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...sorry, with pictures. :( He didn't even dictate it. nm

Posted By: Didn't even need an MT on 2007-01-12
In Reply to: Hubs was wheeled out of his colonoscopy & they handed me his canned "normal" report, with pict - Didn't even need an MT


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Yep, they dictate in noisy nursing stations, dictate in the ER, dictate in the OR when they are
cleaning up banging around and we are supposed to hear them. So much for HIPPA.

The problem is though I am quite knowledgable about the software, computer, working had, transfering files, etc. when it comes to fun things I know nothing.  So my nephew is going to E-mail me the pictures and then I guess I will just E-mail them to anyone that wants to look at them.   He is getting back from Bible camp on Saturday and promised me he would get them over to me.   I don't have a digital camera and so if he doesn't by Saturday, my neighbor told me I could borrow his and take some but they are coming.  Will especially take some pics of my lilies that came up late this year and are beautiful.   But thanks to all of you for asking.  Seems like I only use my computer for work, work, work and never anything fun.  I bet I am not alone in that.    Take care, it is going to be hot here in Portland up to 101 to 105 and so going to the beach Fri/Sat.  



Since I work so much on my computer like the rest of you, I don't use for fun very much but I had my newphew take some digital pics and he is going to E-mail them to me and I will see if I can get them posted somewhere so you can all see what it is like.  You will probably be disappointed as I do not have one of those million dollar floating home, just simple in need of paint this summer but it is mine. 

Patti  --


little pictures
off the subject, but how do you do the little pictures off to the side of postings?  so cute!  i love yours!
Don't you know that on TV and in pictures everything
looks much, much better than in reality?
The Doctors TV is a show sponsored by Dr. Phil.

I have never seen so many advertisements interrupting this show with the doctors.

Manymaking machine!
I like this one. We have some family pictures, but
those are for everyone, not just for her birthday.  I do have some restaurant gift certificates, so I think I'll take her out to lunch.  Thank you for all of the suggestions.
I'd have taken pictures when you were done cleaning.
They just think they can rip you off. They obviously didn't have to clean a darned thing! (And I don't even know you, but believe your description of things) :)
You could also try resizing the pictures.
If you're using Outlook, when attaching the picture to the email, you should have attachment options that allow you to choose to send the picture in a smaller size.
Please post some pictures. I think there were more that were interested than just

a few that seemed to be jealous and resentful.  I think it sounds wonderful.  I don't like cold winters, but would love to see what your house on water would look like.

  That is me green with jealousy.

Where are those pictures or you house and area?
To make little pictures aka Avatar ID:

Hi Just Me!  To get yourself a little picture (avatar) you have to click on the "Post reply to this message" button below.  Then, where it says Profile ID, click on the [Create/Edit] Profile/Avatar ID.  From there, you can select one of their avatars from the boards avatar gallery by clicking on "Show Gallery."  Pick one, fill out the rest of the profile info, and your set.  OR if you want to use your own picture, you can use something from your own computer by finding the picture you want and going in and editing it to be 100 x 100 pixels or 12 kb, whichever is easiest/looks best.  Once you've resized the photo you want to be your avatar save it, remember the name you saved it as and where it's located, and click the BROWSE button to pull that file name back up.  Then, scroll down to the end and click on the "Click here to submit" button and you should be good to go.

Anytime you want your avatar to show up, you just have to fill in that Profile ID box with your profile name when you reply to a sponse.  You only ever have to go into it to edit it when you want to change your picture.  Hope that's not too confusing!   

send the pictures one at a time. nm
Have you ever been e-mailed pictures of someone in your company
and then wish you hadn't looked?
Yes, I've seen many pictures of all those Indians and their
It's not like he's posting porn site pictures.
Admin will get around to deleting him again.  However, it sounds like Sam is not being consistent with his IP address, which makes it tough to ban someone.  Besides, we could be with he and hab job and coffee.
I agree. I think we all wish she'd just post her house pictures and get it over with!
I have a printer that prints pictures very nicely sm
do you think I'm good to go without the dock?  thanks!
do you have stanley photography do your school pictures? nm
The tiny lettering was difficult for me to see and no pictures! LOL sm
I'm kidding about the pictures.

