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Posted By: Dixiekaye on 2006-02-02
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My office is cooled with a window air-conditiner which has gotten so noisy I have to shut it off when I have bad dictators.  I need to replace it - anyone know of a "whisper-quiet" window unit?

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Could be in the ducts or air-conditioner. (sm)
First the air-conditioner needs to be serviced. If your DH is handy he should check for a drip pan that could be full of water - and mold and mildew! There is a drainage tube that needs to stay open. They can get clogged and must be flushed out. The drainage pain can then be drained and then bleach solution should stand in it to kill the fungi, then rinsed out. Next project is to call somebody that cleans out heating ducts. They need to put brushes into the ducts and sweep around and such out all the gunk for you. When all that is done, a good air filter inside will also help. The heavily advertised ones are not necessarily the best or the best price, of course. Check with Consumer Reports, I'd think.
Another shampoo/conditioner idea
Go to Sally Beauty Supply. They occasionally have their shampoo on sale - one-gallon jugs of concentrate for $5. Variety of fragrances and formulas with matching conditioner. This stuff has lasted me over a year and is still going strong.
Remember when there was no conditioner, then Tame came out. What a thrill.

InfusionB23 for leave in conditioner, then add Frizzease