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definitely UNFAIR. You are our 2nd set of ears and still MTs. NM

Posted By: mq_mt on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: AND - QA could not enter! Gee, thanks MQ. - MQ QA'er...nm


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OK, that was unfair of me to say.
Maybe it was just sour grapes or mother guilt on my part.  The first 10 years of my marriage were pretty tough.  I did not have a choice but to work and put my kid in daycare.  We agreed before we got married that I would be a stay at home Mom and not use daycare.  Life's plans don't always work out, though.  We had a lot, and I mean A LOT, of setbacks.  Life could have been worse, but it was dark for a long time.  Every time I thought we were crawling out of the muck, life would stomp me on the head and force me back down again.  It was always something.  Layoffs, company closings, car accidents with uninsured drivers (their fault), hit & run, injuries, medical bills.  The old daycare argument will never die, but it's not fair to judge people who need or want to use daycare.  We could be like other societies that use nannies and ship their kids off to boarding schools all year.  Using daycare has its pros and cons.
unfair .
What's up with this warning and banned from visiting the website etc.. I am currently in US and have no idea as to why the administrator sent me a message saying I am banned from visiting the site.
Is this how professionals are treated for visiting the website and spending a lot of time reading their website.
Well I would rather look jobs somewhere where one is respected and qualifications valued than for MTStars.com
I am really upset with the mail they have sent to me.
I know it seems unfair, it really does.
The FASFA serves many purposes and so it cannot take those things into consideration.

That is where developing a good relationship with your FA advisor comes in. Your school can qualify you for other grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study programs.

that all seems so unfair
there has to be a way that can monitor a transcriptionist's workload. they should not be paid for eight hours if it is only taking them 6. they should be rewarded only if they go above their line count. when i went home to work, my benefits stopped. they stopped taking taxes out as well.
wow, how unfair!
For some of us it is an excellent choice. After 30 years I still like what I do. That to me is an excellent choice! Plus I managed to earn enough to put my kids through college without loans and pay for weddings without any help on top of it. So if you made a bad choice, change it, but don't make such a negative blanket statement. Don't make your problem someone else's.
Just as you probably feel that it's unfair...
to put someone  down for choosing to homeschool, it's also rather unfair to say that your parents "didn't care enough" to homeschool you. Maybe that wasn't in vogue when you were in school, or maybe they wouldn't have  had what it takes to do that.  Most people are not  capable of teaching THEMSELVES all the subjects taken in high school.  Even high school teachers major in ONE area and are not even credentialed, qualified, or allow to teach outside their earned credential.  It's rather bold of some parent,  in my opinion, to think they can adequately educate their older children themselves. 
It was unfair of me to have lumped all
pain management specialists into a group of uncaring physicians, and I apologize, but I see stories like the OP all the time. I have done dictations concerning people who have become addicted by physicians prescribing whatever for whatever reason and then when the patient complains of addiction, the docs just dump them "permanent and stationary" and the patient is on their own. Some docs even make desparaging comments about the addicted individual in their dictations. They don't try to help. It is discouraging, to sat the least, and throws a bad light on all doctors then. But again, if your doctor is compassionate, maybe he should consult with the above OP, if within the area, which is a long shot, but a thought. She needs help, and not just Valium. Again, I apologize if I offended anyone.
You guys are mean, mean and unfair
Honestly, hopefully you two never make any mistakes because if you do you will have quite a ways to fall off of your pedestal.  Everybody has trouble the first day, I hate first days and even the first week.  But if they can't take the time to help out of the first day and point out where the errors were -- even if it was terminology or usage or whatever -- they are not worth working for.   Believe me it would have only gotten worse as the time goes by.  If they cannot give you help on your first day imagine what it would be like on the 5th, 10th or 25th or if after a month you made a mistake.  But to prejudge like you two have, like I said you have sure put yourself on a pretty high pedestal.   I agree a reason should be given because you can never correct a mistake unless you know you have made one and if I have made a typo during this message - forgive me but I am a little upset with the above two posters.  
Unfair! WHY OH WHY will someone from AAMT or whatever they are now
PLEASE explain to we suffering and underpaid, unappreciated MTs WHY they are in India's back pocket and why they have abandoned us.  It used to be an association for US now it seems it's more for scummy foreigners.  So unfair. 
This is totally unfair. sm.
I too have been saving and studying hard to take this test but now I don't feel that it means anything. You don't have to be CMT certified to find an MT job but HELLO. AMERICAN Association for Medical Transcriptionists.
THEFT? That's going a bit far and is unfair..sm

While I agree that cherry-picking is not fair, either, I wouldn't go as far as to call it "theft".  The MT is doing the same work, a day's or line's pay for a day's (or line's) pay.  If you were to go to a store sale, and someone else were to pick out the most desirable items first, would you also call that stealing? 

