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ASR set up

Posted By: mc5 on 2005-09-14
In Reply to:

ASR is NOT more production than when we were just doing MT work before. I like ASR because it is a variation in muscles used, NOT because of productivity. I have gone DOWN 10% in overall production since the induction of DEP/ASR. They say I have gone up 50%. It is not short to explain but I will try to brief it- They are taking a 1 week period from this summer and comparing the production of your MT against your ME work for that week. This does NOT show what your production has increased since you are an ME. An account with ASR puts all the well spoken dictators on ASR and leaves the more inaudible speakers on transcription. If they were to take production from the yearly quarter before DEP/ASR started and compare it to the most current quarter completed - That would be more accurate. This is another set up for failure or a carefully concocted tactic for MQ to make us think our production is going up!

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