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Actually it's years to ears. I can spell just fine, just don't take the time to proofread eve

Posted By: Tinks on 2006-11-08
In Reply to: hears to ears through to threw - just me

post as I'm busy transcribing at the same time.  Sorry to say my priorities are such that you guys here don't rank perfect posts.  Now, if you guys want to pay per post....  

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I had one for 3 years and it worked fine the whole time.

Maybe 5 years, but had worked fine until the move....nm
My Logitech cordless is 5-years-old and works fine - sm
despite tons of garbage in it, though I do try to turn it upside down and shake out the crumbs from time to time, and blow it out with a duster. I also pop off keys and clean under them with a duster that way too. Though almost messed up my shift key, put it back on wrong and it would not work, but figured it out and now it is fine. Bought those stickers to put on the keys where the letters had worn off, but the D is damaged now, looks like someone (not me) dropped something on the keyboard as the D, E and C all are damaged/have marks on the, The D being the worst though, big chunk of it is gone. But still going srong. Would like a softer touch keyboard though, this one is very hard, but maybe that is the key to its longevity? Something to think about (I work ~40-60 hours a week).
Asking you to spell a word correctly after 10 years is being nitpicky? Shame on them..
N O T ! !
Half the time they spell things wrong anyway! NM
I had an ESL spell "sheet" for me. Must've had someone type "sh*t" one time.
I have used this one for 5 years. It may be time for a new one

1st time 22 (6 yrs). 2nd time 33 and 13 years.
Still going strong! 
26 years is a looongg time to be
doing this job, and every weekend at least one day.  Had about the same experience with my DH, me working all the time trying to get line counts while he would go weekends to the lake to go fishing....  I had about all I could take, and for a couple of weeks, at times, I would sit at my computer, trying to type while crying....stress of the job, financial stress, and him gone fishing and having a good time.  Well, it just so happened that he heard me crying, not because I wanted him to (he has hearing difficulties) but he just happened to come into the room when I was sobbing and typing, having a real hard time with this job, getting knots in my stomach.  He asked me what was wrong, and this time I told him exactly what was wrong, how I was feeling, what this job was doing to me, and he came to a decision that it didn't matter if I worked or not, he didn't want me getting physically ill.  That did it for us.... I don't know if that will work for you, the crying part, but it got my DH's attention.  Sometimes you just have to come out and tell him, or do something, that lets him know you will NOT go it alone anymore.  Years ago someone asked me if I was tired of being a doormat....wonder if you are feeling that way?  You were not put on this earth to keep everyone happy..... I'm still trying to learn that but you MUST say something...  After awhile, you won't be able to hide it ...you will either get sick, or you will just blow up.  Stress has some nasty side-effects. Hope this helps.  God Bless.
IC 12 years, took 2 vacations in that time

It is very_difficult to get time off for vacation when you work for yourself and cut out middle people......I do exactly that and I haven't had a vacation since 2005 and before that during 9/11/01.  The offices may understand and allow you 2 weeks but then you have to play *catch-up* when you return, trying to bring them all current.

It's a trade-off for sure, unless you have friends that can cover your vacation time and who you trust with the work. 


Don't feel bad. For the first time in 2 years,
I didn't get my lines or hours. Work has been low lately. I've usually been way above the required production.
14 years at the time I took the test.
But if you have the CMT review guide and study it, take the little tests at the end of the chapters, you WILL pass.  just don't be nervous.  They give you something like 4 hours and I was out of there in a little over an hour.  You don't need to get a 100%, just pass it.  And before anyone starts ragging on how it's not worth it blah blah blah, I did it for ME.  I spent my own money to prove to MYSELF that I am not as stupid as all my supervisors who don't know s*it from shinola about MT imply that I am.  And I got a personalized license plate but I suppose the morons down here think I am affiliated with a cement company. 
Do you need to have 2 years full time experience or just 2 years' experience? nm
Ooops, transferred the 25 years old to your age at the time.
On vacation for the first time in 2+ years - YAHOO!