More importantly, I would not blame your fellow MT.  (They are trying to put food on the table the same as everyone else.)  I would blame the crappy, thoughtless dictators, and those who have made outsourcing possible, thus leaving all the crap work for us "cherry-picking" MTs.

Exactly! It's just inconsiderate to your neighbors and unfair to do something like that!
People think they're being funny or cute but making your house look like a piece of crap is rude to the neighbors and DOES make their homes worth less than they should be. I agree that they should be forced by law to change it back.
This "list" you speak of is really unfair though (sm)
There are always two sides to any story. And, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been through this in one way or another but....

I've been an MT for 18 years now. About 10 years ago my life was a mess and I was dealing with some substance abuse issues (alcohol). I was never fired from any job because I always quit before it came to that, but I did burn many bridges in the local area. The quality of my work was never called into question, it was always attendance issues.

I'm just saying some people do grow up and change. I did. But I understand weeding out good MTs from not so good ones isn't necessarily an easy job either.
Unfair labor practices
I'm an independent contractor and the company I work for is offering bonuses to some ICs, but not all.  I know I could choose not work for them, but this is a pretty shady practice.  I'm also routinely shorted on my pay, though they make it up the next month. I would like to do something about it if possible.  Has anyone ever filed a complaint with EEO or Labor Relations for something like this?  Thanks.
downright crappy and unfair!!! SM

MQ paid 30% less pay for ASR reports, and they took just as long to edit as they did to type sometimes, so was very frustrating.  I have heard some companies pay straight line rate difference, i.e. if you make 7 cpl typing, you'll make 4 cpl for ASR.  It is totally unfair, as like I said, it does take quite some time to edit ASR, some more/less than others.  Needless to say, I left MQ for KS, who does NOT do ASR!!!!

Unfair! A % of a long report going to be much
Unfair Workload Assignment
When looking at the workload assignment especially on weekends, I find it very unfair that people with exclusive privileges and trainees get to take all the good work when I have to do all the difficult dictations and ESLs before getting to do any good stuff. Work is always supposed to be taken according to date order (which is clearly not the case). I am so mad right now, I am literally screaming!
I'm all ears
I am totally frustrated myself and so ready for a change. Trust me, I can relate.
Just goes to show if true how UNFAIR MQ is. Those who have been with MQ for years..
Protect ears where you can
I recently bought a new blow dryer that is louder than my old one. I have started putting cotton in my ears while blow drying, and it muffles the high, painful whine. I suddenly have more patience with styling my hair, so I guess it may have been bothering me before this, too, and I didn't realize why I could hardly wait to finish.
OMG - My ears are always itchy - I actually
have an "ear itcher" that I keep on my desk - kinda gross, but what can ya do. I thought it was just me. I don't think I could go without them though, I work too much and my ears get sore. I guess I'll try Radioshack and Staples, if not, I guess I'll get them online. Thanks
You could use headphones that go over the ears
over your hearing aids, such as the noise-canceling headphones. I would assume this would work just fine. I don't like to wear my noise-canceling headphones because they get too hot, however.
My aching ears

Hi everyone!  Just wondering if you all have suggestions for inexpensive headphones that don't hurt your ears, but have good sound quality.  I have 2 different ones that I use and I prefer the sound quality of my little "bud" type, but they end up really hurting my ears after several hours of use.  The other are much more comfortable, but I lose sound quality.  I guess I'm looking for the best of both worlds -- oh, and inexpensively, too!!   (I don't ask for much, huh?)

Take care all! 

