanation there. 
when you click on any message, there is a bar above that says (sm)
report message, chat now, back and home. click chat now and it brings u to a chat room.
If you click on your message, near the bottom you will

see in blue - see related messages or something similar.  Click on it and it will show you the most recent posts.  You do need to use your own judgement because management posts too and of course their posts are all favorable and basically say the same things, about how the MT wasn't reliable, couldn't do the work, poor quality, etc.  

I was viciously attacked a month or so ago.  I spoke the truth and the person(s) that posted don't know me to make the statements they did. 

I worked for SS and it was the worst place I've ever worked.  I won't repeat it here, but it is all well documented in the archives. 

Click on your message and then look for "see related messages." nm
If you click on it, it takes you right back to their dated website, too. Maybe the banner is old?? n
Don't do it. Click on your original post and towards the bottom middle click
on related messages and you'll find lots of stuff, one of it good. 
Click on State Boards to the left then click on PA
click on your post and then scroll down a bit and click

on related messages.  You'll find posts there and also there have been posts within the last couple of weeks if you'll scroll down. 

There is nothing good to say about SoftScript.


click on your post and then click on the related
messages link and you'll find all the bad, but don't think there is any good to be had. 
Just click on Play then click on Play again to pause dictation
I'm working in Bayscribe right now and that appears to be the only way to do it.

Play to play
Play again to pause
Play again to start play again

Hope that helps.
But then you would be "in the know" and
they cannot have that. Personally I like being left alone because the more contact I have with them, the more I hate the company and my job!
How are you "in the know".....
Just curious how you are in the know. They are definitely keeping within TAT, so it seems.
I live "in the sticks", too....sm
and I use satellite for my internet connection. The only problems I have had in the 2+ years that I have had it are connectivity problems when the weather is extremely bad (in which case, one should not be on the computer anyway) and I have had 3 service calls, mainly related to wiring and improper initial installations issues. Other than that, it has worked well for me. However, there are some companies who do not accept satellite....JLG and TRS come to mind, although there are probably others. You just have to check out the ads and go from there. Best to ya!
living "in the sticks"
I too live where there is no DSL or cable option. I use wild blue satellite. It is fairly affordable, though more expensive than DSL, but it works great - I started out downloading with dial up, and the difference is wonderful. You can Google search wild blue to check out the service closest to you.
Oops typo! meant "in there"
BTW I meant "In transcription I have" sorry for typo.
I guess you both hit a nerve with me here and my fingers went faster than my brain. Sorry!
correction..."in order to work as an MT in the US"
Lucky at-homers' - no "in-office" abuse

It's a nasty tradeoff:  Work from home and receive less pay and benefits, or work at the office and receive higher pay and benefits while being berated, verbally abused and micromanaged at the office.

Screw the benefits - I'll take a peaceful life ANY day.

Lucky at-homers' - no "in-office" abuse

It's a nasty tradeoff:  Work from home and receive less pay and benefits, or work at the office and receive higher pay and benefits while being berated, verbally abused and micromanaged at the office.

Screw the benefits - I'll take a peaceful life ANY day.

I meant to say playing euchre "in between calls." nm
notice the words "in my opinion" haha...WMX was awful for me
you are not going to bully me, I got enough of that at WMX
How can a message be confidential if it posted on a public message board? nm

You are only a click away. Wake up!
I think if you click on the post with
the arrow next to it there is a message inside that tells you where it has been moved.  Also, any responses to the original post do not follow it to the new board.
Click on the Link
When I clicked on it, it took me to the Job Bank, and stange as it seems they had that listed as the company name, Fastphalanges. Hopefully the administrator can shed some light.
You should be able to right click on the files in

You could also double click the files.  Make sure express scribe is open even though it shoudl automatically open express scribe.

To email them, you have to click on where it says .... SM
NC acute care hospital employee position in blue letters.  This will bring up an email screen that you can type in, then send.  HTH
When you get to the website, click on sm
skip intro and then the enter keys at the bottom of the screen on the next page, under the blog link. I just did it to make sure I had the steps right :) You can also apply by emailing the recruiter at Apply@KeystrokesMT.com.
If you will click on your post and down near
the bottom click on the blue related messages you'll bring up other posts about them.  Just from glancing at them they are not a company that I would work for. 
point and click
What is point and click?
sm small message or see message...geesh..nm
please don't put nm or call yourself nm if you have a message - nm means no message -sm

nm means no message.   sm means see message.   if you call yourself nm, then people might not click to read the rest of your post. 

just trying to help.

ps. if the money is there, why does that particular person's balance say zero?

Actually, e-mail is not enclosed, have to click on my name
to send me one (in case you didn't know).  Talk soon!!
Click on the "contact us" link at the top...
and then click on the underlined contact us and it will open an e-mail to the recruiter. Yes, they hire part time. Good luck!
QT Medical has a job ad, when you click the link
to learn more it says something about offshore entities need not apply.  They offshore big time and there has been an Indian presence in the company for a long time. 
I click on the related messages and there
are about a dozen.  If you will click on one of those links there are usually several other posts where others have responded to the same questions you are asking.  Someone has started a private Transtech board within the last few weeks, but there is tons of stuff about Transtech on MTStars. 
Recent info is there too. You can click on

related messages in your original post and pull up most recent info and then can do an archives search too.  If you click on the archive posts there are multiple posts within the original post usually. 

Of course you want the most current info, but for companies like Transtech or Keystrokes someone asks about these companies several times a week so there is a ton of current information on them. 


www.transmdi.com and then click on Contact Us on
Click [See Related Messages]
for recent posts.
In Wordscript, go up to the top and click on the icon that looks like
a hand writing on a piece of paper and then select the date or range of dates you want to see.  Finally, click on line count. Hope this helps.
Or you could right click and file and "open with"..
and then nselect Express Scribe.
Click link up top called
Then put in your company information. Sorry I don't know anything about TTS, but good luck with your search!

Hope this helps :-)
and if you click on that post asking, you will see response under.
My old pediatrician had point and click EMR.
I would wait in the waiting room anywhere from 30-60 minutes waiting to be seen and then when I finally made it into the exam room with my kid, he would spend more time on the computer than he would with my child. I felt ignored most of the visit.

I can't tell you how many times that computer crashed in the middle of the appointment. Then I had to sit and listen to him complain to the nurses about it and ask them how to fix it (of course, they had no clue, so they all sat around the thing just pressing buttons). After a year of this (my child was in and out frequently due to a chronic illness), I decided enough was enough and started calling around to find a pediatrician that didn't use an EMR.

I love our new doc. I actually get to sit and talk with him during each visit and my child was finally diagnosed properly and has had no health issues since. Makes me wonder if he would have been properly diagnosed at the other clinic if they weren't spending so much time pointing and clicking.
That ad is for Intellitype if you click on the More Information link, or whatever it is. nm
I should have said click "more". I guess you have figured it out, and you are most welcome.

You have to open a post & click on the name after Posted By to get it to someone's
Meditask, LLC. Click the link...has more info. nm
Click on her name within her post to send an e-mail. NM
Highlight all the text you want to paste and right click
your mouse.   You should get a list of options, one of which is copy.  Select copy.  Go to the page you want to paste your resume and right click your mouse again.  Again you will have options, one of which should be paste.  Click paste and there is it.    If you right click the second time and you don't get paste, go back through the above steps again and copy again and then try paste.  
Click on the see related messages link
at the bottom of your post. Lots of recent info there.