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I may have caused my former cat's demise by feeding Meow Mix dry (sm)

Posted By: Miss my kitty! :( on 2007-03-21
In Reply to: Fortunate ours are picky in this case....sm - MsMT

It is higher in certain minerals that can make it easier for cats (esp. males) to develop urinary crystals. I had a perfectly healthy 4-year-old male Persian who had only recently gotten Meow Mix just as a hand-fed treat, and he developed crystals, complete urinary tract blockage, and eventually complete renal failure, resulting in euthanasia. His total bill came to over $5,000 - which I am STILL paying off 6 months later. I learned 2 important lessons:
1) NEVER feed Meow Mix, and
2) Buy pet health insurance!

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Meow, meow....meow, meow, purrrrrrr.
Meow, hiss, and meow some more
Why all the discord here? I AM going west, I live in the south below Atlanta so definitely west for me. Yes I know California would be further west but my trip is definitely west from here for me. I am not going to Denver- I am LEAVING out from Denver. West is from where you live and for me IT IS west. My goodness, you all join me in a saucer of milk here, ok?
Seizures, aspirin and dog demise

Okay, here's my offering of a summary.  In answer to the initial question, yes dogs can have seizures.  I had a dog that had them for several years. Extremely scary, but they basically didn't harm him. He shook and was stiff for about a minute, then was fine afterwards.  The vet didn't see a need to do testing, and I agreed, as he was already 9 or 10 years old at the time, and he lived another 5 years after that.  (The dog, not the vet, ha!) Of course other owners and other vets might decide to do testing and such.  As for the aspirin debate, I will now agree with the person who says aspirin can kill a dog.  A dog given small doses of aspirin every day of its life will indeed die - most likely in anywhere between 13 and 17 years!  Let's lighten up, everybody! 

Where was the earthquake that caused it? - nm
It may have caused some problems
since for years I didn't know to be careful about B vitamis and such.

I haven't been to the doctor in several years and rarely did before that, so who knows? I have issues here and there like most people, but it's always hard to pinpoint what causes what.

I think I'm good with vitamins and pretty good with iron now, but sometimes might not get quite enough protein. I try to buy protein powder for that but kind of go in spurts.

I think a lot of people get funny about eating meat as they get older. I know quite a few men who don't pull the trigger when hunting anymore either. They would rather watch the animals and feel a connection with them. Kind of a short-term evolution I suppose. : )
It is such a shame that her fame has caused
You hear so often of stars with private gardeners, make-up artists, etc.  Why not a private psychologist/psychiatrist/interventionist.  Such a cute girl and so much more life to live.  It sure does make you wonder if pushing your children into these types of fields is really the right thing to do.  I guess every job has its ups and downs, but I still wouldn't want to see my child have such turmoil when they were seen as "starlets" for so long.  I also think the media makes a big deal out of everything.  I don't think her actions are good choices, but I also think every little move the poor young mother makes is under scrutinization by the public.  You don't often hear about every day people dropping their kids and getting that much publicity.  Just like when Michael Jackson dangled his child over the balcony for example.  I have been around people that throw their children in the air and catch them.  This scares me, but I never see those same people on CNN that night throwing their child in the air and being scrutinized for that action.  JMO. 
Avon actually caused problems for me
with allergy type reactions and skin irritation. I think their products are often too strong. JMO
A time of 5 years should not have caused kidney failure.
This is too short a time.
Did she have heart problems also?
I know people who drag along for 30 years until they finally succumb to organ failure.
cardiac arrythmia is what caused my daughter to do the same thing -
Fever blisters caused by herpes virus which stays
Effexor caused strange buzzing feelings in my head when trying to stop it nm
What are you feeding him/her?
It can make a difference, but I suspect age may be playing a role here.

Also are you drying the dog after the bath? If not a wet dog is goign to stink since it will pick up more dirt/etc. while drying
I am doing the same thing, I put my chubby girl in the bedroom, which she does not like and feed her special diet, and then I put down the other 4 cats their dry food in the morning for one hour, then I pick it up and let chubby girl out, then in the evenings, I give everyone their wet and a few dry pebbles in their bowel and let them eat that for an hour and then I pick it all up, I find they eat way better (good thing since they only eat holistic pricey food w/human grade ingredients that I can't afford to waste) Been doing this three weeks now and I hope it is working for my two chubbies, will see in a month when I weigh them. Oh, they also get 6 treats apeice in the morning too.
Breast feeding.....
I had a child via a surrogate and I breast fed her. Sometimes just suckling the baby will stimulate milk supply but it is a very long and time consuming process. Also, I used a system called Lact-Aid that uses a small bag that holds formula and has a thin tube that is near the nipple so the baby suckles both the tube for the formula and you for the stimulation to trick your body into producing milk. And yes, I did produce some although not enough for nourishment. I used the system for several weeks just for the bonding.
Feeding two dogs

I got another dog a few months ago. I had been feeding canned and dry food, but it was getting too expensive with two dogs so I just went to the dry food only. I keep some in both bowls all the time. One dog has lost weight, one has gained! The new dog has no problem eating the dry food. Buddy eats it too, but not as much. I hand fed him for two nights and he took the food (he's not sick or anything), but I'm wondering if there is a trick to feeding two dogs. Now, tonight I put one bowl further away from the other one and he ate all the food in the bowl. Maybe the two bowls need to be further apart?

