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All you need to do is stay there for 3-6 months to get the

Posted By: "experience" and then slowly advance. on 2005-07-30
In Reply to: How do you learn when you know you are being trained wrong? - Sad newbie

We all start out in really crappy jobs, but stay there because it looks good on the resume for a better company.  My first place I worked with, I had to work with a guy who had no idea what he was doing, would type just about anything he wanted just to get paid (at that time 7 bucks an hour was big bucks) and when i'd correct him, because it would look bad on me too (there were only two of us per shift in the small room connected to the ER), he'd flip me off behind my back and make faces.  It was complete nonsense, but it got me into a better company.

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$32K/part time 6 months/full time 6 months
I have kept my child home with me half the year, but when pre-K started I began working full time. Helps to only have a main account and one backup account for the 2nd year now, so my abbreviation program rocks and rolls when I focus.
I have been doing VR for 6-7 months.

The system has not improved in that time and it is much more time consuming to edit VR than to transcribe.  I believe the companies are selling VR to the doctors saying it will eventually be perfected and dictation will be done cheaper and quicker.  Right now that is definitely not the case at this point in time.  On the other hand, VR for banking and other services seems to be working well.  I do believe it's the future of transcription but for now it leaves a lot to be desired and is very, very tedious and kind of nerve wracking if you are used to transcribing. 

On the other hand, for someone who cannot transcribe but has medical terminology course, you may be able to make some money on VR and I suspect that is exactly what companies have in mind when they push VR.  Eventually all MTs will be replaced by MEs (medical editors) at a lower line rate.  I have seen as low as 4 cpl posted for editing so for someone who wants to work at home, I guess that's good enough especially if you can't transcribe all that well utilizing expanders, etc. 


I have been there 5 months and have never (sm)
been happier. They are great!!
Sure! It took me 3 months to get (sm)
good at MT (no formal training, just science background); like you, I sort of fell into it -- was getting divorced and leaving grad school, needed a job, had done transcription at temp jobs, so saw an ad and jumped -- made a grand total of $300 the first month, 10x that after 3 months. There is only one other job I've ever had that kept me as interested as MT -- working as a paralegal doing insurance defense work. I love the challenge of researching a new piece of equipment, I love hearing people's stories, and I adore working at home and avoiding all the politics and other garbage of a worksite. I love working all night when the work is plentiful and breaking my days up how I like. What's not to like?
I like it. I have used it for a few months
and it is very easy to get used to. The only thing I don't like is it doesn't spell check your work until the end, I'd prefer to have it checked as I go along, like in MS Word.
About 2 1/2 months here
My biggest problem is in the evenings. I am so sick that all I want to do is lay down and sleep until it passes. I work two jobs, so I am having the difficulties you are talking about. I am moody, too. This is my first experience with this while being an MT, so I'm right there with you on not knowing what to do. Good luck!
At the very least 6 months
It is absolutely overwhelming in the beginning. Worked in-office and tried to quit my first day after a half hour! How lucky I was to have a patient supervisor and kind co-workers. (Plus good references that actually showed sample reports--so helpful to see what the ''finished product'' should look like.) I hated my former job so I just kept coming back, reading everything available, and taking terminology classes. Maybe I was a ''slow study'' but after around 10 months, things started to make sense.
As a new MT myself, not quite 6 months
on the job yet, I take any and all feedback with a grain of salt. The tone of the e-mail does not bother me as long as useful information is being given. I did not graduate from one of the top 3 schools either, so I appreciate the opportunity to work and learn at the same time. Feedback often makes you feel degraded and dumb to a degree, but let us face it, we are. We are ignorant to the world of MTing. We do not know everything. We learn daily. Once you begin implementing the advice given you will probably find that critical e-mail will lessen. Also, trainers often do not have the time or resources to be "sweet" to everyone they train. Their primary responsibility is to make you the best MT you can possibly be. Learn, grow, and do not take it all to heart. Good luck.
I did for 6 months sm
a loooonnnnngggg time ago when my kids were tiny. I started out pouring the models but had to leave due to babysitter issues. There is very good money to be made there. Based on production but I believe they pay by the hour. Go for it. Not any more boring than MT can be at times. Around here if you can paint the porcelain teeth, the pay is close to $20 an hour.
about 7 months

they have been using it on my account. 

it really depends on the voice.

