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How much studying to take CMT exam?

Posted By: EmmaMT on 2009-02-18
In Reply to:

Hi...we are encouraged to become CMTs at my place of employment, so I am going to do it.  I've been an MT for 15 years, and I was wondering for those to have taken it, how much studying is actually necessary for this?  I'm really not looking forward to having to study a lot since I just finished college a few months ago, but will do what I need to do.  Any advice?

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studying for CMT exam

Hi guys!  After 10 years of acute care MT, I'm thinking about taking my CMT exam, as my employer supports this. 

Is there a study guide I can buy? HOw do I go about preparing myself for the exam?  What's first ?

THanks to all !



No, I doubt that a breast exam is included in the physical exam for a driver's licence..sm
Since when did they start to ask for a physical exanm to obtain a driver's licence?
This must be new, I never was subjected to a physical exam, only an eye exam.
That's weird.

physician assistant

What are U studying? Socialism??
try studying COMMUNICATION
what are you studying in college?
What are you studying in college? nm
shouldn't you be studying or working or something productive?
Geez Busy, you been on these boards under one name or another all the live long day.  Lonely?  Crack those premed books.  hahahaha
I'm studying coding too. I've been looking at different courses plus I bought SM

Step by Step Medical Coding by Carol J. Buck along with the workbook that goes along with it.  So while I'm trying to decide on a school, I can be studying on my own.  According to the AHIMA website though with my years of experience as an MT, I am eligible to take the certification exam without having to complete a formal coding course.  Transcription is considered part of the HIM department and thus if you have worked in any position in HIM, you are qualified to take the test.

So, I may find that studying on my own will benefit me better than paying money for a course I'm not sure about.  I also have the benefit of tuition reimbursement with my employer and I may take advantage of that if I find a program I like.

So, I'm with you!  Let me know what school you decide on or what avenue you decide to take.  Might help me make the decision in the long run!

What a sad story. Two years studying, all wasted, what a pity.....nm..
what is RMT exam? NM
yes, it went down from $400 to $275 for non-AAMT members. But is it the same difficulty level to pass it ?
CMT exam ? sm
The reply was (here's your moniker) not clear, no answer was provided. I would like to know more also about the requirements and how the test is performed. Thanks
CMT exam
I broke down and took the test last year because my employer reimbursed me for half of the fee, and I was curious what the big deal is and if it'd get me paid more (it didn't, as many have said), or maybe I could move up in the company (I didn't). I figured my acute care jobs were studying enough. If you work acute care, run acceptable QA ratings at work (in other words know your stuff), don't bother studying. I can't see how that would help, really--the test covered *everything* except ESLs. In my view, you either know it or you don't. I took the morning off, walked in cold, and passed it. It was a long test, separated into portions, and it was fair. I think the CMT Mystique is because so few are. About everybody I have ever worked with in acout care could pass the test.
my exam
My exam result says (at the top) Fail and at the bottom of the sheet it lists the score and then it is divided by six content areas and it shows the percentages. I hope this explains things better.
CMT exam (sm)
I am sorry to hear of your experience with the exam and that you missed passing by 1 point.  I am a CMT and have been now for almost 8 years.  Please don't give up.  I know it can be expensive to take this test over, but believe me when you pass it and get your certificate, you will feel very proud, of yourself, if nothing else.  Please give it another try.  Good luck next time.  I am very proud to let everyone know that I am a CMT.
CMT/RMT exam

First off - what is the difference between the CMT and the RMT exam listed on the AAMT site?

Second - I had passed my CMT exam about 7 years ago, but let it lapse.  I hear the test is harder now- do I need to study more?  I have continued in the field and have decided to retake the exam.


CMT exam
Can anyone give me info about this exam, what type questions, i.e., essay, multiple choice, how long it is.  I know they can tell me if I pass or fail as soon as finished, but if I fail, do I have to pay the entire fee to retake it?  I have years and years of experience, but have test phobia, so any info anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.
I had an exam done once (sm)
It was an echo in the doctor's office and as he was dictating the nurse was banging around making tons of noise.  I tried to ask her to be quiet, telling her I was a Transcriptionist and it's hard to hear with all that noise, but she just said "Oh, they can get it all" and kept on going.  I was so frustrated with both her and the doc, neither of them seemed to care.  I haven't gone back to him since. 
CMT exam
A couple of weeks ago someone posted under the name MT in Texas and was taking the CMT today, was wondering how you did, if you can share any info such as are all questions multiple choice, some essay, some fill in the blanks, getting ready to take mine and would like some info and also hope you passed with flying colors.  Know mentioning the CMT on this board creates a lot or havoc, those of you who have no desire to take it, please don't voice your opinions, we have all heard them.
EI exam?
I am hearing "EI" exam showed a tender liver? Heavy accent. Not sure what he is saying that sounds like EI
RMT exam
Can anyone suggest study guides or materials to help prepare for the RMT exam?
CMT Exam
Have any of you taken this recently?  If so, what did you find was the better study tool - the AHDI website online study prep or Stedmans CMT Review Guide?  Thanks in advance.
CMT exam

I took the CMT exam years ago and passed.  I kept it up for a long time but then decided it just wasn't worth it.  About a year ago, because of illness, I left my job of 23 years with the "big national service".  I am interested possibly going back into MT part-time but would like to be tested for CMT again.  I don't think it gets you anywhere but it seems people are impressed by the designation.

Years ago when I took my CMT, they did it by proctor who called when the test was started and called when it was done.  I noticed it was done on line now.  When I took mine you were allowed to use reference materials, now you are not.

Anyone have any advice about taking this examination?  Sometimes you just have to "play the game" to get the job. I don't  see any use in the CMT exam.  Experience and work history are enough as far as I am concerned.    Doesn't take long to figure out if an MT knows what they are doing.  After 28 years doing MT it seems people are hung up on the CMT exam so I think I will go ahead and take it.

Any advice?  I am 53 years old and have come to the conclusion, sometimes you just have to "play the game."  I have seen CMTs whose MT skills were horrid and most of the MTs I know with years of experience are not certified and are very good MTs.  When I was in supervision, I had a lot of CMTs who were "grandfathered" in when AAMT first started and they got their CMT designation and their skills were horrid.

All opinions are welcome.  What are all of your experiences?



CMT exam
Does anybody have the number to AAMT so that I can try to see about taking the CMT exam????
AAMT is no longer AAMT - it is AHDI..
CMT exam
I am getting ready to take my CMT exam in one week.  Any pointers would be appreciated.  When I do review on CD that came with the Review Guide it seems I should be a doctor instead of a MT. 
CMT exam (sm)
Good luck with your exam.  I sat for the exam many years ago; I am sure it is way different now compared to then.  Looking forward to having you as a fellow CMT.  It has definitely been worth having to me and I enjoy the meetings, gatherings, etc., that I have attended to earn CECs.
CMT exam
I am guessing that you read my post; CMT not worth the paper it was written on. That statement is very true if you are taking your CMT exam through The National Healthcareer Association like I did. I contacted all of the local healthcare industry employers and spoke directly to the MT recruiters and was told that they do not recognize any type of certifications or credentials from The National Healthcareer Association. The only certifications and credentials that they recognize have to come from The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity, formally AAMT. If you are taking your CMT through AHDI you are at the right place, they are the only association/exam/certification/credential that the healthcare industry recognizes in regards to employment. Please checkout http://is.gd/tLqH, here you will read a short version of what happens when you get scamed by a school and association. I did not mean to upset you or anyone, I am trying help others avoid the financial devastation that I suffered due to the fraudulent actions of these organizations.
Yes. I wonder though if it is 2.75 a report or 2.75 an exam.
New RMT exam by AAMT

I was chosen to sit for the beta.  Of course, it looks like the first day it's available to take is the day before I am due to have this baby.  What do ya'll think of this credential?  I've worked part time as a MT for a year in March doing the big 4 with a small national.  I am a nurse-turned-MT.  In fact, I took my nursing boards the day I was due with my first girl.  Weird.

I wish I could just go sit for the regular ol' CMT exam, but this will pacify me in the meantime.

CMT exam question

Hello all!  I was thinking of taking my CMT exam finally. Someone told me it is no longer given in 2 parts? ANd does not cost as much as it used to.  Is this true?

Also - have the contents of the test changed, i.e., is passing the test more difficult now, or less difficult, with the new format. 

How many of you are CMT?  How did you study for it?  I have 15 years of acute care MT experience.  What should I do first?

Thanks in advance - and Happy Mother's Day!


RMT Beta Exam
How many of you are taking the beta exam for the RMT credential? Are you planning to take the final version after beta testing, or will you not take it at all? I'm curious. I received email notice that they have openings until June 1st. Should I bother? I know that many companies ask whether or not we are certified, but do you think it will come to their asking if we are an RMT also? Any and all opinions welcome. Thanks!
I don't think there is CMT exam in India
anyone recently take the cmt exam?
thank you.
$1.50/exam for generals...nm
I passed the RMT exam! sm
Sheesh!  It took them long enough to give me the results.  I was thinking I'd be eligible for the CMT before I received the RMT results.  The earth didn't shake for me when I received the results like when I found out I passed my nursing boards, but I'll take it. 
My CMT exam experience

I scheduled the exam date first and then started studying.  I allowed six weeks for this and felt comfortable with it since I was an experienced MT.  I normally would have studied first and then scheduled the exam but I wanted to make sure I followed through with it.  I was going along pretty well with my studying schedule although life was really getting in the way and it was hard to stay on track.  Then my husband's brother and his wife called to ask if they could come visit for the weekend.  (They never do this!) I was proud of hubby who said, uh, ok, but my wife has a big exam coming up and is studying.  At this point, this left me one more crucial weekend to study.  I did not need company!  They came anyway and stayed the entire weekend.  The stress put me over the edge and I ended up with back spasms for which I had to take some really strong muscle relaxants for.  Now I'm stressed, doped up and panicked.  They left the day before the exam.  I was coming off the medication and praying hard.  I took the test and felt okay about it.  They give you the results almost immediately following the exam.  The lady said she was sorry but I failed the exam by one point.  I thought she was kidding - she wasn't.  I find it hard to believe that if I had that last weekend to study that I would not have passed.  I can't get it out of my mind.  At this point, I don't plan on re-taking the exam.  I feel like that ship has sailed.


Do you think hubby's relatives were rude? I do!  I know I struggle with boundaries and this is a very good example.  I thought I would share this in case someone else could learn from it too.


Thanks for listening!

exam scoring
Remind yourself there are no absolutes.  Yes, Medquist uses points, but few do.  And you don't want to work for that company in any event!
orthopedic exam
is it supine and prone gradients
I passed the CMT exam!

I am pleased.

Any pointers for the CMT exam?

I am scheduled to take my CMT on December 11th ... I could use any and all advice!!! 

Thanks in advance!

CMT exam ~ I passed!

Thanks for the responses I received last week and your good luck wishes.  It helped!!  I passed the test!

There are 2 sections - the first is 106 questions in which you have 2 hours to complete.  The second portion is 62 questions and you have 4 hours to complete that section.

Section 1 is multiple choice and is about terminology, disease process, grammar, and some anatomy.  You have the ability to "mark" an answer and then see a list at the end so you can go back to that particular question.  You really have ample time.

Section 2 consists of the actual dictations.  You never have an entire report to transcribe though.  Some questions vary from proofreading to picking the correctly punctated sentences, etc.  You have no foot pedal on the test and use your mouse to play, pause, rewind, etc.  In some questions, you type the entire audio.  On other questions, there is a paragraph already there, you listen to the audio for the paragraph, and then type the ommited text only.  It's very important to follow the directions and do only what you are asked.  Again, you can go back and review your answers before you submit your test.

When you feel you are cmoplete, you click one final button to submit the test and within about 5 seconds of processing, a screen will pop up with your results.  I saw the words PASS and I was so relieved!!!

After leaving the test site, I stopped by the hospital and signed my documents to receive an 8% raise on my base pay and an extra 2 cents per line on my incentive pay.  I definitely think the $150 for the test was a good investment!!!

Again, thanks for your support!!!!

Okay -- so, was the breast exam for
the driver's license or the work permit????
I need a mentor for CMT Exam
I am looking for someone to mentor (coach) me for the CMT Exam.  I've transcribed for 20+ years, got my RMT in 2007 and am scared to take the CMT but really want to get certified.  Anybody interested???
Abdominal exam help!!!
Its the first one under the Google findings. I used to hear it quite often by residents when I worked one particular medical school.
Had to ask too
CMT exam question...sm
First of all, I don't want to hear how the CMT is not worth the paper it's written on, it's a waste of money, etc etc. I've read all those posts.

I just signed up to take the test and I just want to know if there is anyone who didn't pass the first time and if anyone has any last minute advice. TIA!
Regarding the CMT exam, do you have to show proof
it is Galeazzi test or exam. nm
How do you know you missed 2 on the entire exam?nm
If you belong to AHDI, you take the exam
Indian MTs make sooooooooo little money, the $25 difference probably doesn't help them at all.