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Also, to maintain it you have to have so

Posted By: kt on 2009-02-18
In Reply to: Why are they wanting you to take it?? - kt

many CE hours (when I had it I believe it was 24 hours every 2 years) so there is another expense. We attended seminars put on by MT groups that cost $60 to $70 dollars foir a day long event that you would get maybe 5 hours for. Used to go out of town for these a couple of times a year. Just because you get it, does not mean it is done. It is a continuing ongoing money eating thing.

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It's always best to try to maintain a consistent system throughout, but - sm
in this case I personally would probably go with first 3 plus last letter:
It's possible to maintain quality if you are willing to sacrifice speed. Can't have both thoug
The new QA plan is that you must have 3 reports proofed every month and maintain a 98% average and
also have less than 15% of your work go to QA with blanks or you will be put on suspension and have all your work go to QA and also to adhere to the AAMT guidelines we were sent that included the one space after a period, etc. etc. That is as much as I remember quite frankly about the whole thing. It is the Amherst office doing this so I guess only the NE is doing this now. I am not really sure. Everytime I turn around it is something new anymore. It gets very tiresome.