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love/hate MT, mostly love it :)

Posted By: t on 2008-09-25
In Reply to: AGREE - ALICE

i've long been dismayed with the direction in which this profession has gone, and i agree with the person who posted that women have accepted substandard wages and/or unfair IC or employment situations. It's very sad to see how, when outsourcing became the norm, women did not adequately negotiate to, you know, pay their bills!!! It seems this has resulted in lots of undercutting and lower line rates for everyone. I see some companies slowly improving and not requiring crazy line counts and hours in exchange for paying into health insurance. i entered this profession as a single female. i married an engineer and was living mighty comfy and cushy and happily doing 4 hours at 11 cpl in the late 90s. didn't have to worry about not having bennies at all. now as a single mom with a young child, i truly struggle. but i do love my work and hold out for my specialty to keep the line count up. still, i see the glaring problems and it's just a shame. if there were an MT union, i'd join in a heartbeat. no time/energy to start one and be some kind of norma rae, though!

Ah, yes, a love/hate thing indeed!

Best to all of you wonderful mts, male and female :)

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Do you love, like, hate your job?
I was an MT for years and have been out of it for a year because I was offered a position in my husband's company, but I am considering working as an MT again.  I loved the freedom and the pay was pretty good.  I was just wondering how many people actually ENJOY their jobs currently.  Thanks.
love/hate my job
Love my job but hate having no life because of it. Work on 3 feast or famine accounts, so i basically HAVE to work 7 days a week to make ends meet. No paid time off. Very frustrated right now.
Love, love, love TransTech! Not overhiring, just growing like crazy!
Some love it and some hate it. I guess it all
depends on what platform you are using. Most VR will eventually learn, and you will be teaching it by correct the errors, although it seems to take a while. If you are on an account that is new to VR it can be quite frustrating, it seems like you are stopping every sentence to fix errors. However eventually it will learn and become less burdensome. Once it does you can speed up the voice and get through the reports fairly quickly correcting less errors. The down side is you are paid less, so you have to make those lines up in your production. On the positive side, a lot of people think it really helps with the wrists. Again, it all depends on the platform and account you are working on.
Isn't any job a love/hate relationship
We have to work to provide for ourselves and our family, yet there will always be days when you'd rather not and this applies to on-site or off.  In any event, when you work at home, it gives you some flexibility.  I take advantage of the flexibility as I see fit.  I am an IC.  If I do not work, I do not make any money.  I am also not someone's go-to person.  I do my work and then find time for fun.  No one should assume that all work-at-home people are not productive or have excuses not to work.  That is just not a fair statement.  
I have a love/hate relationship with IM.

We have to run the MSN instant messenger for work and with that, yes you can save messages.  You can find that under the tool menu (how appropriate!) and then under options and just check off the right box.

I'm really bad about forgetting to mark myself as be right back whever I run to the potty or take a break and then come back to find a message or two looking for me to type up a stat, because then I wind up looking like a tard who is just ignoring my bosses.  Of course, they know me, and they know I'm a tard, so I guess it all works out. 

Works both ways though...they can find me just as easily as I can find them, and sometimes that comes in awfully handy.  Sometimes not.  Okay, mostly not, but I digress...

Don't hate it/love it, it's no worse sm
than anything else I've worked on.  The new version is better because of the keyboard controls, but I'm not in love with that either. 
Is it MedQuist? Love DQS -- Hate MQ!

I had good line counts with it.  It was very easy to use and had a ton of shortcuts.  I really don't have any complaints.  I used the Expander that comes with it, so I didn't have to worry about compatibility issues.  I've never worked on Escription, so I can't comment on how it compares.

I really hope this isn't with MQ, though.  Read their latest posts -- no work. 

