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1 pt for missing space.

Posted By: QA score. on 2008-01-31
In Reply to: Most companies assign a point value for each - lyn

Don't EVER leave out a space after a colon.  Did you know that was worth a point?  Sheesh.  I got a 96% on a 33 line report by missing a space after a colon. 

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MedQuist? Ctrl+shift+F, period, space, tab, period, space, space, change all. nm
I meant "One space or two", not "l space or two" nm
Thank you! Do you know if the missing
girl was alive or not?  I sure hope so. 
What's missing?
I haven't noticed any that are missing.
Am I missing something?
Where does it say that Amphion is using Interfix to send work overseas? As I read it, Amphion has used this company which HAPPENS to be branching out to Trinidad and Tobago, but I see nothing that connects the two. The statements in bold don't say anything except InterFix has helped Amphion interface more effectively.
Am I missing something here? sm
Employees pay their own taxes just like independent contractors. The only additional tax the IC pays is the employer's 50% portion of FICA which, if I remember correctly, is 7.5%. I fail to see why so many are under the impression that as an employee the employer 'pays' their taxes. I've been an IC for 2 years now and have seen my taxable income decrease due to the numerous deductions I'm eligable for. (We have an accountant do our taxes for us, whose fee is a business expense/tax deduction/overhead item - whatever it's called. That's why I use an accountant!) Lately it seems that many are opting for employee status, which is fine, but I'm not sure that an accurate picture is being given of the ICs gross vs net income.
Missing your dad....
I can't say I know what your going through, because I don't, but I wanted you to know that I read your message and I am so sorry. Do you have any grief counseling in your area you could attend or a pastor at your church you could talk with? I'm 45 and my dad is 71 and I know that day could come at any time for me too. Hang in there WIMT. Are you in Wisconsin? I am too. If you need someone to just talk to you can feel free to contact me, just give me your email address and I'll e-mail you directly. I'd be happy to listen if you need me.

Went missing
Does it bother anyone else that TV shows, news reporters and newspapers are saying "He went missing last week..." Shouldn't it be "He has been missing since last week...?"  I've asked friends and family, but they don't notice.  I figure transcriptionists are more aware of grammar than regular people.  It makes me crazy when they talk about someone "going missing."  They're not going anywhere, they're just plain missing!!
I first heard someone on a local news station say it last year.  Now I hear it everywhere?  Where did that phrase come from?  I guess I "went missing" when that phrase was invented.  Irritates me too.  Oh, and so does Nancy Grace whether she is saying went missing or anything else.
I'm missing something
If you billed April in May, shouldn't you have received the money from when she helped you?

And did you have a contract set up with her.

I would just pay her the $100.
What am I missing?????
What's the deal with someone going out of town? or not letting the employer know??  Is this person an IC or an employee?  and why is it that so many "employer's" do not understand that they cannot dictate hours of work to an IC?  maybe this is the case?  I know I have dealt with plenty like that.  Perhaps, I am wrong - I know I missed something somewhere in all of this.
Maybe I'm missing something here.

"...my WAV pedal is acting in the same manner - tap the pedal to listen and tap it to stop the dictation." That's how mine works so what do you want to do differently? How did it work before?

you bet I do, but you are missing sm
the point. I think knowledge and experience should pay a whole lot more. My point is if you do learn all you can and can do every kind of report type and do it with an excellent report then you will not have the problem of not being able to make any money when the companies are only paying 8 cpl. The pay is not going to get better anytime soon. I know there is the exception to the rule and the companies, mostly smaller companies, who pay more but there are so many larger companies that are paying the 8 cpl. Personally to do OP reports all day long I think I should be making 15 cpl! Wouldn't that be nice but it isn't happening and I am perfectly ok making 8 cpl and doing what I do for now. Its better than no job at all.
I may be missing something, but I'm
where would you be if your daughter was missing (sm)
in another country?  The posts on down the board are appalling, some of them anyways!  I would hope that any parent in their right mind would be right there, no matter where "there" is, if their child were missing.  I know I'd be whereever I had to be.  I could not rest until I was there, waiting and helping to find my child.  I'd go to the ends of the earth to get my daughter back, no questions asked.  And maybe people are donating money to them so they can stay in Aruba and help find their daughter, as well as keep their lives going back here at home.  Where has compassion gone? It's truly sad that we ridicule people for simply wanting desperately to find their lost child.  Just Sad.
Me neither! Ha! We must both be missing something! Maybe we should try the warm
milk? Blech...sounds gross! Actually, I'm just getting rolling now - my morning - so am having coffee! If I were to have sounded irritated, certainly my irritation would be 100% to the dang fool recruiter who pulled this "faux paus" on the poor woman in the first place. Now, if you want to get me irritated, just get me yamming about recruiters...currently my FAVORITE people in our industry...I can't find the appropriate face-thingie to express pure disdain....How about, PEW!!
missing lines
I have had lines missing and they always pay me on the paycheck.  It never shows on my lines but when I get paid it is added to my lines.
missing girl
I did miss some of it, but if the missing girl was the man's daughter, then she was alive.   His daughter  was the one at the beginning with the ring in her nose.  Maybe someone else who saw the whole thing can fill in the details.
They are the same thing or else I am missing something.
The music is nice, the pictures are nice but what in the world is the message?  Not worth the time...sorry.
Missing The Word "A"
Hi. Please tell me that missing the word "A" (as you did) didn't actually cost you points on a QA review!! EEK!!!
Our cat, who has been missing since April
He is a little thin, but otherwise looks to be in good shape.  The best news is our new dog (stray -somebody dumped her on the highway by our house) who loves people/hates every other living creature, just walked up to him, sniffed him, and paid absolutely no more attention to him. It's a good day
missing 1099 - what to do??
Ok, it's now near the end of February and I'm still missing a 1099! I've notified the company, but they just said it was sent out and weren't any help. The amount was over $10,000, so I obviously need to report it. How do I go about reporting it without a 1099? Do I need to report the company to the IRS? Anyone out there with their own service, what do you do when someone doesn't receive their 1099? Can you just send them a copy or do you have to completey re-do it? I remember reading something about the form having some barcode or something in it so the IRS can scan it, so does this mean you can't just send a copy?? Thanks for any help!
Missing dictations
I also get a patient list from the doctors office. I check off which ones I got voice files for, i.e. which ones I typed. I don't keep track of which names or not checked off. How do I know if that patient just didn't show up for the appointment, walked out without being seen, or if the doctor put off dictating. That's administrative work that the doctors' secretaries do at my client's office. If they can't find something they think he dictated and ask me to look for something or check on something I'll do it because it only takes a few minutes but I don't do all the stuff you're doing.

I think you are missing her point
I don't think it's about the money. I think it's about priorities. Should the MT think about her needs in her last few weeks or the company's needs? I think the poster was implying that she was doing the company a favor by training others on her accounts, and was it worth it to think of the company rather than her own needs. You are being short-sighted in your reply.
You are missing the point
If you go to a session WITH him and have the counselor hear your problem, she/he can help the two of you work it out.

It's like calling him out in a nice way - the counselor will make him address the issue and you won't be forced to choose avoid contact he probably really needs.
Missing the point.

If the IC accepts the work, then it is expected that the IC will do the work. Don't take on something that you can't do. Period.

If the IC takes the work, then later calls and says they can't do it, that puts the company in a bind. Sure, the company will solve their problem but don't blame the company for the IC's personal problems.

I'm not missing the point.

An IC is just that, and the company is EXPECTING her to type.  This is wrong of the company, not the IC.  The IC has a right being self-employed to refuse a job.  If anything, learn to stay away from companies who hire IC's, but treat them like employees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Eliminate the IC and make them an employee if you have such a proble with an IC REFUSING WORK THAT SHE HAS EVERY RIGHT TO DO.  Maybe in the morning, the IC could do the work, and then maybe another account that pays more needed her, which is really no business of the other company that she gives the work back to why she cannot do it. 

I cannot believe the nerve of some people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is wrong, wrong, and wrong no matter how you slice it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven't tried this your missing out!
This is the best program to date that I have. This has saved me so much time!!! The way Vann Joe has this set up you can import so much information into your document from the Patient Information screen its unbelievable. Invoicing is absolutely effortless. This program is the least expensive of all the ones I've bought and the most valuable without a doubt! Give it a try, you'll be hooked in no time and wonder how you survived before it!
So do you have the missing notes??
If you have the missing notes then someone is misplacing them and you simply charge them a re-printing fee.    Are you doing digital and delivering back or do you pick up tapes?   If they want more delivery back, charge a delivery fee.  You can make it work if you want to but they will have to pay for the time you are putting into the work.   If you feel someone at the clinic is doing your work, explain that also.   Good luck. 
Missing Notes

I have that problem once in a while and my doc and I got into an argument about it once. I knew he didn't dictate the notes, but he kept telling me he puts a check mark on the notes he does dictate. 

I've been with this doc since 1995 and I have a phone in system, so if he dictates them, they're transcribed. If he doesn't dictate them, then he didn't do them.

Well, for how busy he is, if he put the check mark on the note PRIOR to dictating, then gets called away for a patient or starts to fall asleep while dictating (which he has done already), it could very easily be overlooked. What aggravates me is that he makes me type Re-dictation on any notes he says he did before but didn't.

Also, I have found that since the last secretary left, there aren't as many "missing notes" as before. Hm-m-m-m. That tells me something. I can understand if I put a blank for the patient name (no list to follow and if it's a new patient or can't understand Speedy Gonzalez, then those notes could very well be thrown away if they can't verify the patient.

I don't print the notes or hand deliver them anymore. We use PCAnywhere, and the notes are in one file with the dates of the notes dictated, which I transfer directly to his computer, so they print them out on their end. I have the notes and so do they, so if they are missing a note, all they have to do is check their files to see if that note is there. If not, then he didn't do it.  End of argument.

This has worked out great for me, but for you, well, I'd think twice about keeping a job with that much aggravation. Find another account.


P.S. - and also, I have had missing notes too
dictation system by the doctor when they dictate.  So instead of coming to your pool, it ends up somewhere else.  And someone in the hospital ends up getting it and, not being sure what it is (or maybe knowing but welcoming the easy work), they transcribe it.
Yes I did but I am missing the main
missing WP5.1 file-help, please!

I recently started a part-time job which uses WP5.1.  After it had been sitting in my computer unused for 2 years, I opened it up and got an error message;  file keys.wpk missing.  I have old floppies somewhere with the program backed up.  If I found this file on the floppies, how would I go about putting it back in, and where would it go? 




Missing girl in Aruba
Here in the midwest, we recently had a "found college girl", seven years after she disappeared from Texas, and was presumed dead. Turns out, she and her parents had a huge blow-up over a boy, she took off, never to be heard of again....UNTIL, somehow, someone saw her picture in the very same Wal-Mart she had been working in for 5 yrs! She still did not want to talk to her folks, but they since have made small inroads into reuniting
her place. The girl has been missing now

for 40+ days and there are evidently no clues whatsoever, no blood, no body, no real evidence - at least from what I have heard from the media.  I think I would be screaming too, regardless of the country/government.

The reason there is so much publicity is because Aruba's livelihood is tourism and they are afraid people will stay away.  I don't think the parents having money has anything to do with it.   We don't life paycheck to paycheck, but we aren't living easy either and I'd fight with everything I had in me to get my child back and I'd use any possible resource I could.  




Ummm..Am I missing the significance of something here? So, they get 20 cpl? Is there something
Good for them - good for all of them. I've dabbled in UMDNJ dictators, and you couldn't pay me 30 cpl to do it! Yuck.
I found the missing triplet

He lives here.  (AKA "the missing link.")

You're definitely missing some secrets.

The very first day I did transcription, no schooling, no previous experience, I did 667 lines.

You're definitely not working very smart.  Are you using an expander/macros?  Are you spending a lot of time surfing the net?   I don't work hard and have very difficult accounts, not a fast typist, and don't even use as many expansions as I should and I did 800 lines in 4 hours this morning. 

Here's the missing S from that sentence
missing at classmates means they were....sm

Over at classmates, when it says someone is *missing* it merely means that they quit opening up their monthly emails from Classmates.  If you don't open them, they say you are *missing* from their lists.  Hence, I have to open their emails monthy and sometimes twice a month.

Did you try googling them?  I have found LOTS of people via google, even found my first roommate from 30 years ago this way.  Good luck!! 

You're missing out - there are many good
drinks with very little alcohol that taste really good, like frozen peach margaritas or some of those other fancy drinks. Yum!
I do that for two of my three accounts, but I type the missing pts at the top of the
Then you're missing the codec.
It will download automatically when you try to play the .dss files but you MUST be connected to the Internet for the download to occur. Therein could be your problem.
Okay - am I missing something on where exactly this chat room is??
As far as them telling you notes are missing...sm
you can always cut and paste names into a log. That way, they can't claim to be missing certain notes.
They found the missing girl from Idaho, whose
mother and 2 others were killed, and they couldn't find the 2 kids. I'm watching FOX now about it. The little boy was not found but the girl was found alive at a Denny's in the same town she was missing from.
Missing kids/citizens involvement
Thank God that Shasta was found, I don't care who did find her, as long as she's safe. Wish the same could be said for her brother. Once again, if this does not speak for the need to lock those GPS tracking bracelets on the ankles of these sum..could think of an even better body part to put them on and tightly!
Nothing was missing. She did not take a purse. She only had her ID (to drink) in her pocket.
Everything else was in the hotel room.  If she drowned she would have become shark or crab food. 
I tried that with mine, but the letters on the keys are still missing :)
The Forum Subject is missing in the blue box...
don't know what happened with my format. All forum subject is missing. Now, I can't switch from one subject to another without going back to home page
I can go into the archives and get into the other boards but I notice MQ is missing. Has this been
taken out and maybe this is the problem.