Anyone have any words of wisdom on feeding two dogs?

Feeding two dogs
My daughter went through the same thing.  One dog getting fat, the other loosing weight and finally got listless.  She discovered that one dog was gulping his food down and then eating the other dog's food.  She started feeding them in separate rooms and not letting the more aggressive dog (Ebony) out until the more meek dog (D.O.G.) was finished.  After a few weeks she fed them together to see what would happen.  Ebony gulped his food down and tried to eat D.O.G.'s food.  D.O.G. attacked Ebony, and Ebony never tried to steal again.  D.O.G. gained her weight back and started running and playing again.  Ebony lost the weight she needed to lose.
How is feeding a baby rude?
I just don't get it. How is feeding a baby rude? Usually this is the reaction breastfeeding moms get from those who couldn't or wouldn't breast feed. I never got any negative response from feeding my baby.

I didn't take my shirt off and expose my breasts to the world. I was feeding a baby - grow up!
Being a wet nurse and breast-feeding a 6 yo
Competely different. I have been a wet nurse. I have several children. I've been a gestational surrogate. I have NOT, however, breast feed a 6-year-old. That is disgusting.
hey - please quit feeding the troll....Thanks!
Does he do this at his regular feeding times?

Have you cut back not only on the amount of food but the amount of times you feed him? If so, that may be why he is reacting this way.

My dog is overweight, too, and since he has problems with his legs, the vet wants us to try to help him lose weight. She said to feed him small meals more often so that he will feel satisfied but to make sure we cut down on the total amount of food given per day.

So maybe that would work with your cat - smaller meals, more often. Worth a try, right?

As far as the breast-feeding thing sm
There are a few herbal supplements and other medications that women can take to stimulate lactation. I was on an infertility board several years ago, and there were adoptive mothers doing this. It is difficult and often does not work. There are also ways to simulate breast-feeding (special tubing connected to bottles that are situated in a way to get the infant to suckle) that can also help lactation.
Maybe you're feeding him too much bull!
No, what comes next? Force feeding meds?

If I am depressed it is MY choice to take antidepressants or not. If I do not feel comfortable with them, no matter what the doctor says, I can stop it.
Antidepressants have a LOT of bad side effect and there are alternatives!
Same problem - but breast feeding so I cant take those sooooo
I try to take a little break in the morning for a shower and keep HEALTHY snacks on hand to crunch. Peanuts, rice cakes and sip pop and sometimes I give in a take a power nap of no longer than 15 minutes and I feel much better.
Breast feeding past a "normal" age
You are right some things just should not happen - such as other people judging how long a mother breastfeeds her child. It is none of your or their business. My son is now 21 - has memories of breastfeeding and is the most polite, intelligent and psychologically stable young man you could ever wish for. He would be a blessing to any family and I believe will make an excellent husband when he decides to marry. We have a close relationship, as I do with my daughter who only BF for 6 months - at her choice. What exactly is the "normal" age? And who set that "rule" up? I would rather have breastfed my children than to have abused them physically or mentally - believe me, he was not abused in any way - if you knew him, you would only wish that your children were like him - my husband and I are the envy of all of our friends because we never had one bit of problem with either of our children because they were raised properly - and I do believe that BF played a role in their developing into responsible adults. If you want to borrow him when you are having a headache because your kids are out of control - just let me know - he would definitely brighten your day.
I have an HP - have barely used it - trouble with paper feeding
I have an HP also and have trouble with paper feeding. I get sick of it. I have to keep a big
stack of paper in so it feeds okay.  If not it thinks it is out of paper.
Do you and your daughter swap out breast feeding for your hubby
and baby also? You can nurse for awhile her kid and she can let your hubby have a sip since you seem to be so free with all this milk and family sharing, etc. I hate to tell you but I don't have out of control kids, mine are grown and no problem there. You really sound like a crackpot actually.
please stop feeding the troll; she evidently is full of

white collar workers only *ROFL* - what a small minded troll she is too....oh well, seems like  personal problem to me but then y'all have to stop feeding the troll (her).    she is also enthralled with herself *HAHAHAHA*......

Well, seems to some of us (me-me-me) that  she probably, in that neighborhood of only white collar workers) is low gal on the pole - she IS her own trash.....

NOTE: I have removed the breast feeding thread because it flamed. The

original poster, who posted in a quite ugly manner has been banned from this site.  When posting, please do so in a respectful manner.

Thank you,