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oh wow...good luck to your husband in finding a new job...

Posted By: Ortho-Keystroker on 2008-09-28
In Reply to: There are several new accounts, so I might be on this one but sm - Keystrokes MT


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Good luck finding this. This is almost
impossible unless you work as an IC and set your own hours.
Unless you already do it, good luck finding

All the ads out there are hiring for Tues-Sat or Sun-Thurs schedule.  Have seen some M-F ads, but they want 3rd shift. 

Good luck finding anything for 12 c per line - I have never seen
anything like that yet! One person a while back mentioned making 14 cents per line, which I find extremely hard to believe. I've never seen jobs that pay that much in MT.
Seems 11 cpl is pretty high, good luck finding that one
Keep us updated please.
Good luck finding a filler...jobs are scarce right now for sure.
Can't find a job to save my life and I have resumes/apps in everywhere.
Sorry, but wish you best of luck finding new job. nm
OSI. No luck finding recent info in archives.

Answer to any or all of the 9 following questions would be much appreciated:

1.  What platform do they use?  User Friendly? 

2.  Benefits.  Which health insurance carrier?  PPO?  HMO? 

3.  What is the deductible amount (employee coverage, no family). 

4.  Accounts:  High ESL?  Enough work?  Back up accounts?   

5.  QA:  Too much?  Too little?  Constructive or too critical? 

6.  Email communication timely? 

7.  Is hiring process drawn out?

8.  Equipment arrive in timely fashion?

9.  Pay on time? 


Webmedx hires some ICs. Good company. So sorry for your loss. Good luck!
Are experienced MTs finding they are getting a good response when they apply for jobs or is the
field flooded by now.  I see tons of people looking at the job ads. 
Things are not good there now. Think only hiring for 2nd and 3rd shiifts. Good luck. nmx
Ditto for Keystrokes. The two companies seem very similar. Congratulations on finding a good place
It is nice to know that there are growing companies who treat their employees well. Keystrokes is the closest I have come to YOG and that says a lot!
Good luck and good nerves. sm
I hope you do well.  I would rather have a root canal than drive a bus around with the rowdy kids around here, my gosh, they get in fights all the time, the bus driver has to return the bus to school.  You are probably from a better area, but they would have to pay me big, big money.  Good luck to you though.
Good for you! I have done that several times......Good luck to you. nm
Is anyone finding companies they are happy with and are you finding it
harder to get a job with all the people looking right now. 
Have had good luck with them since Feb.
I was told about a horror story that went on between them and one MT when I was brought on. Nothing even close has happend to me or another MT that I talk to from Medscript. Perhaps it was a two way horror story for the owner and the MT? I will post an email address if anyone has specific questions I can try to help. 
Good luck to you
I worked for MQ for years, and if you want ANYTHING you have to continuously harass "the higher ups." Remember, it is your money, and it is owed to you, don't let up on them or you will get NOTHING! Management sucks at MQ.
Sorry, I do not. Good luck!
Insurance costs are just outrageous nowadays--I can hardly afford it, and the costs seem to increase with every new enrollment period.
Good luck
No problemo! Best of luck to you!
Good luck!!!! They don't even pay
let alone spaces!!! They blowing smoke up, well, you know where!!!!
Good luck.
Ditto. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
Could be! Let us know how it goes and good luck!
Good luck to you then...

I just saw above where you had worked for DSG. That was another I had considered in the past but saw quite a bit of negative at one time. May I ask why you left DSG?


Good luck to you as well. sm
Bascially DSG wasn't willing to pay me what they thought I was worth, which sounds stupid, but it's true. Everything else except for the pay was perfect. I loved working there, and I recommend them. They have had some growing pains in the past, but things have leveled out quite a bit. I wish you the best.
Good Luck...let us know what happens with Lou..nm
Good luck
I was offered the same deal but there was no work when I started.  Nada, nothing. I had 9 jobs for an entire week and was told I couldn't get a backup because I wasn't off of 100% QA, and couldn't come off 100% QA because there was no work!!!  When I left, they did NOT pay the training bonus as promised and I reported them to the Attorney General.
Don't know anything about them but good luck!!
That's up to you. Good luck! :) nm
yep, me too.....good luck to you! :)

Good luck to you too!!


Your welcome and good luck.....nm
Good luck! sm
Bet it is the same company I worked for. If it is, you will never get it. Was told my check was in the mail 10 months ago, and never received it. I had my own equipment so there was nothing to return.
Good luck on this one
I did not have good luck!
Jim, the hiring manager, was supposed to send me all of the new hire papers, etc. No word from him. I e-mailed him constantly and called him constantly to find out where the papers were and when I was going to start. He totally ignored me. I call that very unprofessional. That should tell you something about the company. There seems to be a big turnover because they are always constantly hiring.
Well good luck with that one. I will not
I went into that totally blind and naive.....never again...lets face it...if your willing to put forth all your effort looking up things that the company should have referenced you with before they threw you into a contract....that tends to leave a bitter taste in your mouth!
Good luck!
Good Luck!
I, too, love working at a company that refuses to offshore their work. I am very happy there. I actually feel like I am valued as an employee. I hope all goes well for you and that you are hired by Keystrokes!
Good Luck!
Good luck
I wish you all the luck in the world with the new company, I left QT a few months ago and went to work for them but only lasted about a month, continually switching accounts, software was pathetic, just do not expect to make anywhere near what you did at QT, my line count was actually about 60% of what it was with QT and my line rate was less, went for hte benefits but did not stay
Good luck to us both then!
Good luck !!!

Good Luck to you
Congratulations on getting out of the evil place. You will be happier anywhere else!
Good luck with that......!! nm
Good Luck!
Let us know.
good luck. .
I'm so happy for you . . I so want to be a real Transcriptionist again. . not sure there are any in my area though. . I think I will check it out. . .
Good luck with that one...
I had the same negative experience with DSG. Nearly all of my emails were ignored. Whenever I did get a reply, it was rude and unprofessional. Constantly ran out of work to QA and was expected to type in order to make any money.
Good luck trying to get it from them
Last year I begged and pleaded, called, emailed, etc, and never received my 1099 from my previous employer. And the years that I worked for her prior no matter how hard I tried, I didn't get them until a few days befor the April tax deadline. Needless to say, she's no longer in business.
Good luck.
Good Luck!!!
Let me know how it goes for you.  Been with MQ for 10 years and looking to move on.  Do you have ASR with Wedmedx?  Will you have at least a competitive line rate with them?  Mostly, would like all typing with little or no ASR at all.  You know why. ASR is a bummer.  I actually had to type more then 5 reports the other night and found that I had almost forgotten how to actually type.  I was so much better with my typing skills before ASR came along.  Sorry, just venting.  Again, good luck in your new job and thanks for the info. 
Way to go! Good luck.