Actually, I have not worked as a full time MT for nine years
and that's the problem. Is there hope for me to get back in to MT even though I've been out of it for so long. I did work part-time from home from the lab for about two years after that.
Why would you allow this to go on for five years? You should have stopped it a long time ago. nm
Yes,,, and that is why you also proofread. nm
How do you proofread? sm

What is the fastest, most accurate way you proofread?  I have been playing back my reports from the beginning of it on fast chipmunk sounding speed.  I catch myself making exapander errors a lot. I

 absolutely have to proofread as I usually catch at least 2 per report before I send them.  Trying to proofread 'as I go' does not work for me as I still find mistakes when I am done.  What is the Fastest way of doing this?  Does  anyone have any advice?  Thank you muchos.

I proofread as I go

The only time I go back to listen again is if I have a blank, or sometimes with a difficult ESL I will go back and listen for a second time, but 99% of the time I proof as I go. 


I don't proofread - that is QA job. How do you think I could edit over 650 lines an hour? It's not by double-checking my own fine self.


It is probably better to proofread as you go
as that can be a careless way to proof.  Starting a new account can be overwhelming and cause you to make careless errors.  I would say proof new accounts, but once familiar, then proof as you type.  Put frequently made statements in auto correct or use an expander.  If the client requires QA, then it is QA's job to catch the errors of the entire document, not just blanks, otherwise, they are getting paid to simply say your work has been QA'd.  I think QA is a waste of time myself other than for a second-listen at blanks, and in my case, I have enough experience to have even corrected QA on many of occasions with a reply from QA stating, so sorry my mistake.  No one is perfect, but you should not send blatent errors to QA and expect them to correct them.  In most cases, they will not.  QA is simply a way for a company to pay you less as a typist and you think you are getting something for it in the way of them providing you a second look/listen, which is not true. 
why I proofread
sometimes my expansions get away from me. I just typed that patient -- had abdominal discomfort for the last menstrual period. Made sense until I remembered it was a male patient!
They should still be able to proofread and/or
Good things take time. (this is addressed to OP, BTW) My first 15 years or sm
so of MT was without the benefit of using an expander. When Expanders became the norm, I was reluctant to try, thinking that it would be more cumbersome than by not using it at all. Was I surprised and pleased I had ventured into the Expander world.

Since you're at home you can add entries on your free time, even if you do 5 or 10 at a time, when there is no pressure on you. Start out with expanders for "the patient," "-year-old," the names of your doctors, anything that is repetitious. You will be surprised how much time this will save you. My initial expander, PRD, actually calculated saved Keystrokes and productivity. Back then I was saving 30%!

The expander is especially helpful for those crazy terms that are hyphenated or have camel caps, those that I always had to look up to check myself. Create your brief form by just using straight lowercase, for instance, duoneb for Duo-Neb (or d-n).

Speed will come, don't worry. Good luck to you!

(Posted in the wrong place--I always do that!) This is in response to OP.

Here's a term for you to proofread:
Look that one up!

Maybe I should clarify, that I would definitely proofread everything if... SM

it was a new account or I had just started a new job.  I'll be honest though, I have started jobs with services where while I'm in training, I take my time, proofread everything because I know that I'm being scrutinized.  When released from training, I stopped re-reading everything.

I also have never been afraid to argue with QA if I didn't agree.  That didn't make me popular for sure and probably my work was scrutinized even closer because they wanted to catch me in a mistake, but they also knew that if they counted me off for something, they had better be 100% right.

I'm not arrogant, just good at what I do and confident.  I take pride in my work and I've been doing this for a long time.  I just think some QA people need to consider each MT and mistake individually.  If you've got an experienced MT who is good and productive and she makes a few minor mistakes from time to time, let it go.  Maybe mention it to her in a friendly email, but don't fail her on QA for a period or hyphen or a typo.

That's all I'm saying.

Sorry, but we disagree. I proofread as I go. sm
The places I work for expect things to be ready to go directly to the client.   I guess if that works for you and you feel good about yourself, more power to you, but not for me.  I don't consider proofing your work to be sitting and re-reading the entire report before you send it -- that's nonsense -- but to think you don't have to look at what you are doing and just let some QA "correction fairy" be your safety net is not professional.  I take pride in turning out a quality product and I still manage to provide the quantity too -- there are those of who do BOTH, you know.
"dictated but not proofread"... nm
It would be nice if they would have proofread it first...sm
Notify "American's".... this is not possessive, people, it is plural, Americans.
I don't proofread on this board. sm
Wouldn't do any good anyway folks would still complain. Sounds like you are one of them that just want to rip me apart for telling the truth. Plenty of other MTs that hold the same opinons I do about this profession.