Do you think its handier to have the book on your desk or the program at the click of a mouse? Thanks for your reply!
romey and animal advocate...here are some nice pictures...


posters you can buy, as well...

Got pictures? If so, take 'em to small claims court!
I took my pics and the signed walk-through with me. They were smug throughout, but I won and they had to return a BUNCH of my deposit! It pays to have a rather suspicious minds these days, I guess!
I live in a small Southern town and they have posted pictures of sm
people convicted of passing bad checks in the newspaper. How humiliating would that be?

By posting the bad checks, they see your name, but by posting your picture, they could recognize who you are.
umm.. are we allowed to post pictures with the direct link code listed?
because I did and it won't show.. the image has not been moved or deleted.. it is a little gif of MC Hammer dancing to Grammar Time. Darn.
800 dictate can help you set it up.

Cannot dictate for MDs
You cannot dictate for a physician unless you have a PA or MD degree.  We volunteered at the last in-house position I held to dictate the discharge summaries instead of paying quite a bit for interns/residents to do the dictating and were told it is not legal.
If they dictate
your hours, you are not an IC and the IRS will sooner or later jump on it.  Do you file a schedule C with your income tax?  Be careful, because if you're not a real IC your deductions may not be allowed.  
I often dictate for a doc sm
that will send his patients to a therpaist named Candace Jones, but he always sends them to Candice Bergan.
If they dictate them, they want them on there.
Well of course we know that now. Back then we didn't because he didn't allow unfettered access.
right we children didn't tattle to the administrator did we. BTW, didn't you think we were &#
because some half-witted idiot said everyone was jealous because some other anonymous poster said they were going to be a doctor. Didn't they call it doctor envy. Oh yeah, that was all about you wasn't it busy-body MT. You with your degree and premed but yet you still post here and acuse others of jealously. I dunno but you and dano seem so close, I can't put my finger on it but I would say you could be computer clones. Jealous indeed. Children indeed. I think you are blowing your covers) dano and busy body MT. This whole "jealously" thing makes me think that you may be one and the same poster.
I didn't go into labor until 2.5 weeks later, so it didn't work. Sorry!...nm
1-800-dictate (342-8283) [mq]
so, where do you get the information to dictate?
I mean, how much time do you spend on listening to a report and turning around and dictating into your machine.

Just curious...a male friend of mine suggested I do this years ago already.

He said, why not get a voice recog machine, and use it with your job.

Is this what you do, Snow Bunny? I am awful curious, because I was thinking of asking my employer, if they would pay for one of those machines so I can do my job better.

We could probably eliminate about half the MT work force...maybe that is what is happening already, why MQ is always out of work.

If that is the case, however, the only problem I have with that is that everyone should be able to have access to this technology, and it should be above-board from employer to employee...it should be like general knowledge that a company either uses this or allows this...

You have been doing this a long time and whether you know it or not are probably paving the way for the future.

I am the one who keeps trying to get everyone to check out what the MOHCA is doing...within a decade (my opinion) med records may not even need editors at all...

They are pushing for standardized text rather than free text, where a doctor does not even dictate anymore...will be a thing of the past.

My question is, then what?

they seem to be trained to dictate that way.
I worked at a hospital that had a podiatric residency program, and the residents were often required to do the dictation for operations performed by others.  Obviously the long format wasn't something the resident made up on his own, it was something they had been trained to do.  Other doctors tend to stumble into dictation without much in the way of instruction.
before they dictate....I presume...nm
Yeah, become a PA and dictate really WELL.

