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Am I willing to accept the US government outsources my tax return? Are you nutz?

Posted By: Revolution? on 2005-08-01
In Reply to: And you're willing to just accept that? Ever had your identity stolen? I have. It's no treat. - my credit is ruined, (sm)

What the bleep do you expect US citizens to do?  Overthrow the government?  It's the friggin LAW the politicians made. 

Regarding identity theft - ANYBODY can steal your identity.  It doesn't have to be someone overseas.  Welcome to the real world.


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    I agree. MTIA is not a government organization. Credentialing comes from state government and

    sometimes at the federal level.  This mandatory credentialing is ludicrous and a scheme to make money, in my humble opinion.

    I have to agree with the other poster, if not having CMT after my name after 25 years of experience prevents me from being employable, I have a very good lawyer who will take up my cause!!!

    I get it. But in return for supporting the small business the poor folk get nothing in return.
    I understand why you don't shop at Walmart. You support those who support you but it doesn't work that way for me. I can go to an independent shop and by a dishwasher, pay lots more for it and get nothing in return to supplement my support of their small business. Same for all the poor folk who are shopping in Walmart trying to stretch a paycheck. I am glad Walmart exists for those folks.
    The government giveth,and the government taketh away
    Lori is correct...the SS does give the recipients a yearly raise. This year the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) was 3.3%. This sounds fine and dandy until you take inconsideration the monthly premium for Medicare was raised by 3.1%.


    Can anyone confirm that JLG outsources overseas?
    Same here!! They get so nutz on here. Could you imagine
    what it would like to put all these same women in the same room? It could go one of 2 ways..sweet as pie to one another OR .......AAAH!! Oops i think i splt thgs rihgt up three!! LOL
    It is true. OSI outsources, they no longer deny this
    Ex-OSI employee also and better off because of this.
    I would continually run out of work, get switched to 5 different accounts which caused me to get behind for having to learn new doctors, new account specifics, etc.

    They have to hire offshore because they dont pay decent wages to US employees and they make a killer profit from hiring them.

    If you were a company, what would you choose, send easy work offshore and make more profit or continue to pay people full price?

    Not a hard decision to make, but it does bite big time.

    If we find out that a service outsources offshore, we do NOT allow them to post.
    If you know of a company that does, email the Administrator. My email address is admin@mtstars.com
    I refuse to work for a company who outsources. Period.
    i used to like brad until angelina. what's up with that. she is CRAZY as in NUTZ
    Can't forget image of Angelina lip kissing her brother for an extended period of time and then there was Billy Bob and the vial of his blood she wore around her neck. I just think Brad might be crazy by association.
    With all due respect, I think you are spltting hairs and slightly nutz.
    "spin" truth? hardly. i feel sorry for your family dealing with this nitpicking on a daily basis.
    Could you be in the wrong profession? Nutz is a pretty bad price to pay.
    Or is it the title you like? Quality Assurance. Sounds good on paper. As If.
    OMG, you FORGIVE Walmart shoppers? Are you nutz. Did Walmart
    put an over-priced small business owner out of business. What is your PROBLEM?

    I see old people who would otherwise not have a job smiling and happy with Walmart. I see undereducated people who do not look employable working at Walmart. Walmart employs millions of Americans who may otherwise be on public assistance.
    Does anyone know how to go about applying for a government job?
    What I expect from my government
    When a mandatory evacuation is ordered I expect to be able to get on the hurricane evacuation routes and have enough gas available to get moving. Is this reality........NO.

    As far as moving somewhere else, FL has a way of putting a grip on you. Low wages to the point you are stuck literally. I haven't been out of this state in over 7 years due to lack of funds.

    Government jobs...

    MTs are listed under "medical data technician."  Also, the military sometimes uses placement agencies for MT jobs.

    Government contracts

    Has anyone out there heard or looked into government contracts transcribing for VA hospitals - a friend called me today with this proposition - she said there were two places to look for work - one is called rsp.com and the other is fedbizops.com.  She put in a bid for a radiology account with 600,000 lines a month and said that she thought that would take two people.  I'm just trying to find out if this is legit or not.  I'm not wanting any extra work for myself, but this just sounds too good to be true.


    Government disability and doing MT
    Does anyone here collect government disability and also work part time doing MT?  I have a severe immune disorder and was considering filing for permanent disability. Anyone know if you are allowed to work part time?
    Including, unfortunately, our government. nm
    What we CAN do is vote for changes in our government
    And then we have to keep a very, very close eye on them and scrutinize every move they make. We have to become more knowledgeable and involved in how our political & judicial systems work.
    Thanks for the answer. Our government in
    And the more people want from the government -- the more you pay
    Someone has to pay for all the government programs and it is us.  Just like that $600 we will get, who do you think will be paying for it -- us working people.   Those with the tax credits, child credits that pay no taxes just want more.  We the people support the government and the more the government gives the more we keep giving the government.   I use all my deductions I can give.  If I think I am paying too much to government, I find another dedution, my self retirement, my anything other than the government. 
    Please accept a ((((BIG HUG)))) (sm)

    And keep on praying...you know in your heart God will hear you :)  Life can be incredibly overwhelming sometimes, but He will carry you over the bumps in the road.  Here's the link to a website I've been going to for a long time...it really helps...


    Hang in there

    Why did you accept the IOU?
    ???????????  Still shifty if ya' ask me.  I can't believe a lawyer wouldn't take it if you had no scars or anything to prove you had the surgery as dicated.  I'm sure you were an inpatient.  They couldn't get a hold of those progress notes?  He never came and saw you in the hospital?  Just did the other two surgeries and sent ya' home that day?  Why would you want to work for a hospital that has these habits?  I wouldn't even want to be associated with that hospital.  Good luck to you.  You are obviously emotionally scarred.  Better luck next time.
    They do it because we accept it.
    I'm not transcribing for 5 cents per line. I can sweat shop telemarket at home for better pay.
    Productivity pay does not even factor in things we do for work like computer repair, cleaning our work area, quick rest breaks and errands. We have to supply our office space and furniture.

    The companies get away with this because most MTs are women. Men would never never never never accept it. They would say no and the companies would raise the pay or go out of business. The fact that we love MT'ing should not cloud our judgement to transcribe for sweat shop wages.

    I can walk in Dr. x's office and make $8-$10 copying records or putting charts on the shelf. The skill of MT is much higher than alphabetizing or matching the ROI request with the patient's name!

    BTW, I'm not *above* honest work. This isn't about refusal to work an unskilled low paying job. Companies are not even paying MTs 50% of the gross line rate and that is unacceptable.

    Just accept it.......

    I agree!  Change is difficult to say the least.  I remember my mom and grandma having to make lifestyle changes, but for some reason they modeled it for me with grace and dignity.  I guess I didn't inherit that trait because what's happened in the transcription arena bothers me a great deal.

    If you want to remain in a viable field, however, might I suggest a law firm (medical malpractice, auto insurance defense, etc.) where medico-legal reports are done?  I took a breather from transcription in the mid-1980s and worked for an insurance defense firm where I reviewed medical records.  Now, if you want to debate anything at all, you should have seen the downright awful medical records I saw.  It was then that I truly understood the impact the medical record has in a court of law.  It was also at that time that the subject of MTs being named in a lawsuit if there were errors in medical dictation was brought up, and any damages awarded would be assessed under the MT's homeowner's policy.  I've never heard anything more about that since and hope it never resurfaces!  

    I would definitely accept
    the part-time position. From that you could end up with exactly what you're in need of.

    I'd take it.

    Only if you accept it.
    I do not and will not make less than the greeter at Wal-Mart. I just won't do VR, as it doesn't pay enough. As long as people continue to accept these ridiculous wages, they will continue to pay them. I personally won't do it, as I believe I'm worth much more than that.
    I agree with you completely. It is our government that ALLOWS this
    to happen though. My point exactly. Spend money overhauling the system. Make people accoutable for their actions. That opens up money for people who really need it. Also, people here that do not pay taxes and are not here legally, give them the boot.
    Government/Federales office....nm
    Some government drone is going to have a heyday

    going through my computer (not!).

    While I certainly don't support Google doing this (if, indeed, they are), it's kinda like the Patriot Act. If people have something to hide, they are going to fight this tooth and nail. If they don't have anything to hide, well, so what? If some poor government drone wants to see the dress measurements of every kid in my dance classes--enjoy! Want a list of what I want to see in Kauai--have at it!

    Call me naive, call me stupid, but if surveillance of what I do means that people who ARE doing bad things are caught and kept from negatively influencing your loved ones (not to mention mine), I'm all for it. I would suspect that said drones would be targeting very specific ISPs, if this is all true, rather than wanting to see what the secret ingredient is in your great aunt Sally's family-favorite beef stew recipe.

    So, with that said, I am going to continue to enjoy Google's presence on my desktop.

    All you fans of the government must be from one o' them RED states..........
    If you have such a productive life, why do you even care about MT, let alone spend time posting on an MT forum?
    Those were put in place by the government for people who NEED them
    You disgust me. You're part of what's wrong with society today, my dear.

    Take a good look in the mirror - Yep, the epitome of what's wrong with many people who do not NEED those programs but scheme and manipulate and wheedle their way into being 'entitled' to them.

    Your post seriously sickens me, as does you having a child you obviously cannot afford to raise.

    Yes, PLEASE quit the MT field. I don't want my profession associated with system-sucking swindlers.
    Government controlled healthcare!!

    Thanks..unfortunately it won't accept password :(NM
    I'm w/you on this one! It's crazy to accept LESS THAN 10 YRS AGO. And that is just what MT com

    benefits and put them in their pockets and called them PROFIT.

    They put us at home and said that was an excuse to LOWER THE BASE RATE OF PAY.

    I tell you what, 4 years ago I was making $42,000 a year working for a hospital.

    I had benefits along with that $42,000


    I HAD FLEXABILITY OF TAKING OFF just like I always had in life.

    Do you want to know what I made last year doing the same amount of work??

    I made $14,000 and NO BENEFITS.

    The company I have worked for (which shall remain nameless but we all know who it is) has managed to take away BONUS LINES, ENOUGH WORK, and NEVER GIVE ME A RAISE IN 6 YEARS.

    If they think they have created a better medical record system they have lost their everlovin minds.  Reports are less accurate now than they ever were.  The hospital may have a PIECE OF PAPER back in their hands quickly, but it isn't worth a tinkersdam. 

    So if you new MTs and even the older ones who now are on supplemental income or have a husband to back them up, us MTs who need to make a living to support our children - think again if you believe what we have been WORKED DOWN TO is a good deal. 

    MTs at home have taken on the RISKS of transcription.  It is our personal time that goes unpaid while the company RISKS NOTHING.  We are the ones sitting around setting up computers, eating down-time, trying to learn new programs on our own dime.


    Why would you even accept that rate?
    Why do you accept low pay for newbies?
    I said it below but trascribing is a higher skill than alphabetizing.
    The low pay for new MTs is unacceptable. Even after the huge discussion I do not understand the idea that putting in your time = working for low wages. I don't expect a new MT to make as much as an experienced one but they still should earn more than a file clerk or housekeeper.
    Hospitals pay for *months* of training when a floor nurse goes to the OR. The floor nurse requires one on one training in the OR. They also pay for months of training for OR/"scrub" and anesthesia techs before they are considered productive. I don't understand why a new MT should work for $9/hour when a file clerk earns more than that. I understand the file clerk is productive after a few hours but the hosptial pays training time for other positions.
    I am honestly asking this. I do not want a MT strike, MTs to type their initials on screwed up reports or a MT sit in at the medical director's office. Why is it accepted in the transcription community for a new MT to earn less than anyone else in the doctor's office?
    I wouldn't accept it unless
    At least 50% of the reports are templates ... import document and fill in the demographics. You can make $50 to $60 an hour with those. Otherwise, I wouldn't accept it ... and I've got almost 30 years in this business.
    Yes, if WE DO NOT accept VR jobs that pay next to nothing,
    it eventually will have an impact and VR will either pay better or disappear altogether.
    The problem is there are too many who will accept it.
    So what happens to those of us who value our skills and won't work for low wages? We will soon be out of work as I don't see wages increasing any time soon. So it will come down to work for low wages or be out of a job. I have already started planning for my next career.
    why doesn't the us let the aruban government come in and search for the
    murders in the idaho case? how about why not the aruban government decide if the sexual predators that our legal system lets out decide whether they should be left to go out and kill some other child or left in prison. why did it take so long to arrest scott peterson. why didn't we let the aruban government come in and arrest him immediately and question him.

