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10$ late if invoice is not paid within 10 days. At day 15 work stops until invoice is paid. Hardly

Posted By: Theresa on 2005-12-05
In Reply to: What do you suggest - BAR


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If I'm an IC and I don't get paid what I invoice but rather what they decide I really made, am
really an IC at all.  Their line counter program, not mine, they decide so why should I even invoice?
Invoices. Does anyone have a good invoice software program they use other than MPCount invoice?
I am looking for something professional and easy to use. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
For QA consulting I'm paid per hour; QA instructing (college) paid salary, QA editing paid per li
I am an IC and work for two different MTSOs as well as instruct at a business college.
But how much are the US EDs gonna be paid? Typically this work is paid at 2-3 cpl. nm
Paid Late, would yours be in VA?? nm
I never am paid late. Just the opposite. (sm)
In fact, when my MTSO is going to be away, she pays me an advance on my salary to be sure I have enough money to last until she comes back, and then we settle up on the next invoice. (Sorry, she is not hiring at this time!)
Need help with invoice...
Does anyone have any samples or know where I can obtain some. I have looked everywhere. I did a fill-in transcription job for the past week and now I need to submit an invoice, but I have never done one. Please help!!!
No, you don't have to invoice.
No, you don't have to invoice. They take the lines from the line counter which I have been having trouble with lately, don't know about you. It seems like I am doing an awful lot more work than getting credit for.
Their invoice
Did you use their invoice form? If not, he will not pay nor contact you saying why.
That 08/16 invoice was my last one...
She is in Florida and I'm not, so I can't stop by in person.  I don't have her phone number, but I can probably find it. Maybe that's what I'll try.
Invoice only
I use Syncount for my character accounts and MS word for gross line accounts.  I like Quick Books because I keep my checking account on it, invoicing, etc.  It shows me where I am at anytime during the year compared to last year, etc.  Just helps in tracking expenses and income. 

I use Quick Books to do my invoice and do a total for each doctor in the clinic (one line each) it automatically put in the per line charge and enters th entire charge.  I also keet a spreas sheet for my 5 accounts (9 docs) and update it sometimes daily or weekly but keep track by day.  Since some accounts are charged different rates it keeps track of my monthly income and I can project by the 15th whether or not I will be able to eat the next month.  I then highlight each clinic at the end of the month and attach it to their invoce.  My accounts like that as it shows what doctor did on each day.  In my 18 years of doing this have never been questioned on any of my invoices. 



I keep a spread sheet going in Excel showing by date and doctor (I have 3 clinics, 6 docs) their daily line counts.   I do my invoices in Quick Books showing monthly totals by doctor for that clinic taken from my spreadsheet and print a copy of the spread sheet -- showing only their line counts and attach it.   I like the spreadsheet as it tells me if I am on target for the month, etc.  The Quick Book keeps my totals for tax time.   As I have said many time, the simpler for me the more time I can spend typing making money.  Any more questions, E-mail me and I will try and help with more details.   Patti



I apply a 5% fee if not paid within 14 days.

Once I started to institute that, the checks were cut and in the mail on time. :)

Dummy invoice on its way. :) (nm)

I have always done it on invoice and letter
One letter and a reminder at the bottom of the invoice.  The letter should state the expenses issue if you don't feel that was taken into consideration before.  :)
Invoice program
Has anyone tried Quickbooks Simple Edition 2007. If so, do you like it?
Since you are an IC, don't you submit an invoice that...SM
your client should pay you from?  If that isn't how you're doing it, then you are an employee NOT an IC.  You are at the mercy of the MTSO.
transfer & invoice
I use PractiCount for line counting & invoicing. I've used Sylvan as well & I think PractiCount is way superior, plus it's cheaper. For one thing, you can drag & drop from a file tree. All the files you are counting don't have to be in the same folder. I found this annoying with Sylvan. PractiCount does everything Sylvan does, and then some, only better.

Re file transfers: Check out www.mydocsonline.com
I got a loan today, as they have to be paid in a few days or else! NM
submit invoice monthly, get ck
Invoice format question

This is my first account.   This is the format I'd like to use for my invoice.  I want to be 100% sure I'm not missing anything.  Thanks so much!  I'm open to suggestions.


My name, address, phone number

Due upon receipt



I would charge them for the itemized invoice -nm
When I use a subcontractor, I pay them as soon as their invoice is turned in to me.

I consider it a good business practice to pay the sub as soon as their invoice is submitted. After all, don't you expect the client your contract with to do the same for you. You really should have paid this $100 invoice long before now. You have no recourse and should consider this a lesson learned.

Personally, I don't think you have any business subbing out work if you're no more prepared to pay and, apparently, are careless with the information that your sub receives from you. You could also be considered breeching confidentiality if you're not having the sub sign some sort of understanding regarding the confidential nature of the work you're sending out.

FlashCount Invoice Program...

I would love to use MT Stars FlashCount for invoicing, although I cannot seem to find a solution on how to get the typed reports to the program without having to click on each one by the patients last name.  It would just be too time consuming and not worth it if that is how it needs to be done.  Is there a trick to this?  I do about 300 reports a week for 4 doctors (and I save all reports for about a month on my computer), so I am looking for the quickest and most dependable way to invoice. 