most surgeons dictate very well sm
That is one of the best things about ops.  When I say "dictate well" I mean that they normally know exactly what they are going to say and use the same phrases over and over, which means a better line count for you.  Plus, you are much more likely to get normals doing ops than you are consults and H&Ps (especially in acute care).  Instead of doing one of these docs who repeat everything, or change everything, or a resident who is all over the report back and forth.  That is what slows you down.  I absolutely love op notes; they keep you up-to-date on equipment, etc., and the line count is great, but most of them get farmed out to Spheris (gee, I wonder why?)  However, if you never type OP notes, they can be difficult at first. 
Will it is true that not just anyone can dictate
notes, you have have other degrees and dictate.   They have to be certified by the hospital to be able to dictate, at least at the hospital I work for.  With psych dictation I often have RNs that dictate.  I also have lots of NP that dictate.
LOL, did granny dictate????? NM
the doctor themselves dictate SS#
You are way off base here dear.
If this is your only job and the dictate when you work - sm
then by the IRS definition you are an employee, though it does not sound like you are having taxes taken out. I take care of this problem myself by having another IC job that all I have is a deadline and I must have my work in by then, they could care less when I do it, as long as it is done on time. I have another IC job, where they asked when I would be working, a schedule of sorts, sort of what you are doing, but I do not firmly stick to it. I think it is more to give them an idea of what days you plan to work and what time of day. They do not chew on me if I vary my schedule as long as I log in and do the work. They know as an IC they cannot dictate the hours I work. I don't/cannot write off my home office as it is in my bedroom, but I write off everything else I can. If you need clarification call the company you work for and tell them of your dilemma and how your tax person says the IRS considers you an employee and since they require "set" hours then they should start taking taxes out, etc. from your pay, and see how they backpedal on the set hours issue.
There are some accounts that do not dictate - sm
every day, very true, but some people also refuse to do anything but one thing. If they only want one doctor, then yes they can expect to run out of work. I work many different specialities and can type the majority of docs (and have). This LTS is in Richmond, VA; I have never heard of another but you never know.
I have several who regularly dictate sm
30 minute reports. Unfortunately, they only give me 100 lines. On the other hand, I have a female PA who dictates 4 minutes notes and that gives me 100 lines, too, because she dictates at the speed of sound. I have to slow her down to turtle speed to hear her correctly. I prefer to do the 30 minutes ones since they talk reaaaalllll slowwwww and I can run the voice file at chipmunk speed and zing through it.
Do counselors dictate? sm
I was going to send out another round of postcards to drum up business and was going to send to counselors but wasn't sure if they dictate like psychiatrists.  Maybe any of you know this?
I don't believe it. I don't think even the doctors can DICTATE 700 LPH! sm
I think she's yankin' your chain.

She has to be using templates or something to get that.
As an IC the employer cannot dictate the
times you work. They can ask you when you will be working or you can tell them. If they have work available and you are not working, they can let you know so that if you want to work you can; but if there is no work available when you want to work, they do not have to supply any. You, as an IC, decide when you work.
Express Dictate


I currently use Express Scribe software for dictation. I was wondering if anyone has used the Express Dictate system. I am looking to expand and add more doctors and was wondering how this system worked.

Also, if you have any advice on a cheap start up not using tapes please let me know.



Thank God for some nurses who DO dictate...
for the docs who are horrible dictators. I do progress notes for an ICN nursery almost nightly. Thank GOD for those nurses. There are 2 docs right from the old country who can't string a sentence together in English though good docs they may be. We're talking 7-8 page very detailed reports on some of these babies. The other night, one of these gals dictated the first part, God love her, and actually handed the phone to the doc to give his 2 cents worth, awful dictator. Hey, the best thing some of these docs can do is let their PAC's do the dictating!!!
I had one dictate from the jon and flush over and over again sm
Through, get this FOUR DICTATIONS!!! The pregnant pauses, the bobbing of the roll as he pulled out paper, the echo of the small room followed by FLUSH!!!
Express Dictate
My doctors are considering using Express Dictate.  I did a search here to see if there were any comments one way or the other about this and if it was hard to set up and use, but I didn't really find anything recent or helpful.  We went from a Lanier Voicewriter to EMR, and now there is 1 doctor who doesn't want to use the EMR and a couple others who just want to do a little bit of dictation, so they are putting me on contract to do this.  I don't know much about how things like this work.  I have used Express Scribe to test for on-line companies, but I don't know anything about Express Dictate.  Any comments?