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Are you talking about the ones in Nevada? That would be a shame. :( nm

Posted By: LTMT on 2008-09-22
In Reply to: that will be next - non


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Shame, SHAME on you people

for putting the MDI/Transcend people down!!!   When the offshoring, mergers, sales, etc.  knocks on YOUR door, as it surely will in time, will you still be so self-centered?  I am glad the moderator is allowing them time to discuss their plight and I am reading every post and thinking what I can do to help.  I am only one little person but I'm speaking loudly about the MT industry to anyone and everyone who might be able to help.  I spoke this morning with a person who knows an MT who works for one of the local  hospitals that has their MTs working from home.  This person told me they are ultraflexible and the MT she knows takes time off to go for a massage.  I left my number with our mutual friend and asked her to have her call me, I would  like to find out how they have made this work.  Sure sounds like going for a massage beats sitting around waiting for work from some MTSO and imagine the flexibility allowing her to do that!  I also spoke with an MT who has worked for one of the BIG MTSOs for over a dozen years.  She is not willing to trust another MTSO so she went part-time with the BIG one and took a full-time job waitressing where she says she  makes much more money.   She is so far behind she is in fear of having to file for bankruptcy!   Now THAT is pathetic.  If she can't make a living in MT anymore it is doubtful anyone can under the current working conditions.  I know nothing about MDI or Transcend but those aren't the only MTs who are suffering for lack of work and it seems more are in the boat every day. 

Please have patience with these, your brothers and sisters.  You may think this can never happen to you but I assure you it CAN and more than likely WILL sooner or later.

So if you have a question you'd like to ask, fire away,  I'll answer if I know the answer.

Shame, Shame, Spheris

I just noticed on Spheris's new CS platform on one of my backup accounts (one that happens to also be offshored to India), that not only is a patient's SSN available, birth date, but also the home address and personal phone number.  I've never understood why a SSN has always been available, since it is never used to identify a patient, but now all the other personal info is available on this particular account; however, is not available on my primary account (which interestingly is not offshored).  I am absolutely appalled that Spheris has made available all this private information, and none of it is required to identify a patient in order to transcribe a report, as the patient is only identified by name and/or account numbers.  It scares me that a patient's complete identity is available to any disreputable person with access and willing to profit from this info. 

Was that an account in Nevada
Nevada? If so, in 2/07 were offering 7 cpl and using
Any info on S&W Transcription out of Nevada.....nm
Transform Transcription (Nevada)
Would like to hear current info for this company, please.  Pros and cons.  Thank you for your time.
Any info on Transform, Inc. out of Nevada? sm
Thanks bunches for any info you have! 
which Transform, wyoming, nevada or?
Does anyone have any info on Scryptions International in Nevada? SM
Archived but have found nothing.  Thank you!!!
that is such a shame.

I have lots of work.  What kind of account were you on?  The platform I am on is great and the sound quality is the best I have ever worked on.  When it did start to get slow for me, they gave me another account and then told me I could have another on top of those 2 if I  needed it.

Funny how things can be so different for people.

The shame is that many of your
colleagues who are scheduled to work do not hold up their end often forcing the company to add others to keep the work covered.  It is a shame with fault on both ends of the stick we keep poking each other with.
And it would be a shame if somebody.....
ACTUALLY put their real name on here and had enough maturity to say who they are --- Gee! If you mean what you say, you shouldn't be afraid to say who you are especially if you are legitimate. And if you are legitimate, anybody that has any common sense would know this is not how you take care of a problem - in a grown up world at least.
None taken.....it's a shame, isn't it? nm
What a shame
I worked for them when they were HealthScribe and I hated them. I left as soon as my 6-month sentence was up and I never looked back. I was hoping that with the Spheris merger things might have gotten a bit better, but it's apparent they haven't. Reading this brought back so many memories (all unpleasant). It's really a shame - they give the transcription field a bad name.
It's a shame, they used to be

very well respected. I worked there for a little more than a year and saw things happen that I did not agree with (training in Trinidad, etc..).

I never really had a problem with management. My first manager was promoted (she was great). The lady who replaced her...I think she bit off more than she could chew and realized that the position was too much for her. Then my team finally got a new manager and she was nice as well.

To me, the pay scale was not hard to figure out. It was based on lines per hour, QA score and how much work you sent through to QA. It was, unfortunately, on the low side. The account I was on was very good, so I didn't have a problem meeting my line count. I have heard that the recruiter they have now (who is not the recruiter that hired me) couldn't explain how the pay scale worked.

All in all I felt they were a decent company. The Trinidad thing made quite a few people nervous and unsettled. I was one that was uncomfortable with it. I thought the grass would be greener on the other side, but it wasn't. Honestly, I would go back if offered. I miss the flexible scheduling and the account I was on.



its a shame
that its happening and also the poor MT that have lost respect also.
Shame on him then!!
Shame on him then!!!
shame on you all

And you are NOT a class act.  You are dishonest.  That unemployment money comes out of my pocket (government = taxes).  It's not money from Keystrokes.  You were working; therefore, you don't deserve unemployment.  (Duh!)  I don't care if you got the account from hell.  Too bad.  Life's not fair.  Move on and work for your money.  

What a shame.
What a shame that any company would jeopardize the livelihoods of its employees for such obvious disrespect of the law and for a person who certainly has a right to live their life without the intrusion of their employer. Who of us can give 100% to their job if we have family and other responsibilities? It shows the extreme short-sightedness and disregard of common law that this man has. I hope that people remember this when they see his ads for employment and that hard working MTs steer clear of a company such as this. Ego that is so inflated as to think you are above the statutes that govern how you do business is just too much .. I hope this woman takes him to the cleaners! Her intention was to return to work. He has no right to determine whether or not she can give 100%, most particularly for such an owner, good luck with that!
What a shame
Such a shame that companies ruin their own reputations by permitting unprofessional ''Ms Nasties to run rampant. They miss out on some good/sharp MTs who simply refuse to work with unprofessional rude people with obvious issues. To put up with silly whimsical nit-picking QAs is bad enough, but rude supervisors who abuse their little modicum of authority is enough to make many an expert MT say thanks but no thanks and move on.
And shame on you
for making assumptions which have no basis in fact. No one squashed the crap (is gutter language necessary in your posts?) out of anyone. I was merely stating something that anyone should have known. And no, I do not work for MDI. Stating you had no work is not legally actionable, but casting aspersions on another's character is. And yes, I quote the Golden Rule and live by it.
That's a shame
sorry for your boyfriend's loss. :(
Shame on you WMX. Shame on you!
All of your talk about being bold and being better than the rest, I actually feel nauseated. You are no better than the rest. I am so disgusted with this industry and what you are doing to us.
that's a real shame
sorry to hear they sold out in such a huge way... they didnt used to think this way.
That's a shame but hang in there

I'm do a different platform/client, but I also hired in this summer, and went through a rough time at first.  I talked to my supe, and after changing my schedule a bit and taking on two secondaries, things have become much better, and there's actually been OT on my accounts for the last few weeks.

Check the backlogs on the community page.  Some accounts regularly have OT approved (its in the little box at the top left, who's approved for OT and for how long).  Maybe you can get trained on some of those.  Are you willing to change your schedule at all?  My accounts consistently have certain heavier days than others, and before I was off during the heavy days.  My supe asked me to shift my schedule and it has made a very positive difference.

And what a darn shame too, because if there
wasn't the MT no one else would have a job.
That's a shame about the increase
excited to be getting to work for that company.  Keystrokes has a high plan too and are looking into it, but I've read that on here for over a year now.  I guess I have nothing nice to say, so I'd better be quiet.  Sometimes saying too many good things can jinx us!  
Shame on you, Karl

First of all, no need to yell.

You call MTs pompous?  I think not.  I trump your experience with 40+ years.  Just as all other businesses, there are good MTs who do their job and do it well; there are those who care for nothing past their own paycheck.

I have not, and will not, knowingly work for a company who offshores so I have no first hand knowledge of the quality of MTs in other countries.  Certainly they have the right to improve their living standards but at the expense of our AMERICAN brothers and sisters?  I think not. Look at the ads on the Job Seekers Board.  Hundreds and thousands of views on each and every one of those ads.  This tells me that there are plenty of MTs, many perhaps newbees, in this country looking for and needing work.   You say you are QA swat team.   This tells me that the offshores need lots of QA-ing.  So why not swat for people in our own country first?  I will tell you why.....GREED....not only from the transcription companies, but from the suits in the medical profession who are only interested in the bottom line profit statement.  And there are people like you who try to justify this

Again, I say shame on you for taking part in cutting opportunites for AMERICAN jobs and for being a part of the reason wages are falling.  Maybe this has not affected you personally at this point but trust me, it will sooner or later.


Shame on them! What do they pay for abnormal ones?,,nm

It is a darn SHAME
WEBMEDX is a click. If you don't know someone personally and are not someone's friend personally, FORGET IT, they will trash you and think nothing of it...Great Job Today, On the streets tomorrow. They don't care who they hurt or who they Belittle. The QA mentoring is LAZY also.
It's a shame, too, Skunko....
I was really enjoying our intelligent exchange of information until the trollster came thru. I have nothing but respect for you and NightOwl and various other posters who contributed to this discussion. I love exchanging ideas and tips and always feel like I can learn something from someone else.

I gotta hand it to you, though, girlfriend...If I had to practically rewrite every sentence that came down the pipe, I'd be pulling my hair out! I'd love to see you have one day of good dictators and relatively clean reports so you could experience the difference. I think you'd really enjoy it. It sucks that there's so many 'cooks in the kitchen' and such a vast number of dictators at the Q that it kinda defeats the purpose of having VR at all :-( .

