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you seem frantic

Posted By: before you jump off the deep end on 2005-09-06
In Reply to: Does MQ have STATUTORY EMPLOYEES anymore under new plan - ??????????????????

I am also an SE.  I keep in close contact with my supervisor.  I am needed and so are you.  We will always have the option of full time employment, which I am taking this Nov.  Please don't worry yourself.

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Could it be more frantic because of them taking over the CHS accts? My 3 hospitals have turned us over to Spheris and we will start with Spheris then the end of May. We were told while we were training, a Spheris Team would take over for us. Really wish I felt more positive about this change, and will try and see how it is for the 3 months probation and then....
Only management would be so frantic about this.
Glad for you. It's even more frantic and
frantic and stressed
I think it began with taking over another company a few years ago and acquiring their Indian facility. Then trying to change the whole company over to Cornerstone, losing some of their business, introducing VR, low work volumes, many MTs unhappy with the new compensation  ... and  acquiring CHS.  On my last account their, manager said the facility is complaining about too many blanks...then said use the blank more often and produce more.
What a frantic situation! She is treating you like
a marionette.  This sounds like it isn't going to get any better and every day will be the same jerking around as the previous one was.  I'd be a wreck with the phone calls.