I just learned that "lungs are clear to sedation"
and parentheses do not know if they want to be princesses or impressions.

took over 2 months for me

I worked for them last year.  It took over two months for them to get it together and then I finally had typing to do.  They do not go by their contract.  In it, it says you would have so many (50 maybe?) typings before they got out out of training (which has less pay of course) and it was over 200 and then it was only after I asked about it when they moved me to an actual account.  After that, I worked for about 3 months and every time I would be put on an account and start making decent money, they would switch me to another account and I'd have to start all over getting used to....thus not making money.  I finally resigned and explained why and the owner sent me an email, saying she didn't bother to read my email....but she didn't understand what the problem was....duh...if you had read the email, you might understand.  It was a mess and not worth my time at all.  There were actually hours where I could have made more money at McDonald's.  Oh, and when they fax you back any corrections, they charge for fax time......even when they're having problems with their fax...they charge you the time!!!....they charged me nearly 1/2 hour once because they were having problems with the fax and they were faxing MY work.....just not worth it to me....I'm sticking to my own accounts.

Gee, my 'E' is okay after a few months, it's my

a,c.v.b.k.l. and the period that are worn on this new keyboard.

I wish I would have known about the clear nail polish before I started using this. I would have tried it. I have gone through 3 keyboards in as many years and my first keyboard keys were worn down to nothing.

2 months before they pay you?
I would explain that to them, that this is not ONE month, but it is TWO months before you will see a dime for work done, and that you have MTs that depend on paychecks much more often than that. Ask them if there can't be some kind of negotiation. I really don't see how they are even requesting that set up. NO one pays just every 2 months. If I paid my bills only every two months, I'd be sitting in the dark, for sure. I wish you the best on figuring this out. It's an awful situation for you.
when I was very new, about 2 months ago actually

the doc said to avoid NSAIDs and I typed incense! 

And you stay with him why?
Stay away
This is the worst company to work for, please take everyone's advice. Certain accounts get put on what they call a lock out for depositing THEIR checks that bounce constantly!!! Then you can't get the money you are owed! There are so many better companies. Please look for one except this one.
I will stay.
I would stay where you are (sm)

until January.  This is already a stressful time of year (the holidays) and you'd just be adding to your stress by learning a new job.  Although your new employer may grant you the time off, it most certainly would be without pay.  Good luck!

I would stay for the house, nothing better than peace of mind in having your own home.
They should stay away,
it is nothing but a pyramid scheme, no matter what anyone tries to tell you!!!
Stay far away!
The owner is a lunatic. You should look elsewhere.
I would stay away if I were him, too
Do not blame him at all!
Help! They won't stay. :(
I had to set my home page as the main forum page here in order to get the links to "stay"/show up. Does anyone know, what might I need to change in NAV in order to get the links to stay without having to use this as my home page?? I normally click on the main forum page from my Favorites.

If your DH wants you to stay out of it...
then I think you should.

Just my opinion. If you don't want to fight with him over it, then don't. Why should this other woman's indiscretions cause problems in YOUR marriage?
You are probably better off to stay out of it.

I can't see why an administrator would have to "make-up" anything unless she's covering her own butt or the MT's that work under her.  Is she making it up because the dictation was erased by mistake or the doctor didn't dictate it in the first place. I just can't see someone putting themselves on the chopping block when it is simply a matter of asking the doctor to dictate the report.  Is this an MTSO?  I know there are certain things that are legal which is to state at the bottom of the document "dictated not read".  To me this basically means the doctor trusts the report was transcribed/handled in the proper manner. 

If you really think about it there are probably more errors made by MT's and doctors overlooking things in their reports because they won't take the time to read them thoroughly then this situation of an administrator "making-up" reports. 

I'm not sure I'd want to be involved unless I knew for sure.  I think you are better off just doing what is expected of you as an MT.  JMO.  Stay cool.....

I'd stay out of it.
A workflow coordinator isn't necessarily QA, so as long as she's not correcting your reports, she may do just fine making sure everything goes where it needs to and arrives on time.

If she IS QA-ing or changing your transcribed reports, then I'd say you have a right to bring it to someone's attention.
VR is here to stay...
I agree, it is less money, and sometimes the reports can take even longer than it would to type it, but then you get the really good reports in between that only take a few minutes.

VR is not going away, so somehow we need to embrace it and make it work for us. There will be a few companies that will stay with straight typing, but that is because they do not want to spend the money or time to train the VR. My accounts are 80% VR and 20% typing, so I do still get to type and balance out the $$$$, and it is not easy, but I still prefer it over typing all day.
stay or go
Tough call... I worked for a local group until October 2008. We heard about EMR coming for more than 3 years before it actually started to become implemented. That particular group did go with a point and click system and indeed, when they went to it, that was it. With over 25 doctors, though, they brought it in one department at a time. I will say this... when it became obvious that the time was drawing near (training sessions for other employees, etc) and we all started to get that antsy feeling you describe, the "head guy" came in and held a meeting with us in the transcription department. He stated (falsely) that it would be a year AT LEAST before any of our MT jobs would be at risk and assured us that we'd be offered positions (in house, of course) elsewhere in the offices. Needless to say, that ONE year was less than 5 MONTHS.

If you're feeling antsy and it's giving you so much grief, I would definitely start my search for other IC work. I mean, if you've no benefits to lose and you know you've no interest in anything in-house with them (IF it'd be offered), then why cause yourself heartache..

Just my opinion from a "been there, done that" perspective.
Thanks, but I try to stay away from DQS...sm
i just never liked that platform and never could get the hang of it. I will stay where I am because I plan on retiring from this profession for good in a few months. :)
Stay or Go
Love the company for what?? It's kindness. Jump ship before its too late, as it is for me. I loved my company too!
Ot maybe this is the first time in six months that the
account has been out of work because ALL medical providers are slow this time of year.
I complained over 6 months ago about J. sm
I was using my computer but i believe it boils down to J doesn't have a clue what he is doing. somethings he couldn't figure out and i knew exactly how to do them. i think they got him off the street holding a work for food sign maybe. he likes for you to use company computer because he doesn't know crap about fixing yours. loved the company other than J and the hatefulness/stupidness that came along with him.
Thnx, been 4 months sm

She has been here once in that time and she just started crying all over again until hubby felt bad for HER and started taking her side and I have just had it.  He is a big one on the few house rules we have DUE TO HIS MOTHER being so lax and not responsible, so rules are rules apparently except when his mother is involved.

We have been over this issue the past 15 years (since first child) as she is the one who always trys to break any discipline just becuase she happens to be there.  Sorry, they knew you coming and if they decided to get in trouble that is their doing and letting things slide all the time just becuase she is around made a mess of things and I am just full of it and decided if this is not a big deal for her...it should be for my husband and until the two of them realize how serious  her actions were they will not be left with her for any reason as I have no clue what serious is to her if that was not.  I could see if she did not know that the kids were to tell us anything that is/might be an issue first hand, but she has been in on that rule for many years, so it was not new or something I just decided to get upset about...standing rule so that we can discuss and find alternative solutions for next time, etc. depending on if an issue at all or something that might come up down the road again.

If you asked that 2 months ago
I would have told you MQ whom I was happily with for years and years but now I sorrowfully have to say, NOT HERE!
3 years, 9 months - nm
I spoke with them a few months ago SM
and they said they are getting a pool of resumes together to fill positions AS THEY BECOME OPEN.  So there is really no "position" there, they are just getting a bunch of them together to go to if they need to.
We've been using ours for two months now.
No more $20 gas bills like in the summertime.
I agree, at least 3 months. My
accounts I have been on for 5 years, well I fly and the money really does pour in. Good luck.
Three months sounds about right. nm
I had that for a couple of months and it has
recently gone away.  I tried pillows, sitting up straighter, etc.  Nothing seemed to help.  It was to the point I could only sit for about an hour at a time.   I didn't realize it until I saw your post, but I'm not hurting anymore.  I haven't been as stressed lately and I wonder if that was causing it.   I tend to manifest stress with a physical ailment, used to be migraines, then back spasms when major sudden stress. 
not very long, only nine months...
we have a sliding scale and all of that...but you have to do 1200 lines to get .055, can you believe that?
As of about a couple months ago, we are to
not spell out any number at all. I hate that because it looks ridiculous.
I went through the same thing for 6 months
It was so good to have an apartment with a door I could lock that only I had the key to. I guess the upside to transcription is that if you do become homeless, you can still keep your job.
A couple of months???
Gheesh!  They're nickle and diming her to death for the love of Pete, and you want her to do them a favor and give them two months' notice?  Heck! Why not give them a couple of years' notice so they can continue to take further advantage of her???
29 w/2 kids 5 and 10 months
was going for nursing but decided to stay home with my baby
We lost 29 lbs on it in 2 months but...

Hubby got the gout after that, so had to go off it so we could find out what kind of foods would trigger his attacks. That was 2 years ago and we gained all our weight  back. We missed the meals. We were really into the full meal salads, etc., satisfying and weren't really into sweets or deserts before starting. Never missed potatos, either (except french fries...my weakness).

 He also has a heart problem and finally asked his doctor what foods to avoid...Lo and behold....everything we're eating now. When asked what foods to eat...you guessed it...everything on the Atkin's Diet. So, 2 years later, we're anxious to get back to it. ...but a modified version.

Oh, and we have figured out which foods trigger his gout...FINALLY. It's any dark green leafy vegetable, spinach (our favorite) and even mixed baby greens, and green beans! Never would have believed it but we tried several times to include those in our diet and they trigger attacks every time...go figure.

I have been QAing for about 18 months (sm)
and I average about 500 lines per hour - BUT - it's mostly clinic work, easy docs, same MTs, and super, SUPER slick software.  I also use a foot pedal and move through document with a mouse.    I sometimes read from the bottom up and group my docs and do all one doctor at one time if possible.  I also do my more difficult doctors in the morning and the easy ones in the late afternoon or evening - if I have this option.  I keep notes on common errors certain MTs make.  I also don't struggle with blanks - I figure the MT has given it her best effort so I listen 2-3 more times and then just leave it if I cannot figure it out.   It took me almost a year to get to this point but it was well worth it.  Best of luck to you!
I had my daughter's done when she was 9 months old....sm
Doctor said fine anytime but would be best to wait until after 6 mns when they get their 2nd tetanus just incase someone's equipment wasn't completely sterile so that's what I did. Don't see why that's too young; I think it is definitely a personal opinion and I wanted my daughter's done. If she ever grows up and doesn't like them she can let them grow up. No big deal.
My daughter had hers done when she was about 6 months...sm
I would do it over again at that age in a heartbeat.  She cried no worse getting that done than getting shots and I know she would never do it now (she's 10), so I feel my husband and I made the best choice for her.
I had a problem just a few months ago. sm
My entire family of 4 were sick with enlarged lymph nodes, cough, stuffy head, etc. The cough and stuffy head would go away with cold medicine, but the docs actually thought I have lymphoma or lung cancer from huge lymph nodes on CT of the chest.

Long story short, we had a dehumidifier attached to our heating/air conditioning system that was not working and had been out of service for some time. I called my brother, who is an HVAC mechanic, and he came, disconnected the nonworking dehumidifier, cleaned all of the rust, mold and everything else that was in our ducts, installed new duct where the dehumidifier was and guess what?!!! 3 months later on a followup CT scan, my enlarged lymph nodes, were gone!! My son's enlarged groin and axillary lymph nodes were gone. It was the old dehumidifier harboring all of the pollutants, carcinogens, and everything else making us sick.

If you have hot air heat or a central system, have it checked pronto!

Could imagine being told you may have lung cancer or lymphoma, and your 15 year old son has lymphoma or Hodgkin's, and all the time it was my heating and air conditioning system! What a relief that was!
We love ours too..have had about 8 months now...sm

and we sleep much better. Wouldn't trade it for the world!