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which Transform, wyoming, nevada or?

Posted By: nm on 2009-09-01
In Reply to: How is the pay at Transform? Any info - of any kind available from anyone? TIA nm


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Transform Transcription (Nevada)
Would like to hear current info for this company, please.  Pros and cons.  Thank you for your time.
Any info on Transform, Inc. out of Nevada? sm
Thanks bunches for any info you have! 
Transform out of Wyoming
does not make you burn your PTO
Transform in Wyoming?

Does anybody have any current info about this company?  I did a search and found stuff from 2004.  I would like to know how they are to work for?


Does anyone work here and have any information on working for this company.  Thank you. 
No but Transform, Inc out of Wyoming
I don't know if it is the same company... I'm assuming it is... I work for Transform, Inc based out of Wyoming.  I actually work for Billings Clinic in Billings, Montana (three years).
Info on Transform in Wyoming? TIA.

Neuro Acct w/Transform Wyoming
I have been offered a position with Transform in Wyoming doing a neuro. account.  Anybody know anything about this company's reputation or their difficulty/dependability?  Thanks much,Debbie
Transform out of Wyoming....anyone with any information, please share...thanks!!
Is their platform easy, work great or not, what is their pay scale??  Thanks!!
Transform had branches in Florida & Wyoming. nm
Was that an account in Nevada
Nevada? If so, in 2/07 were offering 7 cpl and using
Any info on S&W Transcription out of Nevada.....nm
Are you talking about the ones in Nevada? That would be a shame. :( nm
Does anyone have any info on Scryptions International in Nevada? SM
Archived but have found nothing.  Thank you!!!
I was in Wyoming and I did not know
they had residents. I saw horses, cattle but no people. Where are they?
Cornerstone Transcription out of Wyoming (sm)
Does anyone work for this service or know anything at all about them?  Thanks so much in advance!!
Cornerstone Transcription - Wyoming??

Anyone have any info - good or bad - on this company.  Did a search and only found the one in New Jersey.



They do not hire Wyoming residents either.
Yes, very odd.
Sorry - this should be TRANSFORM. nm

Has anyone heard of Transform?? www.transformmt.com

I just got the test, and I was wondering if anyone working for them or knowing anything about them could put their 2 cents in?? Thanks ahead of time.

Has anyone who thought they did extremely well on their testing, been turned down for a job with this company? I've got 12+ years of experience and I thought I did extremely well on their testing, and was notified that I was turned down for not meeting their qualifications. First time that has ever happened, so was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. Their standards must be set extremely high.
Name is Transform
It is in Billings Montana and a great company.  They are hiring right now.  Good luck.

Anyone have any experience with this company?  Are they flexible with shifts (maybe offer a 12-hour window)?  Pay?  Benefits?  Ease in getting lines?  Do they assign dictators so an MT can get used to their voices and phrases, etc.?

Thanks in advance for any info.  Am trying to decide whether to apply and don't want to waste anyone's time. 

Yes, what do what to do know about transform?
Wondering about flexibility, benefits, ESLs, pay, etc. Thanks for any info. you might have. Are you working for them now?

First let me say this was my experience:  I do not work with them currently.

Positives: Pay was on time, plenty of work, benefits, direct deposit, the pay was average, I was making 8/line with an orthopedic account.

Negatives: My boss did not respond to my questions, the platform was very slow (but they to act like its your computer. I have road runner cable connection and have never had a problem with any system, except theirs). I worked 10 to 11 hours just to meet my line count (and I am an above average typist, right now I average 1800 lines a day). I worked on their orthopedic account and I have about 7 years of experience in orthopedics,  they did not have a interface for their patients, so we had to print out the doctor's patient list everyday to get their information (social #, patient ID #, date exam, etc) to put into the system, so I spent a lot of time doing research and shuffling through the different schedules. Also they did not pay for header information, which we put in. When my boss did answer me it was in a very condenscending tone. Also I only got about an hour of traning on their system.

I stayed with for about a month and gave them a 2-week's notice.  Maybe they have changed. This was in October, 2005 when I worked with them.

Good luck. PS I now work with a company that I am 98% happy with, hopefully you will find a good match for you.