Thanks for any and all advice. 


attach a letter to your next invoice sm
Outline the reasons for your rate increase -- make sure they are BUSINESS reasons, not personal ones (I need to buy new shoes for my babies). Cite rising fuel costs if you pick up and deliver, cost of living increase, stuff like that. Tell them it will be effective something like invoice after next (depending on how often you invoice -- you just need to give them a reasonable amount of time to decide what they want to do) if you do not hear from them otherwise.

Now is a good time to look at your overall rate structure. Should you be charging them for things other than a flat rate per line? Trip charges? STAT charges? Waiting time charges? Clerical work, like digging up old reports that they lost?

If you think they might pull the ole "we never received that letter" trick, then send it to them certified mail or hand deliver it to whoever it needs to go to.
Can you run a dummy invoice and email it? We would like to see if there is a problem & if so

Email attachment to either webmaster@mtstars.com or admin@mtstars.com



I submit an invoice, they mail me a check. - nm
Invoice program - user friendly
I currently use Abacus for line counting. I need a separate program for line counting and hourly work that is very user friendly. Any advice?
yepper - automatic deduction from invoice
and was not told about it before the fact - just that the account was switching over - was sent the e-mail about "rental" after the fact - then when the foot pedal broke they wanted to charge me for the replacement. Hello? It's a RENTAL??? I still work there but am branching out. It is not the norm.
Any Soft Script Employees invoice question?
I am new at soft script and wondering if anyone knows if I'm suppose to invoice or is it automatic???? Help anyone
Silly question, I know, but do you have "Thank you" at the bottom of your invoice?

Seriously, I am making up an invoice template and need to know if most people put "Thank you" on the bottom of their invoices.  I cannot find any on the ones that I have recieved from other companies, but then again, I only have a few.  


needing info on billing/invoice programs

Can anyone give me a good program to invest in that would allow me to keep a line count and also provide invoices? Also, is there a recommended HIPAA approved transferring site to transfer files through the net? Thanks a bunch!

As an IC you invoice the company, count your own lines, and receive a paycheck.
First Choice, JLG, QT Medical, Metro in Atlanta, just to name a few.

Most use SylCount or something similar. I used Abacus - free line counting software.
Submit invoice; get check. Won't give bank account
if mt paid 9, editor paid 4 or 5...how can company charge 14 and make it..sm

I know the going rate in our area is 14 cents per line.  As MTs most companies here pay us 8 or 9 cents a line.  Now add in the Editor rate at 4 or 5 per line..you are paying OUT more than you can charge a line.  How would companies stay in biz?

Unless all work is sent by the company overseas at pennies per line, this would not pay for a company.

just curious how this works out

I meant that you had to trust your line counting/invoice program, not the employer! :) nm
MTStars free program is wonderful and puts out a professional invoice!!! nm
You don't get paid an hourly rate you get paid by line - sm
so because of how you are paid (not an hourly rate) you don't get OT, especially if you are an IC.
I would move on. I think it is so unfair not to be paid for spaces! I think we should get paid

per keystroke, but that'll never happen.  I just think that these national companies are going to keep finding ways to cheat us.  I found a job working for a hospital as an employee, paid hourly plus incentive, and they let us expand everything!  Somebody's gonna have to kill me to make me give up this job.  I will never go back to the national's again.

I feel for you though.  I know that for us MTs those good jobs are few and far between and some have little choice but to work for the nationals.  I just happened to luck into the job I have now.  I just applied at the right time. 

Good luck to you whatever you decide.

If those companies paid a fair wage, and paid more
all came out equal, people wouldn't feel the need to try to make up the deficit by going for the good stuff. I actually prefer the harder, juicier reports. But I can't make a living doing only that, because the pay is not commensurate with the difficulty. So even though I prefer not to, sometimes I have to pick up some of the easier, more boring 'line-o-matic' reports just to make ends meet. Tell your MTSO to make it work their while, and MTs will stop taking all the easy work away that you obviously would prefer to keep for yourself.
You wont show UE being paid because it is employer paid -
the employee will never have to pay this.
What you "should" be paid and what you "are" paid

sadly are two very different things.  Good luck on demanding more..because someone else will just come along and take it for what they offer and they know it. 

I don't work for MQ but you should get paid for
the blank line too because you have to hit a key to get that line (enter).
you should never not get paid for work you do
Does it state that in you contract? If so, leave that MTSO fast.
Every day you work you get paid a sm
certain amount. If you don't have work on a day, you don't get paid. Best to clear that up with the specific physician or service you are working for. Basically, per diem, means per day, but it can be interpreted differently, and you need to know the specifics.
Not paid for work done...
Hi>  I am seeking any advice on what to do about not being paid for work done.  I have not received a paycheck from the company for two months, 4 payperiods.  Now, they will not return my emails and have stopped sending work.  Any ideas on how to handle this situation or what to do?  Thanks.
Work in the southeast and we got paid for it.nm
If you did work, and were not paid, your state -
Labor Board says she MUST pay you. Or, you can go to small claims court and attach something of value that she owns: car, boat, computer, big-screen HD TV, etc. Being in the hospital is no excuse for an MTSO or anyone else not to pay an employee. You did the work in good faith, now she must pay you for your services.
Are you paid hourly? If so, I'm surprised they allow you to work with such little ones.
I get paid hourly $18.00. The hospital I work at don't believe sm
in production because of the error rate, blanks, etc. just to make money. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy.