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A good suggestion...

Posted By: Jen on 2006-02-15
In Reply to: I need a ground line if cable goes out so does your phone and if you contact MCI they will give you - phone issues

Maybe keep a land line phone hooked up in your home with no features or anything on it, just for your 911 emergency if you need it. That is what I did for many years because if your cable does mess up or go out on you, you won't be able to call 911 or use the phone at all. I did that for many years and paid around $50 total for both. Still not a bad deal IMO. I recently turned off my land line because I never used it. I have a cell phone for back up, and I see no need in having three phone lines in my home.

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This is a good suggestion. Also you might try
defragmenting your hard drive after the system restore.
Very good suggestion!
Good suggestion.
That's a good idea. I had thought about it but was hesitant. I had also thought about writing a similar letter to the Advance, the publication that you get when you are a member of AHDI. No one seems to want to say it (about the insane connecting of AHDI to a company like MQ who has screwed over MTs and had a lawsuit they had to settle). I don't get it.

Maybe I will just go for it all - I know I'm not the only one who feels this way about AHDI and what they have NOT done for the MT, but also them hooking up with a shady MT company. The only worse company they could pick might be a 100% offshore MT company, eh?
Very good suggestion, plus...sm
You might also just tell the potential employer of the experience you DO have with the multispecialty clinics, and see if they would like to hire you on that basis. From what I've seen, it's not that giant a leap from multispecialty clinics to acute care, even ops, with a little practice and patience. I did about 90% acute care for 22 years, and it's really not that different.
The suggestion below with Dell is good - sm
I financed with Dell when I bought my computer, 6 months no finance charges, and paid it off before the 6 months were up. If you have a monitor already and printer, you can get a really good deal on used desktop/CPU on ebay. I just picked up a "spare" as mine has been acting up for $200; it has more RAM and a faster processor too. I also just bought a new (used) laptop--wireless ready, also better than my current computer-- for $275 on ebay using the ebay credit card, again free financing for 6 months, or the end of the year, forget which but will have it paid off by the end of the year so no biggie. I always use those no finance charge deals, love them. Have bought a refrigerator, TV, tractor, roofing supplies, generator and now 2 computers that way. Always pay off in the time period and you are set. Granted they expect you to blow it and owe finance charges, but if you plan to do it and still pay monthly on it then it is a great way to buy things you need/want.
That's a good suggestion. I knew someone that had headaches and it turned out to be from small
from her gas logs. They were not installed properly (not that anybody is using gas logs this time of year, LOL).

I wouldn't be surprised if I've worked for the same company you work for.  I refuse to spend hours looking for something that may be near, if not impossible, to find.  The company and the dictator must have some responsibility for names and demographic information. IMHO we are paid to know what goes in between the demographics and the signature.  You have 2 choices here:  1)  Move on to another company that understands the concept of medical transcription or 2) If the problem is difficult dictators, take the time to learn them and become proficient in doing them.  Once you've mastered that, you'll be surprised that your production will actually increase as most of them have a pretty limited vocabular and they are likely to say the same thing over and over.  Save a copy of everything you can like the ROS and PE in a macro or your word expander and each time you do them  you will pick up a word or 2 until pretty soon you'll have the whole thing down pat and can just edit it for any changes.  Of course if you're lucky your QA will send you a copy of the report with the filled in blanks but don't necessarily expect it even if you ask for it.

Hang in there.  You can control your paycheck,  you just have to be willing to do whatever it takes even if it means finding another employer.

Just a suggestion....try going to
Universal Studios.....My sister lives in that area and always gives us season tickets to the different attractions.  When my son was younger, we would go to all those great places.  My preference has always been Universal Studios.  Great rides and attractions and the time spent waiting in line is WAY less.  You did say the Daytona 500 right?  Isn't that in February or March?  During that time of year just be prepared for massive crowds.  Hope you have fun.  I've included my email; I'll have my sis check out some places for you. 
Suggestion for you
Have you ever tried a keyboard skin?  They are made specifically for your make and model keyboard and I love mine.  I would probably have about 20 lbs. of cat hair stuck under my keys if it weren't for mine.  They also quiet the "click" of the keyboard, which I like.  They are very popular in police cars-- guess it keeps the coffee and donut crumbs out! 
Just a suggestion
Try Horizon Bank, they work with people with lower credit scores
my suggestion

Which is not Holy Grail 

ANESTHESIA:  Intravenous sedation in the form of 50 mg of Demerol and 75 mcg of fentanyl

Another suggestion
If you haven't already, I would certainly check all my Internet connection settings as this could make a difference if something is checked/not checked within your own settings.

Personally, I would first start by checking in Outlook Express, click on Tools, Options, Connection, Change,
Connections, Settings, Properties, Options, go down to Redialing Options, Idle Time Before Hanging Up, and choose Never in the drop down box. If this is not checked, perhaps this might make a difference.

Let us know what you find out, ok? :) Best of luck.
here's a suggestion
Since you already have one good account and have had that account for a number of years, perhaps you could put a 'bug' in their ear that you are looking for more work? I know doctors talk and sometimes I've landed accounts just by word of mouth from people I'm already working for. In other words, the doc hears another doc talking about needing an MT, etc., and then your name gets thrown out. Otherwise, it usually does just seem like you have to be in the right place at the right time. Don't give up!
Another suggestion, if I may? sm
emptyMT offers some great suggsetions! And, you can always use the old standby......a Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. There are always lots of guys around those and they're also very, very helpful!

Good luck, hon!
whose suggestion? .....sm

all we have to do is convert our massive growth of corn in this country into fuel.......and then we wouldn't have to tear up the Pacific NW-Alaska territories and then we wouldn't be so DANGED DEPENDENT on the MIDDLE EAST for oil.......

I also think Canada has a ton of oil and they are our friends - we should be doing far more oil business with Canada - where our dollar is better than theirs - and give them more business than we do now.

CORN is a surplus in this country........and can continue to be.

Another suggestion
Since you have little ones (boy, do I remember those days!), have you considered setting your schedule to accommodate their needs? Maybe you could try working early mornings and late evenings when they are asleep or when your spouse could watch them for you while you work?

Another suggestion
Where we work, they just expand the initials list to three characters adding a numeral after our initials when someone else had our initials already.  For example, if your initials were HH, and someone else already had those, you would become HH2.  Just another idea, it works for my company.
Thank you for your suggestion, but
why would I need to start a blog when this is the only place I post and I have every right to post here? If you'll notice, over 450 people have read this. I am a medical Transcriptionist and I will post whatever I want here. Everyone else does and you've never suggested they start a blog.
Thanks for the suggestion!
Cymed is an outstanding company with beaucoup work and great people. Jobs are usually 300-400 lines long.

They've an 800 number which I don't have with me.
Just a suggestion
Perhaps American MTs should get together and form another association for Transcriptionist that is truly American or that is for MTs in the United States.  USMT Association. 
Ask your dr. for some samples of Sudal. They're chewables so even my 12 yr old takes them. It only takes one to dry you up.
I have a suggestion...sm
Just say NO to men with baggage. LOL!
How about selling the house and splitting the profit, sell the car, cancel the credit cards and depending on whether there is anything charged on them, split the bills. Get something in writing signed by a notary stating who is going to pay for what and hopefully if you ever have to fight him for his part of the deal a judge will side with your decisions, because he signed his promise in front of a notary. I went through a very easy divorce in a similar manner. The notary is just and idea, not legal advice and I dont know if it would even stand up in court, but its one idea.
thanks for suggestion.......I
went out tonight to Wal-Mart and bought new speakers called Altec Lansing, and they are powerful for their small size! It has both volume and tone controls, which most do not have! I always use my headset, which was not the problem, it was that 1 of my old speakers just quit working, so I could hardly hear the dictations, so you see, it DOES make a difference if your speakers really sound good or not.
my suggestion is

He'll live longer.

Another suggestion
When you first get over the causeway onto Jekyl Island, granted they have older hotels and condos, but when you go further in you will find very nice accomodations. Jekyl is more of a secluded family vacation spot. St. Simons is much more expensive, more restaurants, etc. They are both very nice, just depends on what you are looking for. As for beaches, Jekyl is where to go. I know, I live here.
Here is my suggestion - sm
Take emotion out of your decision and make your decision based on professionalism. Business is business and has no room for emotion.

If this could jeopardize your paycheck and account, than deal with it in a professional manner.

Good luck in your decision.
here's a suggestion - have someone ELSE do

yes - one more suggestion I have....*L*
go either to download dot com or cnet dot com and get the 1.4 newest free version of SPYBOT.  Then run it a couple of times - it may catch things that your virus scanner isn't getting on that one laptop.  It's easy to install and I've been using it for years.  *S*
Just a suggestion...
Maybe call the Salvation Army? They could probably at least point her in the right direction, anyway. Sorry to hear this!
Sometimes we use patient name and date, and doctor initials...i.e., DoeJohn0108.jd

just a thought.
It was just a suggestion

It works for me.  There is a time after you hit return and the next job appears, so I use that dead space for pressing my lever. Whatever works for you, works. The only time it really wastes is when I have to stop and reload the money counter, but that only happens about 6 to 7 times per shift.



I don't know about a key board, but I know my ergonomic/split keyboard is a lifesaver in keeping my wrists at a more natural angle. 

When, my arthritis flares, I take 1 cup hot drinkable water and add 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon honey and drink it down 3 times a day.  It honestly helps with arthritis.  Or, I will take 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar and put in grape juice which also helps.

That was my suggestion
Google it!

By the way, it's a good idea to turn your Google cookies off - I strongly suspect Google is just another 'arm' of Big Brother...

Just a suggestion...
Other than the previous explaination, which sounds perfectly logical to me, I would say maybe it has something to do with your original document template that comes up when you first start work. I would also think that you could Bold the report from top to bottom and then hit ALT O, F and then ALT C and change/format the color. You can go into the default button on that same screen mode and make sure all reports are set up like that.

I use several normals or canned text for numerous doctors. I save them under Autotext and I label them by doctors names. For instance, one account that does a lot of PNs and the Dr numbers are like 75, 6, 29. I label them Dr75, dr6, dr29. After you type your sample one, you would bold the entire report and then Alt I, A and X will take you there and hit return. So, when you open the document and just type dr75 and enterand the report will come up. Sometimes I have to back up and type it again but that's just 4 letters and you don't have to go out and look them up in mydocuments.

If you do like a standard HP or ROS format for each doctor and that doctor uses a particular H&P I put them under that Dr. name plus "p" or "r". (i.e. 8824p for physical and 8824r for review of systems.) If you ever need to change anything you just fix the erro, copy the text and save it back Alt A I and then X and return and then Alt A for add and it will ask about replacing old report. If you don't use autotext you should try it, saves me a lot of time. You can also save them Smithds, smithhp smithop, smithlapchole.
just a suggestion
Depending on what part of the country you are in - I would charge .11-.15 per line - with spaces - .13-.17 without spaces. Sounds like this office is trying to get something for nothing - please think this through and do not sell yourself short. Also be sure and use a word Expander - and you be in charge of calculating the lines - not the office. They will rip you off, it sounds. Do you know this account well? If so, you should be able to clean up if they are willing to pay you what you are worth. I wish you luck.
Another suggestion (sm)
Try installing ExpressScribe and see if it works with that.  Only a suggestion, but it would be worth a try.
This is my suggestion
I'm sorry you are having wrist pain, the bugaboo of our industry. I have worked 2 jobs for 15 years, and I forced myself early on to type in the following manner to try to prevent carpal tunnel from occurring: I have the keyboard all the way back on my desk, almost to the level of the monitor. I rest my forearms on my desk, and I do not bend my wrists while typing. In the beginning I had to force it, and now I can't type any other way.

Maybe you can try this just to see if you can do it and if it will work for you. Of course, you can try braces and gloves, but I don't have information on them for you.

