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you might want to explain what 10-key skills are because(sm)

Posted By: SP on 2007-09-19
In Reply to: Bottom Line at Amphion - Observer

it sounds like, from reading the posts below, the only ones who know what these skills are are the Amphion MTs.  It also sounds like some sort of skill that anyone wanting to apply to Amphion might need to possess.  So, please, enlighten the rest of us who have been MTs for 10, 20, 30+ years and have never heard of this.  Not being snide, just curious as to this new term.  TIA

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So you know - there are companies who appreciate your MT skills more
doing op reports. So many MTs don't have experience or don't want to do them. You can negotiate with other companies. Not sure you will get 12 cpl but maybe 11 cpl.

Good luck.
The only skills you need at Amphion
Definition of 10-key skills
Accounting courses teach 10-key skills by touch the same way typing courses teach keyboarding by touch. When you are entering numbers, it is much, much, much easier and faster to use the keypad to the right instead of the numbers on the top row of the keyboard. This is by touch, not by hunting and pecking the numbers to the right of the keyboard.
Well, with your writing skills.....
They're probably happy to be rid of you .
Get out and keep your skills fresh.

A good MT will have ESL skills
When starting in 1973, there were a lot of ESLs; work on getting better at transcribing them..IT'S OUR JOB.

Life is not fantasy world where everything goes the way we want and/or there are no challenges. It's called reality. I get compensated more for my ability to transcribe ESLs well. The new economy calls for being indespensible and helps protect your job.
I am so impressed with your skills
not- you sound like you are the only 1 who does well on VR, making you faster and better than most so you say. Did you break your arm patting yourself on your back?
I am NOT judging anyone skills sm
by the number of years on the job. You have taken this way out of context and I am not even going to address the diatribe. Well, except for one thing.....your comment about folks making the same wage no matter how many years they have been in the business.

If you were in another profession and you were there 20, 25, 30 years and someone came in to the office making the same as you or maybe even more, wouldn't you be just a tad irritated? My goodness why have pay scales?

I am so glad you have never had to ask for help or ask a question on the word board etc, arent' you just special? I don't know an MT alive that hasn't had to ask a question now and then no matter how many years they have been doing this. Sometimes you just can't find what you are looking for. Granted, probably 99% of the time folks can find things on their own but no one is 100% perfect that they never have to ask a question.

What you don't realize is the opinions you have really DO come from being a newbie. When you have been in this for years and years you will know that not all things are so perfect. You really do have the know it all attitude of a newbie. You may be an exceptional newbie and one who is a very quick learner, reserches to find what you want, but you still have the attitude!

Actually with that attitude, you really do need to ALWAYS be working at home alone because you would never last in an office full of MTs. There are folks who do need mentoring, know they need mentoring and are not afraid to ask for help. So glad you never make a mistake, can ALWAYS find what you are looking for and never need to ask questions. You are just to perfect for words!
our kids will have to learns skills such as
even lawyers are offshored now

we will never change... the big guys like congress and bush are messing up our lives... combine offshoring with the influx of illegals doing the hands on jobs and middle america is history, as we knew it, never to be the same. It could have been prevented...other countries doe it, but we are at the mercy of the big guys. I have a feeling if we were at the mercy of the big GIRLS such as hillary and other women, we would be in better shape. Men are motivated by small heads and testosterone.
My skills are gone. I am a Diskriter employee
I have worked for Diskriter right out of school for awhile now.  In the past 3 months, I have failed over 25 employment tests.  At first, I thought how could this be I work for a national company, Diskriter, so how come I cannot pass an employment test.  How can I get the skills to pass an employment test?  When hired at Diskriter, I only took a written test.  Q and A at Diskriter barely exists.  I thought this was a dream job, but now I am limited because I cannot pass an employment test.  Am I the only one in this situation?  At Diskriter the important thing is making 1200 lines per day.  If you make your line count, you can send everything to the site, which I have done to make my line count.  Now it is coming back to haunt me.  Please do not judge me.  All I want to do now is get a better job.  Diskriter is not the company for me, even though QA is nonexistent.  Thanks
There are a lot who also do not know basic English skills. Example: (sm)
the difference between their, there, and they're.  Affect, effect.   Basic skills of sentence structure.  Just knowing some medical words does not make you a good MT.
Maybe nothing available that fits your skills and what they are looking for. That doesn't mean
You might have come across as difficult to work with if you turned down what they were going to put you on. Maybe there was nothing available for YOU. I did recruiting for another national in the past and would never do that again because this is the most miserable group of people in the world. Jeesh. Get over yourself.
maybe he/she has excellent skills without mistakes
key skills have nothing to do with demos on different accounts
It isn't "typing" skills they are interested in, it is
transcription skills - big difference.  An oral interview will yield the information as well, if not better than doing transcription.  If transcribing you have references available and can take time to look things up, if an oral interview you have to know your stuff or else. 
Skills only a small part..
It doesnt make a blankity blank bit of difference how skillful you are if you have a munged up system in your way. Certainly gaining skills is a good thing. But, I'd expect the mangement teams in these companies to be evauating that and leading in that area. They don't know how to evaluate squat, not skills, not how to improve, not their system, not their satisfaction, not their own skills, not, nada, zippo, nothing. These companies need to be bashed. The way they compare to other industries is ghastly. It's hard to get better through osmosis. And no, don't work for Spheris. Their attitude is far and above one of the worsts. You want people to get better? Teach them, instead of managing them. This industry needs an overhaul. I'm working hard at exiting. Almost there.
Use some of your research skills and search the
archives.  SS is a terrible company and I would not recommend them to my worst enema.  You won't find much good about them in the archives either. 
Again with the crappy reading skills
With each post, you clarify how you are able to make your grandiose claims about VR. Reading, as they say, is fundamental, and once you ignore that whole pesky reading for context thing, I'm sure VR does get a lot easier. Try it again, slowly this time, and you'll see that I qualified the 1000 lines number by following it with an 'or'. I know...it requires actually a little more effort than looking for squiggly red lines under the word, but you may find you actually can follow a discussion better. But don't try it in your work. It might actually slow you down.
If they're lacking in skills as you say, maybe they should apply for

They're already qualified for that, especially if they have 7 kids and no experience at MT any further back than 2003.

or maybe some offices still have poor mgmt & skills
Honestly, think it is PD (recruiter). No grammar skills. BUT it could be Flo
Please work on your typing skills - your post has so
flexible, not flexable Spheris, not Spheirs MedQuist, cap the Q appreciated, not appriciated Also, it would be, ... with flexible hours (for those sleepless nights). ... I think if you will have difficulty finding and holding a job with those kinds of mistakes.
How arrogant. I have been doing this for 20+ years and have no idea what your 10-key skills sm
is a reference to. Throwing little code phrases out that mean nothing to the vast majority of MTs as a measurement of MT skills does not help your point of view at all.
10-key skills mean can you operate a calculator? How that has anything to do with being a skilled M
is beyond me. The Amphion people are a joke. They act like they are the best of the best but the reality is that they are a sad group of people in a sad little company that is growing in single digits (read, sloooowww). Gimme a break!
And that makes up for giving your time and skills
They will hire ANYONE regardless of lack of skills. That's why QA is such a nightmare. nm
Are you an MT, you MUST have research skills. I found the web address
Maybe you need to improve your (proof)reading skills.
The ad clearly states that she pays weekly. What is so wrong about being upfront about how much she is paying? If that is too low for some people, they do not need to apply and do not need to waste anybody's time. What is so wrong about being honest and asking for honesty? With this type of ad, you know from the start how much is paid and do not have to go through hours of testing just to hear how much they offer.
Giving away my time and skills is not a "little thing"
I work Sun-Thurs and Georgie needs social skills

I changed from Tues-Sat 1st shift to Sun-Thurs 3rd shift because I start Sunday evening and I am done with my shift on Fridays at 7:00 a.m.  I have all day Saturday and Sunday to spend with my family.

Georgie, you are just a NASTY person.  There is no reason to be so rude and condescending to others.  I think you need to take some classes on social skills or get some counseling because you seem to be a pretty MISERABLE person.

That was NOT in my post. Too bad your posting skills are not as sharp as your criticizing ones. nm
Not just MT, any computer skills, paperwork, etc. could be difficult. I am just guessing. (nm)
I really must work on my schmoozing skills, ya know? no message inside.
I'm a midwest MT too (Kansas) ... but my gourd painting skills are definitely lacking too. :( n

With your negative attitude, poor spelling skills and foul mouth,
I'm inclined to side with the MTSO on this one.
Please explain what that should tell me.
I'm thinking of applying with Spheris.  I also know someone who works for Transcend and was offered a job with Spheris.  I don't want either of us to make a mistake.
right - have tried to explain this before and

Being paid twice a month will have an average period of 15 days on each check (usually averages 11 working days if you work 5 days a week).  Being paid every 2 weeks will have 14 days on each check (10 working days if you work 5 days a week).  At the end of the year your total gross for the year would be the same either way, you would just either get 26 checks a year or 24 fatter ones.

Can you explain that, please? nm
pls explain

I have all but been hired by Amphion, and would like to know why I should not take a job with them before I quit my current job. 

let me explain
They had a position 2nd shift but needed this person to do 1-2 dys 3rd shift as well. I was hesitant about this but was considering it and told them so. They SD they knew someone who liked 3rd shift and they were going to see if they could get that person to do the 3rd shift hrs and give me just 2nd shift hrs. When I did not hear from them re this job for a few days I emailed and she told me - oh, we hired someone who would do the 2nd & 3rd shift hrs.

Did not bother to let me know at any point on their own that they'd decided to hire someone else - I had to contact them. SHE offered to make this adjustment in order to accommodate me, I did not ask and had even sd that I probably cd do the 3rd.

It was just all to reminiscent of irresponsible mgmt for me.
Please explain????
I'm looking at an ad for a Transcriptionist and it says full-time position in subspeciality group medical/surgical practice. Could you help me out and tell me what kind of practice this might be. Thanks so much!!
Can someone explain this to me, please?

What is the point of a company telling you that you are hired and giving you a start date, but then you have to remind them to get the materials to you in order to begin working?  This just happened to me for the first time in my career.  I am sitting here waiting for the second day now.  Is this a sign that if they cannot even get me into their system to work that they are probably unorganized and uncaring?  I already e-mailed them and am awaiting a response.  Not sure what else to do!  I am not used to being treated this way. 

please explain this
there are jobs posted on the job board with the posted by  name and then once you click to get more info several of them say contact place is Webmedx.  Is Webmedx like a chain??
Please explain DD because when I was there

I had DD and pay dates were the 15th and 30th but my check never made it to the bank until a week later - sometimes more.  I always thought DD was a faster way to deposit??

Could you please explain why...

I am the only one you come back at. The 2 posts above mine are derogatory, but it is only me you accuse of stirring things up. I once worked at QT but I do not now. I did not ask any questions about pay or whatever.

You're wrong, ha ha.....how old are you???

Could you please explain this...sm
Just getting ready to start applying for some escription work, but now I am confused as to how it works.  Thanks for any details you can offer on this pay scenario. 
Please explain then
Why -- when I had questions the ops manager seemed to be in the dark, never gave me straightforward answers but the runaround. Can you explain that one please?
What I would do is to explain to her that sm
you do not know of anyone and leave it at that. If she keeps asking, let her know that you have a policy against referring anyone anywhere so as not to get caught in the middle and you do not compromise on that for anyone. If that doesn't work, tell her that she is out of line and not to contact you. Try tactful twice and if she is dumb-as-a-post after that, be blunt :)
Can you explain?
How can you cross one of the QA people?
Well then explain....
Let us all in on it.
You don't have to explain anything
Some people just don't have anything nice to say and like to judge others. Good luck with your situation.