Wow! 98% happy with?! That's wonderful! I'm looking to make some changes, but didn't want to waste my time with Transform like I've wasted my time with these other places. I have about 15 years experience. Another option was WordZXpressed out of Georgia. I've already tried OSi out of Georgia and their platform was too slow also and the pay was low, plus they claimed I was typing clinic and paid clinic rate, but it was actually hospital because I looked it up and it said x beds, etc..... Anway, thanks for the info. Oh, who do you work for now that is so good? I won't apply if there are no openings, but was just curious about such a good company! Thanks again......
I'm thinking of applying with them. They sent me the testing info. e-mail, but I sure didn't want to job-hop so am just trying to research before I apply. Do you think they pay decent? Flexible schedule? ESLs?
Web site is transformMT.com. I got a response e-mail from them, but haven't tested yet. They want to test my computer too and I'm a little hesitant about that if I don't know that much about them yet. I would like to know about what they pay and how flexible they are and how much ESL work is expected and all that stuff. Let me know if you find out anything and I'll do the same!
I think I did hear somewhere that they had a new platform, but haven't talked to them directly yet. In your experience, did they have a lot of ESLs? What about the schedule? Was yours a strict 8-5 type thing? Weekends required? Thanks.
? transform
Thanks so much. I appreciate the encouragement. I've been a little afraid I might be getting into a job-hopping situation and wanted to avoid that. How is the platform? Many ESL's?
Wow, that is wonderful news!  She just called me back and offered me the job!  I just need to give notice at my present job.  She said she would work with me on how I wanted to be hired - PT temporarily until my notice with this company is up or IC temporarily or FT empl. right away.  FT empl. is what I want because of the benefits, but I can't do FT at both places!  BTW, what does sm stand for?  I thought it was initials, but I've seen it on lots and lots of posts.  Just curious!  Thanks again, and I think I'm really going to enjoy working with you!  Debbie
Pay is norm - 8 cpl for 65 cpl w/spaces. Touchtype and Webtop platform leaves a lot to be desired - too many demos to enter. Their Vscript platform is supposed to be better, so I've heard. People are nice, pay is on time, plenty of work, flexibile schedule. They are in Florida and Wyoming.
Does this company pay well?  Are lines easily achievable on their platform?  Any info on the percentage of ESLs on their accounts or does this vary?  Thanks.
Can you tell me what office you work for. I am under the impression they are kind of like a franchise with multiple offices, not sure if that is correct or not though. Thanks.
The Transform that I work for is in Wyoming or Montana.  As far as I know there is only this one company.
Thanks for the replies. I did look up their web page and it says they operate in 28 states. Not sure how to interpret that since it could be they have clients in 28 states, not necessarily 28 offices. A friend works, I think, out of a Transform office in St. Louis though and is also happy with her situation.
Transform MT? Anyone have info on them or know where I can find some?
a bit about Transform
They are a small company in Cody, Wyoming. THey have many accounts all over the U.S. .. clinic and hospital. Their platform for work is their own, WORD based. Most all of their accounts are payed on a tierd scale... so much for the first 3000 lines, a bit more for the next 3000 lines and then a bit higher rate for lines over 6000.
I worked for them, and Bard (owner) and Lisa P were wonderful. I had to go through a bad divorce and just could not focus, so I left and just did not go back, but they were awesome.
Okay, what about Transform? sm

Pay scale (ballpark), platform, flexibility? 

transform in Wyoming uses vscript..

After working on many platforms since leaving transform. vscript is HEAVEN
I've been with Transform for close to three years now.

I do both MT and QA as primary on a major hospital account and have been cross trained on several other accounts for extra coverage as needed, but I rarely get pulled off my primary.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about this company. My coworkers are pleasant, my supervisor is accessible and friendly, HR always responds to questions quickly, the pay is competitive and always on time, and I have found them to be very flexible and accommodating any time I have had an illness and/or need to change my schedule or be accommodated in any way.

Overall, I am very happy here and have no plans to leave anytime soon.
Does anyone work for Transform?  Pros, cons, etc.  Thanks. 
Anyone have any info on this company? Good/bad? I can't seem to find anything current on them.
They have a platform that is very slow and it's hard to make lines, but everything else is positive. Nice people, pay on time, etc.
Transform MT
Has anyone heard from them that sent in a resume recently?  TIA.
Anyone known anything about Transform or TTS?
TTS...well you know I hired on and could not get installed at first. Got installed, escription platform doesn't work right, IT person not available, etc. Trainer got to me last Friday and told me to ask IT for help with the software glitch (and wait another 5 days for her to get to me?) Trainer was baking brownies, talking to her kid and reminding me that today is her DAY OFF! I had a hard time trying to understand where she was going when she was not distracted. Today, the gal who hired me IMd me with WHO IS THIS??? Umm you hired me?

Nice to be totally anonymous from the get go.

I have an offer from Transform to do weekends, either 4/10 or 3/12 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Nice line rate, totally unfamiliar with their platform. If any of you work for Transform, please tell me what Expanders will work with their stuff, pretty please.
MDI-MD and Transform, I think. nm
I'm an MT and QA Editor on a major hospital account for Transform. I've been cross trained on several other accounts for extra coverage but I rarely get pulled off my primary. I've worked for the company for over three years now, and I have no complaints at all. The platform is easy to learn and easy to use. It's no trouble to get good lines. The pay is decent and is always on time, and they have direct deposit. I cannot comment on the benefits, as I do not have them. The HR people and management are always accessible, my coworkers are pleasant, and I have found my direct supervisors to be very accommodating to me on the instances that I have needed to change my schedule or take time off.

I will not address the previous posters personal attack on a specific manager, except to say that my extensive interactions with her have led me to have the exact opposite impression.

Transorm is a great company. Given the choice, I'd choose to work here all over again.