Love my platform...hate the company
I currently work for DSG and love DocQscribe.
Emdat is said to inspire love/hate, too. nm
I agree. Hate Transcend but love Robert..nm
Looks like a love/hate relationship if you Google them using the box on this page. nm
Love VR and hate to do straight typing anymore
My work is a combination of both VR and straight, VR about 85% of daily work. I never retype any sentence much less a paragraph when it is VR. I think a person only has to do that with a particular bad platform. Escription is excellent VR.
That's good news. I love Keystrokes, and I hate to think of them selling. sm
The people are great, and I truly feel that I have finally found a home.  Still, business is business.  I have a friend who has been with Transcend for years and is very happy there, but I want no part of it.  I plan on working until I'm 70, so I'm crossing my fingers that the bottom does fall out for me before then. 
GOOD GRIEF -Love my company/account, Hate MedRite! Any help?
I love the company I work for, pay, schedule, account.  It has it all.  But they use MedRite.  This is awful!  Was this actually designed for an MT?  This is complicated, SO much mouse-clicking, and so SLOOOW - I am boring myself to sleep.  Typing is easy and quick but moving from report to report - Good Grief!  Is there anyone who has used this?  Are there any tips you could give me? 
I too love path & can't find it at home & would love to cross-train into rad in the meantime I do
LOVE Bayscribe, HATE MedRite! MedRite when I used it was slow sm

and cumbersome -- would type and wait for it to catch up!  Plus it had some annoying thing where if you were gone too long, a pop up window came up and you had to explain why you were gone.  Bayscribe is fast, smooth, user friendly, and at the end of each report you can see how many lines you did and how much money you made, for that report and for the total day. 

Good luck to you whatever you decide! 

Love this company, love my boss, very informative QA.nm.
Does anyone think 41 is too old to go to nursing school. I love MT but I just would love to be a
nurse.  I have such a interist in helping others and the medical world.
Love, love, love DeVenture
Super nice, flexible and just all around nice to work for.
Love, love, love Axolotl
I totally love Axolotl.  Just as A-team said, fantastic benefits.  Yes, strict schedule, but never ever had a problem getting off when I needed to.  I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. 
I would love to know too, I love EXText
Love Bayscribe and love the pay
At 11 cpl I love working for MDI Maryland. Bayscribe is a breeze. The lines build up so quickly. Everything is right there on the page. Sometimes, you have to fill in patient data, but who cares.... you do get paid for it. No holiday or vacation pay as it is an IC position. It beats 8 and 9 cpl any day. IMO
Love, love Archivus
Mind my asking what your line rate is? Do you have to work a schedule? Is their platform good? Anything else?
Love it there

Okay, I have read all the posts and have been keeping up with all of this.  I wasn't going to say anything, but some of the naysayers are getting a little nasty.  I think that Transcend is a very good company.  All of their pay rates and incentives, bonuses and benefits are public knowledge on the forum.  It would make it very hard for preferrential treatment to go.  However, I suppose it could happen.  What I don't get is if it is happening to someone, why wouldn't they do something about it instead of putting up with it and complaining to the world about it while they do it? 

Also, there are a ton of posts on here about Transcend from this thread that are not nice about the company and I haven't seen MT Stars pull one single post.  I guess they aren't as biased as some would claim!