That's unfair. Everyone has a B-Day, but Mother's Day is made up. Ditto for Valentine's Day
and most of them have cellphones stuck in their ears. nm
Unfortunately, it will fall on deaf ears.
But give it a shot.

hears to ears through to threw
Sorry no wonder you are so down on being a Transcriptionist as it is evident you have problems spelling. 
magots in the groin and ears....
Ears now beat red and they are off for good.

My ears are not beat red and killing me.  I love the NC and they help quite ambient noise even with the feature off but wowzers.  Back to my cheapos for me.  I may try the Koss headphones and see if they are any better.  Hubby is not working so he gets to do all the running. He is going to kill me.


I have real hearing loss (30%) in both ears and
was recommended to get 2 hearing aids, but did you ever price those things? 1200 for one? So I got one. I barely use it. I can't use it for work as it isn't small enough to accomodate the headphones. But since I got on DEP, the only good thing about it is the voice comes through the speaker right into my headset so I actually have to turn it DOWN. I was evaluated and wanted to hear so bad that it was work related but they say mine is congenital, and with a little digging into my family's history I realize that it is. I do know plenty of MTs, however, who do have credible hearing loss with no other factors. I mean, come on, how could you not? The secret is to keep the volume as LOW as you can stand it to try and avoid any loss. I also have terrible ringing and think that is job related.
My daughter is 17 and has never wanted her ears pierced!
She has always been involved in sports and would have to take them out during a game or put a band-aid over them. I wanted that to be something she wanted, and she has never wanted her ears pierced. For prom we bought clip-ons and they looked pretty nice. I was afriad they would be tacky. She might want to get them pierced before next prom but, again, that will be HER decision.

snot suckers, in our ears, like they don't know we hear that
orlando bloom(lord of the rings without the elf ears)
thin crust pizza that has bacon and green olives only on it and corona with a lime and salt.
Harder on my eyes than my ears but I find it hard to

believe that listening to dictation could cause hearing loss.  Blasting music through headphones maybe, but not dictation.  I've been doing this for 20 years and have not noticed any difference in my hearing.

However, my eyes get soooooo tired.  I've started zooming in to make the print look bigger and that helps a lot.

Once a week, I clean my headset ears with alcohol.
Then swab out my ears after showering with Q-tips with alcohol on them. Keeps the itching down to nothing, and the ear wax doesn't build up that way, either.
Ears itch b/c of ear sponge bacteria (mine did)

Take off the sponges and clean the actual headset with rubbing alcohol damply applied to a towel, then replace the sponges.  Do this periodically.  Also, replace the sponges every month or so, especially in hot weather.

I have a pair of the earbuds (cheap ones) and they hurt my ears.
I couldn't wear them very long.
My ears are feeling so horrible that I can't stand the feel of my headphones.
I have URI symptoms, saw the doc yesterday.  Has anyone ever not used their headphones and used the speaker instead.  I'm concerned that I won't be as accurate.  Any suggestions for me?  Thanks.
Actually it's years to ears. I can spell just fine, just don't take the time to proofread eve
post as I'm busy transcribing at the same time.  Sorry to say my priorities are such that you guys here don't rank perfect posts.  Now, if you guys want to pay per post....  
ENT=Ears, nose and throat. HEENT=Head, eyes,
If they're tight enough, hang them in front of or behind your ears. Sound is conducted through
I have drainage too and a ton of ear wax! YUK! I lavage my ears with a bulb syringe and warm saline

about once a month or they will start to itch something fierce.  Nobody tells you about the ear hazards of being an MT, do they?  I also have to deal with recurrent bouts of labrynthitis which my doc has said may be a side effect of ear phones in my ears all day long! 

We should get hazard pay or worker's comp! 

I notice sometimes the dictation goes directly from ears-to-hands. Bypasses the brain entirely! n/
I learned to put my phones in front of my ears inbetween dictations so I don't get blasted.
I would move on. I think it is so unfair not to be paid for spaces! I think we should get paid

per keystroke, but that'll never happen.  I just think that these national companies are going to keep finding ways to cheat us.  I found a job working for a hospital as an employee, paid hourly plus incentive, and they let us expand everything!  Somebody's gonna have to kill me to make me give up this job.  I will never go back to the national's again.

I feel for you though.  I know that for us MTs those good jobs are few and far between and some have little choice but to work for the nationals.  I just happened to luck into the job I have now.  I just applied at the right time. 

Good luck to you whatever you decide.