If that's all you can pick at me apart is a typo in a paragraph that's a good thing!
I'm all ears
I am totally frustrated myself and so ready for a change. Trust me, I can relate.
why subject little angels to the willey years ahead of time
The hairy thing might scare her. At that age, they are fugly.

Tell papa not to take ANY chances that could screw up her delicate psyche. If he continues, make an appt with a therapist and get an expert's advice.
Wonder if you scrub them too hard. I wear my soft ones for 2 years at a time! nm
I've used my laptop to MT for about 5 years, full-time. Couldn't
I love being portable, plus I have a small working space. It's great transcribing on the deck (or at the beach) on nice days. Have never had any technical issues; there's always some sort of adapter thingie that's available for whatever comes up.
Just experiencing acute care dictation, for the first time in years
the dictation seems lacking of a change in the tone of the dictation, inflections put on syllabyls or sentence structure are both missing. It makes the job boring with the sighs and "ummmm"s of which there are many, loss of train of thought. In my day, the doctor's dictated with some emotion which helped to enjoy the job even more, in fact, that is my fav part, typing a good job for the person dictating - that has always been my goal. It is very depressing since I see another 10 or so years in this field unless I sprout a new talent that can pay the bills.
You are being too hard on yourself. Proofread after you transcribe to the best of your
ability. If errors are returned to you, then keep a notebook with the mistakes you are making. Refer to your notebook before you begin transcribing. Before you know it, the errors will be less. On the othe hand, if you keep making the same mistakes over and over again, even after keeping notes and reviewing, then you probably really do not like this type of work. Not everyone is cut out for it. It sounds like when you were in-house, you did not transcribe full-time but had varied work duties. I would try the notbook and see how what goes first.
Protect ears where you can
I recently bought a new blow dryer that is louder than my old one. I have started putting cotton in my ears while blow drying, and it muffles the high, painful whine. I suddenly have more patience with styling my hair, so I guess it may have been bothering me before this, too, and I didn't realize why I could hardly wait to finish.
definitely UNFAIR. You are our 2nd set of ears and still MTs. NM
OMG - My ears are always itchy - I actually
have an "ear itcher" that I keep on my desk - kinda gross, but what can ya do. I thought it was just me. I don't think I could go without them though, I work too much and my ears get sore. I guess I'll try Radioshack and Staples, if not, I guess I'll get them online. Thanks
You could use headphones that go over the ears
over your hearing aids, such as the noise-canceling headphones. I would assume this would work just fine. I don't like to wear my noise-canceling headphones because they get too hot, however.
My aching ears

Hi everyone!  Just wondering if you all have suggestions for inexpensive headphones that don't hurt your ears, but have good sound quality.  I have 2 different ones that I use and I prefer the sound quality of my little "bud" type, but they end up really hurting my ears after several hours of use.  The other are much more comfortable, but I lose sound quality.  I guess I'm looking for the best of both worlds -- oh, and inexpensively, too!!   (I don't ask for much, huh?)

Take care all! 

Stayed at Vistana time share resort and it was EXCELLENT 5-6 years ago.
I don't know what kind of prices you are going to get at the height of the season but phone Vistana and see what a weekly rate is. They do have shuttle service and lots of activities within the resort itself. There are lots of time shares that have been built since then so check into time share rental. Vistana had two bedrooms and sleeping room in the living area plus kitchen. Whirlpool bath in master. Tennis, swimming, etc. Great place to stay, highly recommend.

PS: I went in the late summer and price for a week was approximately $700.
hate daylight savings time, LOVED living in AZ for 2 years!
used to whatever time you are on, some government says, "EVERYBODY CHANGE AGAIN!"
After 18 yrs, I proofread as I go.. Nobody should sit and reread every word when on production.
Can't assume samples are correct! Always proofread everything. nm
and most of them have cellphones stuck in their ears. nm
Unfortunately, it will fall on deaf ears.
But give it a shot.

hears to ears through to threw
Sorry no wonder you are so down on being a Transcriptionist as it is evident you have problems spelling. 
magots in the groin and ears....