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Got pictures? If so, take 'em to small claims court!

Posted By: BTDT and WON! on 2005-09-22
In Reply to: We did, and they put down 3 hours of cleaning. I agree.. - SM

I took my pics and the signed walk-through with me. They were smug throughout, but I won and they had to return a BUNCH of my deposit! It pays to have a rather suspicious minds these days, I guess!

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Small claims court
Write a final demand letter, registered, signed receipt requested and tell them that you are seeking legal action against them and will be seeing them in small claims court.  Whatever state their business name is registred, go online and see who are the registered owners and their addresses, etc. and send copies of letters to all.    Give then 14 days (10 working days) to respond and if they don't file in small claims court.  Hopefully you have a copy or can get a copy from your back of the checks you deposited so that you can put a lein on their checking accounts when you win in court.   Check on line with your state for small claims court as if they are located in another state -- I don't know if that makes a difference.  But check it all out.  If you can't afford an attorney -- seek legal aide in your city.  Good luck.
Try Small Claims Court.

I would definitely file in small claims court
against her.  Not sure about the subpoena part - I do not know how that works.  Believe once you file it is up to the court to notify her.  You may not get your money even if you win the judgement but you can then let the credit bureaus know, etc., and eventually it will catch up with her.  Best of luck and so sorry you are experiencing this! 
Agree with Small Claims Court.
Small Claims Court - it's easy sm
a few years back, i worked part-time for a one-woman company who had a psych hospital account.  All was great until she went through a mid-life crises, kicked her husband out, got a tattoo, changed everything about her, and then had me doing all the work... the last month i worked for her, she owed me $3,300 and refused to pay... wouldn't answer my calls or her door... so i took she and her company to small claims court... she didn't show up for that either and i was awarded the judgment via default.  I filed a wage garnishment with the psych hospital and they promptly terminated her contract... so then i filed a lien against her house and 3 years later when she sold it, i got paid... I did all of this without any help from an attorney - piece o' cake...I had the sheriff's department serve her, which was like $25 or so, and then whatever filing fees, which were minimal... good luck to you!
could you at least file in you local small claims court?
where the employer is located. My local county charges $50 for serving out of state notices on small claim issues. You would stand a greater chance of obtaining a judgement as the chances of the owner coming to your state would be small. Once you get a judgement and failure to pay, you can file a lien against the company. If they ever want to buy anything on credit, it would show up and they would be denied until they paid you, then another 7 years to roll off the credit report.
Sue him in small claims court for breach of contract
File a suit i Small Claims Court! -nm
Anyone with experience with small claims court in NJ??? I guess I am going to have to go that route
to try and get money that is owed me and to complicate things I don't live in that State.  If anyone has any info to offer I would greatly appreciate it.  I know times have been tough for some of us but after 9+ years I can't believe it has come to this.  Thanks in advance for any help or words of wisdom you can offer.     
Why not sue in small claims (sm)
You have a business contract with them. It's not a paycheck we are talking about. It's payment for services rendered. Are they going to send someone to your state to defend it? Probably not!
Small Claims
If you go down to the courthouse they will help you step by step.  Or perhaps by now it is on line in your state.  If she is an MSW or LCSW the state will have a copy of her license and you can also get her address that way.  You make out the papers, at least I did, and provide the address to serve her at and they will mail them to her place of employment if that is the only address you have.  But the courts are helpful, at least they were in Oregon, and showed me how to do the business as well as personal.  Good luck.   May I ask why she said she wasn't going to pay you?  Just curious.
Small claims
You have a right to be paid for services rendered. If I were you, I'd go ahead and work until the date that you have already told them and then take them to small claims court for the amount they owe you. Of course, this is assuming that you have kept accurate records. You would need those in court. And, I'd also tell your other clients ahead of time what is going on to reassure them that you are doing this as a last resort.
Small claims does not mean anything
in Atlanta. I do not know how it is in your town but I filed 1 and told right up front it was up to me to collect, even if I won. I think it was a complete waste of my time- the fellow had no checking acct, no home in his name, nothing that I could go after.
Small Claims
Don't forget to ask for filing fees and court costs. The judge can't give them to you if you don't ask for them. And you will win.
Small claims will not help you sm
I've wasted my time with that - after you win nobody makes them pay you.
small claims SM
Don't waste your time and hope. No one makes anyone pay anything from small claims.
Thank you both! I am going to file in small claims. nm
Unless local, and can pursue in small claims, then she will end up sm
spending more money that she will ever get back.  Write if off.  Move on.  Learn from the experience.
Question regarding small claims and ex-employer.TIA
Has anybody ever filed a small claims suit against an employer that was in a different state?  I need to file small claims suit for wages that are owed, but I am in a different state as the company.  Does anybody know how to go about this?
I live in a small Southern town and they have posted pictures of sm
people convicted of passing bad checks in the newspaper. How humiliating would that be?

By posting the bad checks, they see your name, but by posting your picture, they could recognize who you are.
You could take him to small claims to get expenses and pain and suffering.
Has anyone had court reporter training or looked into court reporting?
I am thinking about taking a distance learning course in court reporting and I was just wondering if anyone has tried it, done it, looked into it and what they have found out.  If you have gone to school for it or are going to school for it or know anything about court reporting could you share what you know with me?  I have been in the transcription field for 15 years and I thought that might be something that I could bridge over to pretty easily, but not sure.  Any comments on this idea?  Thanks everyone for your help!
LOL! You calls 'em as you sees 'em, girl!
Love 'em or leave 'em
I don't have a real solution, but I have been known to log off of that account whenever I see this happen.  I then try to find work on one of the other accounts to which I am assigned, but there is often no other work available.  I conclude that the only choice is love 'em or leave 'em.  A private client might be nice, but that brings other headaches.
If U can't beat 'em join 'em
This is NOT the only industry that outsources and you are fooling yourselves if you think that it will stop.
last time I was in court -- no court reporter
I have taken my ex back to court a few times in the past couple of years and there was no court reporter in the room... In fact it was mentioned that they make a recording of the proceedings and then it is transcribed... I just asked a simple question if anybody knew if this job could be done at home and based on my experience it would make sense that it could be. No need to get nasty.
small mentality usually means small pocketbook
Still make more than you and I but that is deserved. They've put the effort forward and educated themselves.


The problem is though I am quite knowledgable about the software, computer, working had, transfering files, etc. when it comes to fun things I know nothing.  So my nephew is going to E-mail me the pictures and then I guess I will just E-mail them to anyone that wants to look at them.   He is getting back from Bible camp on Saturday and promised me he would get them over to me.   I don't have a digital camera and so if he doesn't by Saturday, my neighbor told me I could borrow his and take some but they are coming.  Will especially take some pics of my lilies that came up late this year and are beautiful.   But thanks to all of you for asking.  Seems like I only use my computer for work, work, work and never anything fun.  I bet I am not alone in that.    Take care, it is going to be hot here in Portland up to 101 to 105 and so going to the beach Fri/Sat.  



Since I work so much on my computer like the rest of you, I don't use for fun very much but I had my newphew take some digital pics and he is going to E-mail them to me and I will see if I can get them posted somewhere so you can all see what it is like.  You will probably be disappointed as I do not have one of those million dollar floating home, just simple in need of paint this summer but it is mine. 

Patti  --


little pictures
off the subject, but how do you do the little pictures off to the side of postings?  so cute!  i love yours!
Don't you know that on TV and in pictures everything
looks much, much better than in reality?
The Doctors TV is a show sponsored by Dr. Phil.

I have never seen so many advertisements interrupting this show with the doctors.

Manymaking machine!
I like this one. We have some family pictures, but
those are for everyone, not just for her birthday.  I do have some restaurant gift certificates, so I think I'll take her out to lunch.  Thank you for all of the suggestions.
I'd have taken pictures when you were done cleaning.
They just think they can rip you off. They obviously didn't have to clean a darned thing! (And I don't even know you, but believe your description of things) :)
You could also try resizing the pictures.
If you're using Outlook, when attaching the picture to the email, you should have attachment options that allow you to choose to send the picture in a smaller size.
Please post some pictures. I think there were more that were interested than just

a few that seemed to be jealous and resentful.  I think it sounds wonderful.  I don't like cold winters, but would love to see what your house on water would look like.

  That is me green with jealousy.

Where are those pictures or you house and area?
...sorry, with pictures. :( He didn't even dictate it. nm
To make little pictures aka Avatar ID:

Hi Just Me!  To get yourself a little picture (avatar) you have to click on the "Post reply to this message" button below.  Then, where it says Profile ID, click on the [Create/Edit] Profile/Avatar ID.  From there, you can select one of their avatars from the boards avatar gallery by clicking on "Show Gallery."  Pick one, fill out the rest of the profile info, and your set.  OR if you want to use your own picture, you can use something from your own computer by finding the picture you want and going in and editing it to be 100 x 100 pixels or 12 kb, whichever is easiest/looks best.  Once you've resized the photo you want to be your avatar save it, remember the name you saved it as and where it's located, and click the BROWSE button to pull that file name back up.  Then, scroll down to the end and click on the "Click here to submit" button and you should be good to go.

Anytime you want your avatar to show up, you just have to fill in that Profile ID box with your profile name when you reply to a sponse.  You only ever have to go into it to edit it when you want to change your picture.  Hope that's not too confusing!   

send the pictures one at a time. nm
Have you ever been e-mailed pictures of someone in your company
and then wish you hadn't looked?
Yes, I've seen many pictures of all those Indians and their
It's not like he's posting porn site pictures.
Admin will get around to deleting him again.  However, it sounds like Sam is not being consistent with his IP address, which makes it tough to ban someone.  Besides, we could be with he and hab job and coffee.
I agree. I think we all wish she'd just post her house pictures and get it over with!
I have a printer that prints pictures very nicely sm
do you think I'm good to go without the dock?  thanks!
do you have stanley photography do your school pictures? nm
The tiny lettering was difficult for me to see and no pictures! LOL sm
I'm kidding about the pictures.

Do you think its handier to have the book on your desk or the program at the click of a mouse? Thanks for your reply!
I do not know how he claims everything, but
I just know he does. He is also a great accountant that has been doing some of my family members' taxes for years as well. I trust him. He gives a guarantee he will back you if you get audited, so I cannot see him doing anything illegal.
Someone there who claims to be a
CMT and she is not either.  Scary place.
romey and animal advocate...here are some nice pictures...


posters you can buy, as well...

It claims to be used for tapes, can this be used for wav files also? nm