    NOW for the undereducated, a team of US people from Texas are in Aruba searching for Natalee and FBI has had advisors on board in Aruba.
    Another thing, people expect the government
    to pick up the pieces for them, and everyone is concerned about this. Do people not care that we are paying for people who should not be here in the first place. I am paying for free school, health care, welfare for the Hispanic family, who are very nice, next door to me. All are illegal. They bought their house with cash. They have 4 cars. Their kid goes to free preschool because he is automatically in because he speaks Spanish. I take my daughter 30 minutes out to a high school because I cannot afford anything else. How is this fair? Why are more people not standing up and saying this is not right. We pay the money, we SHOULD be entitled to help, whether you or anyone else thinks they deserve it or not, whether that girl had a baby out of wedlock. It is not as big an issue as the billions of people we are supporting that are not putting a dime back into the system. What is people's problem? I am all for people who come here legally, go to work and contribute back to society. At least the ones having babies out of wedlock are at some point paying taxes and/or their family is.

    Government retirement program has changed.
    It is now the same as Medicare, with a 401K added.
    Civil Service/Government MT Jobs?

    Hi all, I am wondering if any of us work as an MT for any government agencies, V.A. hospitals,  military bases, etc.  And if so, how is the pay rate.  Is the hiring process difficulty.  THANKS!

    I am going broke, looking for a more lucrative 2008.


    Soon it will be the government, Universal Health Care, nm
    What do you do when you accept a job or give someone your word,
    and then your circumstances change overnight?  I don't want to bail on anyone, but I don't feel any loyalty at all to people who haven't been completely honest with me.  I need to take care of myself and my kids, especially with the cost of everything skyrocketing.  I feel so used and taken advantage of.  Everyone says not to burn bridges, though.  I just can't do it any more.  I need some "give" here instead of "take, take, take".  An opportunity has come up that I would be stupid to turn down, but I feel guilty dumping people who "need" me.
    Most pediatricians accept kids until they are 21. sm
    Internal Medicine will accept teens at the age of 13.
    It depends on what you're willing to accept.
    I don't have as much experience as you (only 5 years), and I was just raised to 14 cents per gross line from 12 cents. I would think someone with your skills and experience should be able to command a better line rate than 8 cents. Good luck to you. Even with my relatively low experience, I wouldn't get out of bed for 8 cents a line.
    Look ...accept the fact that you are not in any other MT/mom household!
    You can argue the "not 100%" junk all day long, but are you at home with any MT/mom all day? Not with me! So, you have no idea what goes on in my house. You can have your opinion, but you are not in our homes. In my house, I happen to do it all. I don't hear my kids, my husband or my MTSO complaining - only you -and you don't count!!
    I actually DID accept a 6 cents per line
    job. It's not much but I can do the work in my sleep (and probably have on a couple of occasions). But, you're right. I'm not going to accept 6, 7, or 8 cents a line for the "large teaching hospital" accounts with 95% ESL physicians, hundreds of dictators including residents so you never get the same dictator twice, graveyard shift, weekends, and holidays, with someone watching over your shoulder 24/7 to make sure you are working.  No thanks. I'd make more money working at McDonald's. Employers think that, because you have experience, you should be able to do the work that no one else wants to do. Gee thanks. Great to see we are being rewarded for our years of experience. Give me the mindless stuff that I can do in my sleep.   I don't want a "challenge" anymore.  My marriage is challenging enough! :)   My job is for paying the bills.  
    Isn't there Okay or Accept, etc. at the top on the right at the Ctrl/J window? Need to do that af