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if only a punctuation mark in an email address is wrong,

Posted By: * on 2009-05-28
In Reply to: The 'reply' wouldn't have come back undeliverable - Devil's advocate

the email cannot be delivered to the inbox It has to be 'exactly' the same email address, exactly to the smallest detail.

Fishy, fishy....

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I am reposting email address, not sure why you cannot email me. nm
Wrong e-mail address
I tried to contact them regarding the Editor position they gave an ad for. The e-mail address does not seem to be a valid one. The e-mail bounced.
Is there an email address to
I have her number and have left a message, just wanted to followup with an email. TIA.
You had your email address in and (sm)
the proper place for your type of ad is the job board in the resume section.
Looking for email address
I worked for a lady by the name of Lisa Thelen.  She owns Mediscript Transcription.  I have changed ISPs and I am in need of her email address.  Any help on finding this would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks
? their email address
Do you have their email address. The contact link on their site is not working.
email address TRS...
Does anyone know the email address for human resources at Transcription Relief Services? 
No, that's MDI-MD...email address is same as my MDI email address
They're apparently just hiring for Radiology, though. Fatcat is correct about them not hiring for acute care or clinic at this time, as far as I know.

If you do radiology transcription, I'd strongly suggest applying. Great place to work.

leave email address
what is your email?
Could be anybody based on the email address.
Email address enclosed. nm
How is this better? I do not want to send my email address to anyone as sm
I end up on some strange lists when I do but I really am interested in Keystrokes. I have heard good things and bad and have weighed it out but this kind of cryptic message intrigues me. I just know that whatever happens, I am happy to go with a company that does not outsource and is very open about being against it. I have been burned by two hospitals and two services with offshore transcription.
I would except you left no email address.
your email address did not work nm
email address workatrapid@aol

Can anyone give me information regarding this company? I applied to them over the internet and heard from them and now cannot find an official site for them because I am not sure of the actual company name even though I've googled.

Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

Does it concern you that everyone will have your email address?
MDI-MD. Can someone please give me their email address. Thank you. nm
also .. .t hat is not someone's personal email address
It is the carrier, i.e. just like Yahoo, aol, or hotmail.


4 dif people with same email address

... that keeps kicking back as undeliverable?  Aren't you just a little bit suspicious?

Please, it's probably some shady and incompetent offshore MTSO replying to you as 4 different names to try and get your transcription work and they spoofed the headers to make it look to you like they are inside the USA, so that's why replying to the emails doesn't work.  Forget these 4 candidates for jobs because they don't exist.

Anyone can make up an email address.
If someone knew the OP's email address and made their own account to make it look identical, it would be a valid email account.  If OP's email was maryjones12222@hotmail.com, anyone could make an email account as maryjones1222@hotmail.com or maryjone12222@hotmail.com.  It would be a valid account, but it wouldn't be the OP's account.  It doesn't mean it would be undeliverable. 
That email address did not work?

Could you email me and let me know what the email address was that you used to send your resume to.


Leave an email address, and will reply
Your email address is invalid. You'll need to use another one if you want help. nm
Spheris recuriter email address/#?
I am looking for possible employment at Spheris.  I went to the website and applied, but it stated that they had my application on file already.  I had applied over 2 years ago and never took the position.  I would love for someone to help answer a few questions and provide me with some contact information - and I would be happy to provide your name as a referral!   Thank you!
more info? I tried to leave my email address but could not..sm
Your new company sounds exciting and I am looking for a new job, either part-time or full time as my current job is not offering me enough work. I wonder if you would be kind enough to give me some details? I understood you are doing radiology. I would prefer op notes. Do you know if there are still openings and if they offer clinic or op or acute care? I have 30 years experience in all the above and more. Thanks for any help you can offer and good luck to you!
Could you possibly email me at my address listed above..sm
and tell me on average how many lines you can do in an hour? I know there are a lot of variables to consider but it would give me some idea of what I might expect too. I have 28 years experience and consider myself quite good, but I know sometimes the software, demographics, etc. can slow you down. Also, is there a lot of work on the accounts? I like to do about 2000 lines a day. Thank you for taking the time to help me.
Sure, be happy to, but I see no email address? Am I missing it? nm
I would leave email address for better answers. Co
Hi! Can you post your email address please? Thanks for responding. :) nm

Nobody can make up an alternative email address for her!
An alternative email address can only be made up by the account holder himself.
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Leave email address, make one up, hotmail, etc.
leave an email address for candid response
no message
Anyone have the email address/website info for Medigraphix
It gives you a screen so you can insert your resume and email address.
Who in the world would give you any info other than an email address?
With most of the flaky ads, no one knows who they are applying to, or what will be done with their info.  Their is no way I would give you my address or phone number, unless I know you are a real company, with a website and and and address and a phone number of your own.  Most ads do not even include this, and there is no way I am giving you my private info, other than an anonymous email address.
Well I just re-sent my resume to the corrected email address he gave.
I just got it back saying it is undeliverable. Makes me wonder what type of company this is if they can't get their email straight.
Is there an email address I can email them at. nm
sorry dont give out my email address but happy to answer questions here

Cheryl Flanders posts her email address publicly on several forums...sm
Like I said, you can find Cheryl's email address on *** on her website, CherylFlanders.com. ****
Sine you have access to the address book in Outlook just send the email to the entire team?
Wrong. The person who was fired this week was from Keystrokes. I just got an email

from someone asking if was me posting here tonight, so I came to look.   I agree with a lot that the poster has to say but I post my name when I post.  Anyone who knows me or of me knows this.  I do not have to post behind anonymous names nor do I. 

I do disagree with some of what this poster says though and will take a moment to tell her/him something:  You chose to run a service and knew or should have known what you were getting into.  If you are doing all that, you should either hire more people or hire different people.  The best move I ever made as a service owner was learning to delegate and hiring the right people including Human Resources, Accounting, Operations, QA, Recruiting and IS.  (The second best move I ever made was to stop letting the posts on the MTStars and others affect me).  Best advice I could give a service owner is to cough up the money for a good staff; it is worth it in the long wrong although hard in the short term.

While not everyone agrees with me or likes me or wants to work with Keystrokes, I do not feel a need to hide behind the anonymous nature of these boards and would rather have people know where I stand than wonder.

You would also know that I value our transcriptionists and know that as a company, Keystrokes constantly tries to improve.  If you know me at all or anything about Keystrokes, you would also know that our rates are going up not down and we do not undercut prices to beat our competitors. 

If anyone has anything to say to me directly, please use my email.  I do not visit here often anymore and do not plan on starting again as it gets a bit addicting :)

On The Mark
Does anyone have any experience with this company I have heard many things. Some people say pay is not regular, but you always get paid. Others tell me  they have had to wait 3 months or more to get their pay.
I would appreciate any feedback.
just mark each pedal, so you know which is which. nm
On-The-Mark Transcription
Does anyone know anything about this company?  They are in Phoenix.  Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
Why do they gauge by $900 mark, not lines? sm
Isn't that strange? Maybe other people do this and I'm just not aware. Also why does Transcend refer to MT's as MLS? Just curious :)

Is the Mark job (editscript) one of the Focus jobs?
where you can only do 5 reports a day and all that stuff?  one of the small ones that focus farms out to?
Mark bill and envelope "CONFIDENTIAL,"
address to doctor personally with a handwritten note attached to your bill stating, Will you please have someone take care of this? This happened to me. The office manager was embezzling funds which he knew nothing about it until I brought my bill to his attention. My bill has been paid immediately in the 15+ years since then. Good luck.
mine called right at 15-minute mark
Mark off a 65-char line. Then take random
sentences from your reports. Then count the spaces. Or you could put it in Word and use the tools to average it out. The average of spaces per 65-char line is more than 10. Try it yourself rather than just believing what you've been told.

First of all, we in QA do not have time to QA emails and do not try to be perfect in posts or in emails (give me a break once in a while) ...but I learned my punctuation skills in high school and in college English 101 and also from feedback prior to becoming QA. Dates should always be set off with comma. Nonessential clauses should be set off with comma. You don't understand this because you either never learned to diagram a sentence or you forgot it or you just don't care. There are sites on the Internet where you can learn this if you care. Why do MTs resent punctuation correction..do they think they do not get paid for commas?