Shame on MT schools
Shame on these MT schools saying they can guarantee graduates $60,000 per year!! Of course some say up to, which is very subjective, though very misleading.  They ought to let people trying to get into this business know that unless they are fortunate enough to find the right fit, they are in for a bumpy ride.
And shame on the MT wannabes
who don't do thorough due diligence before giving one red cent to any of the schools. It is because of this naive attitude that the matchbook schools thrive. It seems that nobody wants to take responsibility for their own well-being anymore. Part of being a good MT is doing exhaustive research. IMHO, researching a potential school is step number one. Good luck to everyone, do your homework before picking a school!
And shame on the MT wannabes
who don't do thorough due diligence before giving one red cent to any of the schools. It is because of this naive attitude that the matchbook schools thrive. It seems that nobody wants to take responsibility for their own well-being anymore. Part of being a good MT is doing exhaustive research. IMHO, researching a potential school is step number one. Good luck to everyone, do your homework before picking a school!
And shame on the MT wannabes
who don't do thorough due diligence before giving one red cent to any of the schools. It is because of this naive attitude that the matchbook schools thrive. It seems that nobody wants to take responsibility for their own well-being anymore. Part of being a good MT is doing exhaustive research. IMHO, researching a potential school is step number one. Good luck to everyone, do your homework before picking a school!
Name her and Shame her, LTMT
Get the word out before she does this again, and I'm so sorry you're going through this. Whether $338 or $38, you earned it and you deserve to be paid, too.

These people stiffing MTs never fail to amaze me. What a bunch of soulless monsters.
Shame on you. You don't know this person, you
don't know anything about the quality of her work.  Maybe she isn't a good MT, maybe she isn't dependable, but I don't know that and you don't know that.  I think post like yours show a lack of maturity.  This business is very cut throat.  Tomorrow it could be you or I that have lost our jobs and then when we're down someone comes along and says maybe it is the quality or our work.  I don't know about you, but it wouldn't make me feel any better about my loss, even if it happened to be true. 
Go for it. Have been there a year and they put Webmedx, MDI-FL to shame.
See...shame a yank has to correct you LOL
Shame on them. They exploit, do not pay for spaces.
It's a shame when a post gets moved
to another board/correct board - that posts made to it in the meantime are lost.  I've seen good replies lost that way. :(
You gave away all their secrets. Shame on you!
Of course you are attacking TT. It's a shame, since you have never worked there. Don't you t
that maybe, just maybe, we really like this company and don't want to see if trashed like so many others? I am not a recruiter. I am not management. I am just an MT who finally, after 13 years in this business, feels like I have found a career rather than just a job.
You have to have a CONSCIENCE to feel shame
You are PURPOSEFULLY missing the point: You have yet to answer the point that is being made here: What you are doing WILL result in a lower pay scale.
I heard same, which is shame, since they have some good
What a shame! As an employee I would have expected some
job security! I thought only ICs like me had very little security net. I am sorry to hear that you are having such problems. Makes me think I should still stay IC because I was going to sign on with another company (not Webmedx) just for the security of having work. Uggg. I hope you get work soon!
It indeed is such a shame. I left in my second week at
Ax because immediately the nature of my immediate sup was really terrible. Calling me saying I should be on when I was not even scheduled (her mistake), e mails with screens showing when I went to the bathroom and how long it took, literally. I could not stand this form of micromanagement so I left. Too bad, I have over 26 years of experience and had done well on the accounts thus far, and would have had a long career there. But, it was evident to me right away this person needed to control my every waking breath, so I walked. Found another position with a good company but there was really no reason for me to leave that is professionally, except the bad habits of a person who could have screamed in a pillow or taken up a hobby or get a life to feel better about things. Just IMHO.
That is terrible... A shame it couldn't ...sm
at least wait until after X-mas. I know things are terrible financially all over but this is just terrible.
Such a shame. So many sham artists.
are out this time of year because business is slow, and people are looking for a bright new start for the new year. I would say be careful of anything new on the boards listing for a job. I know we see the same postings all of the time, and may not want to opt for those, but waiting a few weeks until the real job postings hit will be a safer bet. There are tons of established companies out there and best to just look them up on the web. Be careful! More than 1 Scrooge out there looking to swindle... Happy Holidays!
That's such a shame, and I can totally relate.
you might be. I had a feeling things were going on like that, and being on the MT end now, I don't know how you do it.  You are wonderful and talented and intelligent QA person, and a super help to me. You are the only one I ever trusted right at the git go, as there are games galore. Don't let anyone there ever let you feel otherwise. I can imagine the games you are experiencing, have been in a whirlwind of them myself with the same gals, and if it helps at all, I am going thru very similar games as well, and have cried myself to sleep many a night.  Its not worth it, and I'm throwing in that towel, too, really soon. It will be their loss, and one thing this has taught me is never believe anything one reads on this forum, especially the glowing reviews of super companies.  The reality is a slap in the face, and in my case, a near disastrous slap in the pocketbook as well.  If you are you, you probably know who I am, and I think you're the best. I also am a very good judge of character.   Promise to keep in touch if your throw your towel first, okay?
That's a shame -- did you call the office? Maybe they sent your shirt to someone else sm

and they got the wrong size too.  Just a thought.