Hope you find some relief soon!
I did . . . thanks for the suggestion though.
it is the simplist things :)
just a suggestion
Lucky you to have this opportunity! If it were me, I would charge an hourly rate. Depending on where you live, perhaps $18 to $20 an hour. This is more fair for the physician, actually, and he would probably appreciate the fact that you are not trying to gouge him.

Other suggestions should be considered if made as well.

Let us know what you decide to do!
I have some medical tests scheduled soon and the lady who sets it all up called me to verify my insurance. While on the phone with her, she asked me what I did, so I told her.

She says that she has a friend who has her own MT business and makes a little over $100K per year. (I don't know if she has any employees or not, but the lady on the phone said that her friend "works like a dog" but loves every minute of it.)

Anyway, something she told me that I never would have thought of was to call my family doctor and ask the ladies at the front desk for contact information for their drug representatives. She said that the drug reps go from doctor's office to doctor's office here locally and they have an even better idea of who's needs help and who doesn't.

Just a suggestion...
When doing a new account or a difficult dictator, I've found it is just as fast for me to type the report without struggling over blanks, just type what I can hear and leave blanks.

Then, go back and relisten to the entire report. Many times the blank will be dictated later where it is more clear, and your ears will adjust to the dictator more than you realize.

This cuts down on my frustration level tremendously ...

good luck to you!
Suggestion - sm
As the doc what he was paying or what he feels is reasonable and go from there.

Per line is better, and gross line is even better yet.
Ask your boss to not put those worktypes in your queue. Much easier that way!!
If they do business in your state, which they might just by employing you, you can get jurisdiction by filing in your local small claims court. They also may ignore it, but if they aren't too big they may not and at that point pay you. I assume you are no longer doing work for them.

I suggest we take the time to come up with an acronym that is available as a domain name.

It's not impossible to learn. I did it and we've had students and graduates learn it successfully.

Try it when you are not working, so there won't be pressure to produce. If you take it in stages, it's probably easier and you'll "discover" the technique.

You have to learn to hold about half to a whole sentence in your mind while you type it AND then listen ahead at the same time. Really, it's not impossible.

First, try just learning to remember entire sentences. Listen to a full half of a sentence, then stop and type it from memory. Increase that until you can do whole sentences. You might have to work on that an hour or so for a few days.

Once you can do that, I think you will begin to see when you can start listening ahead for the next sentence. It is usually about 2/3 or 3/4 of the way through that first sentence.

The key to getting this right is to do it with the expectation that YOU CANNOT MAKE EVEN ONE ERROR because you CANNOT FIX THEM. Obviously, we know you can fix them on a computer, but pretend that you cannot.

This does require a lot of concentration and focus. You'll be holding one sentence in your head while typing it AND listening ahead for the next.

Some people can't do it, I think, but if you can, it's worth the effort to learn it. Email me and let me know how it's going for you.

just a suggestion sm
If you have a business machine company in your area who sells the transcribers they may, out of the goodness of their hearts, splice the tape and fix it for you. As said, you will definitely lose a bit of dictation but you won't have to lose the whole tape. I had this done before. I have not spliced a tape myself but if not an office machine supply store, perhaps there is some other kind of business that would take this on and you could pay them a few bucks. I've been there, done that and found an "angel" somewhere. I know people "splice" but don't know how they do it. It's a big, big problem and I understand how you feel. Good luck with it, let us kow. You will get a lot of flack for not using digital but I know some docs absolutely will not switch.
Are you SURE there's no suggestion box? SM
Most newer users can't/won't do without it, so it would be strange for a new program to be offered without it. In my Shorthand, it's a simple on-off toggle under the File, then Preferences tab.

SM, what's the duplicate shortcuts function you're referring to? I've never worked with IT and probably am not understanding what you mean because I can make up any number of abbreviations for a term, literally. ??

Buying a "used" copy would be your best deal, IMHO.  If I were you, I'd post an "item wanted" ad here at mtstars and on other MT forums.  There just might be somebody out there who has a "used" copy that they would like to sell.  I purchased mine new for something like $189, but could have saved some money if I had found a used copy.

If you prefer to purchase it new:


Here is the link to the online Instant Text forum: