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it's a new day, but same story, only worse.

Posted By: sm, from the bottom of MDI on 2009-07-30
In Reply to:


Yes, it's Thursday, the beginning of the busy part of the week. ALL my accounts are empty, zilch. I got up for nothing. Thought I might could get an hour's worth of work in before things went plumb dry, but no.  I feel like a catfish, scrounging around on the bottoms, looking for something, anything. Maybe I'll grab that tidbit I finally see, only to find I am hooked, snookered, doomed. This was the last decent company I could find.  So where do I go from here?  I am very down about this.

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Definitely not TransTech -- gets worse and worse with no work each and every day and who cares???

NOBODY, except the MT's who are making less and less money and losing whatever comfortable lifestyle they had previously had the pleasure to live.  Unless you have more than 1 member in the household to bring in the money, or you have received an inheritance from family member, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO MAKE A LIVING AT Transtech anymore.  They absolutely DON'T CARE either.  TransTech mgmt will not talk about it; only promises of new accounts coming on . . . ha !  Possibly an overflow account to replace the LOST account. 

I so wish mgmt's paychecks would be affected by this NO WORK situation that has been going on for more than a year now and they would get out of that Houston high-dollar office and FIND US MT's some WORK !

Pay for MT work is getting worse and worse!!!! NM
And the reports look worse and worse
Any VR program and system into which it is imported is fraught with problems. At my local hospital, they have editors editing the editors. The reports are still full of mistakes and bad formatting. At my local radiology group, they have 5 different programs ranging from a combination of EMR point and click to front end SR. The MTs spend their whole day patching together the various parts of the patient record to make one cohesive record. The IT department has ballooned from 2 to 7. They only got rid of 3 MTs but exchanged them for 5 ITs. A local doctor uses point and click EMR and spends the whole patient visit with his snoot glued to the computer. The patient sits there crying and he isn't paying attention. It takes him 20 minutes to complete the record and then charges the patient for the extra time inside the room because of his bad choices or the practice manager in record keeping. I know all this first hand. I wonder when they will realize the boondoggle they have bought into.
I like Sue but Deb is another story.
She needs to get a life and get out of management.  She is one of the most unfair people I have ever met in my life.  She has pets that get the cream, and the rest of the world suffers.  Just pray she doesn't go back to typing, she is a big-time cherrypicker. 
There is WAY more to this story and I'd like to know what it is.

I received the same letter and I have no qualms whatsoever about posting what it said because I've already consulted an attorney regarding it and know that I can't be held accountable regarding internal corporate privacy issues because I no longer work for them.  I'd like to know if this is a tactic that Transcend is using to either intimidate those who have left or try to cover their own behinds from future lawsuits.

The letter that I received had a release that said:  ""Based upon the above, you hereby release, for yourself and all people who may act on your behalf, Transcend, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, employees, and agents from all claims or causes of action, arising from or relating to your employment with Transcend, including, but not limited to, any such claims or causes of action arising under any Federal or State law, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1965 and 1991 or the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, as amended."

Several people I have spoken to received this same letter and were asked to sign the same waiver.  I have no intention of signing this, and in fact, the attorney that I consulted found it very interesting that they would need to be released from any future actions and told me to keep my eye out for future class action lawsuits.  So, yes, there is WAY more to this than is being said, but it isn't on the part of the MLSs.  You may be happy working under those circumstances, but don't bash the ones that aren't/weren't and try to make it look like they're the ones hiding something.  If the MLSs were the ones in the wrong, you can bet Transcend would have had their attorneys on it in a New York minute, but instead it's the other way around.  They feel that they have to have ex-employees sign papers to release THEM from lawsuits.  Why?

There is nothing worse
than this monopoly that is technically not a monopoly in this field. There is always an antagonist wherever you go. When we all loved our job, MQHATER was probably here.
More to the story????-sm
It's just wonderful for you to stick up for Keystrokes, but I draw the line at letting you insinuate that there was more to my story than what I stated. HOW DARE YOU!! I have told my side with nothing left out, and you know nothing of the situation, so please keep your slanderous comments to yourself. I took that job in good faith, left my other job, was promised to be paid becasue the "account" didn't go live on the date I was hired for, told "not to worry" I would be covered, and NEVER HEARD ANOTHER WORD. What do I have to do to make you understand that all your excuses for Keystrokes aren't worth a fiddler's fart to me when I don't have a job. Next time, think about what your are accusing someone of BEFORE you spout off for your wonderful company.
More to the story
Melody did not go to OSi from L&H. She has only been with OSi for a couple yrs. Andy, Teresa and Beth were with L&H (Atlanta office). I don't know what happened to them when they started their own company. Down hill all the way. Greedy I guess. OSi is one of the worst companies out there. I worked there for over 2 yrs and left about 3 months ago. Steadily watched it get worse!

The Trans-Tech folks were out of the Houston office of L&H.

The Dallas office was one of the best offices of L&H.
It's worse when you can't see them.
It can get pretty tricky when you have to rely on your senses and your past experience to figure out that somebody is either assigning the good dictators to themselves or assigning the bad dictators to you.

I have left more than one account when I found out that they assign work to MTs some or all of the time. I've never heard a valid justification for it. Anytime there is human intervention in assigning work there is the potential for abuse. Let the machine do the assigning--oldest job first.
My story
My process went smoothly, over about a week's time.  I spoke with recruiter and then spoke with the transcription supervisor, which was nice because you can ask specific questions about the accounts, etc.  I delayed things several days until I made my decision, but then gave two weeks notice to my other employer and started promptly after that.    
And there is so much more to that story. sm
The field is changing.  Why pay a good experienced seasoned MT 10 cents a line and benefits (what I used to get) when an Indian MT will do it for 2 cents and then pay 3 cents to have it proofed.  Small MTSOs can't compete and are selling out.  Some are holding by their fingertips to the chasm that has opened at their feet, competing with the larger companies who underbid them because they can.  Offshoring has ruined this business and it has hurt a lot of people, not only in the MT industry.  Those who defend it have sold out a whole lot more than they may ever know. 
Same story with me -
Been with them nearly 15 months and now cannot meet my line counts because of constant NJA. Not a single e-mail I have sent to my supervisor concerning workflow has been addressed. I am keeping my end of the deal - high QA scores, working when I say I am going to work, and up until just recently had no problem AT ALL meeting my line counts. I am also looking elsewhere. What a huge disappointment they have been!!!
Try this story. sm
Article published Thursday, April 27, 2006

Manor Care's profit drops 39% in first quarter

Manor Care Inc., the nation's largest nursing-home operator, reported yesterday that its first-quarter profit dropped 39 percent, largely because of accounting for stock rights given to many of its workers.

This month, many companies will begin accounting quarterly for costs of stock options for executives.

But Manor Care said only a small portion of the $11 million accounting hit for employee stock in the quarter was related to options. The majority of the one-time charge involved stock awards for non-executives.

The firm also said it is getting out of the medical-transcription business, resulting in an additional accounting charge of $7 million. It said it is in discussions with third parties to evaluate alternatives for that business segment.

Manor Care reported profit of $24.5 million, or 30 cents a share, for the first quarter, after one-time charges. That compared with $40.4 million, or 46 cents a share, in first-quarter 2005. The firm also said its revenues in this year's first quarter totaled $869.3 million, down slightly from $879.2 million a year ago.

Excluding the one-time charges, the firm earned 51 cents a share, a penny above the consensus of analysts polled by Reuters' Estimates.

Several analysts said Manor Care did well despite significant cuts in Medicare-reimbursement rates.

Despite the one-time charges, First-quarter operating performance was particularly strong, Paul Ormond, chairman and chief executive officer, said in a statement. He noted that occupancy rose to 90 percent, the firm's highest in more than a decade.

Geoffrey Meyers, Manor Care's chief financial officer, that Manor Care decided to leave medical transcription because it had not been consistently profitable.

The company's shares closed at $43.41, up 16 cents, in New York Stock Exchange trading.

Manor Care reported in its proxy statement this month in advance of its May 9 shareholder meeting that five top executives made about $19 million from exercising stock options in 2005 and were granted new stock options worth an estimated $9 million.

The company declared a cash dividend of 16 cents a share yesterday, payable May 26 to holders of record May 12.

Contact Homer Brickey at:
or 419-724-6129.

I think you have not gotten the whole story - sm
I still have a team lead and shift leads.  I cannot speak for other teams, but for my team this is the case.
worse pay ever
Making less than I did 12 years ago.  This is very very sad for this industry.  Anybody have any good companies to refer.
same story with me

I had to purchase a C-phone - $150 (used). switch cable providers to get unlimited long distance ($40 a month higher) which includes installation fees, not to mention the hassle of coordinating that.  I already had an Expander program or that would have been another $100.  And then I start on an account where there was no way to go above 100 lines an hour.  Believe it or not; as you wish.  It happened to me also.


Spi getting worse

I started when they were Cymed, just about a year ago.  Since the merge, the payroll company has twice not paid people in certain areas due to problems and just within the last month, we got an email that the payroll company lost a laptop with employee banking information on it.

Don't expect any communication from anybody with this company.  You may get emails from somebody with no name associated with the email, no title, anything. You have no idea who you are hearing from. 

If you are an editor, you better be very flexible.  You may have to cross servers and handle up to 30 accounts to find maybe 6 good hours of work.  Moveup for editors is based on line production and some of the accounts don't even count lines.  Let's not forget a great many require log sheets, that's very time consuming. 

I don't know what exactly the account managers do because the lead QAs run the show.  Don't expect an answer if you email the account manager with a question. My account has a lead who is power hungry and even uses initials after her name that just means she is a member of a group, not professional affiliation.  I've seen 3 very well-qualified people, MTs and editors, just quit without notice after being fed up.  I've seen MTs left on full QA for 6-7 months, not because they were bad, but because nobody noticed they needed taken off.  I am just disgusted.


I would get out before it gets even worse
This sounds like Focus Infomatics. I worked for them for about a month almost 2 years ago and quit right away. They don't communicate with you and, yes, everyone you deal with will be in India. They have a main office in Massachusetts, but they only do the Payroll and things of that nature. When they did communicate with me, they were usually very rude and hard to understand. The training was HORRID! There was such a language barrier that I could not understand a word they said. I finally quit and went with a US based company. It will only get worse!
better or worse cpl than MQ?
I know there is more to THIS story. (sm)
Maybe that person was someone who had to be chased down to work.  They only put up with that for so long.
That I got!!! The first check they finally overnighted to me was way below what they owed me so they sent me a second one for the entire amount without taking any taxes out. My head is still spinning!! How do they stay in business???
AND.... Get this - this is worse
You have to meet minimum line counts for preceding 6 out of 8 pay periods (not only day before, day of and day after) but FOUR MONTHS of minimum line count and if your account runs out of work or you use PTO that would cause you to have less than the minimum line count TOO BAD.

You also cannot take off any time the 2 weeks prior to the holiday nor the day after the holiday for any reason.
Is this for the better or worse?
What is the best for one is the worse
Worse (sm)
Having worked at both, I'd say stay away from both. Precyse's VR editing is very bad at picking up anything and invents things. If you're at precyse just stay transcribing and be glad you didnt waste your time.
my story...

I, like so many others, thought this would be my dream job and eagerly took a course and unwisely left my 40,000 a year job to go headfirst into MTing, and am still trying to make enough to survive.  My husband is a physician, so I thought it would be okay to take a paycut until I learned the ropes.  I became obsessed with doing more to earn more, and he started to resent the time I was spending on the computer and not understanding what it takes to be an MT, even though he is a physician/dictator and should know the skills involved and the learning curve. 

My husband and I are now separated and I am still struggling to make ends meet, now with even less security.  I have moved in with my mom because there is no way I could afford to pay rent, but still have a car payment and credit card bills.  I am beginning to think my husband was right and I have made a big mistake.  I still love this field and would do it for years, but as a second job.  I am now looking for other employment since I am physically and mentally exhausted and wondering how I got here.

My story
Well as I said I work on the Cardiology account which covers a large cardiac practice, I would say about 14 doctors, a couple of nurses & PAs that dictate. There are 2 ESLs I believe, although one of the other dictators is much worse than the ESLs. The rest are good or average.

I know Probity has many hospital accounts, but I don't know anything about them. You should ask before you leap. They are very good at responding to questions even prior to you accepting the offer. They told me what account I was hired for right away, I only took the cardiology test, so I assumed anyway.

If I can answer anything else let me know.

Same old story
Do you get your kicks from posting about TTS about every week or so? You have nothing better in your life than this? I am sorry you did not measure up to their expectations. Why donít you just drop it? Not everyone feels like you.
Just gets worse each day
VR is a joke..
No better and no worse than any other. nm
different story then. If they have sm
changed in the middle then I don't blame you. Just out of curiosity (I am IC myself) if you ignore their notes, etc. etc and just keep doing what you have been doing, will they lock up all access to your work or will they just ignore it? If you are going to take the risk of losing your job anyway, I think I would just go ahead and try typing my own schedule, ignore their e-mails and see what happens. I have had these threats in the past too and I always ignore them. Nothing has happened yet. I won't say something won't happen but so far so good. I am prepared if and when they do decide to can me. Like you, I am an IC and nobody is going to tell me when to work.

I just started to apply for a job yesterday and when they sent their application, that was one of the questions........what schedule do you plan on working. I put on there that I was IC and would give them a certain number of lines per day but I WOULD NOT give them a certain schedule. They may call back, they may not, I don't care.

