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Actually, the "MQ Packet" has just been donated...

Posted By: MQGuy on 2005-10-03
In Reply to: Oh thank you - txmt

to the Smithsonian for future generations of MTs...

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Actually, the "MQ Packet" has just been donated...
to the Smithsonian for future generations of MTs...
I think the letter, not the packet, the packet comes later
gotta love your ID "MQ Slave" says it all.
Tooooo funny.  My daughter stopped in the other day and headed right to my office.  She said, "OH MY GAWD!  MOM'S IN THE KITCHEN!" 
Anybody donated a kidney? sm
My sister has renal failure and is on dialysis.  She was admitted to the hospital with myxedema coma (severe hypothyroidism) back in March, being hospitalized into the middle of June.  She made a miraculous recovery considering she started out on life support in the ICU of a major medical center.  She's now home and doing terrific, but she's been left with the RF.  She is starting the paperwork for a transplant, and I am considering possible kidney donation.  Just wondering if anyone has any experience with it?  I'd appreciate any info.  I've done a little investigating on the net and it goes without saying it's a big decision and a lot involved.  Appreciate any input for sure and thanks!
I donated, but did not get to pull from
Santas bag
I donated twice - a couple of days ago...s/m
Still have had no email?
About the MQ packet...
What exactly is supposed to be IN this packet? What kind of information? I've heard about it for what seems like decades, but what is it about? Any specifics would be appreciated...
what's a packet?
both firewalls I have are off (McAfee and Windows).  What's a packet and how do I check that? :)
Thank you very much. Faderwing graciously donated 5 of his prints for
Thank you very much. Faderwing graciously donated 5 of his prints for the Santa's House effort.  Faderwing sells his original works and prints nationally and internationally and is highly sought after.  All of the prints will come with a certificate of authenticity and numbered. 


Did your computer come with a packet of additional
software?   I have an HP computer, about 4 years old, that came with several disks of extras, one of which was WORD 2000. 
the MQ changes letter, phone call and now packet
got a bomb in it.
I feel your pain. I just received packet SM
in mail from AARP, where basic major medical was quoted for $250 a month with $4500.00 a year out of pocket. That is fine, but what will it be next year? I have six years to go until retirement.
You don't "pick" prizes. Gift items that were donated by our sponsors are pulled from
Santa's Bag and you are notified of what your gift is.
Packet is the size of the message (with header info) being sent.
When contacting Linksys, ask about this. They should be able to tell you if that's where the problem is and how to fix it.
Try Packet 8 - Unlimited long distance phone - flat 22.05 per month.
We got a free turkey,which I donated to charity. I can afford a turkey,