I've been with them for almost 6 months, and they are the best! They truly treat their MTs with respect. I would highly recommend them!
love JLG
I have been an MT a long time and JLG so far has been the best company to work for. Work flow is constant, management is great, and so far, I have not run out of work. If I have my way, I will never go outside the house to work again. I cannot imaging having to drive into town everyday with the price of gas right now!!!!
I love my job. Best job I have had. People nice to work for, flexible schedule, no nit-picky QA stuff, like "comma in the wrong place". And great pay. RAH RAH RAH...I didn't even have to take any test. Sent them my resume, the called and hired me.
I love it!
"little control freaks with no experience other than raising a few kids"  ROFL!  Yeah, you have that description down pat. Honestly, with some of the ranting emails we get from team leaders or account supervisors, I'd hate to hear them dealing with their children when they think nobody else is around.  OK, so one person on the team did something wrong, so let's scream at everyone!
I love OSi..but I wonder about this, too
MDI-FL...what is it that you love?
I just got hired by this company and am looking forward to getting started.  It sounds like a great company to call home and that's just what I'm hoping to do.  I really need a fresh start after a bad experience with a few nationals.  They seem to have a lot to offer.  I would love some input from current employees on what to expect.  Is the work volume pretty stable?  Platform user-friendly? Easy to make line counts?  Are most of the dictators pretty good?  Do you they pay every 2 weeks or only on certain dates of the month?  Is pay always on time?  Have the changes over the years been for the better?  Would you say this company is here to stay?  Sorry for all the questions; I'm just hoping this is the last MT I'll work for.  Any info you can provide on the boards or off the boards would be much appreciated!   
You will love it!
I love....
You are a sick individual. I hardly ever come on these boards anymore because the level of discourse has sunk so low. There is someone else on this board who uses a name similar to mine and we have been mistaken for each other in the past. But, even if you mean to direct your comments to me, it is of no consequence to me because you are obviously ignorant. I have every right to my opinion and to express it. If low IQ people like you misinterpret what I have written, that's the price one pays for expressing oneself.
All I know is that I love the changes!
They are great! I can't wait! Don't care about much else. All of my accounts are on DocQscribe.
Would love to know if

feedback please.

Love OSI


Love it here at TH. And no way would they ever do that.
I've had emergencies, and as long as I communicate -- everything is FINE. The staff is nice. The work is decent (ESLs though and some mushy americans but who DOESN'T have those)... You can't beat their benefits and I've never EVER had a late paycheck. You can do worse, trust me.
Same here, love OPs.
I second that! Love it there! nm

No but would love to know how (NM)
Love UST!!!!
I too also love UST.  They are very good to work for.  Their platform is their own but it is out of Word and extremely easy and you spend most of your time typing and not entering demos, etc.  I highly recommend them!!!!!
Would Love to Help Out
Hi.  I'm interested in helping out with your account.  I work outside the home during the week and do MT on the side, so that would work great.  Please post a reply/followup if interested.  Thank you.
i love it
I love it!

I have worked for a few different MTSOs.  Spheris, by far, is the most professional.  They will send you all equipment...down to the mouse pad. Tech support is always available and always helpful.  Pay is always on time.  Training lasts a week and is very very thorough.  After training, you are on guaranted pay for several weeks while you familiarize yourself with your account.  You are assigned two accounts up front.  If you have more than 2 hours of downtime, you can submit a request for compensation.

There are other MTSOs who pay more, but I earn a more than adequate salary and am very very happy with them.  I have a great supervisor.  I hope to retire from Spheris. 

I love it there...
I have never encountered the problems that you describe. I love my TL and all the people, very friendly all the time
I love it.
I get treated better and make better money.  I'm not just some ID number. 
I LOVE it! (sm)
After 9 years working for nationals, I'm now working for several services where I don't have to mess with stupid proprietary platforms that interfere with my productivity methods. I take files from the FTP site and upload them within the turn-around time. My small service owners know me, and I know them; they're not just some name on an email. Yes, it does take more planning: I can't just take off when I feel like it because the clients are depending on me, but you know what? If feels much better to be needed. Go for it!
Love to help!
I have been with the company I am currently with for just over 2 years now. About six months ago I began working as a part-time IC for another company as well just to pick up some extra cash. I'm always floating around here somwhere, so never hesitate to ask for help if you need it!

Good luck to you!
I love my job!!
I've only had my job for just over a month, but I can say wholeheartedly that I love it!! I work for a local dermatology office transcribing for two doctors that I can actually understand....most of the time. LOL.
I love it there, too.
And have never run out of work. I do have a backup should that happen, tho.
I love DRC!
DRC (Digital Records Corp) in Ca. Great company, nice people who care about their employees, and I like the work.