Another poster stated that because of all these schools and their promises, the money MTs have put into them, etc, MTs were willing to work for nothing just to be working. She is correct and the cycle needs to be stopped. I understand when you are backed in a corner and don't know whatelse to do, but somehow this has all got to stop and it takes folks like yourself and myself to put our foot down and say no more! We take a big risk of having no job, but who else is going to do this? After 32 years in this business, like yourself, I am fed up with the way things are going in MT and will not tolerate it any longer.
NO and it seems to be getting worse..
on many levels.
That was the same story for DRC - which
Then they burped and spat out most of DRC's great management people, many MTs, an account or two, and a large chunk of cpl change.
Same old story. Sorry for you.
Ofcourse they are not going to tell you that you are about to lose your job until THEY are ready for you to go.  Absolutely SUX!  It can happen to any one of us at a moment's notice.  Really stressful.  I started with a company about 6 months ago.  After training and getting going good on the account, the work dropped off.  I wrote to ask what was going on.  Was told vacations.  I gave the indication that this **vacation time** should not last too long or I would be looking for another/second job.  Couple weeks later work picked up and we have not run out since (on my 1 account that is).  I think management shifted people around so everyone would have work.  Scary thing is, when you lose a big client it affects everyone.  I know this is discouraging to you.  Hope you land something good.  Keep us posted on what the testing, interview, pay, etc. is elsewhere.
There are two sides to every story. The MTs sm
that commented worked/works there. You do not. So I wouldn't put to much weight to what you say.

Anybody read the Rochester (NY) Business Journal from 7/22 story on Execuscribe??? 

Interesting story from court records on company's history of fraud convictions.  She SHOULD be "giving back to community" as she squeaked by jail time and/or community service on a technicality. 

Thanks for making it that much tougher for the rest of us !

Just my opinion. 

Just read story - WOW
Amen to that, OldBroad!   Hope her clients look at company a bit more closely in future.  Praise to RBJ for running her truthful business history!  Her sons actually own company ??? Gee, I wonder if they are CMTs......
MDI is just as bad if not worse. No work.
There is WAY more to this story than this poster is saying.
Don't believe everything you hear about Transcend. The GOOD MTs like this company!
CorTmedical Story

I know all of the facts around what happened with CorTmedical a few months ago. One of their clients did not pay them as scheduled and a few checks didnt clear because of this. It was a very unfortunate circumstance but the key principals and owners of that company paid back every cent plus any fees those employees suffered as promised. is was simply a bad time but everyone that i know that works for that company loves working for them. they are honest, compassionate and they treat there MTs and QA's extremely well. The are also growing very fast and are increasing they cpl rates to their workers by the month.

Story of my life
ESL city!!! I got to the point where I just couldn't take any more.  Other than Bonnie Monico who is top notch and a sweetie, it was a rather horrible little experience for me.
Ok, so this is hopefully just worse than usual? sm
Do I have to let them know to hop on at other times, or is it understood that it's necessary?

thanks much for your help!!!
I'm not buying your story at all. Besides,
speech therapy, pain clinic, wound care are all not acute care. How many YEARS did you have in acute care and ONLY acute care? And how long ago? Also, how did you do on the test? You're not telling something.
7 months later and worse than ever!!!
I was under a 90 probationary period. I just started the beginning of December and put on a 2nd probation period after hearing how accounts didn't pull through that were to start Jan. 1st. Their pay by the hour is a scam. They don't have enough work to put in a full day of work. You sit there 19 hours just to get 600 lines worth of work, you log 8 hours and they go through your time sheet and change it to 2 hours. Thats 300 lines an hour. You follow account specifics, such as use patient name, and they count it against ya, grade your audit bad because of it, and terminate you for nothing. Supposed to pass 3 out of 5 audits. They already had their decision made by Wednesday, the 3rd day, without grading the last 2 days. Passed the 1st day of audit and terminated Wednesday without working Thursday or Friday. Just a scam and low-down!!!
Also the platform they use now is WORSE than the one before, if you can believe that (sm)
Stay away!!
You need to get your story straight then. You said
you talked with her for two weeks and she wasted your time because no one was hired for that position. Get your story straight. I am not her daughter but would be proud to be her daughter though I believe I am old enough to be her mother.
I think it means same old story, different day. nm
Sad, but it is the same story all over. Try to find a
Yes, it could get worse but you can prevent that by
Please immediately get out of that situation -- even if you must take something temporarily.

Contact your mortgagor and, if your loan is FHA backed, then each state has an office designed to step in and mediate for you against your mortgagor in case of default.

Do not wait. You must take care of yourself and your family.

You are obviously extremely intelligent, responsible, and experienced.
No, different company but same story. nm